Russian Foreign Disinformation Policy: StopFake with Marko Suprun (No. 245)

Russian Foreign Disinformation Policy: StopFake with Marko Suprun (No. 245)

in 2018 the Unicode consortium introduced the parent emoji in honor of that party parrot and internet meme but parrots although cute are good at one thing repeating what you tell them Russian ambassadors are disinformation parrots they repeat this information from the Kremlin's fake Factory but this is stop fake the place we've been debunking russian fake news for five years now and we caught the Russian parrot to the European Union I mean the ambassador was doing just that so let's get to it earlier this month on July the 8th Vladimir chisel the Russian ambassador to the European Union gave a long interview published on your active the website of the foundation your active a not-for-profit organization that positions itself as a hub at the intersection of legacy media Europe and democracy in his interview he talks about the problems of nuclear disarmament elections in the European Union Russian energy projects the situation in Ukraine and the investigation into the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight mh17 that was shot down by the Russian military over occupied eastern Ukraine on July 17 2014 stop fake analyzed this interview and well we found some inaccuracies some manipulations and outright lies regarding the treaty on the elimination of intermediate range and shorter range missiles also known as the INF treaty ambassadorship said quote if there are two parties to a contract there can be mutual accusations that was it we had enough evidence of us violations but instead of sitting together and discussing a possible way out Washington decided to act unilaterally and cancel the treaty now the INF was signed in 1987 by Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan the treaty stipulated that all land-based missiles with a radius of 500 to 5,500 kilometers were to be completely eliminated from both countries Arsenal's within a few years and both sides agreed to refrain from including these kinds of missiles in the future since 2014 the United States has claimed that Russia has violated the INF treaty having in its arsenal a land-based cruise missile at a distance more than 500 kilometers a 9m 72n missile according to NATO classification it's called an SS c8 the American intelligence services gave evidence to their NATO partners and according to their information from 2008 to 2011 Russia was conducting tests of a banned missile at the Kapusta yard test site Russia nevertheless recognizes that it has missiles of the type 9m 72n but assures that their range does not exceed 500 kilometers and therefore they do not fall under the INF treaty in January 2019 the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation at a briefing for foreign military attache x' showed the rocket in question but according to military experts this product has nothing to do with 9m 7:29 russia in turn also accuses the united states of violating the INF treaty they claimed the united states includes in the European missile defense system the MK 41 universal launchers which allegedly can be used to deploy cruise missiles that the United States uses target missiles similar in performance to medium range and shorter ground-based missiles and that the u.s. is increasing its production and use of shock drones but the evidence provided by the US intelligence services was so impressive and indisputable that representatives of other NATO countries openly spoke about the violation of the treaty by Russia Angela Merkel the German Chancellor said quote it's clear to us that Russia has violated this treaty speaking at the Munich Security Conference the Polish foreign minister yacht's ik Chaput ovitch said the consequences are enormous but let me begin by certain that it was Russia that violated the treaty the contract does not exist if only one side observes it and the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said quote any attempt by the Russian Federation to deny this fact is blatant misinformation and an attempt to divert attention from the real violation of the INF treaty by the Russian state Russian political discourse around the downing of flight mh17 can be summarized in several messages all of which were echoed by Jove for example Russia assisted the investigation but was never included in the joint investigation team that the JIT used questionable sources of information ignoring all of the evidence provided by Russia that Ukraine is responsible for not closing its airspace and that Russia has strong evidence that flight mh17 was shot down by a ukrainian made missile when asked whether or not Russia accepts the results of the investigation into the downing of mh17 ambassador to JoVE said quote of course we don't that investigation failed to take into consideration whatever information Russia provided we were open to collaboration from day one but the composition of the JIT raises questions Russia offered to participate but we were refused now when the investigation team was set up it was represented by five countries Malaysia the Netherlands Belgium Australia and Ukraine Russia refused to participate in a joint investigation saying that it was conducting its own Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in September 2014 that a Russian representative was taking part in the work of the investigation team of international experts but at the same time he questioned the investigation work saying there is no transparency no accountability and this is another example of how when they say yes they really mean no in the first year of the investigation Russian authorities have repeatedly criticized that JIT quote the Russian side