Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 28th May 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 28th May 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Mom, father is awake! Father is awake! Sister Himani, father is awake! Father is awake! Mom.. Father is awake! Mom, be careful. Use the piece of cloth. Do all your work with Lord Ram in your heart. Hail Lord Hanuman! Get water in a copper vessel,
brush and his shaving kit. I forgot the towel. It’s on
the roof. Get it quickly. Go. Hail the Goddess. Hail the Goddess. Where is my life? I will get him. Father, water.
Please gargle. I know.
Who is the father here? You.
– So, who will say what to do? It will be you.
– So? Yes, Dad. What?
– Yes, Father! I will get him.
Roop! Hail the Goddess, Father. I saw everyone early
in the morning. But when will I see the one I want to see? Yes, Father.
I will call him. Roop! Roop! One.. Two.. Three.. Four.. Five.. Six.. Seven..
– Roop! Roop, your father
is calling you. Roop, our father
is looking for you. Roop! Roop, we have been
calling you for so long. Didn’t you hear us? I can hear you but you can’t see
that the tea is boiling. Father is getting enraged. Go, I will make the tea. Oh!
– Okay, tell me the steps. After counting to 20,
add sugar. After counting to 65,
strain the tea. Okay.
– Listen.. – Stop speaking. Otherwise, our father
will scold everyone. Come on, get off the stool. Hey, Roop! Roop! Roop, stop! Good morning, Dad! – Roop. Come here, my dear! Now that I have seen you,
I can relax. Sit.
Hold this. Hey! Will you keep working
in the kitchen or you will take care of my son! My son! What did you do?
You gave birth to three girls. I worked hard for a son. I have done my duty
of being a father. But when will you fulfil
the duty of being a mother? Well, I..
– Stop blabbering like a fool! Go and make fresh ‘Bajre
Ki Roti’ for me and my son. Yes.
– Stop! You go. What is your brother’s name?
– Roopendra. – Roopendra. What is his full name? Roopendra Singh Waghela. When his name, Roopendra,
screams of masculinity why do you address him as Roop? Is he Queen Roopmati?
That’s a feminine name! Come on, tell me
your mother’s name. It’s K-Kamla. No, before getting married to me
it was Kamlesh Kumari. Was mom’s name
Kamlesh Kumari? Yes, dear. Perhaps, her father wanted a son and he had thought
of a name as well. Kamlesh Kumar! But he got a daughter instead. His wish wasn’t fulfilled,
but he used the same name to console himself. But girls should have
a feminine name. Did you get it? And how should
the names of boys be? Masculine..
– Last time! This is the last time
I am saying it! You all will have to address
him as Roopendra! Yes. Kinjal!
– Yes, Father! The newspaper is here. Yes, Father. I got it. Why are you two standing here
staring at me? Go and mind your business. ‘Page number five.’ ‘The criminal behind
the year 2003 bomb blast’ ‘has asked for a parole
to get married.’ Put more clarified butter
on the Rotis. Temper the dish and place
jaggery on the plate as well. Okay. ‘Page number eight.’ ‘At the Sardar Patel ground’ ‘SP Durga Devi Agrawal’ ‘will felicitate the capable
police officers’ ‘by rewarding them.’ Dad, do you know
about the trophy that you are going
to get today? I am the best in protecting
the entire village. They have printed the news about
the thieves on the first page and mine on the eighth page. I want to shred
that newspaper into pieces and take all the reporters
to the task. Himani! Go and wash it.
– Yes, Mom. Dad is coming.. Hail Lord! May I live healthily! Hail Lord!
May I live healthily! The first one for my adult lion
and the second one for his cub! The first one for my adult lion and the second one for his cub! Come on now. Have breakfast. Come.
Hey, listen. Take this inside.
Come on. Quick. Have your food. I’ll be back by four. And, Mom, 10 to 12 people
from my department will also be there. Keep everything ready.
– Okay. Shamsher,
it’s an auspicious day today. Firstly, you’re getting a trophy and let me give you
the second one. As soon I came out of the temple I met the mason Shambhu. He was saying that
your new house will ready in around 25 days. The work is going on
really fast. But, Dad, this is our house. Why would we go to another house
in order to stay there? Because this is
a government quarter and not ours. And I don’t like being
dependent on anyone. That’s why I’m building
my own house. Just a few more days
in this government house and then we shall go
to our own house. Today, I shall bring
your favourite sweet. ‘Chikna Halwa’ from Lal Qila? Please, Dad!
– Sure. I shall leave now. Put a nice table
under the place where I keep all my trophies. The trophy I’ll win now will be kept over there. Move! Bye, Dad! ‘We welcome all the brave hearts
of the police department’ ‘at Sardar Patel Police Ground.’ ‘It is a proud day
for the police.’ ‘Today the four brave and
capable policemen’ ‘of the district
will be felicitated’ ‘by respected
Ms. Durga Devi Aggarwal.’ ‘So, firstly,
Sub-Inspector Ashok Ashar.’ Mother Goddess, bless my husband with success just like that. These medals and trophies
are my pride. When he brings
with his medals and trophies I feel as if I have won them. Kamala if you just keep
ringing the bell, we’ll starve. Put down the holy platter and take up the rolling pin,
quickly. Oh, my! Oh! Roopendra.
Dear. What is this?
You left the gun again. Come on.
