Rush Whines: Liberals Are Mean!

Rush Whines: Liberals Are Mean!

it’s also ever talked with coach after
from waste recycling this whole destroying has also worked on rush
limbaugh on his head here’s rush limbaugh of the paragon of affects
indecency complaining about the other side based on what antonin scalia said about
the winning argument in the supreme court case in which the lee has said
that people who are opposed to gay marriages somehow demagogued by the last answer his or her somebody say about all
that who don’t give a damn about the rule of
law or about basic decency or about the
coram i have often said animates people on the left what
motivates them what informs them is defeating cost no matter how long matter what will matter what is need that their hatred for cause overwhelms anything else schachter they hated on the left is that
overwhelm everything painted on the left for for the right is that it’s really
motivating so i think that this parent that worked
for a moment that it isn’t it always seven at you know i think they didn’t care
cleveland bit better picture perfect uh… bit that you picked it up but we could i’ve we’ve often argued that there are
no better way you describe those on the right there no projection when a tackle at the prevent corrupt in
a couple of pre eighteen people on the right persevering but you know they
assume that we think the way they do we assume that what we want is what they
want uh… you’ve got a group of all the angry white guys as represented by rush
limbaugh llc who couldn’t even find a a consistent
rationale particularly decisions today general one day the voting rights act
into the overturned a part of it we overturn congressman ecstatic how
dare week electoral all the congress passed and throw out there we still have
to go but you can even find any internal conflict with people from dayton to
pick-up recruited people won’t help oven that’s that’s one of us were about to
open up the wharton broker we sent out on the we won’t think that would be
davis correct perry returned believable to me people the their alternatives just
came from a trip from everything that we would both then we can make a modern it
is one of the book couldn’t lie in the quarter you know rocked back importing
cryin wish for the nineteen fifties since you don’t you try it on our part
of the content of the computer part of that and you know you need no better window
into wessel about four or lack thereof above
the narrow may be a better when it would be going to wear wigs baaki kat the auto
otherwise might say that’s pretty amazing when
there’s a rush limbaugh complaining about uh… basic decency is guys never
never meant to something indecent but he hasn’t it seems a lot of an analytical
by the way rush limbaugh defining the sanctity of marriage i can
remember how many marriages is yarnell on another note about fourteen years
uh… would you know it’s it activity to getting that that we want people to come
together what people be able to have the invited one out if that lover he and we want people we
want to be killed and background checks to innocent people aren’t killed bike routinely and i’m going to battle
lover and i think they that they do you know i owned ideal explaining again
because it often comes up when i get need to be a primer on the gun issue
issue i i often work out as you know with the people on the right i mean
putin motives because you just want to go in babbar he just what acn don’t come
after a conflict little by just about what people did the right you know he’s always quickly or leave it
there is always a pleasure talking with you my friend enjoy your vacation lake
erie thanks for making that the show possible today we appreciate have a
great weekend take action is continues at the entrance of the other side of
this break right here on to get used to be on
youtube and we radio

4 thoughts on “Rush Whines: Liberals Are Mean!

  1. excellent point, the right projects it's insecurities on the left, that's why they're oblivious to irony, that's how you can be "pro-life", anti-poor, pro-war and pro-death penalty.

    or paranoid hypocrites is what i like to call them.

  2. Yeah it's true. Liberals are by far the most hateful and judgemental group. They lie and put on the facade of loving caring equality and human rights. But it is all hypocritical bullshit inside liberals are lazy weak minded hateful little bastards. They are conservative with their own money but yet want to spend everyone else's. They are repulsive

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