Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 22nd October 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 22nd October 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Ishika.. Here you go, dear.
– Give it to me. And here is the bandage. After applying the ice pack,
I will wrap this bandage. All right?
It will reduce your pain. Be gentle. I am sorry. Hey.. Stop. What happened? You had proclaimed
so many things. You had challenged Roop. Are you going without fulfilling
your challenge? What happened?
It’s not fair. You have lost. So, now you have
to pay the penalty. Hey, sidekicks of Roop!
Are you both done? I have fulfilled my challenge. What do you mean?
– What? What was your challenge? It was of taking Ishika
to the room, right? I gave my permission.
Are you done? Move! – Is he a goon in the
guise of a police officer? What are you staring at?
Come here! Why are you staring? Roop! – Please go,
I will join you shortly. Bye! I know
what I am going to say. Roop, have you gone mad?
– What happened? You had a good opportunity. You could have asked for Ishika
from Mr. Ranveer. But you didn’t.
What did you ask for? You wanted to take her care
for a couple of minutes. What are you doing?
– Palak, Ishika isn’t an object owned by Brother Ranveer that I can win or ask for her
on winning the bet. I had promised my mother I will expose Brother Ranveer
in front of Ishika. After that,
it will be Ishika’s decision as to what she wants to do next. It is good that Roopendra
was keeping an eye out for you. He reacted at the right time and brought you here.
– Ms. Ishika! No.. Please be seated.. Are you all right? What has Roopendra done
to win a challenge! You got injured. You fell because of him,
didn’t you? I didn’t fall
because of Roopendra. Then?
– In fact, he cared for me the way you should have done. I had thought that I am
most important for you. What are you saying? You are the most important
person for me. What will I do without you? I was feeling hot because of
performing ‘Garba’ and ‘Dandiya’ so I had gone out of the marquee
to get some fresh air. When I came back, I got to know
that you are injured. I came here as soon as possible. Mr. Ranveer,
we called out for you. But we couldn’t find you.
– Really? Luckily, Roopendra
got there on time. He brought Ishika here. He not only tried
to alleviate her pain but also bandaged her leg. ‘So, now you want to play
doctor as well.’ ‘How dare you touch my Ishika!’ ‘I will teach you a lesson,
Roopendra.’ ‘No one will be able
to alleviate’ ‘the pain that I inflict
upon you.’ I really hope that our exams
are postponed. I haven’t studied at all.
– Don’t worry I will help you prepare.
– Really? Oh.. Wait.. Look there.
What is this new drama? Yes, Sandy.
Here you go. Eat it. It’s a sweet. Congratulations.
– Thank you. Please take it. Isn’t he being too dramatic?
– Let it be. It’s in his nature. I will tell you.. No, I mean, seriously.. He should be the security guard. Roopendra and friends! Even you can take part
in my happiness. I have heard that happiness
increases when shared. Have some sweets. I will even dance
at your wedding. I will dance wholeheartedly. But today,
I don’t want to eat sweets. Listen, everyone!
I want to announce something. Come here.. Ishika, who studies
at your college.. Ishika Rupesh Patel..
I am going to marry her soon. I have to reveal another truth. Roopendra Singh Vaghela is my younger brother. Why are you here? Don’t you
have any case to deal with? Don’t you have a job?
Actually you don’t deserve
to be a police officer. You should be in a drama school. Wait a minute. You have to tell me why you
are not happy for me. Now, you have to tell us
how your meeting with your would-be husband
at his house was. The way it was supposed to be. How dry!
Give us some details. Did you get a gift?
Did he hold your hand? Instead of focusing on such
nonsensical things focus on your studies. Ishika, you are so unromantic
and boring. I just hope that Ranveer
is romantic. Who is Ms. Ishika?
– Ms. Ishika? It’s her. Hey..
– Chocolate? – A chocolate? Hey, you.. At least, listen to me!
Who is sending chocolates? Hey, wait a minute.. Hey, stop..
Who is sending the chocolates? Mr. Ranveer. Oh! Mr. Ranveer! I am saying this
for the last time. Live your life and don’t
interfere with mine. Please don’t mess with me. Otherwise, it will
be detrimental for you. Actually, I am a police officer. But before that, your brother.
Your elder brother. I can interfere in your life whenever or however I want. And I will do it. I have only snatched
the one you loved. Soon, I will make
you leave your studies. Another thing.. You don’t respect my uncle! Go!
Why should I worry about you? I don’t respect you.
Why should I care for you? Firstly, stop hiding your sins by portraying as if you care
for your uncle. If he is your uncle
then he is my father as well. The blood of a police officer
runs through my veins. Secondly, in half an hour I will make you leave
this college forever. I am challenging you.
– Really? Of course. It’s ‘Navratri’.
In these nine days and nights all your plans will fail. All your conspiracies
will go awry. Good will triumph over the evil. The same thing happened
the last night, right? Indeed. – Yes. Let’s go.
The sun is so harsh. Let’s go. Why are you laughing?
Go to the hospital. Yesterday, you got injured
by falling, right? At least, have some sweets.
