Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 24th October 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 24th October 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Call off the wedding. Brother Ranveer
doesn’t deserve you. Believe me, Ishika. Please.
– Ishika. Ishika..
– Ranveer.. Just a second..
Just hear me out. Just for a second. What are you doing? Look at this photograph. Look at both our positions. Look at this photograph
and tell me if I could’ve taken a selfie? Ishika, someone has clicked
this photograph from a distance. This is not a selfie. Someone is framing me.
– Ishika, open the door. Just a couple of minutes,
Ranveer. There are timers
in the mobile phones. You could set a timer, place the
mobile phone in some distance and click a photograph with
the delay of a few seconds. How do I open the door?
I’ve got henna on my hands. Please open the door!
– Tell me something. Why do you think everything
that’s against me is possible? If you’re done with your
nonsense then leave. Refuse to marry brother Ranveer.
He’s not the right guy for you. You won’t be happy
to be married to him. You must have something
to prove that as well, right? Give it to me then.
What is it? I don’t have one yet
but just give me some time. Please. – Two minutes are over
and you don’t have any proof. You wouldn’t get any evidence
either. Do you know why? It’s because
you’re the wrong person and not Ranveer. Open the door right
now or else.. – What? Will you shout? Shout then.
– No, I won’t shout. It’s because I don’t
create scenes like you. Ishika, why have you locked
the door from the inside? That’s my future
husband outside. I’ll call him once and
he’ll teach you a lesson. Ishika, if you’re not well,
shall I break the door? I’ll be there right away! Are you all right? Be quick! What are you doing! Shall I break the door? I.. Who’s he? He’s the guy who applies henna.
Look at this. He’s done such a great job! It’s a great design. Listen,
you’ve not written the name of my future
husband in design. Do it. That’s the first letter of your
future husband’s name. ‘R’ for Ranveer! It’s good! Anyway, you have to have
affection for him instead of having his name on your hand. Well, my future wife do you have affection for me? Ranveer, there’s a difference
between having affection for someone and to have
their name on the palm. It takes time for the affection
to build up. Give me that time
and that might happen. That’s more like you! But I hold immense love for you. All that’s left is to have
your name on my bedroom. Then both of us will soon be together and then.. Ishika!
– Yes, Mom? Coming! Ranveer.. Ishika, Rupesh
has asked you to come for the veneration
of the family deity. All right, come on then.
– Come on. Go on. I’ll be right there.
– Okay. Sir, we’ve done our job.
So we’ll take our leave now. Just a minute. Ishika! Ishika.. Kanchan!
– I’m coming! – Okay.. Here you go. Take it.
You’ve done a good job. You’ve got your payment now. Let’s go. Farewell..
– Farewell. – Farewell. Come on.. Vandhana, ready Ishika
for the veneration. Come on. – Go.
– Kanchan. – Yes? I’ll be right back. What? Did Roopendra apply
the henna to you? That’s so crazy! The design is good but..
– But he’s crazy. He’s so insolent! He disguised himself
and came here! Yes, and none of us
recognised him. Do you know what
excuse he gave me? He said that Ranveer is a bad
person and he’s a good person. So many things have happened. So why is he still
after me like this? But this is too much! I used to trust everything
he said at first. But as they say, if a person
has got ill intentions then he’s not a good person. Ishika, I think he’ll
surely create a problem at your wedding. I won’t let that happen. I’m not the one
to become scared. I’ll make sure that he doesn’t
stop the wedding. So, what’s the plan, Roop? There’s no plan. Any plan will work only
if Ishika would believe me. But the problem is that Ishika
never believes anything I say. And I don’t have any evidence
with which I could expose Ranveer’s
true colours to her. But we’ll have to do
something, Roop. We don’t have much time left. Ishika is going to get
engaged tomorrow. Praise the Lord!
And may he keep me fit! The henna function was fun! It’s the engagement tomorrow
and after a few days the date your marriage
will be fixed and then we’ll bring
Ishika home. Yes, Aunt. – Sister, you’re
not allowed to get tired until the wedding. I’ll tell you what? Go to the market
tomorrow with Ranveer and get everything
needed for the engagement. Okay..
– Right? My body’s tired but I still
feel active on the inside. Ranveer, prepare a list.
All right? I’ll get everything you want. Give it to me.. I’ll get Ishika.