Take this gun and come with me. Come on. Hey, girl. Where do
you think you’re going? Go back. Come on, dear. ‘Finally, we would like to call
the bravest inspector’ ‘of the department.’ ‘Who mere name makes the goons
of the district flee.’ ‘And not just his name’ ‘but even his deeds
are of a lion.’ ‘Inspector Shamsher Singh’ ‘Waghela.’ Shamsher. Give a salute. One needs to be a real man in order to be a policeman.
You understand? And my son is truly one. Right? Do you know? The department has
given dozens of trophies and gold medallion to my son. It seems this time,
in order to decorate everything we have to buy a new showcase. Shamsher, what are you doing? Salute the SP. I don’t salute a woman. Now raise your hands
whoever wants to take a photo with Shamsher. Okay. Sure. He’ll take a photo
with everyone but all of you come
at 4 o’clock sharp. Although we won’t take money
for taking a photo but do bring your phones
with camera. Shamsher, salute. Whatever I have done has made me
and my department proud. Now, I can’t disgrace myself
by saluting her. Shamsher SP Durga Devi is our captain. And it’s against the norm
not to salute the captain. Whoever she is,
she is still a woman. And I won’t compromise
with my principles for her. Then your trophy will be
taken away from you and you’ll be suspended. Perhaps, you don’t know me. Ms. Durga Devi. I’m not afraid of anyone. Nor can anyone compel me. Suspend me if you want to it doesn’t matter to me. Then you’re suspended for your indiscipline. Where is Roopendra? Roopendra? Has anyone seen Roopendra? Ms. Kaushalya,
Roopendra is playing hopscotch with the girls. Oh, dear!
Roopendra! Hey, Roopendra! I won! Yes! Yes!
– Roopendra. Hey, kid.
What’s going on? Your father has gone to take
a medal for being a hero and here you are playing
a game meant for girls. Oh, wow.. You people are here! Now it looks like a
proper celebration. Great! What about the garland?
Where is it? – It’s here. All right. Then remember
to put one after the other. Today is a special day for him. I’ve put the tablecloth that my mother had given me
during my wedding. Pay attention.. As soon as my brother arrives everyone should shout out
his name first. After that, you should start
playing your music. Play the dhol as loudly
as you can. Did everyone understand?
Now, listen.. I have to go inside and finish
all the arrangements. You guys should call me as soon
as Shamsher arrives here. All right.
I’ll be right back. Roopendra, leave that.
I’ll manage on my own. Why do you call me Roopendra? You should call me Roop.
It sounds sweeter. Only father calls me
Roopendra. These will look good on you. Shall I help you?
– Hey.. Leave it.. I’ll do it myself. Roop, you’ve been helping her
from so long. You should help me too.
Come with me. Sister Kinjal, you want
to wear these? But they won’t suit you. I think you’re right.
Not these. These..
Help me wear these smaller ones. Mother, may I ask you something? Yes, go on. I’ve been seeing this from my
childhood that you work so hard throughout the day and dress up
every evening but father rarely looks at you. Then why all this? I have also seen the same things
in my childhood that you’ve seen in yours. My mother, sisters-in-law and
the women dressed up everyday and waited for their husbands
after the sun went down. Didn’t matter to them if their
husbands took notice or not. I also like to dress up
and wait for my husband. Mother, I don’t understand
all this. You’ll understand everything
after I get you married. Now, go from here
and let me finish my makeup. Kamla, are you done with your
make-up? This is enough. My brother might arrive
any moment. You guys, hurry up..
Come on. Shamsher Singh Waghela!
– Hail.. Play the music..
– Start.. Hey, stop..
Stop all this. There’s no need for this. Sister, shall we go there? Mother, can we go there?
– Okay, go. Kinjal, go with him.
– Come on. I’ve been telling you all
to stop all this and that this is not needed. Himani and Jigna, come. Come on..
Come inside. Hey..
What happened, Brother.. They have just come here
to celebrate because you’ve won a trophy. Are you all blind or what?
Do you see a trophy in my hands? Where is the trophy? I didn’t get any trophy.
I got suspended instead. Suspended?
But why? Ma’am, he insulted you in front
of so many people. He was wrong. It’s not about my insult. It’s about his ideas. After meeting Shamsher Singh
I’ve been left wondering about how he’d treat a woman who’d come to his station
to file a complaint. As it is people are scared
of the police. And if such people work
in our department then our reputation
will be at risk. The idea that women are ordinary should come to an end. This very idea that men have is what we need to change. Do women think men
to be their like make-up? That they do
whatever they feel like. I refused to salute her
and that’s why she suspended me. All of you tell me..
Was I wrong? Ma’am, he is otherwise
efficient in his work. And the entire police
department knows that he is an able officer. I don’t know what
the department saw in him to think that he’s able. He isn’t able,
he is uncivilised. He is stubborn and arrogant. This is how I am. And that’s because I am a man.. And every man has the right to
live his life on his own terms. And right now I feel
like celebrating. Wow..
– Mr. Hitesh, help yourself. Yes.
– Go on. The news
about how this officer feels must have spread
to the entire city. He has insulted a woman.
And that’s why until he apologises in public and assures everyone that he’ll respect every woman he’ll remain suspended. Is that clear now?
– Yes, ma’am. You may leave now. I don’t care
about what’s going to happen. But I’ll never salute a woman. Hey, guys.. Did you come to a funeral?
Why are you so serious? Play some music..
Play the dhol.. Come on.. Come on, play it..
– Play it.. Repeat after me..
Bye.. Bye.. – Bye..
– Bye.. No matter what
we’ll never salute a woman. We’ll not..
– We’ll not.. Repeat after me..
– Bye..

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