Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 24th September 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 24th September 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

I, Rupesh, Patel apologise to you my to-be son-in-law Vinay Kesariya with joined hands
and with my head bowed down and by falling at your feet. I beg for your pardon. Please forgive me
and my daughter Ishika and please do not call off your engagement
to my niece, Purvi. Tonight is
the perfect opportunity and the perfect location, too. Today, just confess
your feelings to Ishika. Just become her Romeo and make her your Juliet. Roop! Isn’t it such a romantic place? Yes, I was telling him the same.
Isn’t it great? Hello, students! The bonfire party
is after two hours. Please be ready.
– Hurray! – Okay, sir. Roop, have you got a room yet?
– Not yet. My room number is 203.
It’s on the second floor. ‘As long as Palak is here,
Roop and Ishika won’t unite.’ ‘Because Palak perceives Ishika
as a villain.’ ‘I must do something now
to complete this love story.’ ‘What do I do?’ Palak! I’m feeling ill again! Please give me the medicine
that you gave me in the bus. Please! I’m so fed up of you! Let’s meet in two hours. Come on, now! You keep eating foul things!
Why do you do that? ‘Where’s Ishika?’ Dad, you know what?
It’s a really beautiful place! It feels so good here. Let me start a video-call.
Then, even you can see it. Ishika! Hello!
Dear, the network is bad here. So, let’s have a video call
later. What happened, Dad?
Is everything all right? Yes, dear.
– Hello, Uncle! Hold on, Dad! Hey!
How dare you interrupt! Go away! – Let me greet him..
– No, thanks! Just go! Strange boy!
Yes, Dad. Well.. Sorry!
Some monkey had come here. But I chased him away.
– Okay. That’s good, dear. Go and enjoy
with your friends now. And I hope you aren’t
feeling scared. Do you think I’m scared? Dad, you know
that I fear no one. All right, I’ll hang up now.
Just go to sleep, okay? Good night!
– Bye, dear! Wasn’t that a tiger’s roar? So, there’s a tiger here!
– You’re hugging one right now. What!
Hey.. What are you doing here? You were just making
such tall claims that you fear no one.
– So, did you imitate that roar? Bad joke!
Monkey. The ambience has changed
and so has the place. Please change your impression
about me, too. Hey, mister! If you feel that you can
lurk around me and pester me throughout this picnic,
you better get going! Or else, I’ll teach you
a lesson to remember. Ishika.. What is it? I want to tell you something. Yes, tell me. Go ahead. You need to go that way. Well.. Yes! I know that already.
Over smart! I just want to say that I.. I want to tell you something. I didn’t tell Ishika anything.
– It’s better you didn’t. Had she come to know
she would cancel her trip and come back home! And this time
she had a valid reason to call the police. Vaishnavi! You’re here.. Uncle Rupesh, Aunt.. I’m here to apologise to you. No one else in this family
would understand this. Hence,
I beg for your forgiveness. Vaishnavi.. Mom! Roop had called. He has reached safely. When has that idiot
ever reached safely? Yes? He has gone for just a few days. Please let him enjoy. He will spend his entire life
in such frolic. While he’s enjoying there,
I’m suffering over here. Is this what
you’re teaching him? He’s living on his own terms,
right? Then ask him
to be responsible, too. Ask him to focus on his studies. So that he can get a job
and earn money. Then, he can enjoy! I was the one who had to enjoy. With my Ishika. But uncle has entrusted me
with this work. Hi, Mom!
I’m really, really excited! Do you know something? Roop is going to propose me
at 9:00 p.m. And it’s already 7:00 p.m. I can’t even wait for two hours.
I.. I don’t know! I’m really, really excited! I can’t even wait for two hours! Okay, now open your suitcase and get the paper bag
that I’ve packed in it. Paper bag? This?
This one? Yes, there’s a dress
in that paper bag. Get that out. This? This is so pretty! Thank you so, so, so much!
I love you! But Mom, when did you
pack this into my bag? And when did you buy it? When I saw your love for Roop
reflect in your eyes. Mom, please!
You’re just.. Well I just don’t know
how to react. And I can’t even hide
my emotions. Never hide them.
Express your love confidently. Trust me! When Roop sees you
in this dress he will go crazy for you! Also, wear the earrings
that I packed with the dress. Okay, Mom.