however has accumulated a number of serious questions regarding technical and criminal investigations coordinated by the Netherlands authorities which give reason to doubt that these investigations respond to those mentioned above criteria and are sufficiently transparent but the JIT investigators have since 2014 made regular requests for Russian information they kept asking and asking and finally in August of 2018 the Russian side replied in writing telling the JIT – well – basically stop asking the JIT also concluded that the information that the Russian Ministry of Defense did provide was carefully analyzed and concluded it was factually inaccurate on several points the specific factual inaccuracy the JIT is referring to the alleged presence of a fighter plane in the vicinity of mh17 essentially the existence of a Ukrainian fighter plane near mh17 was a lie now what about the buk missile that actually shot down flight mh17 chief said quote despite the fact that we were ready to cooperate we sent all the data even organized experiments with a similar rocket and similar fuselage and provided evidence that the fragmentation holes in the mh17 aircraft looked as though they were pierced by a ukrainian rocket all information provided by russia was thoroughly checked by JIT investigators the russian investigation resulted in a statement that the mh17 was hit by a missile fired from the village of zaroshenskoye that is from ukrainian control territory in 2018 the JIT said it would verify the arguments set forth by the Russian side as soon as the Russian Federation provides all the documents and they waited the Russian version of Ukraine's involvement in the downing of flight mh17 was based on suspicious radar data and on stories made by two witnesses one allegedly saw Ukrainian military equipment in a field near zoroastrian ski the other a plane crash on a radar the radar data provided in 2016 contradicted the 2014 radar data Netherlands investigators have doubts about the authenticity of these images Russian online journal Novaya Gazeta conducted its own investigation into the allegation that the missile was fired from the village of the solution ski and interviewed village residents they stated that on July 17 2014 and earlier in the village and its environs there was no Ukrainian military and there were no traces of movements in the fields but around this time there wasn't and that's People's Republic checkpoint near the village finally following their investigation the JIT was able to establish that the buk missile system belonged to the fifty-third air defense brigade of the russian armed forces based in Kursk Russia open-source investigative journalists from belem cat have a detailed report tracking the vehicle as it made its way from Russia into Ukrainian territory currently under occupation by the Russian military and their proxies immediately after the downing of mh17 Russia began to blame Ukraine for not closing its airspace over the combat zone ambassador to JoVE laments that ukraine is a member of the investigation team saying quote while ukraine a country that was initially unable to close its airspace above the battlefield was and remains a full member of the investigation team why blame Ukraine for not doing something well before the mh17 was shot down there was no reason to believe there was any danger for aircraft at an altitude of 10,000 meters or 30,000 feet the altitude of most international passenger flights however Ukrainian military aircraft were shot down a few days earlier on July 14th and 16th but military aircraft flew at an altitude below 10,000 metres Ukraine had only three days to assess the situation and there was no reason to believe that passenger aircraft could be used as targets in fact in 2015 during a visit to the United Nations pavlo klimkin head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine said quote at that moment we did not realize that such a threat exists and that Russia could send to the Dunbar such a highly accurate system that could shoot down a passenger aircraft ambassador to Israel continues obfuscating the facts already established by the JIT for example when asked about the skills needed to shoot down MH 17 he says quote and the four people whose names were called the culprits they have nothing to do with active missiles they cannot know how to press a button well in fact the four suspects actually do have the training the JIT confirmed the identity of the four people who played a key role in transporting the book installation from Russia to the launch site and then driving it back to Russia after the crime was committed international arrest warrants were issued against four commanders of the Donetsk People's Republic citizens of the Russian Federation and a ukrainian collaborator belly cat also published a large investigation in which among other things they proved the guilt of these militants take some time to read the full report the investigation team expects this is not the last of the indictments they plan to issue the case will begin in March of 2020 that's it for this week you can find much more dissected disinformation on the Slovak website be vigilant look out for fakes and if you spot any disinformation about Ukraine forward it to us for a tooth autopsy I'm Marco superin thanks for watching

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  1. Everyone who's ever picked up a history textbook about the 20th century know exactly what the Russians are.

  2. Iam dutch and in the comments of the largest media channels about mh17, you can find massive amount of russian trolls who are blaming ukrain/pro russian/manipulate the facts of the JIT etc. Thats what brought me here

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