Rule the Waves 2 | Germany (1900) – 59 – Hystricidae

Rule the Waves 2 | Germany (1900) – 59 – Hystricidae

welcome back everyone that let's play ruled waves to as Germany episode number 59 and I haven't looked at it but this will be kind of an important announcement so if you're zoning out a little bit pay attention I'm going to start posting very soon not in this episode but very soon a two things first a straw poll for who I should play as for my next series and after that the new ship name list so that people who have dedicated lee if that's a word made it this long in the series will have their first choice as for a ship name in the upcoming series and unfortunately i do want to do this same thing I've been doing let's see it's right here I think I can just drag this over directly this is the Germany main file so this is what I've been doing is just replacing this file with your suggestions and then what I try to do is after they go in I cut and paste them to the very bottom of the list because the top names get priority so I will replace the Germany ship name file with the original when we're dumped this series however what this means is okay well I guess I can just show you directly there is no distinguishing between battleship battle cruiser and pre-war battleship there's no distinguishing I should say between dreadnought and battle cruiser I'm sorry dreadnought and battleship basically the old pre-war like to turret designs the original ones so I'm going to eliminate that as a category because actually I want to do a fire-and-forget type solution for the Germany name series I mean for the next name series where I could just load them all in and maybe return to it around episode 15 which is probably around the time when we will start using any of the names and I don't know or maybe I'll have to write a script or something that's what I could do I can write a script which just sees which ships have already been in the game and then moves those ships to the very end of this list it'll be a complicated thing to do once but after it's done once it'll just manage my shipping I don't know I'll think about what I want to do exactly but point is this series is gonna come to a close probably before 1950 even and the reason why is that patch 1.06 has been released and as i didn't even read the patch notes yet but i already saw a suggestion i think it was oak trees who said that they recommend a game restart to take advantage of the error changes so that means i feel like we've gotten a lot of mileage out of this series already we've done pretty well we've discovered a lot of cool things I do want to take it through at least one more war but there's a lot of things like rockets the missiles missile launchers and all that stuff is not implemented yet I might take of you I usually do take like a week break I might on the new series okay we need to start getting going on this episode I know but in the new series I might delay the releasing of episodes to be every other day it might be like every day for the first 10 episodes and then every other day after that because I want my channel to eventually have other content on it I mean rule the waves is number one I'm just constantly surprised that nobody else plays real the ways as much as I do on the channel I mean there's definitely a growth of people battlegroup gamer I was first person I can name who does a lot of good rule the waves content but I uh yeah I'm just surprised that there's not like a lot of bigger channels I think I am the biggest channel which does series on this and the reason it's kind of a chicken egg thing I'm I'm sure the reason I'm this big is because not many other people were doing rule the waves content so now I've read some more things about this Alaska battle cruiser and according to Kotori so we can all point fingers and blame him it is a little bit over maintenanced over pricey for what it accomplishes as this rater thing okay that's not what a lot of you are talking about we want should we have this battle cruiser Raider for trade protection that's gonna counter a lot of these heavy cruisers I'm still gonna go with no let's not use them at all okay there's the 50 whatever Great Britain has approached so curb our naval program now this is interesting cuz I finally understand these references a little bit more this would have been a reference literally Great Britain I mean not literally yes literally but wrong use of that word historically this was Great Britain asking Germany us to curb the dread-nots building program they wanted I think it was Churchill who was proposing a year holiday a shipbuilding holiday we would rather go to war than agreed naval limitations that seems to be pretty much my sentiments Admiral tore Tirpitz is carrying around remember this kind of he carries around this antagonism this old hate-filled story about how Great Britain stole away his first greatest victory probably not the greatest thing even in that this series has seen but I'm looking at this right now it doesn't look like a lot of ships will be scrapped but I would love a disarmament conference unfortunately this is probably gonna reduce the budget okay 61 improve bulbous bow okay no it didn't I didn't actually say anything about decreasing your budget so that is the only way you can ping for an international disarmament treaty without negatively affecting your budget now which is great to see that would have been so awesome though because right now we don't have any ships being built any bigger ships being built it would have given us an opportunity to actually refit these to be oh that would have been so fun we could have refit our Owens Oh Lawrence to be actual Raiders trade protection Raiders or radio protectors because we can't modify the guns so they would have had they would have been stuck unfortunately with their turret configuration which is abysmal but we would we don't actually we would have been able to give them oil firing