Rule the Waves 2 | Germany (1900) – 63 – Carriers Spotted

Rule the Waves 2 | Germany (1900) – 63 – Carriers Spotted

welcome back everyone let's play rule the waves – is Germany episode number 63 it took me 24 minutes that's nearly an entire episode 24 minutes to do the air maintenance balancing stuff I even gave up at the end and just started putting four aircraft and every group after I was prioritizing some I kind of looked at the map and decided where are the places we're gonna focus I'm gonna focus on this area because we had several events there I'm gonna focus on obviously Tom derp Emden they'll hum safe and I focused on Kohlberg and LaBelle Palau I focus on rest right Quebec right Jeff ik I I'm gonna actually know how to spell it so I don't know how to pronounce it for the moment I focused on Dar es Salaam and I think everybody else just has four or eight aircraft no no I also focuses on Djibouti I started to look at the places where we might encounter the British now unfortunately with all the aircraft our maintenance did go up it yeah it's pretty substantial so here's our positive eighty here's our maintenance forty construction twenty naval aircraft is now ten so if we call this 10 10 10 20 40 that is 90 so just lump all this in which means that about eleven percent of our budget right now is going to naval aircraft that doesn't seem so preposterous in fact our maintenance really seems way too high I don't I mean I guess if you have a big budget you're gonna buy a lot of ships and then be saddled with a big maintenance fee so well that's something I'm gonna have to look into at the end of this war although with both these being fought at the same time who knows if we have another war coming in fact we're blockaded this is a disaster if it's not something if we can't run you know rectify things quickly we're gonna start taking unrest at unrest now does it matter if we go to war with Japan at the same time at this point and the reason why I ask is we could go to unrestricted submarine warfare which would basically most likely pull in some of the other nations the only nation we really don't want to pull in no matter what is the United States that will I mean Russia would be a very big pain frankly just because she would lend to the blockade make it even harder now I hidden the like kind of insanely optimistic from insanely optimistic viewpoint let's also take a look at where where are the places we might invade Northeast Asia is pretty open unfortunately we don't have a point advantage there but Southeast Asia is pretty well controlled by the British we're just not gonna be able to invade anything anywhere and I don't understand 25 to 24 14 I guess they just they just muscled me around with these extra ships we actually have more like cruisers and a lot more destroyers which should be a strategically strategic point wise more efficient yeah I don't know I don't know how we can defeat this we're just gonna have to fight battle after battle win them and hopefully we can come away with eventually a strategic point advantage in northern Europe or at least not a deficit something which I think has never been fixed which i think is just really really stupid is this idea that 10% strategic points is enough to blockade you honestly I think that if you have ten battleships and I have nine I don't think that you'd be bucketing me it's obviously a lot more complicated than that in real life but that's actually the system that's used in rule the waves that's why that's why that's the example I choose so invasion for now with our budget being so in such bad shape I think we're just gonna leave it alone we may have to halt one of these ships probably the florian geiger since she is the longest from being finished I don't know if this war will go a year and a half I think I'm just gonna halt her immediately because the sooner we halter oh my god this was negative nine but it was wrong and now it's saying negative twelve oh the Naval aircraft just updated okay I was like what the hell it was negative nine so the Naval aircraft are okay probably closer to fifteen percent now of our budget oh let's not look anymore take advantage of our naval weakness and south oh wait they don't have and they don't have an invasion event oh my gosh stop it – okay well we're doing good work in the submarine side this is battle in support of land combat invasion battle I'd thing I don't understand is why didn't I get a chance to what the literal hell is Bayesian battles are everywhere I think we found a bug okay this one is R is real tech enemy ships near objective we do have damnit oh my God look at this ah the naval circles there's too many of them we turn those off radar air ranges there it is okay so let's take a look at the air ranges and then let's minimize this because it's gonna be a real pain actually it's gonna be I assume that we have oh oh yes we do we have two carriers here and oh my god every single Rhineland class is involved in this battle what Rhineland arrra nordrhein-westfalen what what what I mean I know I have you guys but how do i oh my gosh I have to use this drop-down box which I've never used before okay well anyways let's click on you which way are we facing what the Frick what are we invading what are we in beating okay I I just don't understand what's going on I don't understand that I think the game is out of control I didn't choose to invade I didn't choose the option to invade by the way completely okay with invading I just suspect that we're not actually going to be invading when we finish this battle that even if with the victory we won't be invading and that's what I'll be pretty disappointed okay so let's take a look at our naval ranges this is sorry okay this range yes there that's this one okay yellow is dive-bombers purple is torpedo bombers we actually have medium bombers this is insane are they not being modeled okay no they are be modeled yep we have medium bombers who can hit the target I mean who can actually help out I don't know how long it'll be until they get there but let's see what we have Phil home Savin has groups of four Emden has groups of two flying boats of ten are you kidding me anddid has 19 Tim what's going on with that okay okay somebody send a dispatch to Emden I can't am i living in reality is this real I feel like this game is like playing a trick on me ticket under has 20 damaged medium bombers what what's wrong with you guys okay there's hope right you're rich which is too far away I believe yeah too far away fact yeah too far away so won't that one won't come into play I mean what the heck am I looking at the fact that we have two places where I would say okay ninety five percent and a hundred percent respectively of our two air bases of our two medium bomber load outs are damaged at these air bases that's I I don't know I don't know what to say I don't know what to say but we're gonna be having a good time if what ends up coming to blows here because we have our storm bringers and the Blucher class is a part of it damn it anyhow so I think I mentioned this previously by god this is just insane there's sturm ringers the blue curse can be their own division why would they pair why why why why why it's so easy it's just the game just has to put like ships together so let me finish my thought I have strongly considered oh my god they put a blue car with the four-year drivers I've strongly considered developing a script it would be a pain in the butt set up the I don't know obviously have to be able to write a game file a battle file from scratch but I've Charlie considered