Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 26th February 2019 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 26th February 2019 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop, why are you
standing outside? Come, let’s go inside.
Let’s attend the wedding. What happened?
Why are you quiet? Well, the matter is.. ‘Anish did not come here.’ ‘I have been waiting
for him too.’ ‘He asked me to stitch
his ‘sherwani’ urgently’ ‘and he is missing.’ ‘Girls born in the soil’ ‘do not have the chance
of a second marriage.’ Can you ask your team
to track Mr. Anish’s phone or can you get his bike traced? It will be easy to find him if
we find out one of these things. Good idea. I’ll get Anish’s mobile and bike
traced immediately. Hello. ‘This is the revenge
of Ranveer’s death.’ ‘Shamsher, your pride,
respect, reputation’ ‘and family will be destroyed.’ We’ll look for him.
You look for him too. Roop, did you find out anything? Roop, you have been looking
for Mr. Anish since night. Tell me something at least.
What is happening? I want to help you too. It’s okay.
How is Sister Jigna? She cried and slept. Ishika, I’ll call you back. Yes, Sister Himani.
– Anish’s bike has been found near the old temple. I’m going there right now.
– Okay, I’m coming. Okay.
– Okay. ‘I think Mr. Anish’s friends
had mentioned the same number.’ Mr. Anish. Mr. Anish. Mr. Anish, get up.
Mr. Anish. Mr. Anish, get up. Is anybody there? Roop. Roop, what happened?
Where is Mr. Anish? Sister Jigna, he is
in the operation theatre. Roop. Sister Jigna,
you cannot go inside. He is being operated. Control yourself. Sister-in-law Jigna,
please control yourself. Sister-in-law Jigna,
please don’t lose hope. Mr. Anish has been found.
He is being treated. Everything is going to be okay. Yes, Sister Jigna.
Everything is going to be okay. N-Nothing will be okay, Ishika. Nothing will be okay. This is happening because of me. Mr. Anish wouldn’t be
in this condition today if he wasn’t with me. Dad and the village council
was right. Any girl born in this soil
cannot get married twice. I will also not get married
again. I will never get married. Ishika, I don’t want
to get married again. Sister Jigna, please.
Please don’t cry. Everything is going to be okay.
Nothing will happen to Anish. Excuse me.
– Sister-in-law Jigna. Please ask the doctor to save Mr. Anish’s life. I will never marry him.
Please. Don’t worry.
Everything is going to be okay. Ishika, take care
of Sister Jigna. I’ll be back. Are you all right? Dad. – Roopendra,
Shamsher is not at home. He.. Tell me.
– Dad, I want to meet you right now. Now?
– Now! And I want to meet you
at the police station because a son doesn’t want
to meet his dad but a complainant wants
to meet the DSP with regard
to a mysterious crime. Okay. Write a FIR. This is why
you have called me here. I am sure that only
DSP Shamsher Singh Vaghela can solve this case through his intelligence
and experience. Anybody can file a FIR.
Go. Inspector Patel is outside.
Meet him. He will file it.
Go. But, Dad, I want you
to find the person.. Don’t behave like a kid. How will I find him?
Tell me. Many vehicles go on that road. Dad, your family is suffering but you still don’t want
to support your family. Why don’t you want to punish
the person who attacked your daughter?
– Nothing has happened to her. It is a minor scratch.
That’s it. How do you know
that it is just a scratch? I have read the previous FIR
that you had filed. Understood? Listen to me carefully now. I have no ties with Anish. I don’t care whether
he is dead or alive. One more thing. I am doing everything
for my family’s safety. I am not like you
who puts them in trouble. Dad, Mr. Anish
is Sister Jigna’s life. Whose happiness
are you protecting then? And physical protection
is not the only way to protect your family. Instead, you have to protect
their hopes, emotions and happiness too. ‘Poor Roopendra still has hope’ ‘that his dad
will set things right.’ ‘But he is unable to understand’ ‘that there is only darkness
now.’ ‘The storm is yet to hit him.’ Sister-in-law Jigna. Sister-in-law Jigna, stop. Stop, Sister-in-law Jigna. What happened?