fast engines and we would have bulged them on top of that probably I think the best thing would have been to do a two step improvement I'm not sure how it works can we bulge them and then increase the engines I don't know because they would need trade protection I mean torpedo defense if we're gonna sink more money into them but it didn't did not end up being the case so our slick things are getting radar before I think we can actually just give them radar is everything up yet everything up here we want is give them radar so let's give these all radar yeah available sets okay good wait what I think they'll have it next turn oh I see it's happening one by one so we just do it like this I see okay so we do it one at a time well that's a little bit annoying but here we go oh they're actually being put away ships under construction are they just for one month or something I'm a little bit worried there actually wait no they're back I thought they were disappearing what the hell's going on they are disappearing but they're back as soon as I look there they are okay I was very scared but hey if you're not doesn't matter takes one month for those to be refit that's fine and then with those we'll have radar so that's good because I prefer those over the strict teams first and from here on in everyone who matters has radar so good budget you definitely can't afford to do some kind of oh man just just in time okay this is the improved focke-wulf two to five torpedo bomber old as I think this is the really old one isn't it – one thousand pound bombs that's pretty good where does the two to five II fit in let's take a look um I think it now is actually better than the other one it's faster it's less maneuverable but tougher but lower yeah I guess that they're about even now I would give the edge even probably to the Henschel because she has good reliability and she has more maneuverability still good toughness way better firepower and about equivalent in terms of range because unless you're doing scouting like really long I mean not even 400 versus 360 I don't think we'll ever be trying to search that far this only matters if we're trying to use these as carrier sorry land-based torpedo bombers then this matters the range but if we're using the medium bombers to do our torpedo missions then it really doesn't matter what the torpedo bomber range is cuz even 200 is more than I expect we'll need for the combats okay so that done we still need something don't we so the gloops dogs are under refit the kif houser's the nuke if howser which I'm very happy with it apparently we could have reduced the cost of this pretty significantly still if we had just reduced the number of guns and I can't remember what other stuff Kotori or Gaskin was saying that we could do I think Armour was does not really add too much to maintenance so maybe we could have taken down some of these guns and what was the other thing I don't know if central rangefinder that doesn't seem to add too much but it probably increased the mean that's a bit and the speed could have gone to 16 yeah yeah I mean these are small enough that I mean do that I should say not small enough these are big enough at 1500 that the engine weight does change per not so we really did not need did not need to put it up to 90 knots but that's fine I mean I'm ok with it it's not it's not ideal it's not perfect but it's it's pretty darn good now we have to upgrade things but we have time I might as well just let the game decide what to do for me six nine okay Wow um Japan whoo yeah I would still like to go to war with an honorable war this wouldn't be an angry one as it would be mostly against the Italians I think that they have just shown themselves totally lacking an honour not that not that the German Navy really has to hold some it's like honorbound or anything like that but we will issue an ultimatum ha good effective camouflage schemes reduces enemy sighting chance sighting range and hit chance that's pretty cool although I guess with radar that won't matter much radar doesn't seem to care what your paint scheme is hmm what next what's currently being built chief Hauser's the bakken Himes are being refit those will be finished about first dolls being finished okay we gotta get all these guys back to reserve which should boost our wow that went up by ten thousand I forgot that we had so many of these ships like all of these ships which I may actually put back on active I mean that's too much money to save no we're not gonna put them on that active it's so funny that even on half cost the fire draw foyer Drucker's are about the same cost as the Hohenzollerns I mean even the stern bringers cost less it's quite remarkable five more months before these docks finish I may actually entertain one final battleship class at that point improved okay good we do need that anti-aircraft stuff that's a very big concern at this point we definitely have the money to do something so while we're waiting for the dock stuff for another four months how many submarines do we have a hundred and twenty-six that's quite a number let's take a look at the Almanac how are people doing in terms of submarines we are not as quite as many as the United States who have gone very submarine heavy after losing all their ships and really the only other nation besides the US and us who have embraced carriers is Great Britain and they have embraced them in a way which is actually even more than us which i think makes sense frankly because they have more sea zones to protect my strategy right now is to put two carriers together in two different sea zones and then the gz Graf Zeppelin over to Southeast Asia that's my expectation for our carrier deployment as of right now at least we do have a little bit of fection money though I wonder if we could just go absolutely crazy on the submarines it should impact Great Britain right the ship be vulnerable to it historically at least maybe I'll build like 20 more