Russell Brand's political revolution

Russell Brand's political revolution

Russell Brand let's take somebody who has died pretty sadly of late Philip Seymour Hoffman would his life have been any different if drugs have been decriminalized yes I think possibly his life would have been I think that suffering from a disease that is illegal stigmatizes it inherently it's a bit shameful condition there's an element of blame involved it's something that's done in isolation something that's condemned from the get-go so I think Philip Seymour Hoffman's case to use he's sad death as a glib example would have been different if we were dealing with something that was acknowledged as a disease not as a crime why do you think society does retain a ban on these substances and therefore criminalized I think there's many reasons I think some of it is just confusion some of it is tradition and some of it is ignorance politicians when they're in opposition often speak about drug reform David Cameron himself when he was a backbencher said it was time to reform drug laws but I think that when people are in power aren't my personal belief it John is that people that suffer from drug addiction are often people without a political voice people that don't vote people that aren't considered relevant so it's easier to vilify and condemn them and posture and act tough around drugs than it is to deal with the problem I'm talking about sort of the drug laws in this country globally I'm sure there are complex economic reasons why drugs remain illegal I can't imagine don't you think one of the reasons why politicians why society tends to keep drugs illegal is one of fear fear that that kids that young people will turn on perhaps needlessly I mean if they were never exposed to them they might not ever have used them I think there is some legitimate fear around drugs drugs are not a big let's take drugs that person drugs can be incredibly dangerous and negative what I'm saying is making them illegal isn't working it doesn't work it doesn't prevent people from using drugs I'm talking about and provide you know no it made absolutely no different I think no differences do I think accept presume you lived in fear of at some point possibly running up against the law complicated the situation and it made it more difficult to approach the situation they look for what it is legitimately a disease which requires therapy and command compassion not to be pushed underground and controlled by illegal economies it's oh yeah John in my particular case what would have helped is regulation and therapy I'm not talking about this ever free-for-all some crazy whacked-out world where everyone's on drugs I'm saying that drugs could be pharmaceutical quality they should be controlled and prescribed and not part of a huge criminal okay so to that end you have a campaign which focuses on what Caroline Lucas had the MP of Green Party MP has proposed that there's a full debate and investigation into UK drug policy along with Ave as the online campaigning website we've got over a hundred thousand signatures that's what's required for it to be debated in Parliament that debate is already going to happen but what I want to make sure we present you want people to sign this thing I'm sorry if they want to but like but we've already got the hundred thousand signatures so it's going to be divided by asking them then a whole lot of politicians who you say young people shouldn't vote for yeah to determine what should happen to drug policy well this could end up being at yet another example of why politics isn't representative because we already know now that there's a mandate we already know there's a consensus we know that politicians know that drug laws aren't working we know that the people of this country want reform around drug laws and yet it hasn't changed I know we do we have an emergency oh yeah I think so maybe there's been pretty far alike reports around it like 66 percent of conservative voters 69 percent of Labor voters 61% at Bailey male readers okay once your uncle or changer this year a huge mandate and this survey mate you know like we've got a hundred thousand signatures in like 24 hours I came when I hear yeah but you're asking people I wish you ever need to promote you opened your quickly your I don't even need to be no but you're asking people to sign up to a petition yes that then MPs that you do not want them to vote for are going to have to debate yes that's right well how does that work because what I'm not interested in the power of politicians I'm interested in the power of people I'm interested in representing people this does represent the views of people 100,000 people in no time of Science Vessel they've ate it there's a confusion here there's nothing to don't vote to your music I Russell Brand have never voted I never angry yeah John I'm maintaining but therefore you're asking people you don't people want people to vote for yes to determine a change in the drug law I'm dead no no John that's not what's happening what I'm doing is I'm demonstrating consensus I'm further demonstrating that these politicians are completely out of touch they are irrelevant but until the revolution this is the system that we will be using but in effect you are actually doing the government's work for them because the very people you're saying don't vote young people that's who you were talking to specifically right yes okay nothing deep Lex no those are the people those are