Sarah Interviews Christian Picciolini | I Love You, America on Hulu

Sarah Interviews Christian Picciolini | I Love You, America on Hulu

(upbeat music) (audience applause) My guest tonight was
a skinhead at 14 and a Neo-Nazi leader
by the time he was 16. He now devotes his
life to helping people leave
extremist groups. Please welcome
Christian Picciolini. I enjoy saying
your last name. Picciolini. Like a peach. Picciolini. Like a peach. You’re like a peach. Okay let’s get into this. You’ve said that we
have a home grown terrorism epidemic
in this country. Can you explain that? Yeah, since 9/11 more
Americans have been killed on U.S. soil by white
supremacists than by any other foreign or domestic
terrorist group combined. Yet we still don’t
call it terrorism. We call it, you know,
fluffy words like white nationalism
or the alt-right. Those are words that they’ve
given themselves by the way. Let’s just call it what it is. It’s white supremacy and
it’s white terrorism. (claps) Yes. Sorry, I don’t usually
start applause breaks but that’s so true. It’s there I think you said this
they rebrand themselves and that’s dangerous
They do, yeah. It is what it is. And actually we started
that process 30 years ago. We recognized we
were turning away even average American
white racists. Shaved heads and
the swastikas were apparently too
much for them. And we said we need to look
like them, we need to sound like them and we need
to be where they are. So we traded in our
boots for suits. We went to college
campuses, recruited there. Got jobs in law enforcement,
went to the military and here we are 30 years
later and, you know, they look like
Brooks Brothers. That should not be a
campaign for Brooks Brothers but it did cross my mind. How does one become
a skinhead at 14? Asking for a friend? Asking for a friend?
(laughter) I don’t do those
referrals anymore. You know, I
was a lonely kid. I came from a good family
but my parents are immigrants who came from Italy and
they worked really hard and I was lonely and felt
abandoned growing up. And one day when I
was 14 I was standing in an alley smoking a joint. It is not the gateway
drug to white supremacy. Let me just say that
It isn’t, no. This is not against weed No
Because weed is also the drug of peace. Sorry. (laughter) But America’s first Neo-Nazi skinhead leader
walked up to me. He snatched the joint
from my mouth and he said, “That’s what the Jews
and the Communists want you to do
to keep you docile.” I was 14. I didn’t even know what
a Communist or a Jew was and I definitely didn’t know
what the word docile meant. (Sarah laughs) But it was the first time
in my life that I felt like somebody was paying attention
to me and I wanted to belong. And in fact most people
that I’ve worked with to disengage from hate
groups they’ll all answer the same thing when I
ask ’em why did they join because they
wanted to belong. They were marginalized
and that was the group that
brought them in. Yeah, I interviewed
Megan Phelps-Roper and she said a similar and
you’re friends with her, right? She’s a friend of mine. She’s great. I remember her saying
in that interview like these aren’t bad people they’re
people who in a vulnerable time in their lives were
swayed by bad ideas. That’s true and I think
that that’s the secret. The secret to, to stopping
people from becoming extremists is to understand that in most
cases they’re not monsters they’re broken human beings
who are doing monstrous things. What is the process? How do you do that. How you do lure people
away from extremism? Well I don’t tell ’em
that they’re wrong. I don’t argue with them. I don’t debate them
instead I listen. And I listen for those
potholes, you know. What is it that deviated
them down that path and then I become
a pothole filler. I give people job
training or life coaching, tattoo removal, mental
health counseling. And when they start to
feel more resilient, when they’re more
confident about themselves then they don’t have to
blame the other anymore. But I don’t stop there. I challenge their ideology
and I introduce them to the people that they
think that they hate. And the demonization that
happens in their head, the prejudice, just
starts to crack once they actually
meet the people because they
start to humanize and they start to
relate to them. So this is a picture of you at Dachau giving a Heil Hitler. How did you eventually walk
away from that, from that life? That guy looks freaked
out right there. I’m just realizing that
He does. So it was 92 when
that picture was taken and I was in a band
performing in Germany, singing racist music. How I got out was in 95
I opened a record store after having a son, two sons
and getting married at 19 and starting to question, you
know, what my priorities were. Was I this hate monger
or was I, you know, a father and a husband? Was my community the one that
I’d manufactured around me to boost my own ego or was it the one I’d physically
given life to. And I started to
question these things and then at the record store
I started to meet people that I’d kept outside
my social circle. Even though I was selling
white power music, I also sold punk
rock and hip-hop. And I started to meet
blacks, and Jews and gay people for the
first time in my life and have a
meaningful dialogue. And I realized, gosh,
they’re more similar to me than I am with these folks who
I’ve surrounded myself with. (audience applause) I’m always inspired when
people are, when people change with new information they
let themselves be changed. Okay so when you hear the
leaders of our nation speaking what do you hear? You know, people talk
about dog whistles you know, using code
words to appeal to, you know, a certain base. I hear, I hear a bullhorn. I hear it loud and clear. So many of the things that
are coming out of this administration are things that
I used to say 30 years ago. But they’re using slightly
more palatable words now. Instead of saying, you
know, the Jew owns media now they call it
the liberal media. Or instead of calling it
the global Jewish conspiracy they call it globalism. With everything that Trump
has done I have to say when he came out on
Holocaust Remembrance Day and wouldn’t mention Jews
I was shaken a little bit cause that was really loud. Yeah. Or equivocating
white supremacist to protestors of Neo-Nazis. Both sides. Good people on
both sides, right. Isn’t that what he said?
(Sarah) Amazing. Yeah. Good potential people
on both sides. But see here’s the thing
with that, Sarah, is there may have been people
there that looked normal but they’ve changed. They’re not gonna be
marching with hoods and shaved heads anymore. And there were people
there waving flags but the people who were
there, you know, for Confederate monuments,
that’s bu*****t. They were not there
for free speech. They were not there for
Confederate monuments. They only march in areas where
they know progressives live. That’s why they
marched in Berkeley and that’s why they
marched in Charlottesville. They want to provoke. Nazi’s or any extremists
they love two things. Silence and violence. If we’re silent they grow. They fester. We sweep it under the rug
and then we, you know, tell ourselves oh well I’m
surprised that that exists. Rallys like Charlottesville
have been happening for decades. Every month across, you
know, the United States. And I hate to be fatalistic
but they also love violence, because when we are aggressive
against them in a violent way they use it as a victim narrative and they use that to recruit. And they say you see
we’re not the haters we’re the ones who are hated. So do what they did in
Boston and 40,000 people should surround
every Nazi rally and show them
that we see them. We hold them accountable but
at the same time, you know, we’re gonna offer
them a lifeline. Come on out if you want. Come on out. Join us. Join us. What advice would
you give us? Because compassion is
what changed me, I challenge your audience. Go out there today and I challenge you too even
though you do this already it’s find somebody
that’s undeserving of your compassion
and give it to them because I guarantee
that they’re the ones that need it the most. Christian Picciolini,
thank you so much.

