Rule the Waves 2 | Germany (1900) – 61 – The Evil Entente

Rule the Waves 2 | Germany (1900) – 61 – The Evil Entente

welcome back everyone at let's play rule the waves to as Germany episode number 61 alright I've made a decision we're going to keep Admiral senior Admiral torture pits around for a little longer I kind of like the idea of him retiring to the island of Tortuga now that we own it after the hotels are finished so that's probably already done and everything not that he needs to go there only when the hotels finish supposely but there's his future home port to PI and yeah because I think that it's a little nice role playing touch we're gonna throw a little bit of money unnecessarily at port to PI we're gonna have a nice airbase squadron for the Admiral nearby so that whenever he wants there's something oh it already has 60 so we're gonna expand it even to 80 and make sure that it actually does field a fairly nice boob units I think we will get some fighters on this one and we'll also get another swab of I think I'm gonna go with flying boats whoops fine boats so we get a whole bunch of things here but for now the number it's one change number bring this into play there we go all right very good so that's just a nice little roll plane touch his his service is almost over I I was thinking about contemplating going down with the ship type thing putting him on on a flagship and then having him getting hit and killed in action it does sound like her bad no no the old man has to retire I think that it's just a little more appropriate they would not paddle I just I guess a dead guy and happened in the Japanese so never mind it could happen you lost I mean it's not that difficult to lose an admiral no sir in wartime circumstances so let's first build up our bigger dock size we have big things planned big things planned I was fooling around with the designs for the for maybe one big ultra endgame ship yeah we'll take I don't know why we're so far behind on armor development ok unexpected advances in radar and electronics hooray fire control radar number one increases gunner your accuracy with radar fantastic this is obviously hugely important and with war with France right around the corner I can tell you that we will directly ask the stern bringers to equip this radar okay we only have one wait oh we have six ok so let's get the stern bringers these are the ones we want grade Oh balls we have to do it one at a time ok we can do that is it causing them to disappear probably no not this time they're sticking around right just they are disappearing what okay they're back did I accidentally use two on the same one I don't know but here we go they all have it now since I look away and come back we should have all the stern burners with fire control fantastic the next one that needs it I think I mean that should be the foyer Drucker's the blue kurz by the way are never going to be scrapped I'm too happy with them I think that they're a fantastic design and considering they were they were built in 1920 wow that is pretty old it's I mean look it we solved all Owens Owens and so I'm sure that people are like what the hell is this 35 year old ship doing in service it's a pre-world War one time frame ship serving in World War two I'm trying to think of examples of that I guess that did happen it's tough to I can't think of an example but there I'm sure there are some let's put that way for capital ships what was the Congo I mean the Japanese had some really old ships maybe not 1907 that is pretty darn old we want to get these guys probably have them just scamper out and go to Southeast Asia the thing is yeah we only have to wait like two more months before we have a big budget increase which should mean that it will be about sixty thousand which basically means that we should be able to make it we shouldn't run out of money before the stash shell swine's end up starting to complete and at that point we should be okay on budget because if we're out in 50 million and we're minus six million or whatever we got like ten more months and that'll all the sastras ones will finish and we'll just start printing money or something in order to solve things from there there's two increased kill chance of enemy submarines that's actually really important okay things are chugging along here we have the douche lick things back we'll move these to I think Northeast Asia I want to do the last the first farthest away first because to me that makes sense I don't know so we can immediately I don't even know why I didn't do this earlier in fact let's get these guys to get because I can always put more of these guys on foreign station if need be right now I think our tonnage requirements are after we do this it's it's not impossible I don't we'll say it's likely that we're gonna have some ships having some issues I mean some foreign stations having some issues is this the truth okay you can't handle the truth yeah it looks like we're actually okay to my surprise just like things are gonna come out they'll probably serve for one more war I think we're to mention that okay this is this is the break I needed mastering three-tier air defense perimeter well we'd be happy with that ooh armor development the Arado company has developed a floatplane Scout as a private venture they want to know if we are interested in buying it question mark they want to know if we are interested in buying it better speed one not slower and crews crazy better range what the this floatplane that we have is insane we got this 8 years ago and it's still just faster than everything crew speed wise and it's actually longer range now the only ranger probably gonna use these as light I don't imagine you're gonna care about how far you can carry a heavy bomb it's only one these things are just so much not meant for this role I'm gonna hit cancel it's 600 for this look at the 600 doesn't matter but basically I think that the existing flow plan we have it's almost like a I so trust this plane because the especially because of the high reliability it's been in service it's nice this is can we take them both on at the same time no well no no no we can't all right well anyways we're doing okay we have the voyage wreckers I'm sorry the stern barriers have been warmed up we'll get the blue kurz into active fleet now as well I really hope that I've been thinking about doing this look I don't have that much time to do development work on my own but I've been thinking about developing I want to do the auto resolve simulator first that's something that I just need to basically make work for rule the waves to it