Ruth Davidson announces her resignation as Scottish Tory leader

Ruth Davidson announces her resignation as Scottish Tory leader

It has been the privilege of my
life to serve as the leader of the Scottish Conservative and
Unionist party these past nearly eight years.
This has been a remarkable time in
politics and I will always be thankful for
the opportunity to have a front seat as Scottish
political history was being made. It is therefore with a
heavy heart that this morning I wrote to the
chairman of the Scottish Conservative party to
tender my resignation. I explained the changes, both
professional and personal, that have prompted this decision.
You all know and I have never sought to hide the
conflict that I have felt over Brexit. As I Iook to the future I see the
Scottish election due in 2021 and a credible threat from our
opponents to force a general election before then.
Having lead our party through seven national elections
and two referenda I know the efforts, the hours and
the travel required to fight such campaigns successfully.
And I have to be honest that where the idea of getting
on the roads to fight two elections in 20 months would
once have fired me up the threat of spending hundreds
of hours away from my home and family now fills me
with dread. And that is now way to lead. What I would urge is to
colleagues who want to avoid no-deal. Vote for
a deal – you’ve had three opportunities, you blew
every one of them. Don’t blow a fourth.
I know the prime minister is seeking to get a deal.
I’ve had long conversations with him on this point
and I believe him when he says he’s seeking to
get a deal. And please, for those people who are
trying to avoid no-deal, make it clear, make it clear
now that if a deal comes back to the house of
commons you will vote for it. And let the EU hear
you say that you will vote for it so that they
understand that there is a reason for them to
re-open negotiations.

100 thoughts on “Ruth Davidson announces her resignation as Scottish Tory leader

  1. Ruth Davidson quits as Scottish Tory leader citing Brexit and family ►

  2. What is going on with the Conservatives, one leader after another is resigning.. How is this party to lead a nation if they keep firing thier leaders

  3. On your bike lassie, if Scotland want to go bye bye , bring our ship building back to England , no more free prescriptions, a lot of free stuff from us down the pan jobs and businesses moving down south , also ruled from Europe , I feel sorry for the real Scots having to put up with these losers

  4. Makes me smile. Hey, fella, pop down and get me a shot of a woman standing behind a podium… sure, let me just fire off three and a half thousand shots, just to make sure I get one!

  5. "Roof" Davidson..attacks on working class and vulnerable in Scottish communities with the austerity cuts, benefit cuts, U.C, housing benefit/ rent changes etc etc…you can piss off…

  6. The real and truthful reason is: "I am pissed off, changed my mind about having another referendum and will vote to leave the UK at the first chance. This is for the future of my beautiful son. In the mean time, I will keep my job and the excellent pay package. Bring on the referendum!"

  7. This wonderful woman was a factor in changing me from a Labour voter to Tory. So much common sense and so sharp. What a terrible loss.

  8. I congratulate her on doing what all Mother's should do. Go home and do your best to nurture your little child instead of working, if you can afford to do it.

  9. At a rapid action sporting event like this I can understand why the photograpgers would want to rattle off such an extreme number of shots. Trying to get 'that' shot where Ruth hits an own goal or whacks Boris in the teeth can't be easy.

  10. It's been a strange thing, having a leader of the Tories who is almost impossible to hate. Normality, I suspect, will soon be restored.

  11. ruth couldn't be arsed anymore so shes going to resign and live out the rest of her days watching great British bake-off in her posh cottage

  12. I closed my eyes, and it brought back memories of the firing range, when is she holding another press conference.

  13. I think they should scrap the Scottish Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems in Scotland or at least become separate entities from Westminster.
    Tories become Unionist party, Lib Dems become Liberal party and Labour, the workers party? Not sure about the last name but there is no point in continuing with Scottish sub branches of political parties.

  14. You have failed to improve my and people i know lives in the last 8 years like most politicians yous cannot be trusted and the power yous hold abuse it for your own agendas and careers.

  15. The Conservatives, no matter what, country they come from, are complete, and utter jokes! They ruin people's lives and then run off with the loot! They should all get lost and go and say ten thousand hale Mary's! For the welfare system they have totally screwed up, keeping the NHS in dire straits, too!😈

  16. it wasnt work holding a press confrence RUTH no one cares…….. now you go and bring up your confused child OH and dont forget to collect your child beniffit and working tax credits ….. will you be sighning on ms davis

  17. i wish the rest of the MP'S who are hell bent on doing everything in there power to keep us in despite the vote to leave would resighn on mass ….NEW BLOOD IS NEEDED LET THE CUL OF THESE AROGANT PARASITES BEGIN.

  18. Great she resigned due to Boris Johnson insane brexit no exit plan …and yet her resignation speech attacks (indirectly) women in professional life and there not as reliable as a man….brilliant

  19. What a tradegy 😭😭😭
    The tories have lost a lesbian feminist vote winner 😂😂😂😂 bet there be some partying tonight

  20. EU Kalergi plan to replace ethnic Europeans will destroy Scotland … leave with UK on 31st Oct then work out independence later when Sturgeon has been kicked out and replaced by a true nationalist

  21. Again somebody asking people to vote for something before knowing the details, isnt that what got us into this mess in the first place?

  22. She knows her party have destroyed the lives of millions of people through their austerity agenda, and she also know that Brexit is going to destroy the lives of many more. Shame on you and your party Ruth.

  23. Unfortunately your idea of a deal and Boris / ERM deal is like the difference between Mogg and Corbyn, looks like the Tory Party has now become an English Nationalist Party passing the odd crumb on to the other 3 countries of the Union.

  24. Let me translate into Queen's English what she is trying to say,
    "Independence for Scotland is coming, I'm out of here".

  25. Considering she said people should stop messing around and vote for a deal any deal, she conveniently forgot that her Prime Minister and his supporters didn’t think that way a few months ago.

  26. A few years too late unfortunately. I'm sure another quisling will step up to take her place. Labour is dead in Scotland, and rightly so.

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