Russia-Ukraine war explained – the REAL REASON behind the war

Russia-Ukraine war explained – the REAL REASON behind the war

#RussiainvadedUkraine. That’s the hashtag that went viral last summer. Social media blew up, and my Ukranian and American friends picked up on it. Western media too reported this as news. Today “Russian invasion” and “Russian occupation” of Eastern Ukraine’s Donbass region is a considered fact, even thought there is only anecdotal evidence and very few photo or video evidence of this and that is usually blurry too Which is very strange, because president Poroshenko of Ukraine has claimed that over 200.000 Russian troops are in Eastern Ukraine and Ukraine claimed that there were large Russian tank colums invading the border. So, I played armchair soldier, for over a year arguing online with my freinds and people i didn’t know but finally, I personally got lost deciphering the conflicting information show by Russian, Ukrainian and Western media. I came here to the front lines of this undeclared war, and often forgoten war to find out what is really going on, and tell the real stories of the people of Donbass I will not pretend this is unbiased. But the bias I have today, is comleply different then the one I came here with. I saw these people’s courge and I saw their suffering and it changed me. So, here is the first video of a new channel, where we will do our best to bring you the true stories of what is going on here in Donbass STOP! Before we talk about the war, lets rewind to the very begining. To the very start of this crisis. The first this we need to do is figure out how all of this started. Two years ago, people in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine came out to mass protests against the decision by the then president Viktor Yanukovich to postpone the signing of an economic treaty between Ukraine and the European Union. Yanukovich argued that completely opening up the Ukranian economy to the European goods would hurt local producers, because they wouldn’t be able to compete with cheaper and heavily subsidized European goods. This in turn would cause producers to go out of business, countless lay offs, and significantly hurt the economy. He didn’t abandon the treaty, but postponed its signing in order to better prepare the Ukrainian economy for the new realities. Since Yanukovich was seen a corrupt president prone to cronyism, his political and business opponents used the postpoment of the treaty in order to mobilize the Ukrainian people in a movement called the Euromaidan. While the majority of the protestors were initially peaceful, anti-Yanukovich oligarchs who made their vast fortunes in corrupt schemes stealing from the people of Ukraine, now sponsored the movement for their own financial gain, also paid radical nationalists to battle the police, drawing peaceful protestors into the crossfire. Blood was spilled on both sides, many people died, and the police and the government, in order to save lives, backed down. Thus, Yanukovich, the legitimate, constitutionally and democratically elected president was overthrown in a nationalist coup sponsored by the very same oligarchs who stole billions of dollars from the people of Ukraine. By the way, after overthrowing Yanukovich, the new leaders also postponed signing of the economic treaty opening up Ukraine to European goods, in order to better prepare the economy – just like Yanukovich wanted. Thus, the treaty was just a pretext used to mobilize the people to achive the oligarchs’ political and financial goals. Basicaly, to make some more cash! Western governments obviously wanted the Ukrainian market to open up to their goods, and to bring Ukraine into their orbit, and didn’t care what pain it would cause the Ukrainian economy, and actively supported the anti-government protests, both morally by coming to the Kiev, and financially – the US State Department admitted to have spent 5 billion of US tax payers’ money to help foster anti-government elements, and US under secretary of State Victoria Nuland in her infamous “fuck the EU” intercept discusses with US ambassador in Ukraine which protest leaders would hold what post in the future government. Now just imagine – this happening in the US or Europe. Russia or China sponsoring anti-EU rallies in Greece or Spain. Or anti government rallies in the US for that matter Or the Russian Foreign Ministry actively donating money to one political party, coming to their rallies, and then telling them who will run what ministry it’s complete nonsence, right? After the nationalist coup in Kiev, the first act of the new “revolutionary” parliament was to repeal a law giving language rights to Russian speakers. Since the vast majority of South-east Ukraine is Russian speakers they came out to protest this, and to demand that the revolutionary central government respects their rights. They also wanted for Ukraine to be federalized. . Many of the most prominent countries in the world are Federations, where people have both local, as well as federal elections. Brazil, India, Canada, Germany and many others have a federal form of government. The United States, at the times of its creation also