I don’t need anything else. That’s, Aunt. What happened, Mom? Are you worried about Roop? Roop loves Ishika a lot. I saw in his eyes the love he
has for her when he was applying henna on her hand today. What! Roop was there? Nothing is hidden
from a mother’s vision. Today as well as
on the night of Garba.. For a moment,
I was selfish as his mother and thought of how to bring
Roop and Ishika together. No matter what happens now. Everything is up to the Goddess. Come on. Start the preparations
immediately. The engagement is tomorrow. How does that concern us? Why would Roop
help us with this? What the heck
are you two saying? If anything is left undone
in the kitchen, sister-in-law will say that it wouldn’t
have happened if it was my son’s engagement. What would I tell her then? The decoration is amazing! And your sari’s awesome! We’ve got a guy who
sells us saris. – Okay. He delivers saris to our house.
– Yes. Shall I send him to you? You could do it sometime. Greetings, Priest.
– Greetings. We’ve got everything
you’d asked for. Just take a look at them.
– Okay. And here are the horoscopes
of the two of them. Okay. Mr. Shamsher, the decorations
were made in a hurry. Please pardon me if you see any flaws
in the arrangements. Rupesh, nothing goes unseen from the eyes
of this police officer. Be it the arrangements
or our good intentions. What say, Mr. Shamsher? – You’re
absolutely right, Mr. Viren. The arrangements
have been made nicely. Don’t they respect
the son-in-law in this house? Why?
What happened? I’m standing here for so long and nobody has come
forward as a good host. I’m leaving.
– No, Vinay! Sorry, Vinay. I’m here for you.
What do you want? It’s too hot.
Better get a cold drink for me. Sure. I’ll get it right away. Roop.
I’m very hungry. Let’s head for the food counter and enjoy some snacks.
What say? Carry on.
I’m not in the mood. Let’s go out for a round.
– Yes. Fresh air will liven up things.
Come. You both are trying
to divert my mind, right? The groom and the bride
are here. The rituals will start
any moment but before that I’d request the priest
to announce the date of the wedding. Please go, Priest. The auspicious day
of the wedding is right after seven days. Wow! Viren, the engagement
was done in a hurry. How can the marriage
take place in just seven days? With the help of the family.
What is a family for? Together we’ll do everything. Don’t worry. Everything will take place
in a good way. Trust me. The SP has given me a call.
I’ll be right back. May the couple
exchange the rings. Priest, don’t worry about exchanging rings. Let there be some fun and frolic
before the engagement. What say, Roopendra? I’ll be right back. Come, Brother. Please come. Roopendra. You’re my younger
cousin brother. You’re so talented. You make good food. You dance so well. You even sing so well. Won’t you entertain everybody in your elder brother’s
engagement? Don’t be so conscious. I’ll not tell you to cook food. That arrangement
is already been made. The only thing lacking
is the joyous moment of my life. I’ll tell you..
Go ahead and sing. Ishika and I will join you. In fact, Ishika and I
will dance here. What say? Where were you going, Roop? I cannot hide my pain anymore. I cannot do it. From childhood till date I have taught you honesty. I have tried to make you support
the truth in life. I will do the same thing
even today because I know
that my son is honest. And an honest person
should never accept defeat. If you will have to reveal your brother’s true colours
to Ishika today in order to prove your honesty then do it. Don’t step back. Time is very strong. And if somebody’s truth
is revealed at the right time his bad times will end and we can also save others
from going through a problem. But I do not have time. Just seven days are left.
– Seven days, Roop. Seven days! Goddess Ambe
has given you seven days so that you can prove
the right and wrong in front of Ishika. You have to prove the
allegations against you wrong in these seven days. You have to follow
your mom’s order. On the eighth day,
even after knowing the truth if Ishika is ready
to marry Ranveer.. I will accept her
as Ranveer’s wife. Excuse me, all of you
please come closer. I want to click a family photo. Wait! Why are you in a hurry? Take your hand off her. Can the family photo be complete
without the younger brother? Why, Brother Ranveer? That’s good.
– Come on. Say cheers. Smile. Smile, please. Thank you.
– Welcome. Come on.
– Let’s go. Congratulations to both of you. Congratulations. Congratulations to you too,
Roopendra. Did you get the point? Roop.
– Yes? I have some work.
Come with me. Excuse me.
– Excuse me. – Come. What are you doing? I know what I am doing. Mr. Rupesh, Ms. Kanchan,
thank you very much for considering me worthy enough
of becoming your son-in-law. We are starting
a new relationship from today. I will respect that. Our blessings will always be
with both of you. Hey!
– That’s okay. Enough, dear. Enough, dear. Be happy and always keep
Ishika happy. No matter what happens your Roop will expose
Brother Ranveer in these seven days and reveal his true colours
in front of everyone. And I will begin
with it tomorrow on the occasion
of ‘Karwachauth’.

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