allowing having a script which allows you to reorder your battle your battle line it's necessary this is preposterous first of all I think that there should be you should be yelled to somehow influence the ships which are chosen for battles the battle generator itself that said once the battle generator has chosen and it can still give you something bad even in my opinion I mean in my like ideal you can still get as I you always use the classic example you can still get your Atlanta class like anti-aircraft light cruisers can still get caught in a surface fight that is not where they're going to shine that can still happen but once the battles generated at least allow the the Admiral who if nothing else this is what he should have control over what ships are in what divisions this like the only thing in Admiral can really control effectively or like completely is at least his order of battle going into a battle look at BB he may not have had control of what every one of his ships was doing in the actual fight but you can you are damn well sure that he had some influence over which you know you know you could you just go to your Admiral I mean cuz I we wouldn't be bTW we wouldn't we would be I guess Churchill Churchill would be able to we were like all three of them right cuz we control the actual ships as well so we're like BT and Churchill so we would have between the two of them they would be able to control which ships are in what division and they would also not be so stupid as to saddle a 28 not ship with a 20 not ship that just doesn't make sense nobody would do that nobody but this battle generator okay rant is over game must commence first things first scouting I don't even know what how to face search works okay I think that that is even too generous let's go to 3:05 and on the right side let's go to 35 maybe I might go to 55 because that's the port side I mean literally our starboard side but the side of us that's close to a port so I think I want to scan a little bit further than that in that direction okay we're going with a heavy cap in fact I might even go with maximum cap I really want to shoot down all the stuff that's heading our way no I'm gonna rely on our let's see do we have our we're gonna pull these guys in immediately well I guess we can wait a little go on Wow but we want to protect our our big boys so these are the Valkyries they still have 50 oh my gosh they have 53 heavy anti-aircraft that's higher than what isn't that higher than our special plane which is not in this battle is Oxford there it is special swine I can't believe I remember the name 44 insane her factories have more anti-air I mean it kind of makes sense they have 24 and he's only have 12 well fuddy-duddy I would rather have the valkyrie than the social swine i didn't check damn it I forgot to check the game but I don't know what's going on with the torpedo mounts I must have not included reloads I could have sworn I did anyway I'm nervous about moving forward because the very first minute once we move forward we're gonna be fine but the very first minute we have to do all kinds of orderings all kinds of things we have to ready all with all the stuff for now let's just ready the torpedo bombers and the dive bombers and we'll see what fighters are capable of joining us after the cap has been employed so let's ready this strike go to the carrier division 21 do the same ranges are now pretty great 173 is the minimum I think we're gonna be just fine on range and the fighters have range of 2 or 3 yeah they're gonna be able to cover the tribute of Walmer at a heavy rate heavy load does have longer range than our fighters somebody had comment about that making you know considering making fighter range a priority I'm still pretty happy that I mean I'm still not convinced is the best thing actually it may be an OK thing but I just want to bring you this strike I'm not actually commencing this yet 18 14 15 14 11 14 11 okay that's fine so these have enough damage that they actually don't exceed the deck load but this one does does not have enough damage to you know anyway so we'll ready this them again we'll just see what fighters are available after the cap goes up that's both of those we have to I think we have to choose the search pattern for this as well yes um do we want to just oh my gosh I forgot by the way to go to this one and we do not want to go 300 one-thirty seems I mean this is crazy 130 even is gonna be fine so you can tell it 160 or whatever was that is the limit of our dive-bombers it's gonna be perfectly fine so I mainly want these guys to focus forward because I believe that's where we'll run into contacts first but I think I'll have the second carrier group move this back down to 140 I think I'll focus on the second carrier group having more of a complete search there's some things we don't need to do like any flights over these bases we don't need to be redundant that's party number one let's turn off those for a moment so you're searching like this let's kind of imprint this in my head so you're searching almost to the whatever there I go I don't remember what the names of these are something islands you're not quite there oh you're basically right in line with our target area should I go 150 I think it's okay to go 150 just in case now the two-phase search as far as I like I don't know I've seen it it I guess I never like really thought what is a two-phase search because I thought it would just be common sense buts here stuck in the middle of recording this vulnerable moment I can't look it up I just have to go I mean I'd rather know exactly what it is I don't let's go to 300 for the left maybe 2 8 5 and what is a two-faced search that means one goes out and then another one goes out later or is it I I know it you know at this moment I think we'll do something like this so we'll be doing a longer search but uh the cone shifted to the left what I'd like to do is do a search and we'll also go to have a gap I would like to do a search over here but only with a few planes so probably what we'll end up doing is this is well this will be our main search 250 we'll take it down to 240 I don't imagine that we'll need to go we'll go down to 3rd even I don't imagine we're gonna need to know anything more than this I wish I could actually increase the number of aircraft that we're going out so that would get more information like if they literally go like this they're gonna miss so much in the middle this is like it's like 50 nautical miles that they're not gonna cover I wish we could just somehow force them to be I mean this just we can do it manually I guess which is what it didn't work out for us very well last time but we'll do it like this now we have a few other aircraft who can go out the Stachel swine's they do need to stop to deploy their aircraft Oh see you already I float plane priority was already done than okay I see I see what's gonna happen it's this Germany main force so all those Scout planes are going to be used in this already yeah I do want to see what's to the right of me otherwise I would not care about going that much yeah I mean this is one of those things where obviously your planes would know in real life your planes would know not to go that far on land looking for naval aircraft I mean I hope they would know okay it's been 20 minutes just trying to figure out what we're doing here but I'm very nervous we have to win this one I'm truly nervous before the battle and although those other I mean other Admirals real Admirals aren't giving the luxury of a pause button however their