Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 28th September 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 28th September 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

I will propose you
as soon as you wake up. I will tell you that I love you, Ishika. Where are you, Ishika? Ishika! But why is she alone? She is coming towards me. This is the right chance. I’ll become her hero. Oh, my God! I have found a wild cat
in the jungle. This is the problem
of being a crazy lover. Her fever is increasing. She is tired.
I cannot even wake her up. What do I do? Ms. Hina, you are here.
– Hi. You are alone..
– You are alone at this hour. Relax, guys.
I’m absolutely fine. Actually,
I am very adventurous. I like to have fun
and be adventurous in life. That is why
I go trekking sometimes. Excuse me, ma’am. I think you have not heard
this particular old saying. A single girl
is like an open treasure box. And it’s not a safe place,
you know. So, take the help
of guys like me next time.
I will not refuse. Well, I am an inspector. I have built these muscles
to protect girls like you. Did it hurt? Well, girls like me don’t need
the help of boys like you. You see, my bag.. This bag.. It contains many such weapons to defeat well-built men
like you. The most important weapon is,
belief in girl power. Girl power, you see! So, thanks.
But no thanks. I will never take help
from men like you who treat girls
like an open treasure box. Thank you. What are you guys doing here?
– Well.. – Actually.. We had come here
for our college picnic. But two of our friends
are lost in the jungle. You mean, Roop and..
– Ishika. Ishika. Yes. D-Do you know Roop?
– Where is he? Did you meet him? – I met them.
– Where? – Where? Where are they?
– Where are they? If you go this way straight ahead and turn right and then straight again,
you will meet them. Thank you so much.
– Yes. It’s okay.
– Thank you so much. I was coming to ask for help. I have an idea.
I’ll guide you. Otherwise, I think
you guys will be confused. Yes, please.
– Thank you so much. It means a lot.
– Let’s go. Let’s go straight from here.
– Okay. My military hostel experience
will help me now. I hope this will reduce
your fever. I am feeling cold. Hey!
– Yes. Roop and Ishika are 100 metres
away from here. Thank you so much.
You’re an angel. That’s okay. But that guy..
That guy seems a devil. That inspector..
– Yes. He doesn’t seem
to be a good man. Be careful about him. He can create problems.
– Okay. Thank you. Thank you so much.
– You’re most welcome. Means a lot.
Thank you. Bye.
– Bye. God, please keep
Roop and Ishika safe and let them always be together. By the time you guys find
Roopendra and Ishika I would have already
reached there. Roopendra, your death
is coming to you. You love sleeping, right? Sleep forever now. What are you doing? Have you gone crazy? I will not spare you if you target Roop. What! Was I targeting Roopendra? Are you out of your mind? Roopendra is my younger brother. Would I shoot him? Nonsense. I saw a wild animal.
That is why.. It must have been a bear. That is why I took my gun out. Stop talking nonsense. You think nonsense. If Ishika would get shot..
– Then? Then what?
– You would be happy, right? W-Why would I be happy? She was an obstacle
in your love. Come on. You want the same, too. Look,
what is happening there. Ishika is taking your place
of a friend in Roopendra’s life. What do you mean? Who has been the most restless from the time
Roopendra is being searched? He is my brother. But you are very restless. Yes, that’s because
he is my friend. I’ll be restless,
I laugh, I cry or I do anything.. How does it matter to you? And it is better if you
don’t notice my reactions. But this is what
my eyes have noticed. Ishika has trapped Roopendra. She has driven him crazy. My uncle is also very angry due to this behaviour of Ishika. I always believe in solving
the problem completely. If you want,
I can kill Ishika. Or you can do it on your own. It’s okay. Take a deep breath. Did you think that I’ll pull the trigger? As long as Palak is with Roop she will not let Roop
and his love get in harm’s way. Get it? By the way,
I’m going to call everybody. During this span of time if Roop and Ishika are harmed then, mark my words.. The first person to be the witness against you
will be me. Do you understand? Brother,
you got saved today. No worries.. Maybe next time. But I’ll not spare you. I’m sure that Ranveer
is going to harm Roop. In fact, he must’ve done
something to Roop by now. What should we do now,
Kinjal? Now.. Now, I’ll give a call
to Brother-in-law Himanshu because only diamond
can cut diamond and similarly, a policeman
will fix another of his kind. Hello.
