6 thoughts on “SaaS Startup Financial Model

  1. A successful Saas is one that appeals to your core user, and it must match three hararists.
    1) Useful: a minimum set of functions should be used by the basic set of target users
    2) Valuable: it must be valuable and must solve a real problem
    3) Possibly: the resources available for creation should be feasible
    Check out the recent presentationhttps://www.slideshare.net/axisbits/new-saas-business-growth-strategies-what-to-do-when-you-just-developed-a-new-solution

    Infographic https://www.invespcro.com/blog/saas-customer-acquisition/

  2. Thanks for your video about finance and link to the article. Congrats on your presentation, enjoy your massage, hehe

  3. Really nice job!
    One of the best vids so far man, so put that as well into the day as well.
    Been wondering though on your process about these pitches, How much of these presentions have already seen some form review in before hand to gain Buy-In from the stakeholders. And have you had any sessions together with them to help you iterate and get the feedback on the design direction? I'm a UX designer working in a start-up so always have the ability to get feedback early, but wondering when is it the appriopiate level.

    Have an awesome day

  4. Another great one, Ran. I'm digging the way you deliver great content for all designers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Even your business advice is great! Nice work.

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