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  1. I would bleach my skin and call myself a neo-nazi white supremacist just to get a chance to sit next to one of my favorite comedians of all time! #SarahSilverman2020 🙂 Great show Ms.Silverman

  2. The only thing cringer then the phony, canned audience applause and cheers are the fake comments and thumbs up on these videos themselves. Lmao

    I know you (producers, writers, etc., not Silverman herself) are most likely monitoring the comments given that these videos you're uploading are barely getting any views or comments outside of the fixed, doctored stuff you're pumping in yourselves trying to drum up interest, so listen very carefully…

    We're onto you.

    You can't stick your heads in the proverbial sand and wish this away or just wait it out and we'll all magically forget. Your tactics, the propaganda, all of it, bad news…the goyim know.

    What you're doing with shows like this, it isn't going to work. How many millions of dollars have you already pumped into this project, for what, 800-1200 views per video, half of which are probably from sponsored bot accounts?

    You lost an election to Donald fucking Trump. That's how shit you and you're methods have become, and you're already on-course to drop another election and god know how many more after that.

    You assholes better figure it out quick, because this bullshit you're shilling isn't working anymore. Not in the age of the internet.

  3. Sarah or the Production staff is doing a great job at finding great people to interview.  and the interviews go really well, with no wasted time or digressions. I suppose either the People are very well prepared, as well as Sarah, or they run through the interview a few times until they get a perfect one.

  4. Find a person who doesn't deserve compassion and give them some. Final quote of the interview. Great interview.

  5. I wish that Sarah Silverman had bothered to ask Christian Picciolini exactly how he thought he had "helped" out two young white girls who used to have their own Youtube channels that have since been deleted by Youtube – Veronica Bouchard AKA Evalion in Canada, and Grace Steele AKA Crusader Girl in America – by threatening them, stalking them, online harassing them, and publicly doxing them back in 2016. You can see Veronica Bouchard's side of this story here:

  6. The great thing about YouTube is that the people who don't deserve your compassion can be found right below in the comments writing vitriol about comedy that they don't like but have nonetheless gone our of their way to watch.

  7. I think sarah is hilarious, i have 3 seasons on dvd of older commedy show. Highly doubt kkk members have killed more people than terrorists since September 11. Must be another fake statistic, maybe from your dodgy southern poverty law centre. I am yet to watch show. I know she isnt the brightest at times, but i think her jokes are very witty, which makes me a little suspicious that she could just be another Hollywood puppet after a new paycheck. Hopefully the 'real' people in the show aren't paid actors.

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  11. Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

    (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(L), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)

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