just barely gonna impact our budget just gonna slow it down a little it just adds a little bit of brakes so that we don't get too high so I think just pretending at least that half the yearly budget is the limit or you might get an event reducing your budget if you have too much money left over 300,000 we can go for another hundred thousands so if we find this oh you know like eight nine months so quite a ways and we don't have to worry about oil because we actually have oil now that we have Venezuela and that's awesome I'm probably ought to build one more battery like a place where the oil is probably worth getting even like a 10 inch battery because protecting her is a high priority if we go to war against the British it's gonna be an absolute mess we have almost as many sea zones perhaps as many seasons period as they do they don't have the Falklands I think we actually have more so they have two that we don't we have one two that they don't huh yeah we have as many sea zones what's the budget say they have much goodness gracious where did their budget kick in from holy cow holy schmoly where did they get this big no I mean historically it makes sense but this is nowhere near a historical timeline after 40 years since the game began we're so far different I mean we're just so different than the way things went historically at this point Germany really would be to commit a serious I mean look at we have as many more I think colonies than the British there's no way that the Germans especially if it was the Kaiser likho militia marine if we were really still kind of under the Kaiser somehow I mean it wouldn't be the same Kaiser Phil home is long de l'homme the second I should say he's long dead by now I'm sure but he was such a pro Navy guided leading up to this point where at whatever point he passed on and his successor arose in his place I feel like up to that point the Navy would have been hugely increasing if we actually challenged the British on the seas and with this colonial empire which we've developed okay well we're not really hitting the enter button enough so let's just keep doing that increase submarine effectiveness which is good that means not reliability so just increases their effectiveness kind of inspires me to build another bunch of 10 so hopefully we will bring down the British just by or I mean it could be the Japanese whoever we go after this is probably gonna be as I already mentioned the last submarine war for us Vance preheater better torpedoes hmm where are these new floatplane models have we really not gone six months yet so we have two fighters we have two torpedo bombers and everything else is the same okay good 156 and 740 Wow Wow 156 740 214 690 oh my god I've noticed no way I'm gonna remember these numbers ah I lost them entirely we'll look at ours and I'll just let people in the Commons tell me how we're doing okay Wow Wow so maybe I do need a prioritized range and this one I remember prioritizing speed which how did this end up being almost as actually slower in terms of crew speed that's just silly so this floatplane scout model thing was just a total total disaster I would say we asked for speed and reliability okay so we should at least have good reliability but what is going on I don't understand these are basically worse the only one we can even consider is the top one no it's way slower we actually can't choose any of these this is actually still the best one how is that possible this is from this is five years old maybe we just got a really really bad roll of the dice but these are not fat I mean the cruise speed is actually faster and I actually only care about the cruise speed if it's the Scout since they only use for max speed in combat the cruise speed is what they use the map the tactical map so yep I'm just gonna scrub all those designs and instead since apparently floatplane Scouts are not something that the Germans want to develop we'll get them to see what kind of dive bombers they can implement um let's see what's our current diet bomber it's gonna be very very fast no matter what second party reliability first bomb load I think that makes sense yeah I think that makes sense and one more month before we get our dock sighs okay well sixty-two thousand is just huge small compared to the lay of the land though um of course power negative one they want us to build this is so funny how do they know that that's actually the exact they apparently read my mind one of the things I was construe considering was a dual quad this should be Ford gone forward gun only configuration so we're at four three nine nine four yep so for three we're actually overweight if we remove the forty so basically the all Ford gun thing was really helping us out there I may even do it I really like this idea and it was gonna be with quadruples that I was gonna go with as well so what I was thinking about is this is not exactly this is what is the point of this ship it's gonna be kind of like another Blucher but it's gonna be fast enough believe it or not to keep up with our carriers which at this point is only twenty five twenty four but I want them to be fast enough to keep up with the next carrier so they are gonna be fast battleships will make them twenty-nine let's say I want them to be very heavily armoured 5-inch deck conning tower who gives a crap turret fifteen Terr tops that this is amazing and will go with two four secondaries we're gonna do a lot of double dual-purpose guns we're not going to use tertiaries and then we still have always wow we're perfect oh you want torpedo protection for absolutely how did this work out so perfectly I like those numbers I really do I just think we're gonna build this I think this is the new ship design oh we have not invented the aircraft catapult still huh that means they have to come to a stop to launch there no we are not gonna do that and we're just gonna save us even more wait I want my cruisers that light cruisers have always