worked for will always won the problem is that I become a better developer since I worked on that essentially my line of work now has me looking at development like not hard core development I'm not a full software engineer but I do stuff like that and then I learn a little bit and then I go back to this world waves one simulator I'm like what was I even thinking that's how that's always how it goes look pretty much everything but surely it's the case with programming so I think we'll get these guys slowly onto active fleet they don't have yet I guess one do this one at a time search radar why are they putting these on this special try okay well let's do this one of it there's no radar sets available no get these guys to active fleet hopefully that I think they'll be prioritized if they're on active fleet and the forward wreckers are next but for some reason I think the blue cars are actually a better ship why do I think that let's open the design trip in your defense to lower armor I mean the reason why I think that it's honest is just because the maintenance cost is so cheap on these guys it's just a dream come true okay we have two there and those go go to the Caribbean no no those will go to where are we missing where did those guys come off of Northeast Asia no we already have something going there absolute ik Caribbean now we already have one there Northeast Asia is where they're headed I don't know where these two slick teams came from the two other slick things we definitely have more than enough on South Pacific the slick teams are already on base in the Caribbean we have to going to Northeast Asia which will satisfy this obviously oh they were in Southeast Asia they were yeah the reason for that is because they're actually being acting as escorts there but I'm not sure if they should or not anyway what we will do is keep the new style swine's on active duty for now I probably should get some Valkyries onto active duty as well let's way to turn first faster than our fastest fighter yeah they won the competition so it's not what they're so upset because they have the fastest airplane that or maybe they had this new newfound confidence they think they can take us on whatever the case is Japan is also ping added to the the tensions are not I mean 11 is one away from war I don't know why being so cavalier about this so completely nonchalant about death on all sides well I did okay the good news is actually not necessarily good news I don't think we have enough submarine oh my gosh we have a hundred fifty six submarines why did you guys let me build so many submarines just don't go to war with the US and there's very little chance of that so that's good they have too many care craft carriers and they have too many submarines it's like death I'd like to think that we're fast friends with the US after handing it to them maybe they'll show us the way and lead us to democracy in fact with Kaiser Wilhelm's the second death III kind of in my head put Kaiser Wilhelm I mean Kaiser yeah his son I put his like you know say essentially his successor in but maybe this is the time when we do become the true Kriegsmarine which I guess it was that was I don't know what the name for the German Navy is now that it's not under the Third Reich so anyhoo I'm sure that I'll get four comments about that which is good I'm shouldn't belittle that I'm very happy that I can learn things through comments I just asked a question somebody who knows provides the answer it's very simple I could google it don't even have to it's an interaction so it's like a positive thing anyway uh yeah we were asking about these radar sets we still have none where are these going hey come on guys let's get these fire control radars they're going to the fire Joker's but I put these unactive duty well I mean hey the foreo trackers are deserving of them so that's a still fine oh my gosh so the new regime looks to the senior Admiral torture pits how to handle this situation we're on the brink of war there's been a crisis in the Balkans how do we handle it and you'd imagine it kind of like the way Tirpitz was able to dictate a bit of policy I would say it's much more like how Bismarck basically around the country Tirpitz does carry his subpoena carries a lot of weight there should be a diplomatic solution to the crisis Wow I mean Terp Terp it's has never been one to shy away from a war this is not good art but our prestige is not something I care about the tension up will probably bring us to Wars the problem but we have tension up no matter what all right Tirpitz in this old age is going to say there should be a diplomatic solution to the crisis to face search ok we better give ease invasions and the auntaunt the double entendre in Europe will never be the same I'm just imagining we'll be at war with two nations very soon and the really sad thing is they're both homes owned in northern Europe against me this is pretty much the worst case scenario Jeremy will be blockaded okay we have this ship coming out in like a month yeah I need to get these slick things going everything needs to be ready let's just rebuild them I know that okay we'll wait one more month the blue cars are still not getting the radars they deserve they're on active duty okay fine I will bring the for your drivers to active duty as well we got the storm bringers up two good already which is very nice I'm gonna move these guys out of northern Europe preemptively move them to Southeast Asia just couldn't get them out in time basically we'll move you to Southeast Asia as well I mean with the invasion range that we have it's this could oh you know what we don't want everybody going to Southeast Asia good point you want to and in the Indian Ocean actually because it's actually a pretty precious area as far as colonies and points go oh my gosh how do we even go about how do we even go about this they are in every season so maybe we should start with South Africa just to kick them out of here let's look an invasion range yeah so once we take I'm kind of thinking about this strategically where can we eliminate where can we move to eliminate the need to defend certain areas so there's a lot of stuff in Southeast Asia okay I think target number one is actually gonna be Northeast Asia we're gonna target we highway way highway as priority number one Great Britain has it has something there already but so the little boy it's risky gonna get you to actually move to Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia we're gonna put these actually just move them directly just to Northeast Asia all three of them I mean so two plus