had federalist and anti-federalist parties. George Washington, as well as most Founding Fathers were federalists. But in Ukraine, the president in Kiev appoints governors to all the regions of Ukraine, and the people in the region don’t have a say about it. Imagine if someone in Washington appointed the governor of Arizona or Massachusetts? How happy would the people there be? Especially if the government in Washington was actively hostile and disrespectful to the people of that state. Obama appointing a hard core left-wing liberal as governor of Texas, or Bush before him appointing a hardcore conservative to run California. Would people not come out to protest this violation of their rights? Of course the would! However, despite hundreds of thousands of people in South-east Ukraine coming out to peaceful rallies calling for Federalization and guaranteed minority rights, the government in Kiev completely ignored their calls, branded them separatists and latter terrorists and refused to talk to them. And when some of the protestors occupied and peacefully held a few government buildings, (just like the protestors did during Euromaidan in Kiev) letting people come to and from work every day, without disrupting the work process, the central government, instead of trying to negotiate with the Federalists declared the entire Donbass region a terrorist zone, started bombarding cities with heavy artillery and airforce, destroying the local infrastructure, killing countless civilian elderly, women and children. Obviously, when the death toll started to rise, and when the Ukrainian forces in cities that they held started acting like a maradering occupational force, stealing from locals, abusing the citizens, kidnapping and executing people who disagreed with the regime, or just kidnapping people for ransom, more and more people started organizing themselves in order to fight back. The people of eastern industrial region of Donbass – Donetsk Republic and Lugansk Republic, where the rights and freedoms of the people will be respected. After the republics were declared by local activist, both republics held democratic referendums with several western observers present, where locals overwhelmingly supported the creation of new political entities. But they still didn’t go as far as declaring independence, and still appealed to Kiev to negotiate a federalization of the country where regions and people in various regions would have garantted rights. But instead of negotiating, Kiev responded by sending in the army and nationalist battalions who started indiscriminately bombing civilian areas. Obviosly local people had no choice but to take up arms to defend their land. And those are the people fighting on the fronlines today. Locals. People who used to be miners or office clerks. Fighting for their freedom from government oppression. Fighting for their lands, their homes and their families. But the West and Ukraine keep insisting that this conflict is all Russia’s doing So we came here, to the frontlines, to the town of Gorlovka or Horlivka To find out who the soldiers here are, what they are fighting for, and if local people support them or not So, the people of Donbass are fighting for their rights and their freedoms But what about the rest of Ukraine? What do they think about this war, and the people here in Donbass? Unfortunatly there are many thousands of similar comments, which speaks to the toxic level of hatred in Ukraine towards Donetsk and Lugansk republics and the people who live here. With such murderous rage and hatred directed at them, it is no wonder that the people of Donbass have picked up arms, and are fighting tooth and nail for every inch of their land But despite all the hardships, life in Donbass goes on. Couples fall in love and get married New children, the future the people here are fighting for, are being born. This despite the fact that after failing to subdue Donbass militarily, Kiev started an economic blockade aginst the republics. A year ago, contrary to the claims Ukraine makes to foreign press, president poroshenko signed a law that imposes total blockade of Donbass. But just like ancient Mossad or World War 2 Leningrad didn’t bow down when besieged by Romans or Hitler, neither will the people of Donbass. We hope this video helped you better understand what is going on in South East Ukraine why this conflict started and what the people of Donbass are fighting for. These are not some terrorists or the Russian Army they are just hard working honest people who only picked up arms as a last resort when time and again the govermnet in Kiev failed to listen to their pieceful and legitimate demands and instead tyring to find a compromise and a soultion unleashed the full force of the Ukrainian army on anyone who dares disagree with Kiev Thank you for watching. We will do our best to bring these types of videos to you regularly. Please let us know what specific things you want for us to cover, and please PLEASE share this with as many people as you can! because only if people find out what is really going on in Donass can you help ease the suffering of the millions of people here. Thank you, and please subscribe!