been what I imagined would have the air the scouts although if it's caught in a battle by itself out carriers it would be nice no actually doesn't matter I don't think it matters I think we'd rather save the I just don't see a good reason again I've talked about this several times I just have a hard time imagining how floatplane Scouts are gonna do a better job than even the torpedo bombers on the carrier they're pretty expendable just to be used on the scouting mission let's say you use what is it in the Battle of the battle near Iceland that I used I mean that I thought I used like eight torpedo bombers to fully scout and that was sufficient so we're down eight diet or pedo bombers on a plane with a hundred total planes it's less than 10% of our you know yeah I mean you could think of it this way it's like 30% of our torpedo bombers to scout and we still have all of our fighters and all of our dive bombers available so I think that that's okay let me see if she is correctly defending against herself no thirteen point five for belt maybe let's go down to sixteen and see what she would defend against then I think we'll armor against yeah that's going on there it is so we'll only get to 18,000 and this is against 16-inch guns so basically it's impossible to defend against stuff at this point I'm probably okay to go to thirteen point five we do have a lot of weight remaining and weight armor weight is not very high onyx isn't very expensive from maintenance standpoint I couldn't make it 14 we knew that our fast so we will have the ability I can even go up that's really expensive to 30 I mean turret of 15 is just crazy go sit Serge 16 inches of armor nothing will ever penetrate to me but I mean their quadruples so I'm actually gonna do that because we don't want to ever lose one if we lose one we lose half of our firepower oh that's why we had so much weight remaining because I was not at the correct thing Wow okay so let's go down so I could get a little bit more ammunition 105 is fine I'm okay with that we can adjust the displacement obviously I'm sitting here I'm not building the super uber and game battleship this is something I'm actually planning to flood the ranks with noting that the endgame battle crew I mean the endgame that it is towards the endgame what I'm trying to say is battleships are kind of on their way out which is why I'm gearing this to somewhat have an anti-aircraft role and 29 knots I think that's gonna be fast enough to even escort carriers even if they're 31 knots or 30 knots I think 30 knots should be fine for carriers kind of doing some math in my head I kind of want to save this as temp for now we can redesign it later so let's actually go and see what a lot what a carrier would be yeah it already got that and anymore and we would I think get the penalty I pretty much know this but there it is yeah so I think we over built our size on the oh it's a Clausewitz class it's not actually gonna be the class name and go over my list here Clausewitz will be one of the names I suppose should be at least we'll go up to 23,000 on her just to make sure that we can use as much anti-aircraft stuff as possible yeah 30 knots we built er to be 30 knots I didn't even do incline belt on that last one so we'll take the belt down for sure how many aircraft are they giving us yeah this is not gonna happen we'll probably increase this bunch we'll be getting will be getting 99 or 100 let's say 100 put these things on and let's see how much tonnage we need to get that I will be willing to go up to 30,000 even so we're having problems getting that but let's take the deck down to 2.5 conning tower down to 3 I just want to point 5 for the turrets I can hear Kotori or Gaskin complaining about that but I just find it necessary let's beat down 29 to match the battle ships so we're kind of matching it's kind of cool we're matching speeds across the fleet now escorts will still be fight still be faster but go up to 16 here 141 so everything is ok now is in terms of well we need more ammunition probably 150 that feels okay to me so now what has to give well thousand is just too much for us to get if we drop it down ok this is let's call that 700 1100 that's only four hundred we get 450 back I'm not that much okay so I think 29 is still more or less the sweet spot if I'm being honest so 32,000 we can actually make this work we can make it work I don't think by the way that I'm gonna be going with flight-deck armor or hangar side armor apparently you just need so much flight deck armor to make bombs not penetrate and do damage that although it would be nice I mean we're talking like five inches people are reporting some ridiculous numbers yeah I mean this is really expensive to get even a little bit one is costume I mean this is insane so we will definitely not be doing that but we'll be getting that yeah you know what I'll just stick with the two inches of deck not at 2.5 I guess at least make them use their armor piercing bombs on us 2.5 an inch top turret is because there's a report somewhere from roll the waves one that Terr top is slightly less than the value it says I think I remember seeing that somewhere so and I kind of would like to point five belt I don't know why is just same probably the same reason okay let's go with two on the deck it's fine um oh my god almost tend to dual-purpose guns for the 5-inch that would have been a mistake yeah so 29 is gonna be the speed of these carriers which means that 29 is perfectly fine for our battleships as well and I don't think I'm gonna actually cool you know hit click hit build this I'll probably just dis just scrap this idea altogether I won't even save it so we call it I could call it temp CV if I wanted it looks about right to me oh okay I guess with a little bit of extra we got that yeah we have a little bit of room here 1 & 1 I guess looks good oh we don't have enough AAA directors yeah very solid very solid design hundred airplanes everything