preparations lasted a lot longer than 10 minutes so so please excuse the delay these transports yes I don't I don't even know what to think about them wind importantly out of the north that's actually a good thing I think okay you guys have to squad max which is yeah the new squad max is now 24 get you up to 23 just so I know the difference between when you're actually turning into the wind or not I think we'll keep these guys no actually we do want to keep them with the fleet in fact I want to cozy on up to the fleet well no I actually will just stay at this distance because we don't want to be preferred as a target oh it looks like the special swine's are here so this is plenty of heavy a fire I'm still okay with that and even the destroyers man we have a lot of anti-aircraft so this if we're up against carriers and if you're a betting man odds are that we are with nine carriers owned by the British is everything ready are we good to go I'm kind of curious what are these guys gonna be doing so can we ready them for a recon mission are they ready already I'm just gonna let the game do its thing we'll advance one minute and we'll see what's what's actually happening with those float planes now hmm a strike not sure what's happening there I'm just gonna go another minute see if that fixes it oh I see ready I'm reading them as groups of one because all for recon that's all you need to do so we might have a few ships stopping just to deploy aircraft since I don't think we have hope we don't have catapults and they need to slow down to ten knots to recover them as well those are some obviously some non idealities in the fleet I'm going to assume that at least two of these guys are okay for escort duty I'm gonna do the same over here definitely have some going up as cap but hopefully somewhere remaining man I'm I'm not I don't feel like I'm ready for this mission I'm not ready so yeah I guess we'll just ready these guys I'm all ready to launch whoever is available and because recon to my opinion is the most important thing is that it happens in the beginning a whole lot of importance or value placed on recon when you already found them so I assume that we just want to discover them first let's wait a couple minutes for those recon planes is it gonna tell us even when those recon planes are ready okay let's go down – here we go sixteen minutes okay so mark the time they will be able to launch at five o'clock so it's just early morning and I don't know what would precipitate this kind of invasion event it's obviously a little bit strange a lot of aircraft should be leaving very soon we have some redundancy built in with our second one they're launching into the wind good they are as well good we're obviously had a huge disadvantage being so close to the enemy obviously I don't want to accept these kind of battles but hands are kind of tied in this case I think I do want them to close a little bit because I want everyone very close to each other so they can all take advantage of each other's anti-aircraft you've done launching your cap yes so yeah I do actually want you to turn pretty severely out of the way of the port okay here comes our here goes our recon there's one here's one the ones heading north of course heard a little bit delayed I mean I don't say that as it as if it's obvious but just as if the things we're gonna go wrong that's how they would go wrong this is literally what happened to Jeff Jeff the Japanese carries a Midway the one float plane that should have been launched that actually ended up discovering the enemy battle group let's launch like 20 minutes late okay sit and wait Tortuga sit and wait actually we don't want to go 20 knots I just realized since that's stupidly beyond the maximum of our blue kurz so we'll go back oh you know what we'll go down to 19 I know this is kind of annoying and petty for me to be nitpicky about 19 vs. 18 but just the faster we're going the less we a more momentum we have when we actually discover the enemy doesn't look like our search raider is gonna be important as our visibility is the same boy that main gun range shows you what 17 inch guns are versus 16 inch guns and remember that accuracy is a function of max distance I don't know how much it relies on it but it contributes significantly it just looks like there's a hole right here okay has it been 16 minutes yes I think it was 4:40 so whatever um so let's go to launch some recon in the directions which we most think the enemy will be all right well let's cover this gap okay maybe I'll do something like here here here here and here so 5 will take 1 here watch can I do this can I do different missions from the same one 7:38 okay yeah it's changing so it's I think it's I think each one's getting its own mission I hope I think it is and then one here as well okay let's go to division number whatever let's launch you over here okay so we covered here here here here here let's make sure there's no nothing to worry about over here I also want to make sure there's nothing behind us and maybe it's also important to make sure there's nothing to the left of us although that mom might be covered but let's just do one due west how much is this okay good so it is correctly selecting this is like only 78 nautical miles yeah I would do something like this and now let's just launch a few more north we already covered here here here here here but let's just be a little bit more redundant one here and maybe two to the target itself target location because we don't we're not gonna probably launch after where this happens so it's a long 100 and I don't even know what is the light they only can go under them 7700 that's wait what are you 33 it says 145 do I bring it back a little bit I did yeah okay 40 launch and probably a few down this way they could be intercepted so we want a little bit of redundancy here as well launch we have one more we only covered this area I think we'll go like here as well watch we still have one more group of recon which only has two airplanes I think we're gonna save that I don't see any reason to launch those unless we want to make sure that there's no ships in port over here I don't think it matters so we're gonna have some cruisers coming to a stop to launch which is fine there goes our airplanes one here one here one here I'm here nine fighters are taking off from the Big Z Graf Zeppelin the only one who's not involved in this of our active carriers so this is nerve-racking just waiting for those contact reports Oh God wouldn't happen what happened air-combat okay we shot down a recon from this base already unfortunately that means we're already detected I don't know what to do I'm not sure what to do well you know what let's just go ahead and bunch up the aircraft are gonna detect whatever it is first so you know what go to support go to screen role you go to screen role as well I think we still have one here you will go to support role now you're supporting our screen okay that's fine let's have you changed your formation to line ahead perhaps okay very good you are screening for the storm Rangers yeah I mean the stir burgers are all mixed up because the stupid division organization stuff but that's fine okay here we go we're detected there they are okay all right how long did this it's not the carriers this is not the carriers however the way rule waves aircraft work is you can't prioritize carriers it's like you have to sync every ship first and then you can get to the carriers they're like hidden okay well you know we did have the two that we're over here that we did not use and now I want