the one move here and so it would be two three two we have seven of these it's really impressive that we have that many hey they're cheap right they're cheap that's what I'm telling myself not that cheap they're probably not worth it the blue crews are amazing yeah look at this difference oh man the four-year Drucker's are not worth it Stern burgers definitely yes I wish I had more of these but six is still a good number okay well we're battening down the hatches we're preparing for war it's imminent the whole world is quivering in terror and then excitement and basically an anticipation of this I mean this is a world war make no mistake about it there's no two ways about it because every sea zone is there any season okay so there's one C zone to see zones well three that's a given basically three C zones in the whole world what do not have either of our colonies in it or any of our colonies in it one two and three every other season is a possible place where things can be fought over well okay I guess they cannot reach if we cannot reach them they supposedly cannot reach us read that in a book right if they can't see me then if I can't see them then they can't see me of course it's false but yeah every see zone has the possibility of invasions can we okay it doesn't look like we can get to Hamilton so Bermuda might be safe depends on what their invasion technology is let's take a look at technology stuff right now first of all missile technology which okay we have should just put on low because there's nothing there I think kind of weird that we haven't actually I mean my naval gun / hit like my stopping of naval guns after the 17 inch guns kind of wish we did have something like 19 or 20 inch guns just for the upcoming crazy ship the stupid one I think it would be kind of a fun thing I can always put 17 inch guns which in my opinion are still the best in the game and we might end up doing that because the best way to honor Gross Admiral Tortuga is by giving him the best ship and that said what else do we want to look at here let's go through this whole list because I'm not even sure what's left what technologies are left to research yeah that one's important that's still good yes what was magnetic minds improves mine if efficiency okay well of course it does make sense why was that so hard to understand I don't know if we have any reason to research and torpedoes at this point so I'm gonna put those down to low Wolfpac tactics probably we don't have much I mean the submarines they already on though nevermind because I doesn't say we're not gonna have some raids around much longer and then research in that categories really useless fleet tactics I'm actually a little bit surprised oh this improves through logistics and invasion capability but not invasion range I misread that I definitely want a a we definitely want radar stuff yes we have these ap bombs I don't know what else we're doing shipboard almost two phase carrier sighs I don't yeah I think we're actually doing the smart thing by putting this on medium this and height okay honestly one of the things I think we do need is a new carrier we need that I think that has to be the next design so a couple the neighbor comes up the medium but I'm not going to I'm just gonna rely on chance if we get the better 20-inch guns maybe I'll consider using them I don't think you can get quality 0 19 inch guns can you if you can get quality 0 19 inch guns I would consider using them but we do have quality 0 18 inch guns I still think those are worse than quality 1 17 inch guns haven't I done the math on it I can't remember which one is longer range I mean the 18 inch guns are gonna be doing more damage that's for sure but I don't know I'll have to look at I mean I have it shoot I have it right here um so let's move this over 3500 shell weight versus 3000 and maximum range is 32 versus 30 well that is a small increase wait oh it's 33 verses 32 oh it's 32 versus 34 yeah see 16 to 17 is a big step up and huge it's a 50% increase in damage this is oh my gosh it's so small it's like eighteen seventeen percent whatever one sixth is 17 percent increase in damage versus 50 percent that is so ridiculous and you only move up and ranged by I mean not even ten percent whereas you went up from here way over 10 percent like 15 percent cheese and then that's diminishing returns for anything above 18 even worse so I think we did the thing I mean I think I am thinking the right thing by not doing 18-inch guns or you know 19 or 20 and the 19 and 20 have one other added negative which you probably saw on there that they had the seven for the fire rate versus eight so they're slower firing which means that at least the 18 inch guns you can say are higher DPS than the 17 that is strictly true except for the fact that they weigh so much maybe you can actually get more 17 inch shells firing in which case maybe the DPS is still higher so yeah I think I'm gonna stick with some teenage guns it's very hard for me to for the US we can do whatever kind of stupid nonsense we want but we're gonna go to war with two nations like it looks like we will I need to be a little bit smart about my building what I'm going to build now what where are the important place is going to be so let's start improving Emden oh gosh they have this even they have Norway five batteries they're good for we don't really need batteries here we can't be invaded East Prussia is value twelve so we can I mean oh my gosh there's no way where we won't do any of Asians here what am I talking about I mean it's it we somehow eliminate their entire okay anyways let's go it this is important though Emden you need to be improved and no I don't want you with just that so let's go to end up let's go to the Emden and what we might even get other stuff to Emden Vilhelm saven and ponder we want all three of those to have good air bases and maybe also Palau alright here we go and then Phil homes even Condor okay so if we do if we do Kohlberg Danzig yeah these are both Oh Kohlberg okay Kohlberg is a normal base which I think has less maintenance required for increasing or expanding those let's do it and then just because it is in such good position will do Palau I don't think we'll have anything further than that well I guess Laval covers Palau so let's go to the bow yeah you instead okay something I mean Iceland is it's very possible by the way did we ever get yeah we did did we ever get guns over there oh and the base here do we just improved it right please tell me good so let's look at all these choices here first of all okay so everyone here is just in flying boats