looks good now we still have 200 wait remaining if I drop what the hell happened what happened I don't know why I'm so unobservant what did I do that this just dropped okay we'll do this did I accidentally bump that up maybe I did it by accident I probably just did it by accident okay that's fine 1734 it's good it looks like the computer is basically telling me two to one ratio medium to light is a good ratio our medium innate and heavy a are getting better and better over time so I think I'm gonna start prioritizing that hopefully we see something a little more effective though I think there's been a general complaint about a a not being very effective overall which means probably the best thing to do is build or employ more fighters on cap but we need good fighters to do that okay so anyways I will save this as temp CV because I don't think we want to carrier right now I think what I want to build first is this last the last of the mohicans it's the last of we'll probably will build one more battleship in the end but just for fun build like the you know 18 inch gun or I should say 20 inch gun behemoth so this one I'm actually gonna call the shield dick rota Draca which I'm led to believe his tortoise dragon so we at the foyer Draca and now we have the turtle dragon and this is gonna be my I like to leave my stamp on oh actually I think that might not be what this should be you know I'm gonna leave it as temp because what I mean this rip so just dragged on and I'm not I'm gonna leave it as temp for now I won't give it a name until there might not be the name that the class should take that might be the name that the end game battleship which you know 70,000 tons huge guns stupid stuff that might be the one takes but I am pretty happy about that design I'm also really happy that we didn't I didn't commit to building that right now cuz I always like to give people a little bit of time for feedback I don't think that the design we just looked at that 44,000 time one would be to maintenance intensive which would be good now we still have this money issue the good kind of money issue the one where we want to start building something and I think that finally I can kind of resign myself to building our final I don't know maybe our final like cruiser and for those of you who speak German this will probably give give away what we're gonna end up building this is stock shal schweine which stands for porcupine so this is supposed to be a very strong anti-aircraft force and unfortunately I think that means it has to be 5-inch guns so we're gonna go with a just crap ton of 5-inch guns this is essentially the Atlanta okay so this many 5-inch guns is still obviously gonna decimate any destroyers and I think it'd still be very effective against some of the enemy Cruiser designs it has six centerline stuff which doesn't currently have space for oh that's okay we'll reduce this stuff because yeah we don't need it to defend itself as well as it really ought to just be defending the fleet and because of that since light a a doesn't suppose Italy does not I might do this though instead supposedly light a a has less of a chance of destroying enemy aircraft but I'm gonna rely on the 5-inch guns to do that anyway two point five two point five that actually this is perfect except for this should be two point five as well speed of 31 we the only thing we're missing is more torpedoes so I'm gonna allow this to do torpedo stuff as well oops wrong way exactly there we go so I do want it to have torpedo tubes I may even go to a bigger size oh no we can drop this and that's where our extra torpedoes will come from okay we need to drop the rear ones by one should be enough perfect and then we'll just up gun a little bit 150 should be okay I kind of want a little bit oh we got see if this numbers changing all the time Oh probably because the torpedo tubes oh no no the secondary guns we dropped him off and I gave us a little bit of extra space as well okay so we might need to go up to the 90 100 again yeah we'll go up to 90 100 and cuz I'm gonna need that extra size for I think getting everything I want here okay whoops so we'd go like this and oh she has minds and we can give her more or less minds I think that that's a good idea actually more ammunition first let's give her one sixty five inch guns are gonna be firing off pretty fast how is she looking right now all is okay still good torpedo protection of one is still really expensive really expensive I've never given a like who's your torpedo defense before I'm not about to start now no that's not true I think that this is maybe a good suggestion that we do it let's find out how much okay no I think I can go up to ninety two hundred I don't know how much more can go up and that's still so prohibitive we I don't even know how we would do it take the deck down to two I guess okay now we can get two for your protection role okay for half an inch of deck I think it is worth it let's look at gun data so against let's let's arm against six inch guns since that's what she's gonna be fighting and she's still good all four deck basically deck is not gonna be problems at two is fine okay good so that I'm actually pretty happy about this that means torpedo of defection defensive two is fine we can do that this is crazy I never thought I would do that on a cruiser but it's so cheap to get to why not right three two is good maybe even want more than that now that's fine it's fine let's do incline belt because two inches of deck armors pretty good already do we need more speed let's do all or nothing which gives us even more I can probably drop this down back down to 91 and I think huh can't quite finagle the numbers I want here actually I'll probably drop them back down because I might as well go with massive amounts of torpedoes why is this changing okay it's sustained the same I'm guy thinking 11 on the lemon is fine um I just like everything about this thing where how do we still have