Scheer delivers major foreign policy speech ahead of election | Power & Politics

Scheer delivers major foreign policy speech ahead of election | Power & Politics

27 thoughts on “Scheer delivers major foreign policy speech ahead of election | Power & Politics

  1. I’ve noticed 2 trolls on almost every comment defending liberals and trying to paint sheer as worse then jihadi Justin

    Chad and art. Both have clear mental issues, art 100% has more then mental issues.

  2. Honestly. The man can cut every single credit, can cut healthcare, move the embassy, can cut education. I don’t care.
    Would Just
    Like to see
    C L I M A T E P L A N

  3. haha its not going to matter soon sask, alberta and B.C are having a referendum again and this time buh bye canada, the weak east wont survive without our oil money, its going to be biblical

  4. CBC is so pathetic. Such a crime that this propaganda machine is funded by the taxpayers. They need to have 100% of funds pulled from them immediately after the Conservatives win in October.

  5. We want to know more about why Justin let all those people into Canada knowing there's no jobs no homes here for the good people that pay taxes, Justin is paying those people 50 k a year if they have 4 kids more if they have 6 but will not help the people here in Canada Why?

  6. Foreign policy? You mean Israel policy? China policy?
    What about Africa? Europe? Central america and Caribbean? South America? The rest of Asia and middle east? Oceania?
    The active wars that we are in right now? what about those?

    Moving the embassy? Why is this news? Just move the damn embassy or don't! WHO CARES? ITS SUCH A NON ISSUE!

  7. Canada is not standing up to China, they own half of BC, 1/3 of Toronto and almost half of all of our national resources. Dimples Scheer will not be able to do anything.

  8. Good God, these ladies on the Power Panel sure have their blinders on to not realize that to do exactly the opposite of what Trudeau is doing is probably the right thing. And is Chrystia Freeland still believing that Trudeau is admired on the world stage? Well, considering that she is our Minister of Foreign Affairs but is banned from the White House its obvious she doesn't know how diplomacy works. After all, she thought that China calling Trudeau Little Potato was a compliment. What a shame to see someone who was a Rhodes Scholar and the author of a couple of books act so dumb.

  9. Who cares what CBC commentators think about politics. Show us the footage and we’ll make up our own minds. We don’t need the liberal let me tell you how to think garbage. It’s old and lecturing. I’m not a fan of the conservatives but I can think for myself. I already know I dislike Justin Trudeau as much as Pierre Trudeau.

  10. Can someone tell our Government that we have lost so much faith in the past year that we no longer feel that any party will properly represent CANADA.

  11. Pray for the "peace" of Israel, and Jerusalem, Canada should put our Embassy in "Jerusalem the Eternal Capital of Israel Undivided".

  12. Why would he want to move the Canadian Embassy to Jerusalem other than to further his Zionist agenda? What advantage is it to Canada? If none, then why do it? And "because Jesus wants me too" is not an acceptable answer, unless Jesus is the King of England, our rightful ruler because we're too inferior to go it on our own and become a republic.

  13. What????????????? Politicians don't mean what they say and just speak useless words????? Mind blown! Seriously? They don't mean what they say????? What now??? Considering they control us and are our public servants.

  14. When you are reporting, just show us Scheer speaking…..we are intelligent enough to make up our own minds about what he is saying. I don't need a summary from a reporter..

  15. Just say you'll undo everything Trudeau has done on the foreign policy scene, and you will have a fantastic plan.

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