Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 23rd October 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 23rd October 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Greetings. Greetings.
– Greetings, Aunt. Greetings. Greetings.
– Greetings. Uncle.
– Okay. Roopendra, give this henna
platter to Mr. Haren Patel. Deliver it to his house.
Go. Today, they are holding
the henna ceremony. According to the tradition,
the henna is sent by the would-be groom’s family and it is applied
to the bride-to-be. Today, henna will be applied
to Ishika for Ranveer’s sake. Deliver it.
– I’ll not go. Those who want to go,
may deliver it. But where are you going
early in the morning? My presence creates
an uneasiness in the family. So, I am going outside. Wait. I’m telling you patiently. Even you should listen
patiently and carefully. Instead of going
to the garage go to the police station and give your statement
in writing. Sorry, Dad. I cannot do that as well. Roopendra! Uncle. Spilt milk and misbehaved boys.. They only invite bad omen. But we need to remember that our family is united. Uncle. Shall I make a request
if you don’t mind? Go ahead. As a family shall we go to Ishika’s house and give her the henna?
– What? Have you lost it? Don’t involve men
in this ritual. What else can we do? We need to rectify
Roopendra’s mistake. Except you,
I have nobody to look up to. Please, Uncle. Please agree. Please.
– Okay. Sister, I have to put up
with these rituals just because of these boys. Let’s go, okay? Okay. Yes, Palak. I’m on my way.
Tell Hardik to also reach there. You know where
to meet, right? Yes. Right. Aunt, shall I say something? Go ahead. In such a joyous occasion do you want Ishika to worry with your anxious countenance? No, I was..
– Aunt. You are quite worried
because of Ranveer’s suspension. And that is clearly visible
on your face. These suspensions are common
in the police department, Aunt. Mark my words.. When Ishika goes
to her in-laws’ house Ranveer will see better days. I hope whatever you said
comes true. Then flash a smile. Hello, ma’am. Vandana, how are you?
– I’m fine. Ishika.. I mean
where is the bride-to-be? She is in her room.
Meet her. Take everybody
and meet her. Tea. Refreshing tea. Dad. Dear, no matter how
many days are left.. But at least for those days have refreshing tea
prepared by me. Limited time is left, Dad. From today,
the preparation for me going to my in-laws’ house
has started. Today is the henna ceremony. Tomorrow, it will be
the engagement. Then my wedding..
And then.. Then the send-off.. After I get married I’ll not be able to greet
you in the morning. The green tea
during the evening.. I will have to drink it alone. New family..
New rules.. Without you, will I be able
to manage everything, Dad? Will I be able
to manage it all, Dad? You’ll be able
to manage everything. I have an idea. Take me as your dowry with you. The best daughter will have
her best dad by her side. Dad. Promise me
that after my marriage you will not leave this house. You have invested
so much for this house.. Your dreams..
Your expectations.. Your aspirations.. You gave everything
for this house. You will not be persuaded even if uncle persists you. I promise.
I will never leave this house. Even I have joined
the both of you. Hello, Mr. Patel.
– Hello, dear. Come.. Everybody
is waiting for you outside. Okay. Ishika, go with her before the henna
they bring dries up. Come with me. But your dad’s tears
will not dry up, dear. Ishika. Now, henna will be applied
to your palms. You need to remove
these bangles. At the same time,
your hands shouldn’t be empty. So, let me tie this
arm bracelet. Okay? Kanchan. When will the henna come
from the groom’s family? Sister-in-law, it will..
– We have brought the henna. You will have a long life,
Ranveer. You all are most welcome. Please come.
– Yes. – Welcome. Greetings.
– Greetings. Greetings.
– Greetings. Please come. Mr. Shamsher and Ranveer.. Please come with me as the arrangements for you
have been made upstairs. Come.
– After you. Pass the henna, please. Please accept it
as an auspicious token. Please come. This way.
Feel comfortable. Come, dear. Vaishnavi. Why haven’t the henna appliers
turned up yet? Aunt, I don’t know
where they are. Let me give them a ring. Aunt..
– Where are they? He is not even receiving
my call. We are here. They are here. Oh! Thank God! Greetings! Greetings!
Please come. Take your seat. I’m the eldest daughter-in-law
of this family. I will get the henna
applied first. Romila, it’s the mother-in-law
who has the right to get the henna applied first. Go ahead. Start with Ms. Kamla.
– Okay. Shall I keep the design
Indian or foreign? Apply the design
that would suit me. ‘Shall I keep the design
Indian or Arabic?’ ‘Arabic.’ ‘All right.’ ‘Sister Kinjal.
– Yes.’ ‘We should always start
making the henna design’ ‘from the middle of the palm’ ‘to keep the balance.’ ‘Okay.’ ‘Shall we start?
– Sure.’ Start from the middle
of the palm. Yes. Good idea. Whom should I start with? You? Please extend your hand. Mister please apply henna
to the would-be bride’s palm. Oh! What are you saying? We can’t apply the henna
to the bride’s palm openly. It has to be done in private. So that nobody casts
an evil eye on her. Tell me. Who will take the bride
into the room? I will. Shall we go, Ishika?
– Sure, Mom. Jhamru. Make sure that you
do it properly. She shouldn’t have
any complaints. Mom. Hail Goddess Amba! What is this? We should take the name
of God before starting any auspicious work so that we don’t face
any obstacles in future. And now, you are going to do
something auspicious. Start applying the henna. I will bring juice for her. Okay.
– Okay. No. Nothing. Please apply the henna. ‘Ishika, applying henna
on your palm’ ‘is the most valuable moment
of my life.’ Ishika. Here, take this.
I have brought juice for you. I will make you have it. Excuse me.. Yes, Aunt Sumitra. Hello.. Is it done on this hand? Yes. Apply it on the other hand. May I help you? Thank you. The henna design is beautiful! Hold on. Thank you. What is your name? What is in the name? You may consider me
your well-wisher. A well-wisher? What about your leg?
– Okay. Hello! Hello! Where are you lost? You really make beautiful
henna designs. It looks great! Well..
– Ishika. Mom.
– Is it done? Oh, wow! It’s so beautiful!
– Right? Did you make her
have the juice? Thank you very much.
– Yes. It’s good.
– Ms. Kanchan please come and get
henna applied. Yes. Mom.. You must
get it done this time. Please go with her.
Don’t give me excuses. Go.. Are you sure that you don’t
need me here? Not for now.
It’s done. All right.
Let’s go. So, my well-wisher.. Why aren’t you telling me
your name? At least, say it now. Roopendra Singh Vaghela. Roopendra? You? What are you..
– Look, please.. Please don’t shout.. I have come here as an imposter.
That’s all I have done wrong. I have even applied
the henna well. Have a look. Tell me the truth.
It’s good, right? Even you liked it.
– But I don’t like you. I know that.
– Then why did you come here? I have come here to ask you
to call off this wedding. Hey, you!
Apply it properly. You should be a little more
talented than him, right? Rest assured. Ma’am.
– Yes? Where is Ishika? She is getting henna applied
in her room. I will go and meet her.
– Sure. Brother Ranveer is not
worthy of you. Believe me, Ishika. Please. Look, stop your nonsense. Or else, I will shout and gather
everyone here. I am not scared of that.
I am worried about you I’m concerned about your future.
– Ishika. Ishika, is anyone there
in the room with you?

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