Schiff: Trump put his own personal, political interests above the nation’s

Schiff: Trump put his own personal, political interests above the nation’s

100 thoughts on “Schiff: Trump put his own personal, political interests above the nation’s

  1. Schiff SUBJECTIVELY INTERPRETS the phone call…puts words, intentions and thoughts into the phone call (see call transcripts) NOT THERE! How is this guy even a trained attorney … or a congressman without knowing the law or how to remain objective????

  2. Schiff has disrupted process and lied about the phone conversation and he will be investigated and tried for this and his Homosexual pursuits relating to deaths of homeless men.

  3. Hey Schiff , What did happen at the private bungalow – Chateau Marmont – hmmmmmmmm somebody has some big trouble coming up .
    Bourdain knew and was about to blow the whistle , i thought you protect whistleblowers , instead he got the hanging red hankskerchief

  4. The Biden investigation would have weeded out past corruption and possible impropriety involving the 2016 election, which is something the Democrats spent years and millions of dollars "investigating ". This had nothing to do with the 2020 election or the any support funding. Read the transcript. I'm tired of Schiff's inaccurate narratives and the witnesses' feelings and opinions being pushed as fact.

  5. The Trump administration is a criminal enterprise engaged in racketeering, extortion, bribery, self-dealing, and a pattern and practice of obstruction of justice to cover up the crimes.


  7. How can anything be quote "debunked"when there was never an investigation allowed to occur to find out?? How can anybody take this clown serious??he's leading an investigation when he himself can't tell the truth?! What happened to this great nation!

  8. Adam when your endless lies, treachery, Decete and treason are all exposed. People will spit whever your name is utterd. Your done, the hole is more than deep enuff. Time for you to get in.

  9. Oh please. Trump isn't illegally importing foreign voters and sticking the tax payers with the bill. The leftists are the ones putting their "own personal, political interests above the nation's!" What a lying piece of schiff.

  10. So Trump is corrupt because he's trying to uncover corruption? Are people so stupid they actually can not see how much of an embarrassment these crazy leftys are making your country look. Its not right…. Trump is trying his hardest to do his job and of course this is going to have a negative effect on him leading your country. Why do these democrats have so much power, they are poision and really think people nead to apologise for being white….how can any thing they say or do have any worth to it when there pushing racism like that ?

  11. How could Trump be sure that the corruption of last presidential election wouldn’t repeat itself if the original corruption wasn’t rooted out?

  12. This guy has lied so many times about so many things….He is a Psychopath as he continues the process even though the transcript is all you need.

  13. we all know that Schiff speaks the truth. Who cares about facts when you have the statements of a proven liar to go by?

  14. It is rather the other way around. Adam Schiff puts his animus towards Trump ahead of the business of the country. Schiff is the intransigent, selfish and corrupt one in this argument.

  15. Dems say personal interest, trump says corruption. witnesses say the president has the right to go after corruption when it concerns aide to foreign countries. president is right then, can't impeach him for being right.

  16. What a huge piece of schiff this Official American Public Disservice is.
    It's an affront to all of the Lawfully Present, Culturally And Religiously Diverse People Of These United States, that this seditious and treasonous political offal is allowed to continue in his current incapacity as a Public Servant sworn to Our service while breaking his sworn, sacred and binding Oath on a daily basis for so long.

  17. Can't stand SHIFF or these other AMERICAN Haters, acting like their deep state Army is creditable…..please, he shuddered and body language showed his TRUE spirit…..REHEARSED!!!! TRUE SHIFF SHOW, ALL REHEARSED EVEN SHIFFS FAKE CONCERN

  18. WOW! even if I believed this guy I would brush it all aside due to his droning and moaning….also, why would/should we give a cent to a corrupt country. Dig and investigate the corruption before handing over a dime…The days of paying off more corruption are over and gone with Obama….Note to all: if you feel Trump does not have a chance this 2020 election. Consider putting your money in fixed rate accounts and make sure it's insured through FDIC. They claimed Trump would ruin the economy, create war and put America in ruin but we all know this is their agenda not Trumps.

