Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 26th April 2019 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 26th April 2019 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

To tell you the truth,
I was missing Roop a lot. But I can never allow his
birthday not to be celebrated because of me. Come on, let’s cut the cake. Your aunt has made it. Come on. He will be so happy to see me. “Happy birthday to you.” ‘This morning,
when I gave him the offering’ ‘after the veneration,
he didn’t take it.’ ‘You aren’t so far apart’ ‘that you won’t wish him
on his birthday.’ ‘So, do come
to wish Roop today.’ ‘I had thought that you wouldn’t
celebrate without me.’ ‘But you seem to be happy
without me.’ ‘Your family is complete
without me.’ ‘Perhaps, you do not need me.’ ‘After my marriage,
this is my first birthday.’ ‘I wish I could
have fed you the cake.’ Be careful. Ishika! Ishika, listen! Ishika, listen to me. Why are you leaving
without meeting Roop? Today is the most important
day in Roop’s life. All the important people
in his life are celebrating
his birthday with him. Didn’t you see how happy he was? I am happy to see him happy. I love him a lot. I don’t want him to be sad
because of me. Ishika, I know
what you want to say. Roop seems to have accepted to live his life without you. Your presence in his life
doesn’t matter to him. Now, you have to think
about what you have to do. Yes, I had told you that you should give a chance
to this relationship. But now I am saying that giving it another chance
is of no use. You are right, Ms. Sarika. We tested our relationship too much. That is why
it is non-existent today. Ms. Sarika, today.. Today, on Roop’s birthday I want to give him a gift. For that, I need your help. Of course. Why not? Sister, after so many years we celebrated
Roopendra’s birthday so well. Yes..
– Am I right? I had a lot of fun. Happy birthday,
Roopendra Singh Vaghela. Today is a happy day. So, I thought of giving
the biggest happiness of life to my husband. You are so happy today, Roop. Always stay happy. I give you the gift of freedom. Ishika, are you serious? These are divorce documents. I-Ishika, what is this? Mother-in-law,
this is what Roop wants. He wants to be free of me so that I never interfere
in his life. Look, he is so happy
after separating from me. I want him to be always happy. Have you gone crazy? Will you decide everything? I was crazy but now, I have become sensible. It would be better for you to understand this
as soon as possible. Ishika.. It is of no use. Darn it. She ruined
her husband’s birthday. Shamsher.. When hurt, people use medicines to treat the wound. Before Ishika joins
Roopendra’s broken heart we should intervene.
– Don’t worry, Sister. I will make my son rejoice by tomorrow
at any cost. If Roop has moved on even you should move on. You should start doing what you have not been
able to do until now, Ishika. You are right. I will commence
my new life tomorrow. Ishika! Ms. Kamla had called me.
What have you done! I have done the right thing. And, Mom, I don’t
want to discuss this matter anymore. Please. Sorry.
– Well.. I have cooked
your favourite breakfast. Come, I will serve it..
– No. I am not hungry. You shouldn’t take out
your anger on food. You shouldn’t disrespect food. ‘You can disrespect anyone’ ‘but God.’ ‘Will you disrespect
Goddess Annapurna’ ‘by denying eating this food?’ You have cooked well. Wow.. Even in this situation she is taking care of Roop
patiently and sensibly. She will bring happiness
to the family she joins. There will be no discord.
She is so well mannered. The most important thing is that she lets her actions
speak for her. In this day and age,
it is difficult to find such courteous,
cultured and beautiful girls. Oh, God. She will take good care of the family and the house
she joins after marriage. You are right,
Sister-in-law Kaushalya. But now, I want Roopendra and Ishika’s life
to be devoid of problems. Ishika? Ishika ruined her life
with her own hands. Didn’t you see
what she did yesterday? Is she even ashamed a bit? She insulted everyone.
She insulted Roopendra and us and you are still favouring her. I will check. Father! Welcome! Pramod, why are you here?
– I have important news. Speak up.
What have you thought? What is there to think about?
I am ready to get married to Seva. Oh, no! This man! Have some sweet, sir. I have found a match
for my daughter. What is this nonsense?
– Are you out of your mind? Will you get your daughter
married to this man? He can’t even stand properly. Beggars can’t be choosers, sir. Will you destroy your
daughter’s life because of it? Look at the age gap between
your daughter and this man. Your daughter is good
and cultured. Have you chosen him for her? Dad, isn’t this wrong?