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  1. Thank you for creating this channel. I have always suspected since from the very begginig that things were going this way. When my country, Bulgaria joined the EU our pilitics made them selfs richer and made aur country totaly depenable. The main request from the UE for us to join was tu shut down our nuclear centrals so we could pay for foreigh energy. Our economy that was bad from the beggining has gotten worse and our pilitics still clame that we live well. The only ones that live well are them. When ucranian people stood against that i was sure about everything that would happen next. Iam very happy that the brave people from Dunetsk and Lugansk and many other are capable to defend themselfs. If my people one day do the same I will go back to my poor country to defend peoples rights. And i know that many will comment that im brainwashed but i know that prices of things in my country are EU level but the meadium salary is less than 250€ and we didnt needed the extra task to meet EU levels or to have to compete with EU market. Thank you a lot again and please keep posting videos.

  2. As an Aussie who has never experienced war I find this conflict extremely bizarre and am having trouble understanding the point of it. Seems like such trivial issues to want to kill people over – language that they speak? I see people from both sides having a go at one another in the comments… but it's not grown up arguments, just abuse… maybe someone wants to try to convince me through discussion that their side is the more righteous?

  3. Crimea was NEVER a Ukraine's territory. It was made a part of Soviet Ukraine Republic as a part of the Soviet Union by the Soviet President Nikita Hruschev (Khruschov) in 1954 out of economic considerations (and simply because Hruschev was an idiot). When Ukraine became a separate country it decided to keep Crimea and refused to return it to Russia against Crimea's peoples' wishes. Ukraine is a fascist and ultra-nationalistic state.

  4. Oh, it's so reasonable — ask warriors of Donbass like a "local citizen" about reasons of war.. Also, have you any proves ukrainian soldiers attacked first? + Ukraine have a thousands of Russian schools, we're learning a russian language like a second and nobody have something against this.. Government did nothing against russian language & I never heard Donbass wanted a federalism. Ukraine just haven't a guns and army when this shit had begun, if it is Ukraine fault, why we wasn't preparing to the war?

  5. YOUR SAYING IT WAS THE OLIGARCHS ORCHESTRATING MAIDAN,,,!!! NO,,WRONG!!! Like Putin you are a maniulating con artist Slime Ball!!



  6. 3rd, time I comment, you people can not comment for a start because you are trying to compare UKRAINE with USA,?? Impossible, this is pure russian propaganda , and keep up the good work of spreading the fascist crap you think we are. If you knew what Hitler really had known what Hitlers plans were ,??/ All he wanted was to exploit us Ukrainian people, not to help us.Ukraine deserves it's own country, and not some state of Poland, russia etc, this is the problem,?? If there were no Nationalists in Ukraine it would have been gone by now, so yeah BANDERA is GREAT. PoreshenkO is a mafia boss who wipes Ruski arse, to gain his power, we know about this,?? Only true person is TRUTH SECTOR YAROSH as KING. You Russians that were born in UKRAINE should accept Ukraine, then if not you are traitors ZRADA SUKAS.

  7. why people always blame Russia. I don't understand. If you hate Russia doesn't mean every Russian is bad person. I like peace and I'm a Russian. i donut like wars. Plz people why are you blaming Russia every time. USA attacked Vietnam because the weapon factories in USA were running out of money so the US attacked Vietnam so the factories can earn the money. The Vietnamese people call the Vietnam war The Defense Against USA.

  8. I'm trying to figure out the real issues.. I just started looking into this war and I don't know who to side with… From this video, the Ukrainians seem like a bunch of inhumane cunts. Is this Propaganda though? You can't trust anything these days, fuck!

  9. I see…. Humanity dies slither by slither and people are more interested in calling Putin names than the suffering of the Ukrainian people. So is this it? an Eye for an Eye? Soon we will all be blind with no humanity left….

  10. 1169 – Судзальскией князь Боголюбский сжег Киев.
    1170 – нападение Московии на Новгород.
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    1415 – разграбление Софии Киевской митрополитами из Москвы.
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  11. The truth huh? I wouldn't trust this video or any video at all about this war and others. This could easily be propaganda and those people could be paid to say what they said, only the people involved in the war know what is going on.

  12. Had putin wanted to end the war that he started, he would have agreed to the idea of international observers – OSCE or others. But he needs the war to rage, in order to show to everybody: those who overthrow puppet criminal regimes and try to be independent from Russia will be severely punished. The same happened to Georgia when it wanted to join NATO in 2008. The same could have happened to Montenegro last year. The same undermining activity is carried out by putin is going in all countries, his close and far neighbors. The aim – to undermine the civilized world order, trample on the Freedom of nations and the individual, and restore an empire. Dangerous, because it's Inconspicuous, underhand, and very attractive for idiots, who see only bad things in the West.