I’ll wear them and I’ll behave
as Roop would want me to. All the best, dear! Thank you, Mom!
I love you! Bye! Not ‘love you, Mom’,
say ‘love you, Roop’. Mom!
Bye! Mr. Ranveer’s video call? Hi, Ishika!
How are you? Hi. I’m fine.
You video called me.. You were worried about me
that day, right? I have called you up today
to tell you that my wound has healed.
Don’t worry. Okay..
Good. Oh.. Why are you looking at me
that way? Are you going on a picnic
or to a party? I mean..
This dress.. Actually there’s a party this
evening after the picnic. So that’s why.. Okay. Ishika, come on.
Everyone has arrived. Come fast..
– Yes, coming. I’m getting late,
I’ll get going, okay? Bye. Don’t say bye,
we’ll meet very soon. I’ll spend the night with you. I’m coming, Ishika.
I’m coming. ‘Why should I wait
till 9:00 p.m.?’ ‘I’ll say it now.’ ‘Any time is good
to do good things.’ I want to tell you.. Hello?
– Hi. You are looking very nice.. Hey, what is it?
You are.. Hey, tell me..
How am I looking? Hey.. Why are you laughing?
– W-Why did you dress like this? Y-You want to be Ishika, do you? You can’t do it.
You can never be like Ishika. I don’t even want
to become Ishika. I’m a girl, I’ve worn clothes
that girls wear. How did Ishika come up
all of a sudden? No, buddy. I was joking. Hey, listen.
You know, the food is great. Cheese.. Pasta.. Macaroni..
Pizza.. My mouth is watering.
Let’s go and eat. Y-You can go and eat.
I’ve work, I’m leaving. Listen, Palak.
I know.. …that you won’t be able
to enjoy the food in this dress. But please give me company,
I’m hungry. First, stop laughing. Look, someone is calling you.
– Who is it? Who was.. Roop?
– Yes. I want to tell you something. It’s almost 9:00 p.m.
I hope you remember.. Later.
First let me finish my work. What are you saying?
Not later, I’ll say it now. You’d promised me, didn’t you? I need to speak to you,
come with me. Come on.. Wow, Palak.. What is it? You’re looking different. I mean, you’re looking
very pretty. You’re looking beautiful. Thank you, Roop.. …for the compliment.. …and for noticing. Okay, listen..
You were about to say something. Surprise.. Good news.. The news is yet to become good. I mean..
I’m having this strange feeling. I’m very nervous
and under-confident. I don’t understand anything.
It’s.. Let it be.
I’ll say.. Is..
Is there anyone.. …who you think is making
your life beautiful? Someone..
Someone who makes you happy.. Is there anyone as such? Yes. Someone who always makes you feel that she is with you. You want to be around her
all the time. Yes, Palak.. I’m having this
exact same feeling. Do you feel her presence
even when she’s not around? Yes. In fact, I felt
the same today as well. Just a little while ago. If..
If you feel that way it means
you are in love. You are in love, Roop. Yes, I am in love. But..
How did you come to know? How would I not come to know? I know everything about you. I was about to tell you
but.. …you should say it.
Okay? Palak, you are..
You are amazing. Really. I mean, you always
know about my feelings. You also know, I’m going to say
something to someone tonight. Then you should also know
the name of that person. Do you know?
– I do. But..
I want to hear it from you. Oh..
Okay. The name of the person.. …I’m in love with is.. I am in love.. Palak I love Ishika. I love Ishika. I tried proposing to her but
when she comes in front of me I run out of words. I want
to tell her about my feeling but I don’t know why.. But I’ll surely tell her
about my feelings today. I’ll surely tell her
that I love her. That I love her a lot. Wasn’t she looking very pretty
in that party dress? Wasn’t she looking pretty? What is the matter?
Are you all right? I am fine.
– Were you even listening to me? But.. Why do you have tears
in your eyes? I am very happy for you. These are tears of joy. I know that you don’t like her. And there’s a bit.. But for how long would I hide
it from you? After all you are my friend
so I had to tell you. I don’t know, how I fell
in love with her.. I fell in love with Ishika. May I..
May I leave now? Yes. – May I leave?
– Yes, go on. Hurry up.
Don’t be late.. First, you must smile,
I’ll leave after that. Hey, listen..
How am I looking? Go on..

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