Sadhvi Pragya: Why was she ignored by Modi? | Ep. 89 | #TheDeshBhakt | Bhakt Banerjee

Sadhvi Pragya: Why was she ignored by Modi? | Ep. 89 | #TheDeshBhakt | Bhakt Banerjee

Hello! Hello Akash! Did you get ‘burnol’ that I sent you? Burnol? Why so? You must be needing it after Elections, don’t you?! You got to tell me now, what is your relation with Mamta Banerjee after all? I am related to Mamta Banerjee the same way Nirav Modi is related to Narendra Modi. So that means you are accused of fraud too?! Tell me one thing Bhakt Banerjee, ‘Supreme Leader’ Modi has won; shouldn’t you be dancing around now? What are you saying? I am a Hindu and Hindus don’t indulge in extremist activities. So libtards, got the results?! After porn, that is the only source of entertainment now. I am sure that all these libtards will be banned from speaking if we continue to stay in power. Our dear Pragya Thakur from Bhopal has also won this election with huge margin. The country got its rightful leaders now. Enough of this Gandhi family. With Amit Shah in the cabinet, “I pray to you God, please keep me safe.” Yogi Adityanath in UP and Pragya Thakur in MP. Nothing can stop the construction of Ayodhya temple now. Though I am a little disappointed with Modi. “What is your problem?” I understand that you need to act as a statesman now. but why didn’t you include people like Sadhvi Pragya and Sakhshi Maharaj in the cabinet. How would be able to form a Hindu nation if you continue to do so? This isn’t fair! “Modi is right.” Everyone knows how Pragya was tortured by police officers, yet she continued to work for our country. How dedicated she is for the nation! She couldn’t even walk and had to apply for bail for her medical conditions. She campaigned on a wheelchair! She contested elections and her health conditions improved. She could even dance then. God’s grace! You have to understand Pragya Thakur’s ability, ModiJi. She is sent by God to save all of us from darkness. “When the power of evil increases, God incarnates on Earth to save us from the evil.” Unlike others, she doesn’t need goons or weapons. Her only weapon is her curse! “I cursed him and he died.” I understand that you couldn’t forgive her but you could’ve at least appointed her some ministry. Who would’ve dared to question you? Like yourself, she claims to be a beggar and has wealth worth about 4.5 lakhs. “He’s rich!” Just imagine how economy could’ve improved if she’d been our finance minister. She has got everything that a good leader should have. From terror accusations, connections with RSS, ABVP, Bajrang dal. Even Pratap Sarangi has got place in the cabinet. “Pratap is accused of 7 criminal cases including those of communal violence and riots.” I understand that he’s also a good choice for minister. “An Australian missionary and his two kids were burnt alive in Orissa by a group of Bajrang dal members when Pratap was the head there.” I understand that he is also a noble and simple man but, this isn’t Indian Idol that the poorer you project yourself, you improve your chances for selection. Pragya Thakur has also got an original degree in History. Who else can explain history better than her? “Nathuram Godse was, is and will always be a patriot.” She could’ve been a perfect choice for education minister. “Cows can help to control blood pressure.” If nothing else then she could have been given health ministry. “Cow urine cured my cancer.” And the doctors thought there treatment cured her, idiots! All medicines should be banned, only cow urine should be sold. I am very sad that Modi missed this opportunity. I’ve heard that she has also saved many girls from elopement. She could’ve been appointed as culture minister too. Look at these MPs from West Bengal, are they suppose to wear western clothing?! No criminal record, not a single case, how can they even be in politics? “Who are these people?” You know it very well that a good politician must know how to stay in headlines, Who needs ministers to work? Even the BJP leaders are shocked when Pragya speaks. When she’ll get to Parliament, even the speaker wouldn’t be able to speak. She should at least be appointed as BJP’s spokesperson. She can handle all debates and arguments with facts like nationalism, “I am a nationalist.” nationalism, “ thoughts are nationalist.” more nationalism, “Swami Aseemanand is a nationalist.” even more nationalism, “I am a saint, a nationalist.” and religion. “I’ll win this election definitely, because I am religious.” Education has lost this election to religion, and we all know what religion does to us, “Religion either makes you helpless or an extremist.” I know you like Bhakt Banerjee more than Akash. I’ll try to come more often, don’t worry. Although I am a little disappointed with Modi but I am still his fan, don’t think otherwise, you libtards!