but first things like Emden I know I'm gonna want obviously some medium bombers here I probably ought to do I probably ought to do a torpedo bombers as well what's the range on our torpedo bombers let's get you guys to add one as well okay got one veteran ponder as well it's at one medium bomber okay that's that but what's asking I also need ice on the red June pick whatever it's called is yeah that's why I wanted to do I want to look at the media are the torpedo bomber it's very easy to forget what you're trying to do is very easy for me to forget what I'm trying to do I should say okay and we're also good we're developing a new fighter that's good news I think we want one I think they obsoleted my fighter without me a actually doing that I don't want them to auto ops Lee cuz their way to tell them not top auto obsolete maybe not which one was better between these two yeah okay the new one is better so obsolete that one torpedo bomber has a range of 260 with its torpedoes okay that's not that great I think we'll rely on the medium bomber for torpedoes they can do it a medium range which means 637 that's fantastic okay very good okay they've finished working up increases Cap'n a effectiveness with air search radar which we do have perfect oh my gosh you know I think we are gonna start the war preemptively against France assuming that we're gonna go to war with both of these nations I'd rather fight one for just a little bit of time okay let's do it Oh me and underpowered not good okay Cruiser battle we will accept what do we have oh no the Stas will swine oh good good good good the foyer Jacquizz yes oh it's fantastic okay I'm very very happy about this and they have fire control improve search I don't know they're not showing me they probably are would showed here huh if they had can I get let's cook on all of them did any of them get better wait a second I guess I should be able to tell from my list can I tell my own ships which ones no I don't know which one if these guys have but oh my gosh we're gonna have radar for the first time and the very short-range battle okay we have radar awesome very very cool I'd like to take these guys off they had control I don't want him going backwards like he looks like he's going to do so we have to stop swine's these are gonna be very good against unfortunately only an tight I mean only against aircraft and we have no aircraft here and unfortunately we're closest to the British base we might actually need anti-aircraft in that case but okay do we have any no reported contact so far okay there it is fantastic this should give us control it does alright what is the daytime situation it's nighttime it's it's definitely early in the evening so I mean it's early at night we have a lot of night time left how do we want to handle this well they didn't give us any Destroyers probably because I didn't put any – where's on active fleet which note to self in the future I will do that but the star shows wines have let's take a look at their torpedo yeah they have a good number of torpedoes six with reloads if I'm not mistaken boy these things 44 heavy a a factor goodness gracious wow that even the 35 four inch guns of the this is actually the same 35 vs so twelve fives we can do the math right twelve fives evils 44 so every five is worth three point five right so five is worth every two fives I should say no no everyone five is worth 2.5 3.5 and every four is worth some number two point two or so two point one to point to somewhere around there anyway we'll be okay against aircraft I think that's not what we're up against so what's the max speed on these 31 so they they they're very fast let's get everyone up to a little bit of speed weather is gonna limit us or sea state I should say it's probably limiting us to 26 you want to start speeding up because that is one very good defense against torpedoes that these guys into I think we'll go with line ahead okay we're gonna send got your food go up there funk funkin down to a just to find out what we're up against I wonder if they have radar they surely do right wind is out of the East which means we want to be on the east not that it matters at this range and these are French ships mind you these are French ships this is so cool I love the radar so far great touch okay so we're gonna go we're gonna go squab max I think 29 let's say 29 we go 27 on these guys we're gonna speed up and basically just do hopefully really really horrible things to them with our torpedoes what are they doing so start the fight with the torpedoes end it with the guns it's probably the opposite of how most battles actually go but if we can dip we can do this I want to do it you guys up to squad max if this is if they want to play the game of who's faster we'll probably lose but we'll play it anyway okay prepare for contact approaching move in okay there's the contact keeping our battleships a little bit further back again then to invite ship let's launch if we can torpedoes and we can well you aim for the middle one you have the best chance of hitting right probably have one more turn launch oh you've already launched all your tippy toes yep Sasha swine's also launching torpedoes awesome Oh awesome okay let's move in now actually we're just gonna stay on the periphery of the battle let's rewind pull back move on down radar detects no other contacts this is so awesome I love radar I love everything I mean yeah let's be fair I mean it's because I'm winning right I'm starting off well okay and we're just really devastating something doesn't look good for her she'll probably take some hits here okay this is the other one not that one I expected okay we're gonna move in I think these either battleships that probably battleships we're doing some damage I'm actually gonna hold off on launching further torpedoes we do ever reload of let's see what the reload timer is on that wait do these not have reloads did I not put reloads on these I thought I'm done make a mistake crap I put torpedo reloads on these so I want to preserve the especially if we don't have reloads I want to preserve the ammunition now that they've taken a few torpedo hits the social sponsored oh gosh they are coming back okay then I guess we'll have to launch torpedoes at them and you have your starboard side no you only have your port side Oh interesting okay then just stay the course will launch all of our starboard side and then you will be able to launch your yeah you have your port side what am I thinking port side side reversing the directions I think I actually just wasn't paying attention what I was doing their fighting