20 thoughts on “Sam Harris On Progressivism, Torture, Religion & Foreign Policy

  1. Sam Harris' argument for balancing gathering info through torture versus blindly droning targets has some merit, but it's a pointless argument to have because these droning operations and all wars are fucking bullshit, particularly all American engagements post WW2 and shouldn't be happening in the first place. The US isn't sending troops and bombs all over the world in good faith. We aren't torturing people because we wanna get the bad guys, the ultimate end goal is to expand the US empire and accrue as much power and resources as possible. Though I do agree with him on looking at torture with a more nuanced perspective, slapping someone around or mild sleep deprivation to get vital information isn't the same as waterboarding or putting a collar on someone and slamming them against a wall. Kyle still has a valid point on being against it in principle due to getting the wrong guys, but if those mild forms of "torture" is what's allowed, that wouldn't cause lasting physical or psychological damage and they can have legal recourse.
    I don't know much other than what's said here about the beef between Greenwald and harris, but I agree with Harris wanting to be able to discuss these "taboo" ideas and if that's how Greenwald responds to that, well that's really unfortunate.

  2. Sam defend U.S government is naive. People would justify their bad action as cognitive dissonance. There's no magical meter to tell exactly intention. By looking at the insane defense budget and horrible realism like Kissinger, the motive is obvious.

  3. *HUUGE overlap with Davids and Your – Kyle– I DO think- IF WE WANT TO WIN IN 2020- You and Pakman should join- at least marginally

  4. Fuck- David Pakman and Kyle Kulinski- what a FUCKING FORCE!!!! haha Thats like Yoda and like young Anakin!!!

  5. I LOVE you and Pakman- BOTH of you guys are the BEST of our cause- very different personalities too, I FUCKING LOVE YOU AND PAKMAN

  6. We get it- Im with you man, establishment is dogshit. But, make it clear the different between the establishments- there is a difference- I get your trying to get younger right wingers, but, ya know, cover more and be more real, imo.

  7. Kyle I love you man, but your too antagonist- kids flock to you. Biden blows- but hes NOT the same as Trump- you perpetuate a false dichotomy.

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