to use them give us a little bit more information so we did here so let's do here and did here so let's do something like this I'm looking for their carriers and we're gonna send our but we're gonna send her we're gonna launch what do we hold back we hold back one group of torpedo bombers okay do we coordinate the strike yes are you kidding me two hours can't wait that long I don't know how it's even possible – okay well let's read this Scout report there had in southeast 519 they were reported as 20 minutes ago head southeast okay I'm gonna rely on this information we're just gonna way overshoot which is still less than 100 nautical miles should we wait for another scouting report no just launched they'll find something good luck we did it can't take our finger off the trigger now should we get some verifications here I know we have this group but I want to save them they're the okay it's very consistent reports it's probably a little bit further what we do here I think they'll still find them yeah anyway we're gonna collapse in the basically making via the turtle the testudo defense alright let's see what's happening here where is this taking place I really wish I knew so they do have a cap aha there's their carriers okay how do we handle this trying to keep things ticking along because I like the pressure we can defeat this group in combat let's close let's close you know what now we're gonna close in a big way we're gonna close all the way forward 26 on these 26 and we're gonna we're gonna meet them basically my goal right now is to destroy the fleet as quickly as possible so that my the remainder of my fleet of my carriers can focus on the non battleship groups okay from you this is still this is still in striking distance I guess we have to do it oh my god I struck with the wrong carriers okay that was a mistake but a fortuitous one I would say because now we can launch everything definitely want an escort we can launch everything at these let's not use the group of six let's see eight eleven not the group of 114 39 we have well we have a nut we have room for six that's for sure okay we'll take the six then fighters we want both fighters even though they're both part of the Big Z we'll take them I'm sorry it's like most of your I probably made that mistake already earlier but most of your your payload is going to be fighters but I need them I need them okay we can do it this is gonna be a hundred meters not a 100 nautical miles I mean for them you know you see nm by the way if you I work with small things and I can't help but think that that's nanometers nm I believe is probably nautical miles okay let's launch fortuitous mistake I would say I don't know if it is actually fortuitous but look at I'm pretty happy with okay everyone should be on the same course here 329 or so that's actually fine you can be no no actually that's not fine you want to be more less sorry less than yeah 328 about 327 from you and 326 that's fine okay very good here we go it's fine you can stop and launch your flow plane I think you'll catch up if not we'll need you as cat just your anti-aircraft to help the carriers okay so far so good or Youth remember to breathe problems with temperamental engines on the Valkyrie why would she have temperamental engines ever okay their combats down I want to know where this is happening I really wish they would okay I know it would be kind of cheating but we would at least want to know which of our aircraft is not returning and I have no way of determining that right now which is a little bit annoying they are close they are just best their scout okay that's fine they're gonna see our whole force and that's fine we're all ready we're basically in our tests to do form the Roman legions we ran our tests due to form we're ready for the aircraft you probably want to want to be this compact and there is something but something is battleships I didn't expect that all right that's fine just unroll into your battle line Ryan is for Drecker okay this was actually not know she is hamstrung as well dammit yeah we probably should get all these guys off of it doesn't matter where is this oh my god the strike is coming that's beautiful okay so I don't want to have to do this by hand please don't make me okay guys get out of the way and let the big boys play what are you still doing I think that a I should know to get out of the way I thought it did it's just a small I would say a minor ly disappointing result here that they did oh you say there's some ships nearby well we've been nice to know early er we are the ones who land the first hit that always gives me some kind of moral edge this is a very nice ship 40 mm yeah we'll probably be penetrating each other at no matter what range certainly our Stern bringers will and our Stern burgers are more than a match for these guys if you're away basically all their displacement and speed so while I won't be able to outrun them or dictate the battle once we're engaged we are why I would say decidedly superior and all we need to do is wait because something very interesting is about to happen the sky is going to be darkened by the wave of our planes coming in another good hip and that indefatigable into the debt that that's always been one that for some reason my tongue doesn't like to pronounce 14-inch guns on her really these are true battle cruisers I mean they probably don't belong duking it out with my obviously superior ships yet here they are and we're not going to complain about it it can lead to a very good result for us okay approaching the enemy ships so this is what I want to do I just want to sink these things very quickly so that our when our actual are you you're going to a two or so move this way so that when our carriers and their strength groups are released they can actually go after the enemy carriers okay so Stern burger and the star learn is and get to both hit but neither penetrated so I said we both you penetrate each other a lot but turns out that's not true the 5-inch deck on this thing was up to the task that's not too surprising and here comes the enemy our here comes our carriers I mean I don't care your air groups um two 16-inch hits on the bar floor which is the 16-inch gun one so we do want to take her out she's a priority she's basically my stormbringer class two hits 17 oh and a 17 inch hit and another symptom in well that's painful I really don't think that they're gonna be surviving that not surviving but it's the data on this at it's our range 14300 we're definitely penetrating yeah unless they have a 15 inch belt and if we hit the deck we're definitely not penetrating okay so we're gonna throw up this episode up here Oh Jess when things start to get interesting too so I'll let you stare at this and this will be the last minute before we put a huge cliffhanger in my apologies but four to nine minutes oh god it's gonna roll over that's okay I'm gonna let it this time because if you stay with me this long hopefully you aren't frightened away by 15min deficits I'm gonna go I'm gonna just spend the exhibit might like the rest of my existence until this next video pondering how the hell I'm supposed to do carrier battles and we'll see if we end up getting something right obviously this this is a this is a big big big battle this essentially dictates the war this is Midway this is everything this is Jutland mid Midway this is Tsushima this is any any of those decisive battles here we are and we'll see how it turns out for us so till the next video sorry for the cliffhanger thanks for watching and until the next one take care