– Hey! How dare you insult me! Are you having
an affair with Seva? Hold your tongue!
– Come here.. How dare you touch my son
at my house! Come on!
– I am ready for the marriage.. What will happen now?
I wonder what rumours he will spread
about my daughter! Who will marry her? You.. Why did you interfere? What if my daughter
never gets married? Who will marry her? Will you marry her? Tell me! Will you marry her? Answer me!
– Sir.. We understand your problem. But what are you saying?
How can my son marry Seva? Dear, say something.
– He will marry her. My son, Roopendra Singh Vaghela will marry Seva.
– I want to talk to you. Yes, come on. Dad, why did you say that?
I can’t marry.. Hey, calm down.
I did it to save Seva. I know that you don’t
want to marry Seva and I won’t pressurise
you as well. Her father is a heart patient.
What if he had taken ill? That’s why I said it
to diffuse the matter. Later, we will get her married
to a good guy. Go out and tell them the same. Come on. I am ready to marry
your daughter. My daughter is so fortunate! I apologise for my behaviour.
Please forgive me. No, take care of yourself. I will take your leave, sir. Today, I will sleep peacefully. Stay blessed, dear. Roopendra Singh Vaghela?
There is a courier for you, sir. Sign, sir. Sorry, sir.
I was a bit late. The situation is ripe.
It’s time to take its advantage. Don’t worry at all. I will
take care of everything here. Greetings. Thank you so much for coming here
on my invitation. Today is the new beginning of my new eatery. Without your good wishes,
this is impossible. So, let me show you
the things available here. Come with me. So, all these dishes
are available at our eatery. ‘I hope Roopendra comes here
and proves me wrong’ ‘by supporting me
in this venture.’ ‘I hope he proves
what I said yesterday wrong.’ As I explained these are the things
available here. If you still have some doubt,
you can ask me. Ms. Ishika, congratulations
on your new beginning. Thank you.
– Ms. Ishika, you had opened an eatery before.
It was named, ‘Kamla Ki Rasoi’. It was doing a good business
when it was shut down. Can you tell us
what had happened? Actually, life and success have their own destinies. It is not necessary for everything to be successful.
So, I didn’t lose hope and started my new venture
as ‘Nayi Rasoi’. And I am very excited.
– She is courageous. She was very sad
in her married life. Now, she has started
her new business on her own. ‘I had kept this seat empty
for you, Roop.’ You should be excited
as you have set this business up on your own
and without anyone’s help. Did you see?
Didn’t I tell you? Today, Ishika has attained
true freedom. ‘Can Ishika never be free
with me?’ ‘Kamla Ki Rasoi’
was forcibly shut down. But today, I am starting this
eatery without any obstacles. I hope that no one
has any problem with it. Thank you. ‘But I hope you know
that it would be difficult’ ‘for you to live in this house.’ ‘I think my words
are going to come true.’ Ishika is happy
with the decision to move on with her life. ‘Ishika, if you are happy’ ‘by staying away
from me and my family’ ‘then so be it.’ Ma’am, photo, please.
– Yes. Sure.. ‘I am still waiting
for you, Roop.’ ‘Without you,
everything is incomplete.’

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  1. The whole world has great respect for Indian married ceremony and its living style for their marital relationship keep so strong and faithful regardless of its difficulties. But this show has shown the world that without divorced ever filled there is already a bride is chosen by the family for the future relationship in front of the legal wife. Is this a modern Indian way of life that even before divorce decreed is passed family has already kept ready another bride taking care of the man in front of his legal wife. Thus, it suggests as long as there is a difficulty or the family does not like the girl, It is ok for the family to bring another bride without any legal marriage bond. This is much easier family can bring anyone they like.

  2. Samsharesing thinks himself to be a most strong and honest policeman, but he is named sake police because he himself has no ideas that to break someone's marriage is a crime. He committing a serious crime against his son by breaking his relationship with Isika. Therefore, he must be put into jail. Because it is he who is creating misunderstanding between them.

  3. I hate Shamsher and Phiba they are only conspiracing against Ishika so that Rooshika get separated. Par Roop ko sirf apne Papa dikhayi deta hai aur kuch nahi. But wait and watch soon you will get to know your fathers real intentions and then you will think of Ishikas words.

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