the people who are suffering the cuts they're the people for example whose educational maintenance grant which made all the difference to going to school please for 16 years leave they're cutting that Jongno if the young people were voting John absolutely not I refuse to be drawn on this subject you know better than anybody that parliamentary democracy does not represent people what they offer is piecemeal change I'm saying people deserve more if if democracy was truly representative than the 1 million people marched against the Iraq war would have meant there wasn't an illegal war in Iraq I think there was an illegal war in Iraq so don't tell me that politics works I'm saying let's form cards do you really pull together I'm not telling you whatever I'm not telling you anything I'm trying I'm trying to strip down what tell me on the television no I'm trying to sell me before we're on ok I'm trying to strip down what you are trying to tell people who on the one hand you're saying don't vote yeah and on the other hand you're saying sign up to this petition so those people for whom you will not vote will make a decision well this is John this is gonna break right here can you sense please John what is important what doesn't make same regret telling people don't stop look listen you let me talk what doesn't make sense are the current laws around around drugs in this country which means people are necessarily dying and a disease is being stigmatized that doesn't make so tell you people sure least and elect somebody who will change these laws ask them before you put your tick there say will you resist these drug drops do you see we are doing there John you're entering into their paradigm what I say create new paradigm then presented those like oh hopefully someone will turn up that we can vote for that's not why I'm saying let's work on what we want what we want is a check we want drug reform right lose your cohort who's your cohort in this Drive that Caroline Lucas MEP know the hundredth note caramel happens to be a lovely lady and she's key to your campaign as well on em yeah I'll be who I'm interested in are the hundreds of thousands of all the married people that are signing this petition that's who I represent that's who I mean chess petition is organized by you and Caroline Lucas Caroline Lucas is an MP she's a green M what are you saying parliamentary democracy works no I'm not I'm sorry everyone everything's fine there is no poverty there is no climate change most floods aren't real there is no flower be fired leave denial I'm sorry I want to ask her another question yeah yeah and the question is given that she supports precisely what you want done would you if you had the opportunity I don't know if all absolutely are aligned Lucas no of course not because by back voting but if voting for Caroline Lucas changed the world the world will be different because bond for Caroline Lucas is already an option I'm saying we need to change things radically and dramatically to address mere vision of inequality and to address the ecological meltdown that we're now facing fortunately frankly in the own counties so people are interested in it now so you see this psychedelic place behind me I wish it was psychedelic John because I think some iOS car might wanna make their conscious noise Russell Brand what is your give me a picture of what you would like to see just totally truly representative dotted them on how would report that look Colonel when we look a lot like that John would be a lovely psychedelic building gently again really no no but what do you want to see how would you how would decision to be made let me ask you is there a distinction between pointing out that there in one bit that I'm here to talk about the issue about drugs in countries like Portugal and Switzerland where they have reformed their drug laws people are not dying of this disease in such huge numbers crime is dropping HIV infection is dropping that's important that's more important than you and then attained er getting me and our entertainer to cook up a whacky version of politics so you can make me look a bit deaf go passionate and I know but it seems to me if you might have knowledge now maybe I'm talking about if you want to demolish one thing shall you have to give a vision of what it is you'd actually like yeah yes and this will be a process it will be a process and it won't just come from me I'm just what I'm talking I'm talking about a different system that isn't about just different David Cameron or me or anyone turning up on the telly sharing their mouths off but is truly representative of people that engages people and listens to people it's conducted online or what hi John I'm saying I appreciate it in a way that you're that you're pushing me but like what I'm saying is is that I'm I'm not the technical genius that's gonna is going to invent a truly democratic electronic and voting system and nation of referenda a globe of referenda where we all live as equal citizens where we address inequality might first of all the first stage John is to it is to address we have a problem then we need to yes you're quite right people and like and if people want me to be involved in devising a solution I'll be happy to be a part of that that would be that would be called entering politics that's fair enough if that's what's required but like but but don't like bicycles in a way mate you're helping hold together the system because as soon as someone goes