so much weight remaining which no not a problem but where did it come from oh right all or nothing of course 31 is already fine I'm trying to anticipate all the different comments on might be getting so let's Jack to do that minds we want 90 minds on this thing that's not gonna happen sorry but maybe my sweet bean cure she can actually do it so ASW is not effective with is reduced but minesweeping what no i don't want to do it cuz it's just not the role this ship unfortunately when we reduce this we reduce the AAA effectiveness so eighty nine hundred is the lowest we can go to get what we want and that leaves us with 90 possible behinds that's a lot of minds 59 is a little bit better and I don't even want conning-tower armor three is fine well guess we'll go to four because that's still gonna be a ton of Mines what am I missing oh of course okay there we go now we know where the extra time should go so let's bump this back up 9100 I think we can find a way to get two airplanes still Wow okay we still have a sixth torpedo broadside we have torpedo reloads holy cow when it hit the magic number and it will have seaplanes we still don't have why the hell do we not have sea plane catapults it's my game bugged anyway there it is there's the Atlanta she has two aircraft which she can recover oh man I'm really happy we built this thing and it'll be the last thing we do in this episode too so we really didn't do very much yeah I know that she will have to stop to launch aircraft I'd almost like to build into her an ability I guess when we get catapults we'll just toss away one of the torpedo tubes in order to get catapults back here because I really would like to not have to slow down we saw I mean we stopped to slow down to ten I think to recover them no no it's why does it say to launch yeah we have to stop to launch but I think you have to slow down only to tend to recover but you don't have to stop or slow down to launch which would be very valuable huh all right all right all right we should only be launching and recovering once right so I think I'm okay with it I think I'm okay with it I mean we hit the magic number we hit zero this is a great ship good luck to her if she liked they let Atlanta did historically you counter with other cruisers but we've given her 12 5-inch guns she's not going to be completely defenseless and I will build that design give a maximum food publicity sell us yes anti-aircraft say no more so improved L light and medium effectiveness very good gradual damage control improvement very good I think we just will do this but I don't think there's anything which has changed nothing has changed I know that people might be there it's possible I've overlooked something but I feel pretty good about what we've built here so I'm gonna go ahead and these actually well one will be the class name itself but we do have some ships which are going to be put in here and build these are the special people trying hard fun on homeroom and some special people indeed there we go let me mark those names off has finally having been delivered upon and there we go so we'll build a few more of those as well I think that we could deal with six for starters which puts us just about neutral and budget which basically gives us the opportunity to still build a big ship if we want and that's what I'll do for this episode so maybe we advance a couple more turns because I don't feel like we've gone far enough um inertia now we don't need to do that silly people silly things Bodine um won't care we'll piss off France – oh good improved invasion abilities let's go take a look at and see what that has done for us mana everyone's stealing technology for us we really ought to get better at counterintelligence okay better you can't bomb around man I imagine that it's already great then and we're still developing that dive bomber we have the medium bomber which is just the better version okay well fantastic Oh reliability is poor so maybe we do need another medium bomber then that's not what I wanted to see and the fighter being poor means that the next thing we are gonna build is absolutely a fighter probably that means this one's gonna be taken out of the runnings I know that it's nice to have more firepower more maneuverability but poor reliability is just not something I want to deal with okay well we'll leave it up to the next wave of Fighters improve motor torpedo boats okay we have not used those yet don't think that they're very effective frankly it's nice to see that the radar is upgrading as well so we're even slightly better radar okay love more Corvettes and they want us to build another one at 10% discount we'll take the offer the name for this ship I guess that this should be from the list ox Haupt there it is uh no we don't want to do that at all increases radar detection chance very good okay good so we'll wrap it up here I'm pretty happy about the way this series is going again maybe next episode but very soon at least I'll be posting a straw poll actually the straw poll might go up on this video check for a straw poll in the comment section below about what nation I should played next I'm strongly leaning towards Japan but I also could I mean the other one that I see is potential real candidate is actually I think that you know all of them have their merits Great Britain obviously is the one I was I was about to say cuz that one was voted for quite a lot does take advantage of the carrier stuff but we might want to wait on the great British and the great British the British series is that is correct but we might want to wait on the British series until some of the more some of the bugs are ironed out and which case a Japan series might be just fine until like the missile technology and all that comes in I don't know but I'll let you guys vote as you'd like and I reserve right to veto and final judgment and all that you know fine print so thanks for watching and until the next episode take care

