Russell Brand On Having Body Image Issues…

Russell Brand On Having Body Image Issues…

I've been asked to do videos on body positivity I like that megan jane crab she does bloody good videos on body positivity here's my one though because i've got a different type of body and they're entirely perspective i'm sure i did you know that I was a bit bulimic did you know as a bit of a drug addict did you know still some ones don't like my body I think that'd be a bit too fat well that bit should be bigger it's hard I think about the positivity sometimes as if it's an abstract thing that's sort of designed particularly to primarily effect with females particularly since Brene brown told me that men are affected by feeling a weak that resonated with me and women are primarily affected by body positivity these are well that's the way that they are attacked or whether Braulio Brown told me um but I do sometimes not feel all positive about my own body he's curious as the balance of power necessarily changes between the sexes but shame is still a utensil we shouldn't be shaming one another about the way we look should we we should all be able to accept the way we are in our bodies and that we ought not see our little vehicles here as some kind of currency or tool for credibility that we recognize that the occupant the person behind the eyes is who we're dealing with and their behaviors and their character and their nature is very hard in a materialistic individualistic culture that uses marketing to drive consumerism and is unconsciously materialistic in its approach to all things it's difficult to return to a state where this spirit is acknowledged isn't it even those of us that decry certain standards we become somehow intrinsically oppositional without suggesting an entirely new paradigm with entirely distinct and different rules as opposed well I'll try and do is accept myself for how I am although I do like trying to be fear how much of that is driven by an adequacy though are the trips I take to the gym the runs I go on the swims I go on how much of that really is I must be better I must be better some would say that's a good drive to have others would say no you've allowed a paradigm to be established externally and you are now living in accordance with it you have signed off your individual freedom in accordance to a pre-existing cultural imperative to look a certain way to be a certain way even working itself why is it good to work why not just sit under a tree and read books or write books or trace your finger endlessly in spirals in the dirt and think about the limitlessness well because there are economic imperatives you've got to participate in society and I believe we were so deeply indoctrinated that it's difficult for us to even reflect or how certainly very difficult for us to have any meaningful objectivity unless we've saw real powerful spiritual experience I don't see how else an individual can step outside of the self you can say instead of hating my body I'm going to love my body instead of hating other people I'm going to love other people but can we really envisage entirely new ways of being new ways of relating to ourselves and one another I hope we can I hope we can set up structures and systems where we are accepted and loved where we see things for what they are even the most progressive liberalist TV show this still motifs that are established by convention beauty attractiveness you know it's still very hard for mine I mean minority even I mean majority but silent non hegemonic clearly received voices I mean don't really watch TV soap operas set down a copper mine in the Congo do you there aren't any you know so what I mean to say is that there are people having experiences that I early entirely unrepresented that's what I'm saying and and uh if you want to feel positive about your body and then I suppose you have to start feeling positive in general and let go entirely of the external metrics by which beauty is established so well I am this thing and this thing is beautiful not you know designed some other metric you can condemn other people for not fitting in with that what I mean to say is that me personally I still feel ambivalent about the way that I look sometimes I look at myself I think I look really good enough other times I think what does it matter what does it really matter recently I went paddleboarding with here on Gracey the Jiu Jitsu master who's all like just it's like some sort of leopard person some sort of feline deity in and out of the water and I think well this is how he's been made and cultivated and this is Who I am we can't live continually in comparison self-condemnation it'd be nice that wouldn't it to just let yourself be who you are let yourself be who you are but find a way of directing and growing because he's good to be alive and what I mean is not to just be in a place of dumb stasis like Here I am just this it's nice to have progress but I keep hearing we were mistake movement for progress maybe maybe movement he's good enough sometimes so the way I'm gonna accept myself is just gonna try to ignore external standards and try my level best to drive forward as best I can as Who I am while acknowledging that there are all sorts of cultural influences that play the unconscious off because I existed in this context and I imagine you're the same unless you have some kind of transcendent deity and if you are a transcendent deity you won't be watching this from within a human body you'll be just absorbing it continually through the ether and you'll be all right you don't need videos on your phone hello I'm doing these new videos more frequently now please hit the notification button at the end of this video then you'll get a like a little bell when the I posted a new video and I'd like you to get a little bill when I post the video then I can I don't know be buzzing away in your pocket sounds like I'd be like a little pocket mosquito anyway subscribe click the bell to want more people to watch their YouTube videos you specifically

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  1. Someone very close to me died far too early as a direct result of obesity. I don't support nasty name calling or the belittling of anyone but obesity is a serious issue which is affecting more and more people – especially children. This shouldn't be about forcing anyone into some ideal of physical beauty but be about health and not drastically reducing people's life expectancy. Obesity kills, it's as tragic and simple as that.

  2. Except for the time someone said I was fat when I was a lot younger, causing me to do 200 situps a night until after highschool on top of running, even though at 5'11" I was never over 120 lbs, I never had much body image problems until recently. I was given depakote for bi-polar disorder, and I'm at 210 lbs. now, and I feel fat and disgusting. I looked good when I was crazy though – sure the ranting probably turned a few people off, but at least I could put on my shoes and fit my jeans without a struggle. And seriously, having a gut that sticks out past your chest is a little embarrassing.

  3. I don't think there's a mistaken correlation between being athletic, "feeling good", and "looking good". These all beget the other and are positive feedback loops. The problem, which is often stated, is that the point of origin for this loop is suspected to be insecurity, rather than your body's desire to move and grow strong.

    This subject gets rockier when you ask if the athletic ideal came from a bunch of horny greek artists sculpting and painting muscular figures, or if people simply admire bodily strength, grace, and hard work.

  4. Russell, do you consume cannabis before doing these videos? You seem so connected, enlightened, and true that I just assume you're in this state because of organic compounds. Are you just like this? Dude a you're a good man.

  5. the thing i am struggling with is the fact after becomeing aware of the programde drama with in sociaty its become more difficult to interact with ppl that are so consumed by ther adiction to the drama negative energy that i feel moor like isolating my self than to interact i became aware off it with in my life after a capple of events that happand and the book the mastery of love by don miguel ruiz it set me on a pathe of understaning the self sabotage and the self sabotage of lots of people around me its really difficult to interact with the love ones that seround you that have not gone true this awakening and i wonder if you got any advice for me how to cop with it ( handel it with love )

  6. Russ…dude…this is the most exciting time ever to be alive..
    I do love you….fucking have a shave…( When my dad shaved his beard off, I was in the bath at about 4 years old….he turned around, and apparently I burst into tears.)
    A kid needs that X
    Who votes Russell's beard must go….he has 30 years until Merlin!
    Vote like for beard off x

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