33 thoughts on “Rule the Waves 2 | Germany (1900) – 63 – Carriers Spotted

  1. Iceland's capital is spelled Reykjavik and is pronounced (more-or-less) Rake-ya-vik. I trust the Kaiser's government is treating the Icelanders kindly. They are nice people with a quirky sense of humor.

  2. 44:30 I think, for air combat where at least one of your planes survives, they should be able to radio a (mostly) accurate position where the battle took place. For air combat where all friendly planes were destroyed, I think it would make sense, by this point in history, for you to have a "last known position," based on their radio reports and where on their scout leg they should be by that point. Possibly also a slim chance that a plane manages to get off an "I am under attack at X lat by Y long" message before they go down.

  3. 24:10 The floatplanes won't do anything, because "floatplane search priority" is off, so the game will prefer using torpedo bombers for recon where possible. Somewhere on the forums (sorry, I forget where) posted a list showing the order of search priority with and without floatplane search, and without, they're right down near the bottom.

  4. IIRC, the two-phase search launches a second wave of recon planes a few minutes after the first wave, to try to catch any ships that snuck through the gaps in the first wave.

  5. The invasion battle is DEFINITELY a bug. It has happened to me on several occasions – any turn where an invasion event is triggered, all battles for that turn (no matter the location) will be an invasion or a battle in support of land combat. I don't know if a successful mission will cause the invasion to trigger, since whenever I encountered this bug I was the defender, and I won. If winning this fight fails to contest Norway, you should seriously consider modding the save to make that happen. I don't think Germany would take that lying down.