  13. Thankyou for this brief but insightful video regarding the unnecessary war in the Donbass region..I have been to the Ukraine several times since 2013 and I continue to be emotionally overwhelmed by the suffering of the people in these territories..Perhaps the NGO communities can join together and try to send the required supplies and help to the people in the SE of Ukraine?…or… perhaps the Canadian Federal government can try to influence the current President to remove the Ukraine armed forces from these territories?..Or… find a President who represents the best interests of the Ukraine people..NOT THE POLLITICIANS!!!!…GOD BLESS UKRAINE!!!!

  14. I am wondering, are you guys from the comments really idiots? Or you think all politicians from such a powerful countries are stupid to believe in this shit? Look at the leaders of these alcoholics and murderers – all of them are ex-criminals! That's all about money. Please, learn history, listen smart people and after that make a decisions instead of watching such a propaganda's videos!

  15. Well, actually I'm pro-eu, but I don't have a very bad opinion of Russia (because I'm just criticizing every single piece of media who cames in my mind.) but i want to know one thing (because i don't have a lot of time to understand clearly the main problem of this "mess" if u accept that word to qualify this war) did russia attack on the purpose to take "territory" advantage in Ukrainian (Gas and so on) or they came on the purpose to save Russian people? Maybe both but i don't clearly understand. (Well , sorry if u don't like pro-eus, but i don't want any insults or anything about what I am. I respect your idea, respect mine too please.)

  16. As I kept scrolling the page, im thinking that some people (who are pro-eus and pro-russia) should unite and destroy somebody else (If u know what i mean )

  17. Хватит врать!!!! И Янукович белый и пушистый… Неужели все слепые и не видят российскую технику и военных на этой войне? Или вы думаете что в мире все глупые с ватными мозгами?

  18. Law is law …..I'm a American…yes ..we have state laws and federal ….but I think INTEGRITY AND HUMAN RIGHTS should be under ONE federal law ….so I agree with Ukraine on this …..and the annex was NOT legal by the United Nations . So your bias us still there !

  19. And if you want to be Russian …you move to Russia …not make the ground your on , Russian…..annex ?get real and wake up….it's a invasion

  20. по акценту слышно что коментатор рускоговорящий. так что видио можно перенести в раздел "сказки"

  21. WOW!! Thank you for making this available! Especially in English! For those dumb ass folks that need to hear the real truth about COWARD UKRAINIAN FASCIST PRESIDENT!!!!

  22. …I'm soory but you can't say with a straight face that Russia didn't invade ukraine and established a puppet state in donbass

  23. all so you can't just put all the blame on the u.s and the west…oh ukraine is a puppet to nato…how? the people overthrown the dictatorship. it's not the west!

  24. everyone who fights a government is a terrorist. is what the media is saying. that is total bullshit, governments are the real terrorists. terror(territory/controled area) is attack with political motivation. governments live for controll and political motivation.. -.-

  25. The Ukraine is a country made of pieces stolen by the Soviets from other states around! Ukraine must be broken into pieces and THAT will happen eventually!

  26. у нас тоже губенаторы сейчас назначаемые, так что момент на 5:00 о том, что есть федерация очень спорный….. какое-то пророссийское видео…. хотелось бы более объективную инфомацию, а все эти ваши наводящие вопросы аля: "адекватно ли это? местным это понравится?" отталкивают, так как ответ однозначен и подверждает вашу позицию – это не объективно и заставляет усомниться в вашей честности и открытости перед зрителями. Вы как будто намеренно ведете за собой, а это не клеится с названием "настоящая причина войны"

    да, я из россии

    слишком однобоко. сейчас никто не знает правды, поэтому не стоит о событиях говорить с какой-то одной позиции, лучше освещать событие со всех сторон – так вы будете заниматься истинным просвещением. но а пока вы ничем не лучше любой тв передачи. (нет, я не называю вас пропагандистами, просто вы так же как и многие передачи ведете за собой)

  27. Why smear Hitler? Did he starve millions of Russians or Ukrainians between 1921 & 1934, or did he act with the understanding that the, mostly Jewish, Communist Bolsheviks did that? You lose all credibility with people who have a brain when you smear someone who fought against evil instead of reminding others who the evil ones were.

