Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 8th October 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 8th October 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

I’ll remember it my entire life that you, Ishika Rupesh Patel,
can love anyone except Roopendra Singh Vaghela. I’m sorry. Actually, it’s about
what happened in the forest. Regardless of whether
you believe it or not I’ve not done anything wrong with you. I can never do something wrong with any girl. Really. Roopendra! I’m okay. I’m okay. The letter which I wrote for you I meant every word of it. Yes, I love you a lot. In return.. In return I just want your love. I don’t want to have you
by force. No. If my love.. …bothers you then I promise that henceforth Roopendra Singh Vaghela
will never bother you again. Because I love you a lot. Although, so many things
have happened I’m not mad at you. Go away from here. It’s very late. Good night. Roopendra? Dad? I’m sorry, sir.
Actually.. Today.. Today, I drank liquor
for the first time. I’m telling the truth, sir. I promise you that henceforth you will face no problem because of me. Good night. I shall leave. I love you, Ishika. When I loved my father,
he told me that I’m not a good son. When I loved Ishika she told me that I’m not
good enough to be her lover. Do you know, God? Do you know? Oh, God. Although, I get mad at Roopendra his condition was very bad,
today. Please help him
reach home safely, God. It’s Mr. Ranveer’s call. Hello – I wasn’t able to sleep.
So, I thought I would talk to you if you were awake. Mr. Ranveer you know what I feel? I was quite rude
to Roopendra at college. He had been to my house. He was in a very bad condition.
He was drunk. I wonder how will he manage
to go home in such a condition! I love you, Ishika. I love you, Ishika. I love you. Listen. Listen, get up. It’s 3:30 a.m. Roopendra hasn’t
returned home yet. I’m worried.
– Just go to sleep. He must be sitting somewhere
feeling ashamed. If you could..
– Let me sleep. He’ll come. Even you should sleep. Mom.. I spoke to Ranveer.
He may be here anytime. Mom, I just called up Palak.
Roop is not over there either. What happened, Aunt? You made
me wake up at this hour. Ranveer, just go
and find Roopendra. You’re worrying unnecessarily. He’ll come back.
– No worries. I’ll go, myself.
– Aunt. Hang on. Why will you go
when there’s a man here? ‘I know Roopendra
is heavily drunk.’ ‘He must be lying on the street
in a drunk state.’ ‘This is the right opportunity.’ ‘I will put Roopendra to shame.’ Ranveer. Yes. Tell me.
– Both of us will come with you. Yes, Mom. If we have more people it will help
in finding him sooner. So, Ranveer,
even we will come with you. All right? Fine.
Come. Let’s go.
– See you. Let’s go. Oh, Goddess! Please save Roop. Hardik’s call! Hello.
– Ishika, this is Hardik. Roop is nowhere to be found.
Did he.. Did he come to your house
by any chance? What! He..
He didn’t reach home yet? ‘Oh, God!’ ‘Where could Roop be
if he’s not at Ishika’s house?’ ‘No.’
I-Is.. Is there any place.. Do you have any idea
where he could be right now? Where can I find him?
– No, but I.. ‘The call got disconnected!’ Sister Himani,
did you find Roop? No.
– Even we could not. Did you find Roop? – No.
I looked for him everywhere but I didn’t find him.
– Oh, Lord! Where did he go? How do I make the best
out of this situation? I should think of something. Ranveer! – Hello, Uncle!
– What happened? Uncle, I have just got
this information that Roopendra is roaming around
in a drunk state. He is doing all this
because of a girl. I thought, I must inform you. So, I have informed you. Yes.
I will go search for him. Don’t worry. I will bring him home, okay? Okay, Ranveer. Be careful
– Sure. You go to sleep.
Bye. Roopendra has started
consuming alcohol! ‘I wonder if he got
crushed under a vehicle.’ ‘If this happens,
I shall be very grateful.’ Let’s go to M.G Road.
– Okay. And you go to the bus stand. Come on, go.
– All right. I could not understand whom should I share
my feelings with. Where should I go? What should I do? So, I came here. You are the creator
of the universe. You have to answer me as to why You have
given me such a life! First, I lost my father’s love. Now.. Now, I have lost Ishika’s love. You know how much I love.. How much I love her.. I-I repair vehicles every day. How should I make
the vehicle of my life run? You will have to repair it. Y-You will have to guide me. Goddess! Protect my Roop! You are my last resort. Protect my Roop. Are you blind? Roop.. Roop! I love you, Ishika. I love you. Y-You sit down. S-Sit here Sit down. Roop, are you all right? Tell you what.. Roop, come back to senses. Your family is worried
about you. They are looking for you. Let’s go home. I love you, Ishika. I love you. But she doesn’t love you. I love you. She hates you. J-Just a minute. Just a minute. Did you find him? No, I couldn’t find him. Yes, Hardik. Mr. Ranveer, I..
I have found Roop. We both are near the temple
of Goddess Amba. Really? So, you found Roopendra,
is it? Okay, we will be there. Okay? Has he found Roop?
– Yes. Tell you what? Inform Himani
and brother-in-law. Okay? Okay. Come on, let’s go.
– Okay, come on. ‘I had thought’ ‘that they’d find Roopendra’s
dead body today.’ ‘But’ ‘they have found
Roopendra alive.’ I love.. – Roop.
– I love you, Ishika. Roop. Roop, come to your senses. Pal, come to your senses. We need to go home.
– You carry on. I wonder whether they found
Roopendra or not. Let me ask Hardik. Hello. – You will feel bad
upon hearing this, Ishika. But, we have found Roop.
He is safe and sound. Thank God! Hello. Thank God that they found him. No, Sister Kaushalya. No.. No, Sister Kaushalya.
Let me tell everyone. Everyone should come to know what he was earlier
and what has he become now. Look at him. He is standing
here fully drunk. Why is this happening with me? Roop, get a hold over yourself. You guys might remember. When he had returned
from the military school just like this
the entire village.. All of you had gathered here
to welcome him. Because you had
hoped that my son would become a cop someday and would make this entire
village and our colony famous. But see, what has this
wastrel become now! He doesn’t have any shame. He is standing fully drunk
in front of his parents. He thinks
that it is only my dream to make him a cop. Tell him the truth.
The entire village everyone in this colony wanted him to become
a cop someday and make everyone.. Sister Kaushalya.. Yes, Mr. Shamsher,
we had thought that he would become more
successful than you. But he has become an alcoholic. There must be some reason
for him to get drunk like this. There is no reason, ma’am. He was in love with a girl.
He was crazy about her. That girl humiliated him
in front of the entire college. That’s what happened. If he is that much
in love with that girl then tell him to go,
kidnap that girl and get married to her. He is such a weak
and good for nothing guy. He only wants to drown
himself in liquor and roam around on the streets
in the grief of losing the girl. He doesn’t want to do
anything else. But, Mr. Shamsher,
this is wrong. Who will assassin
their own character and ruin the reputation
of their family for the sake of a girl? Mister, he is an adult now. He never heeds my words now. I don’t know
how to make him understand. Kamla, at least
you make him understand. He never disobeys you
since his childhood, right? If you lose your reputation once then it takes a lifetime
to regain it, Kamla. None of you will say
anything to my mother. Everyone here is very proud. Everyone. Everyone here carries
high prestige. I won’t be able
to bear its burden. You yourselves
bear the burden of your pride and your ego.
Kindly excuse me, guys. You yourselves bear the burden.
– Come, let’s go. Here you go, Roop.
Have this. I am sorry, Mom. Yesterday,
for the first time I..

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