  6. I've had invasions with no chance to defend. I think it happens when they can invade by land, but it's possible that it's just random.

  7. If you attempted to blockade a country that had a very substantial air-force,wouldn't that result in the Blockading fleet being bombed and torpedoed as well as having to deal with the opposing fleet as well? I don;t see that working at all..

  8. 13th May 1942 – Kiel, Germany

    "So war has come about again has it?" Bears asked "Im shocked really and we still havent really recovered from the last war"

    William sighed "Yes Im about as shocked as you are about this war and all to settle an old grudge no less"

    Bears chuckled "When will the world learn war's pointless, all it does is get people killed!"

    William paused from shinning one of is beer mugs "You know 20 years ago you would be saying the opposite"

    "Yeah well Im 20 years older now and with age come wisdom" Bears said after downing his seventh pint.

    "Christ Bears with how much you drink im surprised you liver hasn't just shot itself" William joked.

    Bears chuckled "Well thats one of the very few positives of being the son of an Irishman and a Scottish woman"

    William shook his head "I learn something new about you everyday" He muttered.

    "Theres alot ya dont know about me" Bears said "Besides my life was very boreing before I joined the navy"

    Suddenly there was a commotion outside, Bears looked over at the door "I wonder whats going on out there" Bears said as he began on his eighth drink "I don't know but maybe you should check it out" William said, Bears looked at him "Yeah right like im gonna abandon this pint to go find out what the commotions about" Bears said eyeing the old colonel down the end of his pint glass "Do it and I'll make first four drinks on the house" William said, "Ya promise" Bears said "Yes" William answered "Can i have that in writing please?" Bears asked "Why?" William asked confused "Because you never give anything on the house anymore" Bears said with glee "Just do it" William said flatly, "fine" Bears said finally relenting and getting up to walk towards the door, only for it to swing and reveal a sailor supporting another one who had been shot in the abdomen "William get the medkit" Bears shouted "Oi whats happening out there?!" Bears Asked "Its a riot out there" one said "The Fucking Nazis started a riot and we along with almost every MP in the city were sent into quell it but somebody failed to mention that they were armed to the teeth", Bears stared at him "You've got to be fucking kidding me" He finally said after a couple of minutes of silence.

  9. Opinion piece published in the June 1942 edition of Der Welt. In it, the author argues for the soon-to-be-realized Invasion of Norway. It is believed by modern historians that the Kaiser's decision to unilaterally order an invasion was heavily influenced by the paper. Used with permission.

    DER WELT, JUNE 1942


    On Matters of Strategy
    The High Seas Fleet is in peril, and with it, our treasured streak of naval dominance. Those who are fond of all things afloat have yearned for years that the Fleet be allowed a redemption for the politician's failings in our last war against the British. Here we sit, on the eve of war, and only one block remains in place to the realization of that destiny: Norway. The North Sea is a relatively small basin, in the ranges of a modern battle. Controlling the edges of the basin allows the domination of it, and British coal stations, replenishment areas, and dockyards dot the edge in a great arc from London to Scapa Flow to Narvik. For German victory on the seas, it is imperative that the Norwegian problem be dealt with. A swift invasion, concentrating the forces of the High Seas Fleet, would provide both a foothold into Norway and a decisive battle against the feared battle fleets of the English.

    – Jacob Schultz

    //OOC You definitely should consider save-editing if you succeed in this battle and it doesn't actually fire an invasion. It's a crazy bold attack and roleplaying it as a sudden decision by the Kaiser could be fun.

  10. 15th June 1942 – 75NM West of Stavanger, North Sea

    Captain Jan Ustbier stood on the bridge of the SMS Eloy and looked east as the summer sun clawed its way higher into the sky. This wasn't anything like the previous wars he had fought in, When the good old Udo had spent its time on endless partols without a sniff of the enemy. This was the real thing. The invasion of Norway was on, a suprise move by the army high command and the kaiser that had even taken Naval High command unprepared with less than a couple of weeks to prepare.

    The Eloy was on picket duty on the far starboard flank of the fleet, Jan could see the still snow capped peaks of the Norweigian mountains peering over the horizon. Somewhere at their feet lay Stavanger, a major port with a large airbase. and the Eloy was in direct line between the Brits and the main fleet. If Tommy was coming, the Eloy would be the first to know.

    Away to the west smoke filled the horizon, the entire grand fleet was at sea, over a dozen battle ships, all four of the large fleet carriers and a swarm of cruisers and destroyers, all with two objectives, to escort the troop carriers and invasion ships to Bergan to begin the invasion, and to do as much damage to the anglo-french fleet as possible, Commander Max Schmitt, his XO disrupted his chain of thought.
    "Orders from the Admiral Sir." Max said saluting

    Jan read the radio transcript.
    "All stop. Ready to launch the scout planes. Max, brief his Highness please."

    Max saluted and left the bridge.