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  1. muje smjh nhi aata ke logo ko ye cheeze dikhti kyu nhi… meko to ab india me rhne se hi dar lgne lga hai(specially leila dekhne ke baad agar future waisa hone wala hai to😑)

  2. Don't judge anyone with allegations. If it z proved in Judiciary then take it as granted. Even from Pratap sarangi to Kanhaiya Kumar. Be coherent about the protocols.

  3. सैर आपका वीडियो हाम अपना fb me post करसकते है

  4. Badi hi buri halat hai Tum logon ki. Modi ka sahara lekar hi in becharon ki roji roti chalti hai

  5. pragya जी साक्षात अवतार है देश बरबाद करके chodengi

  6. 😩Hypocrisy, fekuism, double standard, superstitions, cowardice is with millions Hindutva. You will not find Osama Bin mosque anywhere in 56 Muslim countries including so called terror countries like Afghanistan or Pakistan but u will see world’s first terrorist Godse’s temple in india with millions supporters “legally”. Hafiz sayed or any religious party cudnt win a single seat in Pakistan but Hindus of india elected Terrors and crime accused Babas & Babis like Sadvi, Adityanath, Sakshi Maharaj, or Modi for allowing to rape & kill helpless Indian minorities, with Lakhs votes. Millions Hindutva NRIs making bank balance in 200 enemy cow 🐮 eater Mullah & missionary countries send back money to RSS/VHP/Bajrangi to rape & kill minorities while hating these Mullah/missionaries.

    Anywhere in world u will not see such cowardice religious fanatics who elect terror accused while being scared of 14% Muslims when they are 80% of Population.

  7. We are educates but don't think a good moral educated governor for development of our country. I think it is not being good .

  8. we all know that history repeats itself..
    .. kabhi naav gaadi par , kabhi gaadi naav par..
    … mazloomo k bhi dinn atay h.. mazloom ki pukaar jaldi suni jaati h..
    … aur usswaqt zulm karnewaalaa aur zulm dekhkar KHAMOSH rehnewaalaa dono ko sazaa milti h..
    .. aur insaaf ka mazhab se koi lenaa denaa nhi h..
    .. Allah ka Insaaf sabke liye ikkjaisaa h..
    … issliye zulm karnewaalo, zulm ko badhaawaa denewaalo aur zulm dekhkar bhi chupchaap tamashaa dekhnewaalo , tum sabki gaand me lathh jaanewaalaa h..
    … Thank you. Akaash Dada… Iss dead land me aap jaisay zindaa insaan aaj bhi h.. hats off. Sir.

  9. बहोत बडिया.इशारे,इशारे मे ही समजाये.धन्यवाद..

  10. Bjp 50% above mp is no 1 corrupt specialist sadvi prgya mahraj vashundra raje yogi Aditya Nath lal Krishna advani and more more more is the no 1 terrorist in the world and RSS world largest terrorism organisation

  11. Akash banerjee sach main tera gand bahut jor se jal raha hai lekin tu bhokne ke alawa kuch nahi kar sakta,burnol lagao aur so jao…

  12. 😜😜😜 लिंग 👇 नीचे है
    अगर आप को भी बनना है
    मजा भक्त तो दबा दीजिए।
    Genius my favorite
    Akash Benerji proud of you brother.

  13. Jitna main janta ho in next 10 to 20 years india bs Hindu desh hojaiga and there will be no space for minorities.. and assembly will be filled with people who sale religion and extremist

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