Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 7th December 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 7th December 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

What is the matter? This is very surprising. You are making room for me.. I mean, you are making
room for my clothes. That’s wonderful. ‘Ishika, because of Roopendra’ ‘there is always a smile
on your father’s face.’ ‘He takes such good
care of your father.’ ‘Do you also take
good care of him?’ This is my house.
My room. Just the way I stay organised even my room will
have to be organised. Right. You don’t take out your
clothes from your bag and scatter them all
over the room. Please. Ishika you are behaving
like a typical wife. Wife!
My foot! Here you go.
All your clothes. You yourself arrange them.
I won’t arrange them. Brother Ranveer there is some chemistry
between us. I hadn’t asked her to do this. Ishika herself was doing it. Ishika, you made room for my
clothes in your wardrobe. Very soon, you’ll give me
a place in your heart too. I am sure. Rupesh what are you thinking
about so deeply? Kanchan,
though we got Ishika married but her in-laws have
not accepted her. We haven’t told Ishika that we
went to her in-laws’ house. That Mr. Shamsher hasn’t
accepted this marriage yet. When Ishika comes
to know of this she will be quite upset. Definitely. But I will scold her. Children shouldn’t hide
anything from their parents. Rupesh, try to understand. Perhaps they didn’t
want to see us sad. That’s why they might’ve
kept this from us. They have returned from their
honeymoon recently. We shouldn’t upset them
by bringing up this topic. Roop, have you come? You are in the courtyard? Okay, fine. Come, let’s go. Actually, Roop,
the pictures you had sent of your honeymoon were
quite interesting. That’s why I won’t ask
how your honeymoon went. This is for you. And this one is for you. Thank you, Roop. May God protect you
from all evil eyes. You seem to be so happy
after your marriage. You seem to be in good place. ‘See, Aunt Kamla,
what Roopendra has done.’ ‘I will tell mom
about Ishika and me.’ ‘I will tell her everything
honestly and clearly.’ Mom I.. I want to tell
you something. Even I want to tell
you something. I.. I have purchased bracelets to give as a gift to Ishika. What! But how did you
convince dad for it? And where..
Where was the need for all this? What do you mean by that? You are my only son, and she
is my only daughter-in-law. It is my duty to do this.
You both look so happy together. By God’s grace you both should
be happy together like this for your entire life. His marriage won’t last
even for a couple of months let alone for a lifetime. Sister-in-law Kaushalya,
you should say positive things early in the morning. There is no separate time meant
to speak the truth, Kamla. He has married such a girl. She is very rude. She is a spitfire. Yes.
– And this guy. He doesn’t work.
Completely useless. His nature is exactly
opposite to hers. Now, you tell me.
Do they complement each other? No, right? He is right. Jigna walked
out on her husband and is living with her parents. Roopendra’s marriage
is not going to last. Just think who will be interested to make
Kinjal their daughter-in-law? Forget it, Sister. I don’t want to be
late for my duty because of this wastrel,
unemployed guy. And, yes.. Don’t you dare
step inside the house. Come on, let’s go. Please, Mom.
Don’t cry. Don’t wipe these tears away.
Let me shed these tears. Because these are tears
of anger, not sorrow. You are my son. Please tell me the truth. You truly love Ishika, right? Yes, Mom. I love her from the bottom
of my heart. Then I need not worry. Ups and downs are normal
in everyone’s married life. Because it takes time
to understand each other. By the way, the world
thinks that understanding and making others understand
is the duty of a wife. But I know you. You’ll also understand
your wife. Not just a good son, you’ll also
prove to be a good husband. That’s because
you value relationships. No matter what people
think and say.. Even if you and Ishika
are completely unlike each other I am fully confident that you’ll
establish the relationship between the hearts and carry
it out throughout your life. I promise you.
I’ll always support Ishika. No matter what happens, you’ll
not give up this relationship. You will prove your dad
and aunt wrong. All right? ‘I was here
to tell you the truth.’ ‘But you changed my truth.’ I will pray to Goddess Durga
that you stay together lifelong. ‘How did I forget that this
wasn’t a marriage but a deal?’ ‘In these 21 days, if Ishika