    20 minute later and 40 miles south of the Eloy Major Peter Udet was briefing his pilots in the hanger of SMS Rhineland.
    "We only have sketchy reports so far, but the Admiral wants us to strike first and strike hard. Our targets are a group of escorted battlecruisers last spotted here… and here. Now the know tommy has his CAP on, several of our scouts have been engaged and we have suffered some loses. Those new Shark fighters are dangerous, it's up to you fighter boys to keep them away from the strike stream. This is not a co-ordinated strike, we will be attacking as a stream. Flak will be heavy and by the time we reach the Brits our battlewagons will have engaged so beaware of shot fall on your attack runs. Our priority is the capital ships, but you are free to select your own targets, and try to avoid too much overkill on a single ship. You know it will only annoy the Grand Admiral…. We launch in 20 minutes. Major Dierks…"

    The flight group controler stood and gave the assembled aircrew a weather report and navigational details. the Peter headed for the deck and joined Hans his navigator and Ralf his gunner as they prepared for take off.


    Back on the Eloy Max watched the float plane taxi away from the cruiser and turn into the wind. From the cockpit Captain Louis Ferdinand Victor Eduard Adalbert Michael Hubertus Hohenzollern, heir to the imperial throne gave him a wave and a thumbs up, before adjusting his googles and starting his take off run.

    It had been a shock to the Eloys crew when their new scout pilot had arrived on board, he was the crown prince for gods sake. However as soon as the Prince had set foot onboard the amiable royal had almost bent over backwards to fit in and put the crew at ease. He showed none of the arrogance that his father and grandfather were famous for. He made it very clear he and his father the Kaiser did exactly see eye to eye on most things, and found his fathers admiration of Herr Hitler and 'those dispicable excuses for human beings' as he put it most repugnant. He refused to be addressed as 'your majesty', 'your highness' or any other formal title, insted he insisted he be called Captain Louis by all aboard. Whats more he bunked with the crew, messed with the crew and had even joined the concert party as a pianist.

    Captain Louis had also showed a keen intrest in the ship hereself. He was a keen engineer, had for several years swapped letters with the likes of Henry Ford and Howard Hughes, he had also become firm friends with Schottie, the Eloys chief engineer.

    Max watched Captain Louis turn north and climb away to begin his search. Only the previous evening he had asked the Prince to tell him honestly what he was doing here, Louis had laughed.
    "I love flying,"he had said, "and I am a German. We are at war, I have to do my bit. I am not trained for bombers or fighters, but I can fly a seaplane, so I volunteered, and no one is going to refuse a crown prince"

    "But why active duty?" Max had asked, "You could have got a cushy job flying transports or the like."

    The prince had thrown Max a serious look.
    "I am not my father, he may have avoided combat in every conflict he has lived through. Calling himself general or commander in chief whilst only leaving Berlin to inspect a few troops whilst not going within 1,000km of a battle. I am german, I serve my country like anyother German should, and if I die in her service, then it is Gods will…. besided it REALLY pisses off my father!"

  11. I look forward to seeing how you handle your first CV vs CV battle with Fleet Battle rosters. I certainly hope you keep one ship near the transports. You seem to be ignoring the British port to your immediate east.

  12. Lots of scouting on this battle. Definitely excited for the next few episodes.
    Very interesting comparison between the Walkures and the Stachelschweins. Very different designs, but interesting that they have similar performance and nearly identical cost. The armor for both is pretty similar. The Walkure can stand up to 6" guns from 12k yards and further, and 5" guns from 9k yards and further. The Stachelschwein's thinner belt means it must be 1000 yards further away to resist shellfire, but it has a thicker deck (which probably isn't enough to truly resist aerial bombs) and torpedo protection (which has already helped it survive submarine attacks that sunk Walkures). The build cost, build time, and maintenance cost for both ships is very similar. I'm curious to see how the different armament will affect their ability in combat against aircraft in fleet escort and alone, and against DDs and CLs. The 4" guns have great HAA, but I don't think they'll to so hot against ships. On the other hand, the larger numbers of 4" guns are more likely to score a hit than the fewer 5" guns of the Stachelschwein, and the 6" guns are better able to deal with CLs.
    Walkure: 8,000 tons, 31 kts, 8×6", 24×4"DP, 53 HAA 0 MAA 0 LAA, 8TT 11 mines, armor: 3" belt, 1.5" deck, 3" turret TD 0, build: 35.4 mil, maintenance 182k/mo.
    Stachelschwein: 9,100 tons, 31kts, 12×5"DP, 44 HAA 11 MAA 11 LAA, 12TT 2 planes, armor: 2.5" belt, 2" deck, 3" turret, TD 2, 36.1 mil, maintenance 186/mo.
    I also noticed that the reported maintenance on the build screen for the Walkures is 182, but is currently 273. The Stachelschwein is 186, but is currently 279. It looks like this cost is due to the increased operational pace of wartime, since the Walkures cost 273 during the war with the USA, but 182 immediately after the peace was signed.
    In a conversation about Cold Waters and submarine operations, I learned that one of my students also watches your channel and RTW2. He apparently watches on a smart TV that doesn't show the comments, so he's missed out on the amazing RP and tactical discussions down below.