or what them like things that way they are well immediately come up with an alternative or that's good then what do we do how do we advance debate we're at the point the point in our narrative that we're at is addressing there's a problem the next point in the narrative will be here are some potential solutions and this one issue an issue that I do happen to know about is a way that we can make a small advance and how through referenda through the people through representing people people know already that drug laws aren't working people see that in Switzerland and Portugal less people are dying so let's implement these laws in this country now a country that prides itself on being progressive not clinging to old traditions and allowing people to die let result of that gesture let's try then applying it to something which many people are thinking about right now no let's try okay for a minute because there are very serious floods in this country so a lot of people think it's about climate change but a lot of politicians don't think it's about climate change don't want to think it's about climate change so the question is do you believe in climate change do you that's what's happening I think the climates changed and I think there's a lot of evidence from scientists and I think there's a lot of work and effort going into suppressing that information so that energy companies continue to impose I don't think there's human involvement in it of changing – Loman yes I do actually farming like again I'm not an expert on clearance but know me Klein is and she thinks it is she believes in it and that's like that's enough for me and she's saying that nothing's going to happen around climate change and the way that we use energy on our planet unless people protest and unless people on mass get involved but so like you mean away asking me to divide it's a little odd sort of way she's coming up with a different solution – one that your carrot with drugs drugs you're talking about a petition to try and raise awareness and try and get a commitment she's talking about actual direct action on the streets and I think that the rect action on the streets is probably the best way to get things changed in every area however the cut it seemed epicyte you actually use the example of the iraq war had a no effect at all right yeah that's that's true John so obviously these protests need to become more vehement more active more direct they need to change they need to evolve but the the options aren't let's do something or bits of it let's do nothing in your journey from drug addiction have you concluded in the end that you're a revolutionary no no it's a fair question do you want a revolution you know I do you know I do that's the reason I'm here first of all I want a revolution in the way that we regard addiction as a disease the way we legislate it the way we treat drug addicts but further than that I want to address global inequality around economics and I we need to find some suitable ecological solutions around energy have you found any downside from urging people not to vote well yeah because people keep repackaging it as you're telling people to be apathetic I'm not telling them to be apathetic I'm telling them to direct their energy in a focused manner in a way that will truly make a difference voting does not make a difference that you are not represented when this petition gets debated in Parliament they'll change as little as possible to placate people I'm very not truly representative democratic system you're a very very big issue revolution on particularly if you would try to bring about this change you would draw the light of violence yeah I mean what's the point then you've lost anyway yeah you've got who you can't I certainly worthy are you optimistic yeah 100% entirely optimistic i 100% entirely optimistic but like the problem is is like that some institutions like this and you I happen to know a proper lefty bloke or a pinko ever held at me I'm service mmm no no no you want to change the world I know you agree with me I know you agree with me on the issue of drugs I know you do but in for some reason you've got to pretend to have a different opinion you're no I'm alone I'm on the news now I've got to pretend to be a different sort of person no no no my job here is simply to probe what you think so that people get a real sense of what I just got saying no so that people get a real sense of what you think yeah I know that a fair enough I wish I wasn't so emotionally volatile but the fact is John that this is an issue that's affected me my entire life it affects a lot of people that I love I've seen people I love die from this disease now we have a change to a chance to at least demonstrate that this isn't how people feel about this issue anymore people don't want drugs to be illegal people don't want their heads of their politicians buried in the sand and if they do as some sort of modern desert torture method but like what people want is change and openness around this issue and through Caroline Lucas's petition there is an opportunity to address it now there may be some inconsistent consistencies because I'm a man who doesn't believe in parliamentary democracy the things it's a Sharad but what one is change around this issue and I'm prepared to use the materials in front of me those materials will alter as time goes on and more radical change will occur Russell Brand thank you for talking to us see you after the break John