considers you her husband’ ‘and even tells that she likes
you, I’ll admit that you’ve won’ ‘and I’ve lost.’ ‘Let me convert
this fake marriage’ ‘into a genuine one first.’ ‘Later, I’ll speak to you
about my situation.’ ‘I won’t let you be proved wrong
from dad and aunt’s’ ‘point of view, Mom.’ ‘I won’t let your trust break.’ Good morning. – Good morning.
Good morning, dear. Dear, where’s Roopendra? I am here, right?
Why are you asking for him? He must be on his way.
– Until I see you two together I won’t have peace of mind. ‘Let alone lifelong,
his marriage won’t last’ ‘even for a few months.’ ‘Tell me the truth.’ ‘You truly love Ishika, right?’ ‘I give you 21 days.’ ‘In these 21 days, as a wife,
if Ishika considers you’ ‘her husband and even tells
that she likes you’ ‘I’ll admit that you’ve won
and I’ve lost.’ My parents are asking
when you are coming. Tell him that even you
are asking him that. I also want to know
when you are coming. I am coming in five minutes.
– Okay, bye. Here you go. Here’s my move. You two think
that I am insane. There’s a limit for cheating. What!
No. I am able to understand
your gesturing games. Let him come. Let my son-in-law come.
I’ll teach you all a lesson once he’s here. What do you mean? We are expert players. Do you think
Roopendra can beat us? You’re right, dear.
– Yes! ‘I want Ishika to be happy
all the time.’ ‘And even mom
wants her to be happy.’ ‘I will fulfill my promise,
Mom.’ ‘At least, until Mr. Rupesh
recovers completely.’ ‘I will try my best
to turn this relationship’ ‘into a real one by fulfilling
my responsibilities.’ ‘If I don’t succeed’ ‘then I’ll tell the truth
to mom.’ Roopendra! Please come..
Join us in the game. – Sure. Take a seat.
Look, these two are cheating and troubling me. Come on, play.. But you won’t win,
you’ll lose. Right, Dad? Don’t underestimate me. It’s not my nature to accept
failure without trying. We’ll see. You had to accept
my challenge, didn’t you? Yes, I accept your challenge not because I’m scared
that you’ll complain about me or that I want to prove
something to you. Don’t even have
any misunderstandings. I am accepting this challenge because I have
full confidence in myself. Besides,
I don’t have to do much. I just need to do
what I’ve done all my life. Love. Even I have to do
what I’ve done all my life. Hate.
You have 21 days left.. I’m sure that Ishika
will say that she likes me. Best of luck! A person who doubts
his ability needs luck. Definitely! Let’s wait and watch
as to what happens. Ishika.
– Yes, Mom? Where did I keep the fertilizer? Where did I keep it? Mom. – Yes?
– Don’t you think you’ve become slightly obese? You’ve started
forgetting things. Sorry.
I used some of it. Here is the fertilizer. By the way, Ishika I’ve got something
for you as well. – For me? What is it? Here it is.
It’s a pregnancy kit. What! – You’ve just come back
from honeymoon. Perhaps you’ll need it. N-No, I don’t need it. Why won’t you need it? Keep it with you. I know! Now-a-days,
everything is planned well. But you never know. Sometimes natural plans
prevail over all else. Right, Aunt? But, Sister-in-law,
I don’t need it. Please keep it. How can you not need it? Our family will grow. Right? You’ll have a baby.. You two are too much! She is feeling embarrassed. Oh, God! Along with this marriage I’ll also have to suffer
embarrassment! Oh, God!
Everyone tells girls all this. No one tells boys anything. I’m trapped in it.
I’m going through too much. How can I tell
sister-in-law the truth? It’s so embarrassing. Whom are you cursing now? I am in a bad mood.
Why are you getting bothered? I am not bothered. But change your mood sometimes. What’s this? This one.. Do you know
what it is used for? It’s mine.
Give it to me. What do you mean? Is there any good news? I mean, if it’s yours this means.. It’s not mine.
Vaishnavi gave it to me. Give it to me.
It’s a girl thing. What are you doing with this? But why did Vaishnavi give it to you?
Why do you need this? Give it to me.
You.. Why are you
not giving it to me? Hey! – What are you doing with
this? Why do you need this?

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  1. Roop is doing so much for Ishika, yet she acts so arrogant and rude to him. Wth, she doesn't even appreciate it.
    Ishika's character is getting really mean. I mean a little nock jock is fine, but this is too much.
    Ishika behave yourself bitch!

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  3. Isyka just selfish.
    Roop you divorce more better and than you married with.palag becsuse palag you.

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