medium guns that's interesting isn't it are these just simply cruisers I think these might we have any other radar contacts none visible ah heavy guns now we're getting the heavy gun reports okay good so that's the perfect time for this fleet to pull back this one to engage this fleet I mean these divisions holy cow that's a lot of hits oh my gosh this is so cool I'm guessing it's the fire control it's the fact that we have 12 kinds all training on them and oh look at this even our battle cruisers are getting in on the action they are hitting it with their 16-inch guns look up from this distance it's hard to miss I understand but it's still fun to just see them working well okay so you're launching torpedoes pull you guys back is the battle cruisers are going in now or battleships but you know originally battle cruisers is so good very good start to this battle and more torpedos headed their way okay they are firing their heavy guns people is so we did take a few penetrating hits even from medium guns I'm not too surprised about that actually so let's get you to actually follow I just kind of thought that they had reloads but I guess I'm mistaken then the water over over there slowly class and this is what you get for bringing heavy cruisers to the fight it's always been this way and I think it'll just continue to be this way forever heavy cruisers my friends are not your friends I just don't think that they're very effective and did I not oh we have the four inch guns that's right there's the dual purpose so I imagine that these are all cruisers and they are all dead you're dead so let's just change targets you might as well do it manually because this one may not be dead and I don't want to let seek out 26 have another salute like what what is the right what are the rest of these I want to go loop around to the left yeah I think so okay you to just engage that ship from the rear okay yeah it's another soli class she only has two submerged mounts so in 1935 15,000 ton 30 not 12 10 inch guns you tell me are these working out for them there's gonna be a huge victory point for me as well I mean that's the bad thing is if these intercept my light cruisers they get let's say a thousand picture points but if I intercept in destroy them I'll probably get six thousand so it's really not worth it and I think that these are all sinking at this point let's verify that they are all sinking which means there's something else out there oh dear this was just the scouting of this is just the scouting fleet and we've done a very good job against it but but where's the rest of it okay unfortunately I don't think we're going to be able to find out in this episode okay that's fine you're going down all these ships are going down where's the rest of the fleet's where are the rest of the French forces I guess well fan out we do up there it is okay we have something unknown ready okay so this is important where are our torpedoes we have four port side so portside torpedoes left side on this we have also port sides we want to keep them to our South will just fall into line here so far just one radar contact sir reporting only one she's disappeared we have two two blips we lost the second one they're headed this way increase speeds to max prepare torpedoes prepare smokescreen alert the battle cruisers battle cruisers respond acknowledge and respond engines to maximum we have three blips three blips two of them were blurred together we have three distinct ones now get those reports right we're giving inaccurate information to the main group a little torture pits we have four we have four blips that's escorts in front Oh God is this a fleet we can fight they're scattering they must have radar all right hold distance prepare to launch torpedoes we will obliterate their destroyers if that's what they brought unknown ship visual range we do not want to engage a distance pull back force them into us what did it hate that hate that boy hate that dropping down to 27 knots we can't move in though because otherwise we'll give up our port side tubes so I guess we're just gonna keep them as radar blips for a little while toward Tirpitz is patient it's a patient man they pull back all right that's the cue let's move in with the lead first are they able to launch torpedoes at greater than are we able to launch torpedoes at under the identified contacts did they just launch torpedoes at radar am i able to do that I'm not look at if we get hit by torpedoes from a ship that can't see us that shouldn't I is this a bug I don't know I can't tell if this is a bug or not are they supposed to be launch torpedoes at you beyond visual range okay here we go every nine takes up to 29 like guns these are probably escorts yeah the important thing is we keep them on our left in case we come into contact we need say we need to have our left available for lunch and torpedoes they appeared to be fleeing after a sallying forth and just I guess they did a torpedo wave and now they're retreating so we will pursue no no Ryan they're coming back this is a tense one we're losing them we lost them glued those eyes to those screens tell me what you're seeing is very important did we get by the way other torpedoes back I think we don't have reef it's on these here they come second pass maybe I shouldn't have just maybe I should have just been happy with well you know leave low well enough alone because here we are we're just gonna keep circling them on the outside is there ever going to be a resolution to this and why is the goal turf Lincoln so much faster than the rest of my ships they have to maneuver more let's pull the back pull them towards us and go okay this looks like it's closing action that's crazy man now these have torpedo protection haha we're gonna pull her off the fight though so unfortunately she has okay member and she's not the middle one I thought how are they hitting her with torpedoes though okay I just think about this are they just aiming at the one that they can see and they're so bad at aiming that they're hitting the other ship I can't reconcile this situation and it'll be interesting to get your feedback on this um so we'll try it we'll have to continue this battle in the next one I mean I if I can launch I should be launching could we see them can we launch we can out of arc that's okay now that we know it's in the arc I mean now that we know it's in visual range will you know point our port side tubes at her and launch and see what it will see what we hit but until the next battle I mean yeah well I guess the same battle in the next video thanks for watching and take care

