Safer capital with eyes on the city

Safer capital with eyes on the city

a high-level ministerial team visited the safe city system at the new national database Center at Lillian doll on the east coast of Demerara on Friday our team was also there to bring you coverage with eyes in the city there is no place for criminals to hide and citizens can feel much safer over 100 intelligence surveillance cameras i strategically placed across georgetown as part of the saves city system the safe city system is a component of the six 6.8 billion or us 32 million a national broadband project minister of public security camera from the tang and minister of public telecommunications catherine news along with other high-ranking officials were given a preview of how the safe city system works at a new national database center Lillian doll Minister important in brief remarks said this is what the country needs for our country's security and to see the capacities and the capabilities being built in to ensure that we can literally track vehicles track suspects to the extent of knowing where they are at what time they would have been there through this technology I am just so thrilled the project is a collaboration between the governments of Guyana and China the high-tech system can perform fierce analyzing recognition several police vehicles are also equipped with cameras and radios that can be traced at any time the Chinese ambassador to Ghana said that security is paramount I think that in 21st century we cannot only count on we have to count on the technology and the pavement so this is a good defense here we have technology now the people lose majority I think they'll be happy but only the list a few people are not happy for example the criminals the project in the city is a pilot and it's expected to be implemented across the country soon while the command center for Ghana police force will be constructed shortly they will have full access to use the current system Isaiah prophet for info hub

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  1. Another accomplishment on way! China is really stepping it up in Guyana! We should consider employing Cui Jianchung.

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