  19. Who would’ve thought finch from American pie would’ve became a Congressman but instead of stiffler’s mom he is now obsessed with president trump😂😂. Does anyone actually believe anything this bug eye Democrat puppet says? Yeah didn’t think so…

  20. Epsteins murders Just another Marxist deep state CIA coverup operation ..sloopy as usual. Its obvious to a blind man he was silenced before he could throw all his buddy's under a bus . THE Criminal FBI swooped in and removed all evidence to protect the Clintons and British Royals ammong many other career criminals in Washington before their playground was publicly exposed

  21. When? When he gave away his paycheck? Or when it was Christmas and you guys were on the 4th vacation while Trump was working hard for we the people? I want Biden investigated he's doing that for me but he has never asked for anything.

  22. NO! Actually it's schiff and pelosi who are putting their own bias and hate above the nation!!!!! Selfish selfserving HATEFUL people!!!!!!!

  23. Isn't that what this whole sham is about ? Democrats trying to damage a political opponent they know they cannot defeat in 2020.

  24. …lol
    Over 3 years & over a billion dollars of wasted tax payer dollars later, the Democrats have now run out of gimmicks…

    BREAKING NEWS: "New Whistleblower". My next door neighbor's mother's brother best friend's cousin's sister's friend overheard a cell phone conversation between Trump and the President of Ukraine from over a 1000 feet away.
    Overwhelming & shocking blockbuster whistleblower testimony & evidence against Trump to follow…

    And yet all the while, Americans are expected to somehow believe that this is credible evidence beyond ANY reasonable doubt to impeach a duly elected President of the USA. …lol

  25. I wonder how bad the backlash will be in the end. Hopefully we will never hear Schiffs name again… unless it is replaces the insult “Benedict Arnold.”

  26. Someone needs to check the water in safe Dem Districts in California.. Pelosi, Schiff, Waters, Swawell, Sanchez… something ain't right there.

  27. Adam Schiff (on impeachment hearing) – ""If you're not going to serve me, love but serve me, or you'll won't serve to steal your missuses that's not enough to display so we're it's a shanda. Staffer asked you [Inaudible Name] (excitedly follows with high pitch voice) the [Inaudible]. The notes are not, sure not, in office. Says ought may treat me as the world ignores the surgry (surging) serpent. Blast that sears, it's Michelle's [Inaudible]."

  28. I realised i didnt even watch this video i just skipped most of it…but i can guess wat he said already…probably bullschifft

  29. "INSANITY…. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results" … Albert Einstein

  30. Schiff thinks he is Pontius Pilate. Soon he will wash his hands of this Hearing. And we the Public will take him to the Hill and Crucify him and Pelosi.

  31. He Shifty Shift is such a sick lier not one drop of truth in a word he just spoke God Bless our President And God Bless Donald J Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏and expose the darkness to the light 💕

  32. LOL!! Nice Schiff!! Another "parody"! I like the first parody you did with the first transcript at the beginning better. Your terminology is not as exciting this time around. I lost interest after the first few minutes <click>

  33. Trumps approval is DECREASING as the impeachment continues but yet y'all claim this will get him re-elected?? Yeah tell that to Michigan who has a -15 percent approval rating….

  34. Even in the face of his objective and obvious failure, Schiff is sticking to his story, knowing full well that his totally brainwashed partisans will back any lie he constructs.

  35. Reading yet another parody, hoping his witnesses will go with it. His hypnotic powers is effective though, but only to those too dumb to believe that because they have already been believing it even before this weasel had thought of writing it!

  36. Aren’t you running out of torches and pitchforks. You are totally full of shift. This coup will end sadly for all of you soon. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸T2020

  37. Schiff you are trash you treasonous bastard. I hope you are put on trial and pay the ultimate price by the us government for betraying your nation.pencil neck leftist bastard


  39. Democrats have stopped working for the American people in order to connect these dots. They are having trouble, meanwhile, issues voters care about are being neglected.

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