15 thoughts on “Rule the Waves 2 | Germany (1900) – 61 – The Evil Entente

  1. 4:32 The example would be Deutschland battleship class (pre drednaught). 3 Ships of the class, most notably the Schleswig-Holstein did serve in WWII, but they were kept around only because of the Versailes treaty

  2. If you are going to roleplay Germany changing from the Empire to a republic, then taking the name from the Weimar republic's navy would be fitting, the Reichsmarine. However a constitutional monarchy would still be a royal navy, so it would remain the Kaiserliche Marine, and I can't really see successor of such a successful monarch stepping down entirely while Germany is still at it's height, especially not when Grossadmiral Torturpitz is pretty much the only person with enough gravitas to launch a coup to topple the monarchy, and he is quietly stepping down himself.

    So at most it would be a constitutional monarchy. No need to change from Kaiserliche Marine then.

  3. I think the standard concept of CA's is dead, but small 9 8 or 10in all forward could save enough weight to make it affordable

  4. One: You are still the german empire, not the third reich! Veeeery different things. Also, with having a Kaiser seemingly going really well, why change it? Germany still had a parliament (the Reichstag) with some power, mostly legislative while the executive was in the hands of the chancellor who was chosen by the Emperor (more or less).
    Also, you are not the Kriegsmarine, that too was from the Nazis, you are in fact playing with the Kaiserliche Marine (Imperial German Navy). I'd say keep it, and with the Kaisers death, we shall have a new Kaiser, who's name is (shockingly) Wilhelm. All hail Wilhelm III, German Emperor 🙂

  5. According to Google, the German navy is now officially known as the Deutsche Marine. However, my German friend (who despises the Nazis) says that Kriegsmarine is still common parlance. The name isn't really associated with the Nazis, since it just translates into "military navy"

    Also on a separate matter, a lot of people seem to think that Germany no longer uses the iron cross. The iron cross is still the symbol of the German army. However, they use the Prussian version, which has flared ends.

