Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 5th October 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 5th October 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

No matter how hard
you try to get me you can never have me because of your actions. I’ll never belong to you. I.. I used to think that you were a good person. I tried to understand you. Maybe I had even started
to understand you. But..
– But? You seemed
both good and bad to me. Your perspective was wrong.
Your intentions were wrong. This.. This letter..
Writing this letter was wrong. Keep it with you. I can never love you,
Roopendra. I hate you! Enough, Ishika! You’re making a huge mistake! What you’re saying is wrong! Fix that judgemental nature
of yours first. Hey.. Am I wrong?
Is Roopendra right? In that case, why are you his
friend and not his girlfriend? So.. Do you know why? It’s because a girl can never
love a characterless guy. Ishika! There’s a limit for everything.
Don’t you cross it. Please. Come on, Roop.
Let’s go. She has humiliated you enough. Come on. Roop, listen to me. Look.
Our plan didn’t go right. Everything went wrong
but please listen to me, Roop.. I’ll have to leave him alone
for a while. Hello.
– Sister Himani after Palak’s call
got disconnected I’m not able to call up
Roop, Hardik or Palak. And we want to know Ishika’s
answer to Roop’s letter. It might be a network issue. You’ll know when he comes home. Well, Ishika doesn’t have
any reason to reject Roop. No girl can reject
a good-natured and honest guy like Roop. That’s right.
– Bye. ‘I don’t love you.
I hate you.’ Ishika.. Do you really hate me that much? More than you know. You love her a lot
and she hates you just as much. If you had thought about it you wouldn’t have had
to experience this. Think about it. What was it that you did? You got admitted to this college where you learn to make tea
and wash blankets and ended up upsetting uncle. You’ve brought shame
to the great Vaghela family. Now, you humiliated
our family further by getting humiliated by a girl. Everyone in the city
will come to know of this. You’re here,
so that’s sure to happen. Stop. What do I even tell you?
I just don’t know. If I say anything,
you’ll get mad at me. Then you’ll say that you’ll
hit me in front of everyone. Roopendra seeing you in this state
makes me upset. We’re related by blood! I feel the pain
when you’re hurt. Here, wipe your tears away. Take it. Hey, don’t you think
you went overboard today? I mean,
you’re right in your place. But Roopendra doesn’t deserve such humiliation. What Ishika did was right. Guys like him
should be treated like that. If Ishika hadn’t done
what she did, Roopendra might’ve ruined the lives
of other girls in the future. Ishika,
I’m happy you said all that in front of everyone. If it were some other girl she wouldn’t have been able
to act so courageously. I salute your courage. If you don’t mind, shall I take
you away from this place? What do you say? Please. Please.. Ishika,
would you like to have tea? Listen, Sit down.
I’ll get you a cup of tea. Mister,
give me a cup of tea. ‘What’s happening to me?’ ‘I said such mean things
to him.’ ‘I taught him a lesson.’ ‘I should be happy about it.’ ‘So, why am I feeling
this strange pain?’ ‘What’s going on?’ Roop, you can stop now. Are you even listening to me? You’ve tortured yourself enough.
Stop doing that. Stop it, dear.
You need not do that. Roop. I’m telling you..
– Let me work. Stop doing that for the sake
of my friendship. Just do what I say.
Sit here. Come. You have been working hard
since morning. Have you lost it? I am not an alcoholic. You want to forget your pain,
don’t you? Have it then. Just drink it today for my sake. I won’t ever ask you
to do anything again. Drink it. Patel’s daughter has been
eyeing on Roopendra since a long time. First, she didn’t allow him
to become a cop and now, she insulted him
in front of everyone. Uncle I have learnt so far that she hardly cares
about him. Roopendra was running after her
all this while. He was crazy for her love. Believe me.
Kamla has pampered him a lot. His upbringing is to be blamed. Uncle. I don’t care about my honour. It’s you who has lost respect
due to this incident. Roopendra has neither
fulfilled your dream by becoming a cop nor is he able to get
himself a girlfriend. I wonder why my cousin brother
has gone wayward. I wonder how long he will keep
hurting your sentiments. We are helpless. Uncle, I feel pity on ourselves
and our family. But mostly, I pity you. Hey..
Shamsher. Where is Roopendra now? I don’t know. Are you fine, pal? I’m not fine, Hardik. You know how much I love dad. I love mom a lot. I even love my sisters a lot. You know, right? But the person whom I love
the most after them is.. I love Ishika a lot. I..
Have I wronged her? I.. Hello, Mom.
– Where are you? Why didn’t you return yet? I’m busy with work. I’ll work till late at night
in the garage. You are lying to me. Return home right now. I.. I have to go home right away. I am leaving. Indeed you should go home.
I will drop you there. Let’s go. Hey.. Of course,
you should return home. N-Never mind..
I will manage. I’m fine.
– Look at your condition. I’ll tell you what.. Rather, I will drop you home. I will drop you at your place. Shut up.
I agreed to you once, right? Return the favour. You can sleep here
in the garage. I’ll meet you in the morning.
You are intoxicated. You are drunk.
I will meet you tomorrow. Roop. Please return
to your former self. I can’t see you in this condition. Please return
to your former self. ‘What can I do to return
to my former self?’ Where did the sound
come from? What was that? Let me find out. It came from there.. No. What.. I’m Roopendra. Please don’t scream.
I’m here to have a word with you.
– Let go.. You had your chance. It’s my turn now. Please. I.. Now, I realise that let alone loving me.. You hardly care about me. But there is something
that I don’t understand. Why did you have to announce it
in front of people? Why did you hurt my feelings? You took the right step. That’s because
I will take it as a lesson for the rest of my life that you Ishika Rupesh Patel,
can love anyone but not me.

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