– Tell me, Kinjal. Brother-in-law Himanshu.. Thank God, we found them. It would’ve been difficult
to find them in this dense jungle. What.. What is he doing
behind that jacket? Did you see?
Didn’t I tell you about him? We were worrying
about them and here,
they are having fun. Sandy is never wrong. Stop your nonsense! You talk crass, man! Wow! What a photograph! Isn’t this the same as the kettle
calling the pot black? You can’t keep
your desires at bay and you try to correct us! Guys, look! This so-called lover boy was hanging around
with a girl in the jungles. Guess what was going on
behind the jacket! What say, Ishika? Don’t you dare say
something bad about Ishika and her character..
I’ll not spare you! Get back! Ishika, this photograph is portraying a different story
altogether. Don’t listen to anybody. You should pay heed
to my words. Trust me. They.. Hold this! I’m a part of this. How could I.. You will never mend
your ways, Roopendra. Excuse me! What did you just say? First, you need to mend
your vulgar mind-set. Only then, you accuse Roopendra. Roop can never do this..
– She is right, Ishika. Roop is my friend and he never do
such a shameless act. Maybe you have
misunderstood things. Please try to..
– Enough! Enough of this. Ishika, please listen. Leave my hand! Ishika, I least care about
what people think of me but it’s different
when it comes to you. It is time for me
to make an entrance. Time for gameplay. I never wronged you.
Don’t listen.. – Really? You say, you did nothing. So, you are saying
that Ishika voluntarily submitted herself to you. What nonsense! Ishika isn’t at fault. She was feeling cold,
so I.. I definitely thought
that you were a ruffian but at the same time I thought that you
respected girls and that you’re not a lecher
like other boys. But today,
you showed your true colours. Characterless! ‘Wow!’ ‘First, I snatched
away his dad..’ ‘And now, Ishika is mine.’ ‘You’ll be all alone,
Roopendra.’ Ishika, listen to me.
Ishika.. Don’t touch her! You’ve humiliated
Ms. Ishika enough. Better stay away from her.. Forever. Roop. – Let’s go.
– Come on. Roopendra..
– That’s it. Palak, let’s go. Just a moment. Hello. Tell me. Any news? Okay. Thank you. Himanshu..
– They found Roop and Ishika. The local police had called up. They said, everybody
will return by night. Tonight? So much happened
with the two of them.. They should rest tonight. Don’t you feel something
strange is happening? Ishika, just a moment. Please give me a chance
to clear the misunderstanding. Just one chance. Roopendra,
ever since she came here she has been crying. I had a tough time
consoling her. She’ll cry more
if she sees you all the time. What happened was wrong. I didn’t expect
this lowly act from you. Whether people believe you
or not I definitely believe you. She is right, Roop. Very soon,
we’ll make Ishika realise that you didn’t do
anything wrong with her. Let’s go.
The bus is ready to leave. I hit the bullseye today! This is called killing two birds
with one stone. I defamed Roopendra and also separated him
from Ishika forever. Let me give this good news
to uncle. We made a big mistake,
Himanshu. We shouldn’t have waited
for Kinjal to reply. We should’ve gone sooner
to help Roop. Let’s hurry up.
– Okay. Hello. Yes, sir.
They have been found. Ishika is fine.
There’s no need to worry. Okay? Bye. Roop it was Ranveer and I
who saw you two, first. What? This means,
the group didn’t find us. First.. First, Ranveer
and I spotted you and Ishika. And then, Ranveer
was alone there because I want back
to alert everybody that you and Ishika are safe. ‘Sorry, Roop.
I’m not feeling bad.’ ‘What happened was good.’ ‘After what happened
in the jungle’ ‘Ishika will never talk to you.’ ‘With this development,
I’ll be with you.’ ‘And then, you can spend
more time with me.’

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