    By 1914, there were 2,416,290 German civilians in Russia. A wave of hostility occurred after the Laws of Liquidation passed in 1915, and after the Bolshevik Revolution of October 25, 1917, ethnic Germans of the former czarist empire were subjected to an organized campaign of terror, rape, torture, mutilations, being burned alive and mass shootings. Many “Vistula Germans” had already fled, but the religious Volga-Germans were severely persecuted. By 1918, there were barely 1,621,000 Germans alive in Russia and by 1919, their pastors were sent to slave camps.
    The requisitions of 1917-1921 threatened the existence of the Ukrainian-German villages. In Kandel, Großliebental, Franzfeld, Josephtal and Landua, hundreds died from rampant starvation caused by the Bolsheviks’ fiendishly crafted man-made famine. Between 1921 and 1923, this famine created so much emigration and death that the population of Germans decreased by another fourth. During this time, approximately 10,000 Volga-German children were forcibly taken from their parents with promises of food when in truth they were removed and sent alone to their painful deaths. 350,000 Germans in A

  29. west been wanting to bring ukraine to be part of EU and NATO eventually so usa can put troops and military base in Ukraine for "defense" purposes. Putin is a smart badass, saw this coming, gave no chance to the west to play her games. now they crying and pose sanctions, as usual… and ofcourse their number 1 excuse is always and will always be "democracy" and "human rights" … pity those millions dead in iraq for WMD that never existed

  30. it's a good thing you got the biass part out of the way Obama the beginning because you're stating accusation as fact pretty considerably.

  31. please help support my petition to get western troops out of Ukraine

  32. Only desperately stupid fucker would belive this propaganda, seriously, this faggot shows a few tweets and expects everyone to belive they are real?! Hahahahahahah fuck you, and at the end he tries appeal to peoples emotion, hahahah fuck youm

  33. I am so ashamed by "my" government (I despise it through and through, for others reasons as well) that they Support Kiev in its manslaughter in the Donbass.Two years ago I have been to Kiev and Lvov, the atmosphere was unbearable : the intelligent People told me that they loathe the Ukrainian government, but the masses were excited by Ukrainian nationalism.

  34. Good made bullshit story. Dont worry the world are full of stupid people willing to believe it, War is never a reason to solve disagreements.

  35. Fucking Eu(eussr) tried its hands once again on Ukraine. EU uses Nato as a tool.Whit final goal to sacrefise Americans versus the Russians.Southern Europe is bankrupt. Rest of Europe ge4ing poorer while Germany gets richer.
    Fuck no.Hell no..Evwryone should exit Eu imedialty

  36. Im a westerner genetisist and Ive studied this region from the first human settlements ie Bulgars and Mygars who by treaty of first come first serve would be its true owners as genes dont lie just humans. Second note Ukraine treaty with Russia Szar to the commies of lenin and again with stalin gave Ukraine its borders including crimea. 3rd that makes anything the soviets or russia today to interact regardless of who lives their Illegal PERIOD!! the peasants dont understand because they are only ignorant of who actually owns and controls it and hence its easy to start war. Russians or who ever that live in another country have to respect whos country it is they must be educated and not peasants! or commie thinking. 4th if they want to vote to separate as a democracy then the whole country votes not just the region. the conclusion Ukraine owns Crimea. second Russian who live in Ukraines crimea have to obey Ukraines laws as Ukraineans tha thave Russian heritage. 5th IF Russia wants to break the treaties then they would invade Ukraine to try and take it and lose because the western Alliance of the WORLD would not allow it in their country nor in Ukraine. So stop for a min be educated not commie retards and ask yourself do you respect yourself ? then if yes you respect the country you live in, its rules customs, and ways and be thankful nothing else. If not then die!!! for the world cant keep having igrnorant people coming to another country try and take it over because they think its theirs when its not!!!!. Otherwise everyone would have anarchy.
    We all who are educated know the zionist devil bankers (rothchilds rockefellers all started in eastern europe causing shit with Christians to kill each other) we have to stoop and unite as Christians to kill these devils of satan for they are the true enemy not each other !!! WAKE UP EASTERN EUROPE AND RUSSIANS WHO ARE CHRISTIAN!!!!!! dont fall for this bullshit of zion putin did good by expelling zionist bankers and started killing the jewish mafias that was the first great thing putin ever did!!! now do th esame with the islamics and as Christians UNITE against these devils and regain Christian friendship with respecting Christian Ukraine.
    Thats the solution!!
    Christ is King of all AMEN!!