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  1. 31:00 TT armour is considered to be slightly less than the value given because it's angled slightly towards the front of the turret, so plunging fire coming down at an angle would be slightly more straight-on to the turret roof than the deck. Not sure if it counts with bombs; I imagine it probably does. In any case, 2.5" doesn't hurt anyway, purely for that splinter protection.

  2. 3:55 Well, yes, but actually no. The first time I found your channel was actually through Command Ops 2. I was looking for a tutorial series, and I found your series on it. I watched a few minutes of the first episode and didn't think much of it, so I stopped watching. Then, just a few weeks ago, I was looking again, and I thought "hey, maybe Tortuga has a series on it!" So I went and looked through your old videos and, hey, I recognise that thumbnail!

  3. June 20th 1940 – Berlin, Germany

    "Berlin" Bears thought to himself "Why the hell did they ask for my presence anyway? I'm no one special just a rank and file warrant officer in his late forties with no ship" he thought as he looked out of the plane window, Bears never liked flying he preffered to have his feet on something solid and if something went wrong he could at least run from it, "Now arriving at Tempelhof airport" the captins voice came over the loud speaker and not a minute later the plane touched down on the runway and taxied into an awaiting terminal, as Bears went to leave after grabbing his sack from the overhead he was greated by two naval officers standing at the end of the tunnel "Are you Warrant officer Bears by any chance?" The one on the left asked, "No, Im Kaiser Wilhelm the second, yes im Warrant Officer Bears" Bears joked which earned him an unamussed look from the officer on the left and laughter from the one on the right "we've been ordered by the grand admiral himself to escort you to headquaters" 'Lefty' said through gritted teeth "If you would follow us" he said as he turned on his heel to leave "Hard arse" Bears said under his breath which earned his a snicker from 'Righty'.
    After a couple of minutes walking through the airport, they get to the front, where a Kubelwagen awaits them, an annoyed driver at the wheel, "come on we aint got all day" He says in a gruff and tired voice. Without delay Bears opened the passenger door at the front and got in "No get in the back" 'Lefty' said in an exasperated tone, "get stuffed mate, Im the one getting escorted so I choose where I sit, got that lad?" 'Lefty' started to say something before giving up all the while 'Righty' was laughting his arse off.

    It was nearly 4pm when they got to Headquaters, without a word all three of them got out and walked in. Upon walking they were greeted by a 75 year old man with a walking cain although he didn't really seem to need it, "Greetings I hope you enjoyed your trip" He said in a Bavarian accent "Ah you must be Warrant Officer Bears" He said "You'd be right sir and you are?" Bears said "Oh where are my manners, my names Tortirpitz pleasure to meet you" He held out his hand for Bears to shake, Bears didnt want to accept it as this was the man who got his friends killed, but knowing the consequences of decking the old man there and then he shook the out stretched hand "So whats the reason ya summoned me?" Bears asked "Well its about your new charge, we've desided to shift you to the SMS Dolphin as they rather recently lost their forward gun commander due to erm a battle" He says "Does this include the French in anyway, shape or form" Bears askes "No" Came Tortirpitzs response "You leave in a week" and with that he turns and leaves.

