Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 29th May 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 29th May 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

‘Vaghela House.’ Go inside. Well, what you have done today has made the village proud. You can still wear
that uniform. Hello, Ashok.
Join us. Hello, Shamsher.
Your record is great. You know what? Apologise
and forget this matter. We have snacks and sherbet.
You can party if you want. Your job is at stake. You cannot fight the boss. Don’t try to teach me who the boss is. Hearing your words,
you seem like cowards. Shamsher..
– Hey! You raise your voice
before a man and you become a pet
to women. According to that,
you are cowards. That’s it! Men and tigers are gradually becoming extinct. Let me tell you,
I don’t mind being suspended a thousand times
for a man’s honour. I don’t care. If you didn’t want
to salute why did you come
to collect the trophy? I am a man. And I don’t try to avoid
problems, I face it! Rather,
you have made it worse. Ma’am, talk some sense
into this fool. Think with a calm mind,
Shamsher. We’ll get going now.
Goodbye. Bring tea and snacks
for me, inside. Well.. May I say something?
– I’m listening. You should do
what you think is right but the future
of three daughters and one son is at stake. You had to salute
the position of the woman and not the woman herself. Consider that and salute her. Pick it up and eat it! Consider that the floor
is the plate. Stop! If you open your mouth now,
it should be to eat that! Go and eat it. Please forgive me.. Eat it! I married you and made you
what you are today. You are now known
as Mrs. Kamla Shamsher Singh. But even now,
you are only worthy of eating my leftovers
off the floor. Do you think that woman
who became an SP just a few days ago is worthy
of getting a salute from me? A tiger can die hungry
but it would never eat grass. You are right, dear!
You are right. The village is talking
about this incident. The people are calling you
a tiger. But your wife doesn’t seem
to understand that. Get out!
Go from here, just leave. Roop! Roop, stop.
Wait! Dad, how do I look? Stop this! Kinjal! Jigna! Yes, Dad.
– Who draped this on him? Nobody, Dad. He must have
draped it on his own or he must have seen
mom drape it. You should have stopped him.
That’s my point. Won’t you stop him if he
tries to jump into the well? He is a kid.
A little child! You should teach him
how to drape a turban not a sari. And what do you do
all day at home? Don’t you ever think
of teaching your brother to drape a turban? Come here. Come quickly!
Take it off, come on. Men wear turbans. Dad, it hurts. And you two, bring a sketch pen.
The black one. Dad, it’s hurting me.
– You’re a boy! Boys don’t feel pain. Boys don’t cry,
they make people cry. Give me that. Come with me. Stand here and tell me how my boy looks. Now, you look like a man. You’re a man and that is how
a man is supposed to be. Hail Lord Shiva! May I always
stay hale and hearty. ‘Officer Shamsher Singh
refused to salute the SP.’ He did the right thing. These days, people stoop
to any level for their jobs. Yes!
– But Mr. Shamsher has done something
we all can take pride over. Hurray!
– Hurray! Hurray!
– Hurray! We wish to take
his blessings. What is he doing right now?
– He is doing what men do. Hello, Mr. Shamsher!
– Hello, Mr. Shamsher! Hello, Mr. Shamsher!
– Hello, Mr. Shamsher! Hello, Mr. Biku. What brings you here?
– You have made us proud. You are our inspiration.
We wish to touch your feet. I did what a man should do. Mr. Shamsher, people
in the village are praising you. Hey, not you! Before touching my feet cut your hair short
and wear men’s clothes. Does it look good
for a man to have long tresses like a woman? And look at yourself!
You’re so weak. A man is not like a stick
that can break in one blow. A man should look strong. He should be able to break
boulders with his bare hands. Become stronger, emotionally
and physically. Else, when you get married your wife will have the upper
hand and make you his pet. Where are Roopendra’s shoes?
They were right here. So Roop locked himself
in his room for hours to set up this doll house? Yes, Mom. Roop collects all our dolls and
teddy bears and keeps them here. Roop has made a different world
with these toys. He plays with them,
talks to them gets mad at them and sleeps
next to them when he is tired. And.. And what about this?
– This teddy bear? Since this is so soft,
Roop loves it. ‘Now you have become
a man.’ ‘You are a man and that is how
men are supposed to be.’ Done. Wait, stop. Let me apply this
to avoid your skin from drying. Is this a new body lotion?
– Yes, give me that. Loose motion? Oh, gosh! Dear, you have loose motion? Not loose motion, Aunt!
Body lotion. This never lets your skin
become dry. You mean, you want to apply
this women’s product? We have buffalo ghee
and mustard oil at home. Why don’t you warm that up
and apply? Gosh!
That smells disgusting! I don’t want to apply that.
– Oh! So you want to apply
women’s fragrant cream? Roop, wear your shoes. Talk some sense into him,
Kamla. My brother wants
to make him a prince while your daughters
want to turn him into a girl. Sister.. Do only girls
apply body lotion? Boys apply it too. Come on, Himani,
get him dressed else he might get late
for school. Sister Himani, come soon.
