Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 27th September 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 27th September 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

L-Lion.. There is a lion here. Look, you are really unwell. If your condition worsens
how will I find a doctor here? Wear this shirt. Please.
Here you go. But I have a condition. Why did he jump into the water
after that girl? I will leave now!
– No, Uncle.. There is no need. I am here, right?
I will take care of it. The local police are helping
and all the students are here. Don’t worry. I will bring
your son, Roopendra, back. Don’t you trust me?
– Of course, Ranveer but please take care
of everything there. Listen, tell me
if anything happens. Call me whenever you want.
All right? You won’t look at me until I wear my clothes back. Oh, Goddess! Please take
care of my son, Roop. Kamla, collect yourself. Don’t worry.
Roop knows how to swim. He had learnt everything
at the military school. Does that mean he will jump
into the water like this? If he knew to jump, he would
jump from the Mount Everest! And for which girl?
He jumped for the girl who creates problems for him
and insults his father! He jumped after her! What happened? I have been calling Ishika
for the past four hours but I am unable to reach her.
If Vandana picks up the call we will get to know about her. The call has connected! Hello.. Yes, Vandana!
Can you hear me? Hello! ‘Sir, Ishika drowned
in the river.’ What! – ‘And even Roopendra
jumped to save her’ ‘but we can’t find them.’ Ishika! Ishika! Roopendra is too much!
He had to go on a picnic. Roopendra! Why didn’t you guys bring
a battery or a torch on the picnic? You are roaming
around with a flame. Ishika! I remember your condition. I will be back soon. I am hungry. My head is aching. And he has gone on a walk
in this forest. Forester! I hope no wild animal
comes this way. A lion.. Ishika!
– Roop! – Roopendra! Ishika!
– Roop! Roop!
– Where is Roop? Hardik, it is a dense forest. What if a wild animal
attacks him? How would Roop be?
– This is the limit, Palak. You are still worried
only about Roop and not Ishika. If you hadn’t pushed her then Roop wouldn’t have been
in this trouble. Did you get it? He is such an idiot. Why am I in this situation that too, with this idiot?
I am stuck alone in this forest. Snake.. There is a snake here!
– Where is it? I can’t see it. Look the other way. Look the other way.. Come on..
– Hey, why are you beating me? What did I do?
– Hey, you saw me! I had told you that you can’t
see me until I wear my clothes. I didn’t do it deliberately.
You were yelling about a snake so I..
I turned to protect you. Nonsense!
– Am I being nonsensical? You are being nonsensical. I am a poor,
hungry and ill girl. And you went to take
a stroll in the forest. You started debating again. It’s good that you
aren’t a judge. Otherwise, so many innocents
would have been punished. Nonsense! Pal, Roopendra
is so lucky, right? I mean he is with Ishika
in this forest at night. I wonder what must be happening
between them. Sandy, being passionate
comes with being young. That’s right.
– What did you say? You just need a chance
to speak nonsense! What.. Do you even think
before speaking? Why are you getting bothered? The entire college knows
that Roopendra loves Ishika. He is crazy for her. I mean he keeps finding excuses
to fight with her. Do you know
what that is known as? This is known as the first
sign of being in love.. Get lost! As if it’s the sign
of being in love! – Oh! Do you even know
what you are saying? Hey!
– How would a boy like you know what love is? – Hey, get lost!
– Palak, leave him! Do you know what my problem is?
You are! – Sandy! Get lost!
– Get lost! – Hey.. Leave!
– What are you doing? Enough! It’s more important to look
for Roop and Ishika. Come on. Here you go. Eat it.
– What is it? Take it. Do you think I am a rabbit? How will I eat
this raw vegetable? You and a rabbit?
It’s not possible. Have you ever seen a rabbit?
It’s so innocent and harmless.
But you are so hostile! You keep beating me up. I am good the way I am.
Do you have a problem? You think that you
are very smart, right? Then make
this vegetable palatable. Now, my studies of
hotel management and military school
will be put to work. Have you ever seen such
a unique combination? You wouldn’t have. Until then, eat this.
Humans eat it raw. If needed,
shall I cook it as well? What is it?
– Take it. Watermelon!
I don’t want to eat it! Have you become a forester
after staying here? And how will I eat it
without slicing it? Use your mouth..
– I’ll have to slice it, right? How do I get a knife?