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  1. Ok yes perfect! I have quite a bit to suggest, so bare with me.
    I have been saying this for some time and I have been sharing this idea with a lot of people including at Truro college and the lecturers liked my ideas. So the idea spawned from the problem I have in my home country of South Africa in which is that the corrupt politicians have been found to throw opposing party votes into the trash and leaving them uncounted or possibly switched, I'm not certain. So I have been pondering since we have fingerprint technology in today's reality, why when everyone's fingerprint is taken for collection and printed on our I.D by our government, does that not become the new way of placing our votes online which is better in many ways such as
    1)All votes accounted for and able to be viewed online to see that it's been added to perpetuating your visionist ideas.

    2)By the convenience of your own home or a public library, you can search on any movements you support and vote for them (I would suggest after doing an understanding test – A key element basic knowledge of the structure of each element debated).

    3)All the citizens will be more engaged and understanding of what it is that effects them, growing education and consensus around the best idea's with close to immediate implementations, that don't have to spend too long going through the nominal bureaucratic measures that will be necessary during our True democracy.

    I think that this also could and should be taken to the EU level, where we're all standing up for a united system acting fairly in unison, but also with more autonomous rights to each individual and country that the system takes his/her needs into consideration for the purpose of their benefit and upliftment, as though the community were always trying to do their best effort to be a primary parent, ensuring they're never alone in their struggle, no matter how big or small.
    I would also like to add that all basic living requirements are met by the government for anyone who doesn't have the money for excess living space and luxuries.

    I fully agree with the whole drug system proposed by Russel Brand. I have been saying the exact same thing to everyone for quite a while now.
    I feel like I've left something out, but oh well…
    Oh I'll just add this lol
    It would be nice to have more motivation to live than to struggle through so many things that make you want to scream in agony for having to supposedly work yourself to any point of success and understanding. There is most definitely a better way to manage this planet globally, and it could be without a doubt the most amazing cooperative world where nothing is wasted and out of place and the human species sees this well-integrated global structure having everyone soaring to every corner of the globe and beyond.
    Elon Musk is also by far one of the greatest visionaries of our time and is doing some solid work on the engineering behind making renewables and resource management effective for our planet, and probably Mars too for Earths abundance
    I say support those with good idea's that are honorable and really providing the best services to humanities most essential core values, and not the superficial, some luxury can be nice, like an amazing bed haha (shouldn't be underrated). But i know people would do bigger and better if they could, and perhaps would focus on more quality products and services for it other than the cheap disposable quick fix, because life is such a hustle.

  2. I agree with his points on UK based issues such as drug policy but issues like climate change are GLOBAL issues with policies that must be made by the world as a whole. If the UK start investing in energy change etc its money down the drain unless we get China, India, South America on board with it.

  3. im not too informed on this mans show since I'm from the US but jeez, he sounds as if the world if fine,… that is so fucking selfish.

  4. This old man is not interviewing. He is questioning why he think Russell is wrong. already choosing a side. This world doesn't work. people walk by the homeless because they are worried about the next paycheck. they have no clue how the world works if they are winning. and the losers are waiting for change. Why vote if both parties aren't changing anything worth changing. change the world not a certain comfort for a selective few. this old man is just trying to get that paycheck and ignore the global harm only because he isn't apart of that,…. yet.


  6. What is it with these bureaucrats, oxford and cambridge educated (because mummy and daddy fixed it that way) All bringing the guy on who is TRULY trying to implement change and trying to shut him up about his agenda, by pushing the whole tired, corporate and government sad squashed views on current politcal and social issues. "YOU HAVE TO VOTE" Revolution isn't about voting, so qhy bring the guy on to let him talk about his ideas that are representative of everyone bar the 1%.
    As i'm sick of seeing the entire world being run year after year by the privilaged few.
    How can 99% of the world be run by 1% of the world, who share none of the same views or issues of the vast majority.
    Have you seen inside those houses of parliament at thos cabinent and politcal meeting? What percentage of any community, sit in priceless, ancient buildings saying things like "I would like to address the honorable gentleman on his position on yx,y,z" "HERE HERE, HERE HERE". "Would the Honorable Gentleman this and that".
    The tired, ancient rhetoric of these privileged narcissists is just a disgrace.
    Am i the only person who watched Russell's interviews and sees how unwilling they are to listen the mans view and ideas without interupting him every 5 seconds. "tell me what you wants" "I wan thi…." "No, tell me what you want"… I just said, i wan…." "No, tell me what you want"…

    At what point, can we get rid of these fucking houses of parliament and stop allowing only private schooled, oxford and Cambridge Aristocrats and Bureaucrats of wealthy ignorant, backward toff nosed twats who do nothing but service these needs of themselves and the corporate masters and stop them dominating the and overulling the views of the actual pepople.
    These people LITERALLY only talk about, and deal with the interests of the upper echelon of countries richest.

    At what point can we get rid of this very narrow band of "old money" families from running the rest of the ccountries and world families into the ground

  7. Jon Snow is incredibly antagonistic in this interview. He's trying to debate Russell on something that's not even pertinent to the conversation. Russell is just trying to say that in order to affect change, it is necessary to work within the system.

  8. The interviewer is pushing his closed minded view on the audience without listening to the real message portrayed by Russell. He deliberately narrows the complete conversation down to a one sided argument about the real effect of voting.. Such a dick move.