– What happened? I am asking her
from a long time. But Sister-in-law Jigna
is not answering me. Jigna, please stop crying. Tell me,
what did the doctor say? The doctor told me that Mr. Anish’s condition
is critical. And he cannot tell us
when he will be all right. The doctor doesn’t even know whether he will be all right
or not. Jigna, don’t say that. Bad things..
Don’t say bad things. No. – Jigna.
– Sister Jigna. Jigna, no matter how much
you try you will still come to me. No matter how much people try
to separate you from me I think your destiny is bad. No matter what is written
in Sister-in-law Jigna’s destiny but she won’t stay with you
and suffer. Jigna, come with me.
Let’s go inside. Come.
– Wait. I heard about Anish,
it was unfortunate. What will you do now? Find a
third husband for your sister? There is still time. Come back to me, Jigna. Looks like you have
a poor memory. You’ve forgotten the wounds
I gave you the last time. I’ll have to make you remember. Roop! Don’t make a scene
here at the hospital. Roop, what are you doing?
Let go of him. Do you think my hands are tied? Do everything you can,
Roopendra I’ll get Jigna back. I won’t let my family’s and mine
reputation go to ruin. Your reputation
is already ruined. Now I’ll destroy it utterly. Don’t forget that Jigna’s
elder sister, Himani is a police officer.
Understood? And even her brother,
Roopendra Singh Vaghela will not spare you. I will make you pay for the pain
you’ve caused my sister. Jigna, he got two tight
slaps on both sides so his ears are clean now. What you’ve been saying
until now, say it again so that his mind
also becomes clean. You never deserved me. And even if you’re the last
man left in this world I won’t ever come back to you. You heard her. Get out of here now. Otherwise, I’d break your legs. I won’t spare you. I bribed the village jury
to scare your sister. But you’re the real virus who has fouled her thinking. Now I’ll make your life in this village hellish. Jigna, stop! Jigna, why are you doing this? You all know the answer to that. Don’t stop me. We have to stop you, Jigna. Because you’re doing
this in a hurry. If you’ve forgotten,
then let me remind you that you and Mr. Anish together
took this decision of getting married. It wasn’t you alone,
Mr. Anish also had a say in this.
– But he.. Not ifs or buts, Jigna. Mr. Anish is unconscious
right now. He’ll regain consciousness
in a while. After that, no matter what
decision the two of you make we won’t stop you.
But until then.. Please stay calm until then. Let’s first find out
what Mr. Anish’s wish is. After that, you can decide
what you want. Okay? Jigna, I’ll meet Mr. Anish. And I promise,
everything will be all right. Hello there. You went to get your wife
and have returned with wounds. You got beaten,
that too from women! I should beat you, Samru.
– Why? You gave me this rubbish
idea of talking to Jigna. I couldn’t talk to her
and got beaten up. Jigna is not like that. That Roopendra has spoiled her. If it was up to me..
– Oh, hey.. You know what Mr. Shamsher
said, right? If you hurt Jigna even a bit.. No matter how angry he is
with Roopendra but she must not get hurt. He is a DSP in such a big city you have to listen
to what he says. But you can get what you want. How?
– I have an idea. Good morning.
Your bed coffee. To improve your mood. Roop, I know that you’re very upset
because of what happened. Seeing you mood,
everyone can tell how the whole family’s
mood is. If you’re happy,
everyone’s happy. And when you’re sad,
everyone’s sad. So leave your sadness
right here. So that mother-in-law Kinjal, Jigna and I can be happy. For taking care of my family for loving me so much thank you. Yes, because I agreed
to this marriage because of your family. Otherwise, you.. Phone! It’s the doctor.
Hello? Thank you.
Thank you, Doctor. Mr. Anish is better now. He’ll regain consciousness
in a few hours. I’ll go to see him. – Wow,
that’s such a good news. Right, Jigna? Everyone, quickly get ready. Let’s start the hotel’s work. I’ll also get vegetables
and ration. Otherwise, what would
we feed the customers? Let’s go.. Can’t feed?
What do you mean? How..
Sir, we have a contract. Sir, we’ve to prepare
the tiffins of the school kids by tomorrow morning.
Hello? Hello? What happened, Roop?
– Mom, our.. Our contract to prepare
the tiffins got cancelled.

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