  6. "The world would hold, with bated breath

    a story told, a tale till death." – Anonymous

    Dear Brother,

    Good god, Kaiser Wilhelm the III has not been idle. Two years in office, and he has already plunged the world into another war. That damned Hitler, who the Kaiser saw fit to appoint Chancellor, doesn't help either. He is a blatant antisemite, and doesn't make any attempt to hide it. Nevertheless, our duty is to serve the Kaiser, and this talk is borderline treasonous. The French are coming at us this time, and we are sure to hold fast. However, they are not alone. The British have not declared war yet, but are sure to do so soon. With their combined navies, they can control all of the approaches to the Atlantic. From their bases in Scotland and Norway, along with the stranglehold they have over the English Channel, they will be able to keep us bottled up in the North Sea. Furthermore, all of our ports outside the Baltic are vulnerable to air attack from both of them.

    My aircrews are trained and ready, but my crew has not been to sea in months as a cost saving measure. Our carriers are the largest and best in the world, but the British have double the amount we do. This is disregarding their light carriers. The latest intelligence briefing indicates that the British are building two more carriers, and at 55,000 tons will be the largest in the world. The French are also building two carriers, and have one currently in service. They outnumber us in capital ships as well, and have more cruisers than us. The situation is grim, and it isn't helped that the Japanese have made clear that they would love to expand. If they were to join the war, our colonial holdings would not be safe. The British and French could keep our fleet blockaded in Europe, letting the Japanese terrorize the far East.
    The only bright side in this all is Großadmiral Tortirpitz. It seems that the old man is looking to go out with a bang! His son seems able too, and I would trust nobody else to fly his flag off the good old Graf Zeppelin. It isn't like we're getting any younger though. I'm pushing 37 years of Naval Service, and I'm hoping this war will be my last as Kapitän zur See. Either I will die, or be promoted. Hopefully it's the latter.

    Anyways, enough about me, how does it feel Oberst? I'm sure your posting in Haiti is much better. We are the same rank once more, and after this whole damned thing is over I'll be sure to buy you a drink. How about I come to you this time? I'll be sure to get some leave after the war. Those hotels in the Caribbean that I keep hearing about must have a nice bar, provided they open. Regardless, did you hear abou

    Shoot, the last mail steamer is leaving. I'll write as soon as I can.


    Kapitän zur See Aveeeno

    Authors notes: The British carrier tonnage is based off the almanac. The difference between the CV tonnage, and the total CV tonnage is 110,000 tons and 2 are being built. However, if some ships are in reserve, they don't count for CV tonnage, which could mean that the carriers being built are smaller, and they just have some in reserve.

  7. 30th October 1941 – Port-de-Paix, Haitian Protectorate, Carribbean.

    The SS Pungo steamed proudly into the harbour slipping past a pair of vast ocean liners moored in the bay. Captain Wiesse studied them as the slipped by. He noted their names, SS Erlangen and SS Potsdam, both of the Norddeutscher Line, of Breman. Both weighed in at over 42,000 tonnes, both where capable of over 30 knots and both where the epitamy of Art Nouvex luxuary; whats more the Norddeutscher had another five like them, with two more on the slips.He looked shoreward at the shining new hotels and bars that lined the seafront. It was all part of the plan, turn these islands into an accessable paradise, get the wealthy of the world to visit and spend their marks, dollars, franks, pounds, which would boost the local economy, keep the locals on side and cement the rule of an benevolent collonial power in the area.