  9. until government and mainstream media stops making genuine alternatives look stupid how will normal ppl ever do something series? cos I think normal hard working ppl think if these eton educated posh accents are saying its stupid it must be right bt when you take a look at whos always benefited ultimately there way of doing things is a very elitist flawed sytem indeed!      put that in ya crack pipe and smoke it.

  10. Ghandi did unite Muslims and Hindus for a short time but now they are violently divided as for British Colonisation didn't that also benefit India in bringing the Rule of Law and Human rights and the eroding of the Caste system. In addition although Indians served in the British Army they also have their most upwardly mobile socio-economically advantaged immigrating offshore to countries like Australia instead of Helping the several hundred Indians living on abject poverty in some of the worlds dirtiest polluted cities rife with crime and abuse of human rights. as for Che Guevara he is a cult hero but much of South America is inundated with corruption , abuse of human rights , socio-economic inequities, no rule of law, abject poverty , destruction of the worlds largest rain forest, and a whole load of other really damaging shit which is domestically generated and not necessarily the fault of Multi national exploiting these countries.

    I agree there is much humour in espousing popularism left wing ideology to attract a young naive and ignorant audience to create a chuckle and to indulge in this act of self aggrandisement disguised as humour to make a quick buck. Good on you Russell you are truly a hedonistic capitalist. But none the less you are a schmuck like the rest LOL

  11. brand_sets-a_new-world_record_for_being_full_of_shit!what_an_incredible-idiot,_and_of-course_every_time_hes_cornered_and/or-shown_up,_he_cops_out_by_laughing_or_making-a-stupid_joke_or-saying-"im_just_a-comedian",hes_not_a_comedian_anymore._hes-an_appalling_insufferable_idiot

  12. russell_brand-_biggest_hypocrite-twat-ego-maniac-deluded-leftist-fool

  13. come on mr snow. these people, are they so out of touch? that they cant grasp why russel said and did what he did?
    come on.

    they act robotic. they cant engage like a human being talking to another human being. is that political correctnesses or media standards, or what?

  14. Not everyone wants to use drugs. People act as if drugs are decriminalized it'll attract more people to the use of drugs.

  15. Big Pharma Drugs have been proven more often than not to be poison!
    Cause of So Much Illness and Hurt to Children

  16. I love how he doesn't back peddle at all, and stays true to his point of view even when he's being asked to explain an element of his belief that, at first, may seem like an obvious contradiction! Beginning @ 4:09 in particular Then again @ 5:25 & 12:41. He's beyond articulate & I never thought I would ever respect Russel Brand the way I do, & how much I do!

  17. Russell might've been better off just conceding that there's a bit of a contradiction, so the interview could have moved on to more substantive topics rather than lulling into a tug of war about his stance on voting. He can still make the point that voting is arbitrary under the current system, yet support a specific politician on a specific issue.

  18. "Create a new paradigm" – oh, but to do so you should petition the same people Brand does not want to vote for.  Brand does not like it when Jon Snow points out the flaw in Brand's logic.

  19. If you come from the position, that Russell and I do, that the current system is inadequate, then the only thing you can do is show up that system's inadequacies. You do that by pushing through discussions that have huge public support, and are therefore in the public realm of discussion and critisism, and when they still fail to get any meaningful action, you can then site it as further evidence that the system is not representative and call for a vote of no confidence in the governement. Currently, like most countries, the politicians represent counties and are voted into power by individuals, but are only beholdent to the businesses that paid for there electoral campaigns. As soon as they get into power they stop representing us, and start representing them.

  20. Lol I think Russell brand made me dislike the UK

    Still entertaining to listen to.

    …still shouldn't judge the rest of the country based on some guy who's only famous because he broke Katy Perry's heart.

  21. Why is this scruff allowed to get hours and hours of free publicity.   When is he ever going to do something about his appearance.   Is he being deliberately obtuse.   Why does he talk a bit like Kenneth Williams

    Let's get real.   To end drug abuse is easy.   Just hang the bankers and big cats … live on TV every Friday

  22. Its' true about what he said about Mr Snow, he's a great man that knows the meaning of professionalism journalist and a man who relishes change for the well being of everyone just like Russelll and the hundreds of us who we share similar ideas or entirely agree with them.

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