  4. If you don't have floatplane catapults by now, I don't think you'll get them unless A) someone sells the tech to you, or B) maybe it gets unlocked automatically with carrier catapult tech. I got floatplane catapults around 1925-ish.

  5. I thought you would make your new carrier larger and use 0.5" flight deck armor. The weight of the flight deck armor was not a surprise. It's the same as deck armor weight. The comments about it not being able to stop bombs only applies to AP bombs, not to HE bombs. Plus it helps against splinters.

  6. I think you're underestimating float planes because they're not tactically useful. Strategically however, floatplane equipped ships are better at both raiding and trade protection; and it does seem (I'll do some experiments soon) to give a good ASW boost. I think these strategic bonuses start at just one floatplane without hangar or catapult, the weight of which is fairly trivial.

  7. In our timeline Wilhelm II lived until 194, to the age of 82. There is a pretty high probability he might not have ruled at that age any longer, though.

  8. Hey. So, I'm not even close to being caught up, but I noticed this and thought I'd point it out: you got the episode numbering wrong. This is the second "episode 58" in a row.

  9. Ahoy Tortuga, the Alaska type Super-Cruiser that I nay-sayed earlier is a very large battlecruiser, around 28,000 tons. A ship of that size is impractical and was clearly an American excess at the end of WWII. Too expensive to be built in sufficient numbers for either raiding or trade protection. The Deutschland type cruiser, OTOH, is actually much more suitable for either role. At only 16,000 tons or so, you can get a 30 knot ship with very heavy armor and sufficient big guns to absolutely wreck any raider they encounter. Unlike the larger Alaska, it is quite cheap, and maintenance is very similar to the current Hohenzollerns. The historical Deutschlands were an unfortunate compromise, sacrificing most of their armor in exchange for long-range diesel engines for raiding, but that was due to the 10,000 ton treaty limitations of the time (that they still overshot by several thousand tons). Since you are under no such limitation, you can use a little extra tonnage to put a 10" belt on, which renders the class immune to the 10" guns of most heavy cruisers at even short engagement ranges.

  10. In my opinion, make the last war one against Great Britain. You need to avenge the white peace and GB has a ton of colonies, basically too many. 😉

  11. Could you maybe send me the German-ship name list on Discord (ZillaFan89), I could make a second video about their pronunciation if you're interested. 🙂

  12. June 18th 1939 What a wonderful day this Sunday has been. We were enjoying the grand opening ceremony of my new ocean side mansion on island of Tortuga in the Deutches Caribeans. Being head of old wealthy noble line sure has its perks sometimes.

    Next weekend we will be celebrating the marriage of my oldest son Friedrich even tho I must admit I was furious when he revealed to me that his bride to be was already pregnant when he asked permission to marry her and as insult to injury she is lowly commoner! My wife managed to talk me over from disowning him on the spot. Conveniently the marriage can be held here on the colonies so this might stay under the radar on the high society…

    After all the fuzz is done I might even get some time to go fishing as I heard there are some good waters around here
    – from diary of Seve Von Teufel

  13. The previous Arado 254 was better. Check the medium load and heavy load. Old version could carry 1×2000 lb bomb while the new can carry 2×1000 lb. Regarding the heavy load, the old model could carry 2x2000lb while the improved model will carry just 2x1000lb. With other words you just lose a lot of punch for some toughness and speed/range. Also my chosen name for 1 ship will be Leo von Caprivi. He was a prusian general and the succesor of Bismark as chancellor.

  14. The Kaiser died in exile in the Netherlands in 1941. I imagine that in this timeline he would have been a lot healthier and might have lived to be a little older (he passed away at 82 years old)

    Search in Europa from Geert Mak in YouTube to get more information on the Kaiser, and a view of his house in Doorn

  15. Torpedo protection for CL is pretty critical unless you like losing them to random DD out of the night attacks, and submarine attacks. Torpedo II is quite cheap over Torpedo I, so its a good place to start if you have that.

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