We need to pick up Palak too. I have told you so many times to not think about it. If you stop thinking about it it
won’t cause you any more pain. Of course,
there is pain, Mom. I topped my class
from first grade to the tenth. This is the time
I would leave for school. I would return
in the afternoon. My time of travelling
is still the same but the reason is different. Now, I just travel
to pick up and drop Roop. I spend the rest of my day
doing household chores. Mom, I could have
studied further. You completed the tenth grade.
You have studied enough. You expect us to send you
to college? Then you might tell us
to send you to Mumbai University and then London University. What if you end up having
an affair with a foreigner and bringing us shame? Besides, what will you do
by studying so much? Serve the country? You have to eventually be
in the kitchen, cooking. Look at me. I have only
completed the fifth grade. Does that mean I’m stupid? I can win an argument
against anyone be it a plumber or doctor. Sister Himani, come soon.
I might miss my class. Roopendra is getting late
for school. Quickly go
and drop him off. Sister Himani,
you took so long. Palak must be waiting.
Come soon. Bye, Mom! Where is my breakfast?
– Coming! How many times do I have
to tell you to be punctual? We should have our meals
on time. Yes, the breakfast is ready.
I’ll get it right away. Who did this to the newspaper
early in the morning? No, Brother!
Don’t think that mice did this. I have done it. ‘Officer Shamsher Singh
refused to salute the SP.’ This was the headline. Hail Lord Shiva! May I always
be hale and hearty! So that I can do good
for you and keep praising you. This article
was on the front page. So I cut it off and put it up
for everyone to see. So that the people know
how generous my brother is and so that you inspire
little boys to become men. How was that?
– Well.. When I was getting promoted the news was on the eighth page. And when I opposed
a woman the news came
on the front page. Unbelievable! Palak! Come soon! Hurry up, dear. Mom. – You might get late
for school. Get in. Here’s your bag.
Eat your lunch. Bye, dear. Bye.
– Bye! – Bye! Make sure, it’s a tight knot
or it might open. If your laces are undone,
you might fall. Give me the bag,
let me hold it. I wonder why we have to wear
shoes with laces, to school. Palak, can’t you wake up early
and get ready properly? What do I do, Ms. Himani?
I didn’t wake up on time. Neither did anyone
wake me up. Look, mom couldn’t
even make my braids. Please make the braids
even today. Please save me
from the teacher’s scolding. How do I do it in here? Let us reach school first. Don’t move and don’t talk
or I won’t be able to do it. Stop laughing. You move more
than an auto-rickshaw. Stay still. I cannot stay still
for more than a minute. Listen, there is a party
at my house tonight. We’re celebrating
my parents’ anniversary. My dad mentioned
that he’d invite your family. You should come too, okay?
– Okay. Hello, Mr. Shamsher. Hello, ma’am. Hello, sir. Such a huge incident happened and you finally
got the time to meet me. Sit. – You are always surrounded
by controversies. Bring another cup of tea. Sometimes it’s a small one,
and sometimes, it’s huge. But I’m here to invite you
for something I did long ago! Jitu, what did you do?
– I had got married! Jitu, you’re too much. – Today
is my wedding anniversary. We’ve arranged a small party
and you must come. By the way, when is your
parents’ marriage anniversary? I don’t know. My dad never celebrates it. Here you go, it’s done. Wow! Thank you, Roop. If I ever get late,
I won’t be worried since you will always
make my braids. Shall we go?
Or we might get late for class. Besides,
it’s ‘Game Day’ today. Let’s see what game
we’ll get to play. – Okay. Greetings, ma’am. Have some tea. Shamsher, you must come
with your family. Jitu, actually.. Kamla is a little sick. So she won’t come.
– Ma’am.. She’s a little sick, right?
So she can come for little time. What say, Ms. Kamla? Shamsher, look, anniversaries
are a once-a-year event. If you don’t show up
with your entire family I’ll get really upset. There will be two
competitions today. First will be a 100-meter race. And the second competition
will be threading a needle. You all may choose
your task. And the main competition
will be between the runners and the ones
who will thread needles. So if the runners complete
the task before the others thread needles,
they will win. And if the threading of needles is done before the race is
complete they will win. Understood?
– Yes, teacher! Yes, but it’s not just
one needle. You need to thread
ten needles. Whoever wishes to run in the
race may stand on my right. And the ones who want to thread
needles may stand on my left. ‘Mom, I am not able
to do this.’ ‘Give me that.
Let me thread the needle.’ ‘Yes, give it to Roop.
He can do it instantly.’ Roopendra,
why did you come here? You should run. – No, I want
to participate in this. Palak, you should
thread needles. Why do you have to run?
– I’ll run faster than you! Get it? Roop, come here
and run with us. No, I don’t want to run. Roopendra, what happened?
Don’t you want to run? No, I want
to thread needles. Okay, then.
Ready? Yes, teacher! Come on, Palak!
Come on! The one who has won third prize
in today’s competition is Aryan Shah. The second prize winner today
is Palak Garodia. And the winner
who has won first prize is Roopendra Singh Vaghela who has won in threading
needles, and not a race. By the way, the job of threading
needles is that of girls yet he has won. Look, I won first prize! Wow! In what competition? The choice was between running
a race and threading needles. So I thread ten needles quickly
and I won first prize. And I got this trophy too. Unbelievable! My son won a trophy. So tell me, my tiger,
what was the competition about?

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