  37. The ultimate truth is that a few very ultra rich people control nearly everything and these people in dunbar rebelled against their Jewish masters.

  38. British man who joined pro-Russian forces in Ukraine jailed on terrorism charge – Benjamin Stimson, 41, spent four months in Ukraine in 2015 to 'escape his life in the United Kingdom' and to perform humanitarian work. Kim Pilling Saturday 15 July 2017 An unemployed Briton who joined pro-Russian militia fighting against Ukrainian government forces has been jailed for five years and four months for a terrorism offence.
    Benjamin Stimson, 41, who went to the conflict zone in the Donbass region, is the only UK citizen to have been prosecuted for assisting the anti-Government militia in Ukraine. Stimson carried out "extensive" research on the conflict in the summer of 2015 and among internet search entries later found on his computer were: "Volunteer to fight in Donbass," "Britons fighting in Donbass," and "UK law on fighting overseas". 
    The defendant showed a particular interest in "the Army of Novorussia" and later successfully applied for a Russian visa, said Mr Jamieson. Stimson flew from Manchester via Brussels to Moscow on August 8, 2015 and was transported to Donbass on his arrival after he established a contact prior to his journey.
    The defendant returned to the UK on November 23, 2015 and was arrested at Manchester Airport on suspicion of terrorism offences.
    In his luggage was found various items of military clothing including some which bore the would-be flag of Novorussia, the court was told.
    Mr Jamieson said: "The defendant accepts by his plea that by serving as an armed militiaman in an irregular force opposing the Ukrainian army he was assisting others with the intention of committing acts of terrorism."Taking up arms for a cause that was either political or ideological brings the defendant within the broadly drawn terrorism legislation. The law does not distinguish between one political/religious/ideological cause or another." – British man who joined pro-Russian forces in Ukraine jailed on terrorism charge

    You will be soon in prison too for helping spread russian lies about Ukraine and supporting terrorist country of russia! LIER, LIER, PANTS ON FIRE!

  40. THIS IS WHAT RUSSIANS DO IN SYRIA! No doubt they do the same in Ukraine but it's not easy for a normal person to film tortures
    A Syrian man is laying on the ground, surrounded by apparent Russian troops. Then they start beating him with a sledge hammer.
    In a leaked video from Syria, Russian soldiers can be seen torturing a Syrian man by beating him with a sledge hammer. At several points in the video they refer to the man as a member of ISIS, and they continually beat him. They have him surrounded on all sides, and at several points they outstretch his hands and feet and pummel them with a sledge hammer.
    Looking at the footage with an eye for detail can tell us a few things. One, the men conducting the torture are speaking Russian. We have had multiple sources confirm that the individuals are indeed speaking Russian. A direct quote from the video clearly stated in the Russian language, “Let’s starting ISIS.” Second, the uniforms and equipment of the troops are actually in line with what we have seen members of the Russian Special Forces in Syria using in previous videos. Also, there is this patch that is clearly seen in the video, which reads “I’ll just make you really, really hurt.” As more information becomes available about this video, and the situation, we will continue to make updates.
    Warning: This video contains extremely disturbing content that may be unsuitable to some viewers. Scenes of graphic violence are present in every single second of this video. Viewer discretion is advised. – Breaking: Terrifying Footage Of Russians Torturing Prisoner With Sledge Hammer

  41. Winter on Fire Ukraine's Fight for Freedom 2015 – full movie – YouTube   WATCH THIS IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH
    Directed by the Russian-born American documentarian Evgeny Afineevsky, using footage shot by 28 professional and amateur photographers with a worm’s-eye view of the ensuing battles between protesters and Yanukovych’s goons, this Academy Award-nominated, Netflix-produced film plays out like a harrowingly bloody, real-life “Les Miserables.”
    People get beaten and shot on camera — and occasionally die — in this mesmerizing portrait of protest and crackdown, seen not through the lens of politics, but through the prism of the personal. “Winter on Fire” has all the immediacy and power of drama. If it lacks the dispassionate context of more balanced journalism, it makes up for it with a complex, contradictory emotional impact that is simultaneously demoralizing and hopeful.
    Toronto International Film Festival 2015 won
    Primetime Emmy Awards 2016 Exceptional Merit in Documentary Filmmaking Nominated
    Academy Awards, USA 2016 Best Documentary, Feature Nominated

