Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 26th December 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 26th December 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Have you come empty-handed? I thought you would’ve brought
the property documents.. And get it signed from me before I make my way
to the heavens.. I was just joking.
– Don’t you even mention it. I had seen the state that you
were in, the whole week. I won’t let go of you
that easily. Moreover, I’ve to spend
a lot of days here. So, I’ll be dictating everything
and passing orders.. I command you.. Help me drink some water. By God’s grace,
Roop is fine now. But I don’t understand
as to how do I tell him this. But it’s important
to share it with him. Oh, Goddess!
Help me out. Well.. I wanted to tell you something.
– Tell me. ‘He is already quite angry
to see Ishika at the hospital.’ ‘How do I tell him that Ishika
and her parents’ ‘are going to stay
at our place?’ Come on, tell me. Are you planning
to stand here all day? Well.. Roop.. Roopendra and Ishika.. I don’t want to hear a word
about that girl. I only wish that my son
recovers soon and then.. We will go to our home
with our entire family. Excuse me, sir. It’s time
for the patient to sleep. It’s almost 7 p.m. Only one member of his family
can stay with him. Please co-operate. Take care of yourself. Just go to sleep, okay? I will see you tomorrow. Dad, the wound on your feet
hasn’t healed yet. You won’t say but I know
that it hurts a lot. Go home and get some rest. Someone else can stay with me. I don’t have any trouble
in staying back. If you’ve any problem,
tell me. I’m very happy that Roopendra’s
condition is normal. Yes, Mom. Roopendra will be here soon. So, I thought of cleaning
the entire house myself. But does his father know
that we are here? He doesn’t know. I.. I tried to muster all my courage
and tell him. As I was about to tell him.. He left.
And I couldn’t say anything. When he comes to know about it God knows, what he will do! Mom, don’t worry. It’s all right if you couldn’t
tell him back then. But do tell him
before he returns home. You’re going to the hospital
tomorrow, right? Do tell him then. Okay? May God save Purvi! When the time was right,
she displayed her courage and helped us. What would’ve happened
otherwise? Mom, you’re right. I’ll call Purvi right away. Ranveer..
He can’t be trusted. Hello, Purvi, how are you? I’m good.
How is Roopendra? He is all right. He will return home tomorrow. Purvi.. I’m deeply concerned about you.
And Ranveer.. He is very dangerous.
Stay away from him, please. If he bothers you,
if you’re in need of help call me up immediately, okay?
– No.. It’s all right.
Ishika, I’ll call you later. I’ve some work. Take care.
– But.. What happened? I don’t know, Mom. But she hung up,
all of a sudden. Would she be in some kind
of trouble? No, dear.. If that was the case,
she would’ve told you. Very good. Keep your mouth shut like this,
going forward. Okay? Now get out. Stop. Come here. Your steps are too cautious,
like that of a scared cat. Back then, you were quite fiery. Yes! Because you were beating me! N-No..
Y-You should stay away from me. Is it? Don’t your touch me. Like this?
Shouldn’t I touch you? No..
– Please. Can you do something for me?
– Yes.. You can?
– Yes.. Do you see that vase?
– Yes. Please get that for me. Good girl. You’re so courageous. So gutsy that you ended up
helping everyone. And you knocked my head
as well. You’re so daring! But it lacked a punch. I wasn’t even looking at you. You must prove how gutsy
you are. Do one thing. In order to prove it,
hit your head with this vase. No..
No, Ranveer, I’m leaving. Hey! Will you do it or should I? Don’t do this, please.
– What is it? You scared? Now, I’m totally focused on you. Show me what you’ve got. Mother-in-law.. Ishika. Where is Mother-in-law? She went to the hospital. To the hospital? That too, alone? Didn’t she tell anyone? All right.
I too shall go to the hospital. Take care of yourself.
– Yes. I’ve got all your medicines. Doctor, how is he? He has recovered very well. He can go home today. But he must get enough rest
at home as well. Take care. Who are you waiting for? Dad, I..
– Your mom, right? She must be on her way.
Get ready by then. Excuse me, sir.
The discharge papers are ready. You’ll have to complete
a few formalities at the reception.
– Okay. – Thank you. I’ll be back after completing
these formalities. How do I tell Dad as to who I am waiting for? Ishika is home. Let me tell it to him right now. He is here! So, these pills
along with food? I’m glad that you’re here,
Kamla. Go and meet your son. He has been waiting for you
for so long. Well..
– Go on.. What is it? I wanted to tell you something. Make it quick. The discharge
papers will be ready now. Well.. Ishika..
– Enough. I’m thinking about taking
my son home and you’re.. You’re talking
about that bad omen.. I don’t want to hear anything
about her. She is here again? No, stop right there. Hey, you. Listen to me carefully. I’m going to take my son to my house, ‘Vaghela Nivas’. He isn’t going to your house.
Do you get it? Kamla, hear me out. I want her to stay away
from Roopendra. Do you get it? Are you clear? I’ll go meet the doctor once
and we’ll go home with our son. ‘How do I tell him now?’ ‘Before he finds her parents
at our home’ ‘I must tell him.’ ‘Or else, it will lead
to a huge trouble.’ Dad, why did we get down here? Just come with me.
Don’t ask too many questions. Come on, this way. I’ve planned a surprise for you. This is my surprise for you. But, Dad, how did you find time
for all this? Well, there is this thing
called phone, right? Come. A grand welcome is waiting
for you at ‘Vaghela Nivas’. ‘Ishika is nowhere to be seen.’ You know, Ishika..
She is staying at our home. What is it? No, they are staying..
– Hey! What are you saying? I have to welcome my son. All the villagers will be
in awe of it. With my head help up high,
I will welcome him inside. Everyone used to make fun
of our relationship, right? Now, everyone will know that
there is no rift between us. Hey, Roopendra!
– But.. ‘Goddess, I leave it up to you.’ I can see a concern
on each one of your faces. As to the reason
behind this celebration. Right? Because this is the happiest day
of my life. Today, I’m proud of my son. Because this lion heart
saved his father’s life. His father was going
to get shot. But he put himself on the line
for me and took the bullet
on his chest! Dad, it was my shoulder.. Well, it is.. You took it on your chest. The bullets slipped
as it hit you.. He was shot on his chest! Is there anyone else
in this village like him? Who would do such a thing?
Tell me! One day, because of him,
you hung your head in shame. And now, he has made you proud. I organised this
to celebrate it. Isn’t it?
Hit the drums! Come on, dear. Let’s go home.
– That’s great, Shamsher. Come on, shut up. It was a thing of the past.
Forget it. Come on, dear.
Let’s go inside. Thank you, Dad. My brave son,
why are you thanking me? You’ve made me so proud today. I should be thanking you.
Right? Come on, let’s go home.
– I don’t see Ishika anywhere. Go home and get some rest. We’ll take care of such
trivial matters later. Kamla, you have the veneration
platter with you all the time? Where is it now?
Bring it. Well.. Sister, ward off the evil eyes.
– Yes.. ‘Ishika is nowhere to be seen.
Let me call her up.’ Are you okay?
Why are you still standing here? Didn’t you sleep last night,
anticipating his return? Go on,
get the veneration platter. No, I want to tell..
– Come on, get it. You’ve got to venerate him.
Quickly. Come on, keep it in.. Go on, venerate him first. Well.. I want to tell you
something important.. You can tell me later, go on.. Ishika. Mom, our family looks
complete now, isn’t it? Ishika, venerate him. Your husband has returned,
safe and sound. Enough!

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