Give it back. Here you go. Take the entire fruit. Why are you being so thoughtful? I am fulfilling my promise. I had promised your father that I will keep you safe
and take care of you. Now, please eat it. ‘I will have to divert
Ishika’s mind’ ‘so that her fever
doesn’t increase.’ ‘I won’t mind if I have
to fight with her.’ ‘Oh, Goddess’ ‘please listen to my plea.
Save my daughter.’ What is this?
Why are you praying so much? Are you regretting your sins? Nothing will happen
by seeking forgiveness. You have to change
your thoughts and behaviour. Let’s go.
The food is getting cold. Kanchan, don’t worry. Roopendra is with Ishika. I have seen a spark
and courage in his eyes. He will not let
anything happen to Ishika. Here you go.
I have cooked it. Eat it. Now, don’t ask for pasta sauce,
spices and ketchup here. You won’t get that here. Think that it is your
favourite dish and eat it. We have run out of firewood.
I will get some more. Hey! Where are you going? Even you haven’t eaten anything. Here you go. Eat it. Hold it. Eat it.
Otherwise, you will say that my parents
haven’t taught me manners and I ate all the food. ‘Her strictness is a facade.’ ‘But in reality,
she is sweet and soft.’ ‘She is just like a coconut.’ ‘She isn’t a rabbit.
She is Ms. Coconut.’ ‘He is intelligent.’ ‘He is indeed smart.’ ‘I just hope
that he wasn’t a goon’ ‘and knew how to praise girls
and impress them.’ ‘Just like Inspector Ranveer.’ Where are they? I swear!
If I find them I will separate them.. Ishika I have found your locket. Soon, I will attain you as well. Please take your clothes. Wear them.
Otherwise, you will say that you fell ill because of me. I won’t blame you but I want to say
something to you. Tell me.
– Actually, I have been trying to say something to you
for a long time but I am nervous and afraid as well. Okay.. Until I express my feelings I will remain restless. So, Ishika Rupesh Patel our first meeting was weird. Both of us weren’t at fault. After that, whenever we met we kept fighting. But trust me, I have never
had this experience before. At first, I used to get vexed
at your anger. So, I named you as Ms. Attitude. And I am..
I am sorry for that. But after that, slowly..
I wonder when but I started to like our fights and tiffs. When we didn’t fight I used to miss it. When you used to snap
your fingers and address me
as Mr. Gawker and a goon.. I started to like it. In short, I started to love
your anger as well. I started to feel that there is only you with whom I can fight
all my life and yet, I can apologise
and abate your anger. You are the one with whom I want
to drown in the river of life and reach its shore. You are the one
with whom I want to get lost in a dense forest. Seriously. You are the only one
with whom I want to grow old. Do you know why? Because I.. Because I.. Because I love you, Ishika.. I love you, Ishika. Your timing is impeccable. I said all this after gathering
so much courage but You made my princess
fall asleep. Good. But I will become
your prince charming. I want to keep staring
at you all my life. Because I am
your Mr. Gawker, right? We are out of firewood.
I will have to collect more. I will back in a jiffy. Thank God that I found
a human in this forest. Excuse me. Seeing you here..
I mean I am feeling relaxed after seeing a human here. Seriously!
But I come here often to trek.
– In this forest? I know it may seem
awkward to you but I love coming here.
I love to trek. You know..
Close to nature. I reached here
after a long walk. But I don’t think
you are here for trekking. Is everything fine?
Oh, sorry.. By the way, I am Hina.
– Roop. How did you reach here?
– Actually, I.. Ishika has fallen ill
and she is alone. So, I have to rush back to her. It seems
that you love her a lot. She is very lucky. She will be lucky when I express
my love to her. What? Haven’t you proposed
to her yet? Is it a one-sided love?
That’s really sad. I had planned to propose to her
during the college picnic and express my feelings,
but yet.. – One second. I have something for you. Usually, one should propose
to a girl with a rose but you won’t find it here. So, use this. Yes, propose to her
with chocolates. She will feel good. Now, go and express
your feelings to her. All the best. Thank you. – As far as getting
out of this forest is concerned I will figure out something.
I will send someone to help you. Really?
– Yes.. In the meantime, go. Tell her.
– Thank you. Bye.. Bye! I will propose to you
as soon as you wake up. I will tell you that I love you, Ishika.

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