  42. DEBUNKING RUSSIAN LIES StopFake #153 [ENG] with Irena Chalupa PACE Approves Resolution Abolishing Political Sanctions against Russia; Crimea Hosts International Ukrainian Diaspora Congress: Catalonia is not Crimea. Published on Oct 15, 2017

  43. Uhh… care to explain why this a big piece of Pro-Russian crap. Russia split the nation, the protests were anti-corruption and against the "legitimate," those people weren't alt-right nazi groups until the Russian's invaded a SOVEREIGN STATE. Russia is literally run by like five oligarchs, Ukraine is very minimized to that point and actually, have laws that constitute against monopolization of the market. This is obvious bias, to the fact, Crimea was one of the most popular advocates for the vote on Ukrainian independence. There is literally way more proof that Russian soldiers were in Donetsk. Speaking of it let's talk about the DPR(Donetsk People's Republic)? The DPR wants the Soviet Union, not Russia, it's brainwashed young children and old men fighting, Ukraine lost 2,000 troops from Russian soldiers alone, a rebel group could not strike with such efficiency and such power it's obvious so let's use our brains. Why are Ukranian airstrikes even mentioned? This is war pal, it's fucked, but it's a war the Russians started. DPR has been bombing Ukrainians since the cease-fire, this is not mentioned, how many died from that? How many innocents killed from less accurate artillery fire? Why don't they use the vice video were they prove that Russian soldiers were there? Or when they entrapped Ukrainians and circled them. The Ukrainians traded sides because of fear, and some had Russian backgrounds. This is possibly the most bias piece of work I've seen. It's embarrassing to watch as you claim it to be "Bullshit free." No military directly targets civilians, they aren't monsters, they are people like you and me. How many innocent Ukrainians died? How many bought into this battle for the love of this country? They brought this war, you are blaming the Ukranians, don't be foolish.

  44. Anywhere else in the world if a government and military acted like this committing gross crimes against humanity there would be demands for action all across the world and a swift attack on the government to remove it , thats of ofcourse only if that government isnt subservient to the empire otherwise they are just fighting terrorists

  45. All world damages were started by briton. USA is given to believe that briton is their legal origin. Lot of civilisation has gone down the drain. If you don't know it please read history. West and their power would not last for too long. Their downturn has started 30years ago. I feel sad for the white people. They are not evil, but the ones who govern them are. Have you not heard of wheel of Fortune or the Shakespeare's wheel of Fortune. Your game is over. It may take a little more time. I am much over 60. But I wish to see you guys in your place before I go.

  46. amateur propaganda. no journalism experience before the war, no reason to be there, never tried to actually go into combat. this is just filth

  47. This is the problem with order-followers. They allow themselves to be brainwashed and destroy the freedoms of others because of the cult they believe in. Whether that cult is government, police, or military. Those are patriots fighting for freedom. We are all created equal and no man has the right to revoke rights or give rights to another that he himself never had to give in the first place. Truth is freedom, its that simple. If only people Cared enough to pay attention and time to it.

  48. nice propaganda , Putin did not want to lose control over Ukraine , have western influence close to Russia that's a fact Putin installed puppets …fact yes America helped Ukraine get away from corrupt Russian influence , yes some Ukraine leaders are garbage also .bottom line here Putin is the most corrupt person on the planet ( my opinion) so I look at this as good VS evil Putin is evil incarnate , if you disagree with this simple comment you are a paid Russian troll.

  49. So how is being an ex-Caucasian Independent State got anything to do with becoming European/Eurasian(part Eastern European part Caucasian)?!

