Sarah Sanders: Dems are playing politics with border security

Sarah Sanders: Dems are playing politics with border security

29 thoughts on “Sarah Sanders: Dems are playing politics with border security

  1. Sarah Sanders is looking better, looking pretty hot actually, must be doing something, talks like her father to and knows what she is talking about, why to go Sarah

  2. Ha ha. Close the border, Ha Ha. hurts US more than Mexico.Ha Ha……..Free Stuff in America…..MAMA me.

  3. Hola Amigos. Does anyone know where I can get information for illegally crossing border. What is best way? Swim River? Climb wall, hire a cayoutube. Ask mi amigo Beto O'Dorke. to pick me up in Tijuan and drive me to his mansion? I make him cut grass and take his woman. He will like it! Make America Mexico Again. Ha ha, Pinche Pendeho Gringos. MAMA me

  4. America has everything we need to survive in this country, we don't need anyone else's stuff or food, we can build and grow all our own food like we used to. If it can't come from America i guess we can live with out it. screw the other countries.

  5. If they keep saying stuff about the prastdent Trump then I would find a way to sue them he's lawyer's need to find a way to sue thank God for prastdent Trump 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  6. One thing is certain, every day we are brutally reminded to thank God that Hillary Clinton is not president.


  8. If you just try and take a moment, to inform yourself, about how and what kind of respect, the new president of Mexico offers to the government of USA, you may think different. Even us, the people of Mexico were surprised with the great difference of our former government before Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. He really shows us a incredible way of respect others. We have living in Mexico about two million North American people, and they are happy, our president now, he is the one keep informed every morning about what and how his government is doing. He is one of the very few good presidentes of Mexico. Please take a little of your time, you’ll see how much the president of Mexico is doing for your country, and so us.

  9. Trump his admin and the American people are the only ones that care about the border invasions, the democrats spur it on constantly.

  10. The President has being partially working alone to resolve the immigration crisis, and many other issues in the country. Meanwhile,
    Dems are only complaining, accusing, dividing and in their sarcasm continue doing so in their continuing attack to the President.
    We have to and must support Trump.

    🙏🏼👍🇺🇸MAGA 2020🇺🇸👍🙏🏼

  11. Well, when is he gonna do it? Why is he waiting? He should send 20,000 soldiers AND close the dam border.

  12. I've never seen good vs. evil on such a grand scale before. Trump is exposing all this corruption.

  13. I believe that Sarah Sanders is probably the BEST press secretary that we have ever had. She is brilliant and we should all be pleased that she is doing  an incredible and difficult job. God Bless you Sarah and keep up the excellent work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep that rotten CNN at bay. All they issue is FAKE NEWS with their FAKE broadcasters especially Lemon and the clown Wolf DOg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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