Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 24th April 2019 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 24th April 2019 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

You will know the truth when someone shatters
your ego someday. Roopendra Singh Waghela! I arrest you on the charges
of kidnapping Ishika. No, sir. Roopendra hasn’t kidnapped me. I have come here willingly. But your mother has filed
a case of kidnapping. She must have mistaken. I will talk to her. Don’t worry. Let it go, sir. She is Mr. Roopendra’s wife. ‘I was his wife.’ ‘There’s nothing
left between us now.’ Please come.
I will drop you home. ‘Thank God!’ ‘You did not let him carry
any accusation’ ‘and even this girl is now
out of his life.’ Come. Look, don’t worry. Everything will be fine
between Ishika and you. Dad, I don’t want to talk
anything about her. All right. As you say. Now let’s go. Hail the Lord! Who are you? I am Seva. Her father is
your father’s colleague. He is a constable. He is in some problem. So your father helped him. He rescued this poor girl
and brought her here. She will now stay with us. I will be right back. Look, Roopendra, I know
that you are heartbroken after whatever Ishika told you. But don’t forget that she is
your better half. Convince her and bring her back. ‘They want to separate us.
Please try to understand.’ ‘We are already going
through a lot.’ ‘There’s nothing
left to save now.’ ‘Dad wants to clear
our differences.’ ‘But Ishika..’ ‘She still has a doubt
about his intentions.’ ‘Now wait and watch as to what
all misunderstandings’ ‘I create between you both.’ What is this? Well,
I don’t know what you like. That’s why I brought everything. I don’t want anything. But.. That’s why Roop kidnapped me. Mom, he can’t realise the truth as to how corrupt
his father’s mind is. Ishu. Ishika, he is Roop’s father. No child thinks that
his parents are wrong. But even after learning
about the truth and seeing the reality? Mom, he ruined his sisters’
lives and his own too. Now what do you want to do. That’s the dilemma.
What do I do now? Do you want to be
reunited with Roop? Do you want to save
your married life? Ishika, do you still love Roop? Yes. Roopendra’s wife doesn’t
love him at all. She just loves her ego. Look, she left him alone and
went back to her mother’s place. Look, Seva, you must bring him
out of this mess and help him start
his life anew. His dream is to become
an inspector. It doesn’t matter if you do
the household chores but you should make sure you
stay around him like his shadow. That’s your prime
responsibility. Understood? Go, check what they are cooking
in the kitchen. I will be right there. Go. Sure. She is good, isn’t she?
– Yes. But do you think Seva will serve Roopendra
for whole life? Sister, the moment I saw her
for the first time I had decided that she is an ideal
daughter-in-law. She talks less and serves more.
– Right. Come, dear. Have your food. Please have your dinner. I-I’m sorry. I thought you are asleep. Shall I massage your feet? No. I have headache.
I want to rest. You may go. Okay. Just go. Mom, I am leaving. Wait! Have something to eat. You did not eat anything
last night. – I’m not hungry. Listen to me, Roopendra.
If you do not eat well you cannot think well. And if you cannot think straight then how will you appease
your wife who is so stubborn! Come now, eat a little. Yes, I am so happy
to see that are trying to save Roopendra
and Ishika’s marriage. I am his father
and not his enemy. He has his life in front of him. I will only wish for joy
for my son. Come, my son.
– Listen to me. I am thinking of having a prayer
for Roopendra and Ishika at the house tomorrow. You will pray together
and begin life anew. Come now, eat something. Come. It must be Roop. No. How can it be Roop? He has not even spoken
to me since yesterday. Mom has hosted a prayer meet
at home tomorrow. So we can begin our lives anew. And I want the same. No more discussions
nor any conditions. I just want that
we give each other another chance in this life. Please do come. I will wait for you. Ishika. I am going to the temple. The doorbell rang.
Who was it? Roop. Roopendra was here? Mr. Shamsher. Greetings.
– Greetings. You wanted to meet me?
– Yes, I did. When the kids stop talking
to each other we adults have
to start fixing things. I am here to apologize.
– What? I have three daughters and I know well what happens
to parents if their daughters come
to stay with them leaving their husband’s house. And your daughter left the house
because of me. And I ask you to forgive me. What do you think, Roop? Will Ishika come
to the prayer meet tomorrow? Please do not tell Ishika. She does not like me but if the kids maintain
a good bond and reconcile then everything will be
good ahead of us. I am so happy to know
you care so much for the kids. Please do not worry. I will come to the prayer
with Ishika. And hence Roopendra and Ishika
will begin a new chapter. A new chapter begins tomorrow. I would like to say something,
if you do not mind. Listen to me. Your father is ready to forgive
Ishika by bowing down! He is ready to accept her. So even Ishika must apologize
for what she has done. You must end the conflict
before you begin a new peace. ‘Roop is now inclined
towards Shamsher’ ‘and even Ms. Kanchan
feels the same.’ ‘Now Ishika is all
there is left.’ ‘I wait to see
what happens to her.’ Jigna, get me a matchbox. Kamla, where is Roopendra? What time did you tell Ishika
to be present? She is not here yet. They are here, Dad. Ishika, Ma’am,
please come in! Come on in.
– Greetings. Greetings. Ms, Kanchan. Greetings.
– Greetings. Greetings. These are sweets
for the prayer. There was no need for this. Now that you are here
let us begin the prayer but before that.. My son and his wife
will begin their lives anew. May no one set
an evil eye on them. Come now.
Let us begin praying. Come on.
– Wait, Mom. Before we begin I want
that we end all chapters. We cannot start a new life till you apologise to my father. You had said that we will
not discuss the past. The past needs to end and it cannot be dragged
in the future, Ishika. And what more am I
asking from you than to just apologise
to my father? It will not belittle you. It is not about bowing
to elders, Roop. It is about
being right or wrong. Anyway.. You might never understand. You want us to start
a new chapter, Roop. So let us do that
by going our separate ways. What nonsense is this, Ishika? Is this how you speak
to your elders? Is this how I have raised you? If Mr. Shamsher can
apologise to me so why can you not
apologise to him? You are blinded
by your hate and rage. I can do anything
for the joy of my son. Yes.

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