  50. What to do ? UN , NATO , UE are puppy for USA , USA funded Ukraine to kill people under terrorist , USA don’t respect human or human right , USA use ISISI and Nazi for their own agenda ,, the idiots UN , NATO and UE took blood money from USA see blind eye over killing of women and children ,,, shameless UN , NATO ,UE and USA ,,,,,, USA are baby killers

  51. EU and the USA have dirty hands in this war. A  lot of Ukrainians and Russians that i am friends with say exactly the same. Government at this moment in Kiev are all fascists from the region of L'vov. In ww2 people from there also supported the nazis. 25 years ago when i went for the first time to Ukraina, things were different. But when i drove through L'vov, i immediately saw what these people are. Back then, they already refused to speak Russian and i saw they were fanatic nationalists. Most Ukrainians didn't have any problems to speak Russian.Russia and Ukraina are one people.It is a big shame, that this criminal government sends in guys to fight their own brothers and sisters. The EU politicians, the Kiev government and the US government are war criminals and should be brought to justice.

  52. I lived there… In the donexk region. I had to go to Ireland.Its so painful to watch. Its been going on for 4 years now. I really cant believe no one notices….Crimea is also ukrainian territory. I hate when people say its russians

  53. The DHR and LNR wanted to be a part of russia as well. Kiev didnt have a choise. How would you feel if you were just taking a stroll and saw a tank approach you in the forest? What is you were alone and 8 ears old? Ya I thought so.Russians arent bad. Its the government that makes them bad. I grew up in a Russian spaking town and atm its part of DNR. But im still for our free Ukraine.The people dont get it do they? Fighting for truth? Does the guy even know whats truth and whats lies? Its just that when he was a child they told him so and they listened . So now he tells his children to hate us. In the capitol, the people who get killed are the bravest of us. They dont sit like cowards in front of the TV but they come out to fight for our freedom. Putin and Yankovich started this, and they should end it. But our leader for some people turned out to be a coward. He wasnt, he just didnt have as much backup as putin so he had no choise. We hate them is because they hate us. We are not cruel. We are just trying to keep Ukraine from being swallowed by russia. Thats all I have to say. You can think for yourself. Слава Україні!

  54. The real reason of this war is the effort to flame up even a greater war. Robbing the national wealth of Ukraine by west and the sionist oligarghs is just a pleasant side motivation for the people who planned this.

  55. I do not advise you to believe author of this video. I was born in city where now combat zone (Donetsk). This is all organized by Russia. Russian government sending regular military officers who oversee the local separatists. Also, Russians are constantly sending military equipment (weapons, tanks, BUKs that shot down MH17). In short – Russia has created a hybrid war.

  56. U will not have peace like the rest of Ukrainians because u chose to fight your countrymen and take Russian arms, Russians and Ukrainians live in peace every where else, sore they might argue but they don’t kill each other, well done idiots your European blood spilled for nothing!!!!

  57. The Crimean invited Russia to help & aid for their independence from ruthless Ukraine & Donbass, they dont want Ukrain they want independence because Ukraine denied everything for them & beside Ukraine has already demonized by USA.

  58. Fuck the EU? YEES!! EU has destroyed mi country "DANMARK" After *Regugee crisis 2015" or Emigrant crisis and now next gernerations in Denmark is fucked! Fuck EU and Fuck Islams -Great Dane!

  59. You didn't have to investigate you should have asked us the arabs ,the muslims in Palestine ,,Afghanistan ,Irak ,Syria , and many oter places in the world who have to suffer infinite pain s encounterd by the hands ,the procys,the allies of TheZionist West who has the guts and insolence to talk about democracy and the right of people .These faschisr i perialist stooges scum of huma ity ,at their head Trump's America ,Netanyahou's Ishrael ,Macron's Fran e May's UK and their stooges and lackeys supporting and ditected by the international jew conglomerates will ally with Satan to pereniseand keep injustice ,destruction and hate in the world.

  60. thank you for telling the truth about this debacle. america should be ashamed of themselves. i am ashamed to be an american because of what they have done and who they side with.

  61. Russia please just squash the fascist shit and remind then who the converts are. Long live the RED ARMY BOYS

  62. What nonsense are you telling? Fucking propogenda! Where did the spearatists get weapon to fight with perhaps found in a coal mine ?

  63. Tuzno mi je dok gledam ovo, jer znam kako se narod oseca i pati. Moju zemlju je NATO bombardovao.SRBIJA je uz vas, NAPRED RUSI !!!

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