  13. IIRC, your medium bombers have poor reliability, maybe that's why so many of them are damaged (and maybe the fact that those airwings were just created could be a factor too).

  14. After voting majority of the members of the company have decided to increase priority on finshing the conversion which had been done with the ships entering in service another thing is that the completion of the Amerika Class as these ships will most likely be needed soon this increase in priority has made the estimated completion date for late December 1942 so they can help the Empire other scheduled projects such as the small 26,000 GTR ferries are to be halted for the time being. The hotels are build to wistand some damage due to their tought structure which was build with hurricanes in mind, in this case if need be the hotels could be used as bunkers if need be and so permission for military use has been granted, the luxurious hotels facilties are being allowed to be used by sailors, pilots and soldiers in order to relax if they feel stressed due to over work. Last but not least my grandchild has decided to join the navy which to put it simply it doesn't surprise me since the family has been found of the sea, me and my father have build many ships for both commercial needs and military needs meanwhile my son served in one of the old pre dreadnoughts and later was retired after receiving an injury that cost him one of his legs due to a rought shell. Like his father my grandchild wants to serve on one of the large Battleships of our navy but after some convincing he has decided to serve in an Aircraft Carrier as an AA crew.

    -Alfred von Sierra

  15. I once had an invasion battle pop much like your Norwegian battle, except there was NO OBJECTIVE. The transports just dicked off towards the North Pole, and I couldn't find an objective anywhere on the planet.

  16. Doesn't feel hard enough. The game has many major flaws, and I think I'll revisit it in a year. I think the original RTW was more or less the same way.

  17. "The British occupation of Norway greatly increased the direct threat that Britain posed to the Fatherland. From their bases in Norway and Scotland, as well as their stranglehold on the English Channel they could control all of the approaches to the Atlantic with their powerful navy. In fact, British tacticians had been able to formulate a plan using these bases in a very efficient manner. They could successfully blockade any continental power from these bases, only requiring a fleet 10% larger than that of the enemy. This was not lost on German High Command, and it was such a pressing threat that two plans were drawn up in the months leading up to war. One of them called for small detachments of troops to be landed simultaneously in strategic locations, hoping to seriously reduce the fighting capabilities of the British, forcing surrender. The other favored a large troop landing, and then a protracted land war to begin. The latter was eventually selected, and was titled Operation Ikarus. Its planning had been led by the Army, who rarely sought the support of the Navy, bitter that the late Kaiser often poured money into the navy, leaving the Army underfunded.

    Upon the war starting with the French, troops and equipment were allocated for such an invasion. Strangely, the navy was largely kept in the dark about the invasion. They were aware that an invasion of Norway was planned, but did not know when it would occur. The only indication they received was a notice to sortie all available ships, and each CO being handed a sealed envelope. They were to open the letter upon leaving port, and read it to the crew.

    A transcript of the letter:

    “Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen of the German Expeditionary Force!

    You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you. The hope and prayers of German people everywhere march with you. In company with our brave brothers around the world, you will bring about the destruction of the Double Entente, the elimination of their tyranny over the oppressed peoples of Europe, and security for ourselves in a free world.

    Your task will not be an easy one. Your enemy is will trained, well equipped and battle-hardened. He will fight savagely.

    But this is the year 1942! Much has happened since the Grey Gambit in 1908! Our fleet has inflicted upon the French great defeats, in open battle, ship-to-ship. Our Home Front has given us an overwhelming superiority in weapons and munitions of war, and placed at our disposal great reserves of trained fighting men. The tide has turned! The free men of the world are marching together to Victory!

    I have full confidence in your courage, devotion to duty and skill in battle. We will accept nothing less than full Victory!

    Good luck! And let us beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking! Long live Germany! Long live the Kaiser!”(An excerpt from a German history textbook written by a group of historians titled "Dawn of a New Age")

    (Authors Note: The letter is Eisenhower’s letter to the allied forces on D-Day with only a few changes. Of course, there is a high chance that the game is bugged, and if we win the battle, the invasion event will not fire. You win some you lose some I guess.)

  18. 25:22 We are ready for four episodes of epic naval battle that will culminate in ultimate victory for Kaiserliche Kriegsmarine!

  19. It seems like the battle generator only considers the ships by class. They need at the very least a logic tree to prioritize speed after class, then maybe weapon types after class.

  20. I smell another battle taking place over at least four episodes.

    And I smell another crushing defeat for the British. 😉

    Can't wait for the next episode!

  21. well then, i just binged watched the whole playlist this week and checked to see if a new episode was available to watch through my lunch break. Lo behold, uploaded 1 min ago. Absolutley loving it and just bought the game this weekend and am having tons of fun!

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