41 thoughts on “SAP Financial Accounting

  1. Wenn jemand für praktische zwecke einen SAP Systemzugang zum Üben, Entwickeln oder Testen braucht, dann schaut mal bei https://webisap.de vorbei.

  2. Hello Ms Karma,
    Which SAP learning book can you recommend me please. I want the best and most complete SAP book on Financial Accounting and Controlling.
    Thank you!

  3. The presenter's pace is so slow that I lost interest. Not everyone is made for teaching but thanks anyway for your time.

  4. This bitch sounds like she's learning how to use it at the same time. I wish youtube had a speed-up function so all of the silent gaps where she's thinking are shortened.

  5. How about the nominal code. Of SAP software. As I have learned on SAGE50 there are 9,999 codes they are separated into following categories:
    4000 to 4999 Sales
    5000 to 5999 purchase
    6000 to 6999 direct expenses
    9001 taxation
    7000 to 9999 overheads

    It would be a great help if you provide the nominal code in SAP software.

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  7. Hi Karma , do you provide an online SAP for accounting course for beginners. If so, please send me the link for your website.


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