Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 25th April 2019 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 25th April 2019 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

They are elder to you,
and they apologised. Then why can’t you? You’re blinded by
your anger and hatred. I can do anything
for my son’s happiness. Yes.. I can clearly see the truth.
Why can’t you? This is not the beginning
of my union with Roop. But of our separation. I do not accept this condition. We cannot start afresh
with this condition. What are you doing?
– I know what I’m doing, Mom. Ms. Kanchan.. Ishika..
Such decisions are not made in haste, dear. Ishika..
– Ishika, don’t do this.. I am doing what is right. Ishika..
– Ishika.. I-I’ll talk to her, Roopendra.. Ishika brought an end
to her marital life herself. But we’ll have to make sure that Ishika doesn’t come back
into Roopendra’s life. Don’t worry, Sister. There’s nothing left in
their relationship except sorrow and agony. They don’t even wish
to look at each other. I wonder why they’re
carrying this burden. They should just bring an end
to it for good. It’s not easy, Shamsher.
Try and understand. They may be separate,
but they still love each other. They may be away physically,
but their souls are one. It’s difficult.
– But not impossible, Sister. Just wait and watch how they break this relationship.
Roopendra, she’s a marriage
counsellor, Mrs. Sarika Mehta. She saves marriages,
and if required helps get rid of marriages too. Are you a divorce lawyer? But Dad, I don’t want
to divorce Ishika. No, dear, I don’t want you
to separate from her either. But it’s important to erase the differences
in your relationship. We all tries to talk to Ishika,
but she refuses to listen. She thinks only her
point of view is correct. She’s being stubborn. Her thinking isn’t wrong either,
but sometimes when a third person’s
point of view is involved it helps the couple realise
what went wrong. Okay, now look at this glass
of water. What do you think of it? It’s half empty. And what if I said
it’s half full? Ms. Sarika wants to show this
half-filled glass to Ishika. She thinks
the glass is half empty. Look, dear, all I want is
to save your marriage. Thank you, Dad. You’re concerned
about our relationship. I love you. Please talk to Ishika. Who are you? I’m Sarika Mehta,
a marriage counsellor sent by Roopendra. I don’t need you.
Please tell Roopendra. And anyway, I’ve told him
how I want to spend the rest of my life. Ishika, please stop trying
to ruin all of Roop’s efforts. Remember, you don’t have
a problem with him. Please come inside.
Let’s sit and talk. Mom. I do love him,
but there are differences. I’m here to help you
erase these differences. Breaking or forming a relationship is your call,
Ishika. But to examine the relationship and evaluate it is my job. For now, Roop and you are
in a situation wherein talking to each other
is problematic now. You can talk through me. You can tell me what’s
on your mind. A conversation may not
solve the problem but it at least won’t
create more problems. Am I wrong, Ishika?
– No. You’re not wrong, but..
– But the problem isn’t just with this marriage,
Ishika. Ask your mom. Did she never have
any problems with your father? I’m sure you’re very angry
at Roopendra. But somewhere, you do have some good memories with him too. Experience those good memories. It’s very easy to break
a relationship. But to fulfil it
is equally difficult. She’s right, dear. I feel you should give your
marriage another chance. After that, if you think there’s
nothing left in it you can definitely
call off the relationship. But before calling it off,
you must try at least once to save it, Ishika. You know why? You have removed
your nuptial chain. But you couldn’t erase the vermillion on your forehead. Without me.. How are you celebrating your
birthday without me, Roop? I am thinking of calling you. But what if you react
in a strange way? I would have liked it if you
would have called and wished me. So much distance and hatred.. You can’t even call to wish me. Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday dear Roop.. Happy birthday to you.. Roop, happy birthday.
– Thank you but I don’t feel like
celebrating my birthday. Hey! Why don’t you feel like? We have made the
same arrangements as you liked in your childhood. Yes, Roop, we will take you
back in the same time. The past does not return. So don’t try to make me happy. Tomorrow morning I’ve to get up
early and go for training so please let me sleep.
Good night. It is time to ignite the fire
further. – Yes. What are you doing here? And why are all my clothes
spread on the bed like this? I didn’t know what you would like to wear today, so.. No! There is no need to do
all this, I’ll manage myself. This.. – Keep it there. Okay, please drink it. Mom, I am leaving for training.
– Wait a minute. Have something sweet. Kamla, tell Ishika to at least call him and wish him. Otherwise your son’s mood
will be bad all day. And I don’t want my son’s mood
to be bad on his birthday. Fine. Sister, you know what
is to be done ahead, isn’t it? Yes. Thank God, my hands and mouth
should continue functioning. Everything will be fine,
if the three of you help me. Aunt, what do we have to do? Today is Roop’s birthday. So we should celebrate
his birthday. You mean surprise party?
– Yes. The idea is very good, Aunt.
– Since Roop is sad, seeing him Shamsher is also sad. He has given this idea of
celebrating the birthday. When both are sad,
then you know.. – No, Aunt. That shouldn’t happen.
– Right. Roop has done so much for us,
we can do that much for him. For the first time in life,
you three have said something sensible. Come on, enough talking,
now start the preparations. Go on. – Come on. Come here, didn’t you hear today is Roop’s birthday. You will also have to help. You have to make that..
That sweet thing.. Cake. You have to make that.
Fine? Go on. He is sad since last night. In the morning I gave him
something sweet he did not even accept that. You both are not distanced
so much that you won’t even wish him. Till you don’t call,
he will be depressed. Look at me and tell me.. Doesn’t it make any difference
to you that today is Roop’s birthday? Mother-in-law, Roop.. There’s no need to say anything, your eyes said it all. And there is no need
to listen to anyone. Just listen to your heart. Be there to wish Roop. Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord. Was that Roopendra’s mother?
– Yes. What brings you here?
– I’ll tell you. But why was she here? That.. It’s Roopendra’s birthday today. She was here to invite me. Roop is very upset. He doesn’t even want to
celebrate his birthday. So.. I think you should go. And wish Roopendra. This could be the first step
towards mending severed ties. Wow.. This looks good. What’s this? Where’s the other one? Here it is.
– Then place it there. Put on cherry lights on it.
– Okay. Hurry! You had said that you’ll
put up Roopendra’s picture. Where is it? Here it is. Then hurry up.
– Okay. Come on.. Make haste. ‘Roop, when you are making such
a lot of effort to reunite’ ‘then this is the
least that I can do.’ Why is it so dark in here? Surprise! “Happy birthday to you..” “Happy birthday..” Roop, all these arrangements
have been made for you. But what was the
need for all this? It’s your birthday, right? Didn’t I say that I don’t
wish to celebrate my birthday? Do you think that can
dampen our spirits? We wanted to celebrate. Your dad wanted a surprise
birthday party for you. Yes. If not for yourself then celebrate your
birthday for your dad. Anything for dad! How did you like this surprise? It’s son’s birthday. Won’t you bless me? My blessings are
always with you. Bless you and may
abundance surround you. Bless you. A very happy birthday to you.
– Thank you. Go change.
– Okay. Are you okay? Yes, Dad..
I am okay. ‘Ishika, if you were here’ ‘my family would’ve
been complete.’ ‘I am missing you, Ishika.’

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