    It was happening all over the world from the South Pacific to the West Coast of Africa and things looked rosey for the German Empire. But Weisse knew war clouds were gathering and these new collonial developments would serve another purpose. Those liners Nordduetscher and the other lines were using to link the empire, would soon be sailing as troop ships, the airports built to link the regional capitals to the more remote parts of the territories would soon see the cargo planes and airliners replaced with fighters and bombers, the new docks would be home to battleships and carriers…

    Still it would not be his war. He was 72 years old, Too old to be sailing the high seas in search of adventure. And my what adventures he had seen. As a young naval officer he had lead a raid on an American cruiser, boarded her and put her out of a war by blowing up her boiler room. Another war and as Captain of an Armed Merchant Cruiser, the SMS Dolphin, had gone to aid of a sister ship sinking under the guns of a French Heavy Cruiser, he had driven the bigger French ship off, damaging her heavily and saving most of the men aboard the other AMC. Then the navy had retired both him and the Dolphin, but the Laeisz line had brought her, renamed her SS Pungo, given him her command and sent him around the world, mainly carrying bananas, but occassionally 'special' voyages at the request of naval intelligence. He had carried revolutionaries to pacific Islands, run guns to pro German rebels, pretended to be a Swedish tramper and shadowed the American Battlefleet, fishing downed and defecting airmen from the sea while they were at it… Ah life had been fun.

    But it was time for both him and the Pungo to slow down. The old ship wasn't really fast enough to compete on the banana run anymore, she was still a fine ship with a good few years of potential service left in her. But she had been sold off to the Hamburg Sud line who were going to send her tramping across the Pacific and the South Seas.

    As for him… Well he had amassed a fair amount of money over the years, and had brought himself a bar in Port-de-Prix and a small 25 metre long motor yacht. The bar he had named Bismarks in honour of his elderly scarlet Macaw who had been his companion for the past 40 years (and was still squawking on) and the Yacht he had named the MV Dolphin in honour of his beloved SS Pungo. The yacht was just something to do, maybe run the odd tourist out to Tortuga or one of the other off shore islands and Bismarks was somewhere to live, hang out and drink with anyone who wanted to come in and swap stories with him.

    A little later, with the Pungo made fast to the quayside he bade his farewells. He walked past her assembled crew, shaking the hand of everyone in turn and thanking them for their friendship and service. At the top of the gangway he just had one person left to thank.

    He gripped the hand of the newly promoted Captain Roger Adebyee, The big and aimiable Nigerian had been with the Pungo for 22 years now, coming aboard as an ordinary seaman, working his way up to boswain and then first officer, and now at Wiesses recomendation he had his masters papers and was to be the Pungos new skipper.
    "Take care of the old girl Roger," Weisse said, a tear snaking down his cheek.

    "I will sir," came the reply.

    "Ah ah," chuckled Wiesse, "Your a Captain yourself now, and I've retired, so no sir, just Hermann"

    Roger smiled, "Of course Hermann, and when you see the Pungo in port, remember to keep a cold one on ice for me."

    "Consider it done," said Wiesse, and walked slowly down the gangway and into retirement.

    Petr Fravoski, the Pungos new first officer watched him go and turned to Roger.
    "So thats how a legend ends."

    Roger laughed…
    "He is not dead yet," he said. "and whilst Captain Wiesse still lives and breathes, there is alway the chance of a few more chapters."

  8. I mean, pre WW1 ships in WW2 weren't that rare. USS Texas was built in 1911 and she served dutifully in WW2 and still stands as the worlds last real Dreadnought

  9. As soon as I have received that we have been declared war by the Entente to try and expand their slowly collapsing empires against our grand Empire all the Cruise Ships have been ordered to be converted to military roles for the MV Europa she will be turned into a merchant raider whuch can get away from ships using her top speed of 30 knots in case the threat possed agaisnt her is to late, MV Afrika shall be converted into a troop transport using her large capacity to carry many of our troops and last but not least the MV Asien shall be used as a hospital ship so it can help treat soldier. The ships which had been ordered to be constructed such as the Nordamerika, Südamerika and Zentralamerika will be halted unless the goverment and navy wants these ships construction to resume so that they can also do the roles of the other ships.

    The hotel grand opening will be halted until the war ends as to avoid placing any treat to German citizens or any citizens alike by the greedy French and English.

    -Alfred von Sierra

  10. Good luck. I think you need to upgrade your home area air power, more planes bigger bases. GB has 9 CV. Air superiority is worth pursuing. Maybe an air-group or 2 that can be shifted to critical theaters , saves on maintenance but you can load up where needed. Plus replacement CV planes, to quickly re arm your carriers. I typed to soon you've got it

  11. In reference to the question about old pre war capital ships being used in WW2. The Germans had 2 pre dreadnaught commissioned in 1908 that mostly served as training ships but did do some bombardment. The Russians had the Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya of the gangut class that did some shore bombardment 1909. The oldest ships to properly get into combat would have been the kongos and Arkansas.

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