Sarah Silverman On Political Correctness

Sarah Silverman On Political Correctness

Jerry Seinfeld en een aantal andere komieken heeft onlangs gezegd dat ze niet langer zullen optreden op hogescholen en universiteiten vanwege de politieke correctheid die hen daar opgedwongen wordt. Vanity Fair wilde Sarah Silverman hiernaar vragen om haar standpunt te geven. Haar antwoord was enigszins afwijkend, laten we kijken: >> Iedereen wordt uiteindelijk wel ergens door gekwetst, dus je kunt je materiaal niet zo kiezen dat je niemand kwetst. Maar ik denk wel dat het belangrijk is als een komiek, en als een mens, om met de tijd mee te veranderen, met nieuwe informatie Ik denk niet dat er iets mis is met veranderen met de tijd, ik denk dat het een teken is van oud zijn als je je daar tegen verzet.

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  1. Change with times even if it's weak asf?? Maybe we're going in the wrong direction.. A lot of this is a bunch of bull shit, being " politically correct" all the time you are going to be in "Politically Incorrect" to me and a lot of The time. Alot of people I know for instance want to be able to have an opinion. For instance Colin Kaepernick is a bitch(am I allowed to say bitch anymore? ) for kneeling, Veterans would never do that..Or Alot of tattoos look dirty on women, it's better for a man to work and a woman to take care of the kids because they need to bond, black people are a little more ghetto, gentrification is moving Native people out of their communities and replacing it with a bunch of mixed cultures who can all pass top secret security clearances and raise the rent in neighborhoods and actually destroy the same people that they supposedly are for. I'm a Democrat but I also don't want the country run by idiots with no experience with their where's Waldo glasses and bitch ass sweaters. Think it's PC to say that if you get a sex change from a man to a woman and you're a woman why you have to say that what's on your birth certificate? Is the obvious not obvious anymore? Feelings replace facts? I got beat up and jumped multiple times and had to fight "bullies" (not online in real life) making jokes, calling me a cop everywhere damn near the whole Hood against me we were homeless and broke many times, but we fought.. Now yur over sensative mob will threaten with violence over a taco joke.. Plz

  2. these times make me want to be dead and enter the next phase, this world is screwed by woke crap like this.

  3. The word "oriental" is not offensive. It means you're from the fuckin' orient. If words offend you then see a psychiatrist and leave the rest of us alone with your petty bullshit asshole.

  4. Political correctness is a voluntary censorship, which is stupid. Lefty libtard has weaponized it, mostly because they have nothing to say that can win on issues in debate.
    Progressives are not open minded. Progressives are just dodging the word liberal because it has been found out to be bullshit. This is a feeble attempt at being clever, and they are not. They are just spouting their typical utopian and global horseshit

  5. theres far too many problems with how leftist 'comedy' tries to 'criticize' themselves, the most common being their claim to 'make fun of everything, you know, like george carlin did!' when the basic reality is just corrupt dishonest leftist slop. the 'expression' factor is the joke, being an ideological expectation to 'attack' their political frustrations behind excuses that have mutated into the tabloid trash fake news circus. its essentially the accuracy of creative communication hijacked by the intern impeached madonna managed mess of low intelligent democrats struggling to persuade political ignorance as valid. the tragedy is merely how that ignorance is the substance of their 'power', attempting to outhoax themselves with delusions of designating victims and oppressors. no surprise the identically managed 'resistance' hollywoods politically polluted garbage attempts to pass as enlightened entertainment, lol.

  6. It’s interesting to see how these progressive actions morph tho. Silverman was saying change is ok, but fast forward 2 years and many people have been removed from jobs and Hollywood because of things they said or misspoken or misunderstood words…example Kevin Hart. It might be ok to change your comedy to be more modern but it is not ok to compel speech.

  7. There should be no limits in comedy.. Our differences are funny and that is how we bridge gaps. I recently quit a nursing career making $125,000/year over the constant fear of offending someone and getting a bad survey. The fact that i am a white male didn’t help.

  8. A woman whitout a decent hairdo is a turnoff to some . all you see is skin, face and head. Yuk & Yikes. sorry ? ?

  9. Half my family is gay and I still call people gay because they aren't infants and they don't need my protection, that is in no way the same as calling a black person a derogatory term

  10. No. Just no. I’m going to say what I want. I’m not going to try to be offensive but I’m not going to go out of my way to make sure I never offend someone.

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