Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 27th June 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 27th June 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

‘Mom, my shoes wore out again.’ ‘I have to buy new ones now.’ ‘Roop, why are you being
so adamant!’ {an5}’I told you that it won’t fit!
That’s it!’ {an5}’How can I let you fight
that monster all alone?’ Dad, I’m ready
for this challenge. Hey! Ranveer and you can fight. I will be carefree, okay? Aunt, what do you mean
by that? I will be that person who supervises a fight. Aunt, that’s ‘referee’,
not ‘carefree’. Enough! Enough! Kinjal, you understood that,
didn’t you? Then shut up! Very good! Why are you hiding like a loser? Attack like a lion! Don’t hit me there! Can’t you even bear
such a light blow? I’ve got a rash there! Whatever.. Come on, start! ‘Roopendra has broken
somebody’s head.’ ‘Mr. Shamsher, greetings!’ ‘Your son is very good.’ Roopendra, try harder!
Get out of his grip! Grab his neck! Stand up.. Very good!
Stand up! ‘Dad, shoes for Kinjal..’ ‘If you defeat him’ ‘I will give you anything.’ Very good! May God bless you.. Oh!
Get up! Very good! That’s my son! Yes! – Yes!
– Come on, Roopendra! Come on!
– Go, Roopendra! Yes! – Brother!
– Good! Yes!
Roopendra won! This is cheating! This is cheating! This is cheating! Get lost, you moron! This is cheating! I won’t accept Roopendra
as the winner! This is cheating..
– Shut up! Sister, it feels proud. A father feels proud when
his son wins a wrestling match. Dad, forget all that. You will bring shoes
for Sister Kinjal, won’t you? Yes, I will. Go. Add two spoons of homemade ghee
into milk and have it. Go. Yes! I want to leave for the duty.
Do this. Make some ‘Bajre Ka Rotla’
and curry. What you did was wrong. What did you say? You used the bond
between a sister and a brother to fulfill your wish. This is wrong. Wrong? Come on, say that again.
Say it. Yes. What you did was wrong. You shouldn’t have done this. I will do all it takes to transform Roopendra
into a strong man. I don’t mind using
any relationship for that. Your son has won.
You should be happy. But you get happy when your son threads a needle
or wears a sari. He has won a wrestling bout. He has done something manly.
Be glad. Don’t argue now.
I want to report to duty. Go, prepare the food. Ouch! Dad says that a man
never feels pain. But I’m hurting all over. Be careful. Roop. Are you mad? You fought for my shoes. What if something
had happened to you? A brother would obviously
feel useless if his sister wears
worn-out shoes. Hold on..
Even I will do that! Sir! – How dare you hold
my son by his neck! Scoundrel! – Sir! Hold him tight! – Sir. Two women have come here
to file an FIR. Okay, I’m coming over. Here, take this. Continue.
– Hey! Why aren’t you taking down
the complaint? Who are you waiting for? See, our DSP is coming here.
He will take down the complaint. Mr. Shamsher..
– DSP Shamsher Singh Vaghela. First one,
Roop got the medal for bravery. Second one, Roop featured
in a newspaper. Third one, people are
praising Roop in the village. And, the fourth one my brother, Roop,
won the wrestling match, too. But you are shamelessly
having ‘Halwa’ here? Go ahead, devour it, you moron! ‘Roop, wait and watch.’ Roopendra! Get up!
I said, get up! Hey.. You will have this ‘Halwa’
only if you win. Or else, I will slap you. Oh..
– Move. What’s all this, Ranveer? Calm down. No, Ms. Kamla.
For Roopendra’s sake. Nobody must interfere. Come. Fight me. Come on! There should be only love
between brothers. Why should we fight? Stop pacifying me. I’m not pacifying you. It was a matter of
Sister Kinjal’s shoes. Otherwise,
I wouldn’t have fought. I accept that you are brave
and strong, too. Ms. Moti, did you hear that? Even Roopendra accepts
that I’m brave. Okay. Oh, come on!
I have to accept it. You are indeed brave. Why, Kinjal?
Why are you making faces? Tell me, am I brave or not? Yes. Ranveer!
Dear, you are brave and a brother to Roopendra, too. And brothers never fight, okay? So, say that we are brothers. Okay. We are brothers. Roopendra! Ranveer!
Let’s play! Come, Roopendra.
Let’s go and play. It will be fun!
Come. Well, I have to file an FIR. Against whom? Against her husband. Why do you have to file an FIR
against her husband? Actually,
she wants to file an FIR. She is Sanskriti. She teaches math in our school. And what do you teach? How to make boys
dress like girls? Instigating a woman
against her husband and causing clashes? You are so skilled at it, ma’am.
Take a seat. But Meenal didn’t instigate me. I had asked her to help me. My husband.. Her husband beats her. File an FIR. – So, your husband
beats you up? Show me the marks
where he hit you. Hey! She already told you
that her husband beats her and you want to see marks! All right, let’s not do that. How hard did he beat you? The concern isn’t
how hard he beat her. The concern is how can a man
make hands upon a woman? Lodge FIR. Hey! Call up this math teacher’s
husband. Let’s make him understand. Sure.
Number? 959420.. It was fun! Roopendra!
– Wait.. There are so many sugarcanes
outside Mr. Kaushal’s house. Come on, let’s sneak some away
and eat them. Yes, stealing sugarcanes
from others’ homes is a joy unto its own. Why? Don’t sugarcanes from your home
taste good enough? Roopendra,
don’t ask so many questions. Come with us
and take a sugarcane. No. I’ll go home
and have ‘Gajar Ka Halwa’. There you go. Take one.
Take it. Have sugarcane first
and then, have ‘Halwa’. Take it.
Take it already. Give me a sugarcane, too, sir. Go and take one from over there. First, dance for us,
and only then you can have it. Tejas, why are you
troubling him? He is a small kid. It’s fun to watch
a small kid dancing. Come on.. Do you enjoy every wrong thing? Sir, she dominates me.
Let alone beating her.. I have never even raised
my voice against her. She threatens to file a case
over every little thing. And she blackmails me
with the name of law. And she does all this because
I own some land in my village. And Sanskriti wants me
to sell that and get a necklace for her. He is lying! I see. She won’t show the marks,
yet he is lying. What I was thinking is
when I get married my wife will stay at home
only if she stays in her limits. Or else, I’ll send her back
to her house. Yes! When I get married I’ll dominate my wife. Why?
– You fool! A wife is bound to fear
her husband. That’s why, all men
dominate their wives. So, I want an innocent wife. Who does whatever I say. Roopendra.. How will you take care
of your wife? I will love my wife a lot. I will never scold her. So that she doesn’t fear me and doesn’t lie to me, either. So, mister..
If you don’t become rich how long will the law
stand by you? You shouldn’t forget your status
and your wife’s rights owing to your love for her. I will take care of my wife. Whenever she would be down
with cold or fever I will take her to doctor,
be it a male doctor or a lady doctor. Also, I’ll celebrate
our marriage anniversary every year
and throw a party, too. And I will invite you all. He is your husband. If you keep him happy
and share his sorrows he will make more progress. What good is the necklace if your husband is not happy?
Whom will you impress? I had come here to seek justice. And you are lecturing me here. And you become rich. When will you learn
to keep your wife within limits? I will ask my wife to
take a day off on Sunday just like we have a holiday
at school every Sunday. I will do all her chores. We will go outdoors
and have lots of fun. We will enjoy each other’s
company like friends. And we will enjoy
like we are doing now. That’s what you think. But no man ever does that. Come home,
I will give you justice today. And Ms. Meenal,
stay away from my wife. Justice has been done.
Case dismissed. Shamsher, you are not the law.
You should have filed an FIR. As per me..
– I’m not doing so bad either so as to rely
on your suggestions. One more woman had come.
See. Hasn’t she left happily? Even you leave.
Your students await you. Teacher, please leave. She will give me suggestions? But sir, our job is to
take down complaints. What’s wrong with what I did? I showed the husband
where he belongs and explained the wife
her rights. They will stay happy
from tomorrow onwards. Thank God
that the women in my house know their limits. Come to my cabin,
I will show you. Yes, sir. Hey, truck!
– Look, a truck! Hey, Roopendra!
Let’s go and hang off it. No way!
We’ll get injured if we fall. Oh, come on!
Nothing will go wrong. Yes! Let’s go..
– Yes. – It will be fun! Come. Come.
– Come.. Hey, Roop!
Come on.. Hey, come..
Come on, Roopendra! Come, Roopendra.
It will be fun. Come. Come..
Come. Come up. It will be fun..
Come. Hey, the truck is going faster! Everybody, jump quickly!
Jump! Hey, jump!
– Roopendra, jump. Jump!
– Jump, Roopendra! Jump! Roopendra! Let’s go. Get down! Jump!
– Jump! Come on, jump!
– Tejas! Where are you?
Get me down! Tejas! Tejas!

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