– Oh, no thanks! I just wanted to share
my happiness. How rude! You have challenged him,
but what is your idea? I have a great idea, Hardik. You had found the phone numbers
of media personnel for the case involving
the principal, right? Yes, but what do you want
to do with them? Get those numbers again. Mr. Ranveer why did you have an altercation
with Roopendra? That’s his nature. He is a goon.
– Ms. Ishika I am a police officer. Please don’t worry. I have known Roopendra
since our childhood. It’s in his nature. By the way,
did you like my surprise? It was good, but..
– But? You are still tense. Ms. Ishika, Roopendra
can’t do anything to me. I am a police officer. In fact, I am happy
that I came here and met you. If I hadn’t met you, how would
we have become acquainted? In fact.. – Get the police
out of the college! Make the police get out.. We will not tolerate
the tyranny of the police! We will not.. Get the police
out of the college! Make the police get out.. We will not tolerate
the tyranny of the police! We will not.. He is the one! He is Inspector
Ranveer Singh Vaghela! He comes to the college
without any reason! And when we ask him to leave he says that he is a police
officer and he can do anything. Tell me.. Just because he
is a police officer can he do anything?
Why are you standing there? Report him and tell the world
about the power of a common man and the media! Look at this man! You might have seen the tyranny
of a police officer in films. But here we can see a
police officer doing the same. You don’t know
who you are talking to! Put the camera down.
Do it now! You don’t know about the power
of the media, sir. Private..
– I will show you the power! Lower the camera!
– You.. – You.. You can’t touch the camera.
You.. – Will you stop me! Look at him! An on-duty officer
is resorting to hooliganism! And who is he thrashing?
He is thrashing the students who the future of this country!
– I will.. I won’t spare you! Mr. Ranveer! You..
– Ms. Ishika, move back! You can get hurt!
– Don’t talk to her! I will.. Hit me.. Yes, hit me..
Everything is being recorded.. Hit me.. Look at his audacity!
– What is happening here! I will not allow this
in my college! Sir, he.. It’s the SP’s call. Yes, sir!
‘Jai Hind’, sir! ‘What are you doing, Ranveer?’ ‘Come to my office immediately!’ Lower the camera..
I am coming, sir.. This is the power
of a common man. We can do many things
without being a police officer. Am I right?
– Yes.. – Move! – Hey.. Where are you going..
Sir, stop! During the ‘Navratri’,
neither negative people win nor the negativity. This devil got his due. ‘I won’t let anyone
go against me.’ This is what you wrote
on the poster, right? And now, this. You are making it seem right
by doing this. I was trying to stop you
from making a big mistake. Can’t you see this? How will a person who can’t
be a good human being become a good husband? Sir, actually.. That boy is my brother. My uncle,
DSP Shamsher Singh Vaghela.. Ranveer, I am not here to solve
your personal matters. No.. I understand that, sir.
– The way you behaved at the college
was telecasted live. So, I am suspending you
right away. Sir.. Give me a last chance. I..
– Mr. Ranveer don’t waste our time.
I will send you the suspension orders
by post. All right? ‘Today, I made Brother Ranveer
leave the college.’ ‘It was my first win
against him.’ ‘I will keep trying to make
the good triumph over the evil’ ‘and clear the misunderstandings
with Ishika one by one.’ Roopendra Singh Vaghela! Hey.. – I was suspended
because of you! Brother, you were not suspended
because of me. You got suspended
because of your ego. It was because of your
overconfidence. I will..
– The media is not here. Otherwise,
even I can thrash you. You know that, right?
– Darn you! What is happening here? What is happening here?
– Dad, I.. I am feeling so sad for him. It shouldn’t have turned
out the way it did. But Brother Ranveer misused the power of being
a police officer. I can understand everything. You can’t tolerate that I am
going to marry Ishika. That’s why you are..
– Enough! I don’t want to listen
to any argument. Roopendra will give
it in writing that this episode happened
due to personal enmity. After that,
I will take care of everything. Yes! This will be perfect! I want that. But I have no personal enmity
towards you, Brother. Really?
– When I am not wrong why would I give it in writing? Dad, I won’t do it. Will you make your brother
go through suspension? Dad, do you think I can
do that to anyone? Do I have that right? Roopendra!
– Dear, where are you going? To the garage.
– Uncle.. – Keep quiet. I will see to it. Sister-in-law I am so worried. I don’t want Roopendra to be an obstacle in Ranveer
and Ishika’s wedding. You are worrying unnecessarily.
Nothing will happen. There is nothing to worry about. The marriage will take place and I will take care
of Roopendra. Look at this jewellery with the
‘Meenakari’ work, ma’am. Show it to me. This will suit Ishika very well. Wow!
It is really beautiful. Ishika, look at this. Wow, it is looking so beautiful.
Did you like it, dear? Mom.
– Yes? I have to complete
my assignment. I will take your leave.
– Okay. These.. These photographs..
– I got them from Roopendra. He gave them to me. Ishika life has given me a lot
of experience. I know what life is about. By my experience,
I can say that the man who can keep
your photos so carefully will take great care
of his relationships. Dear, the one who knows
the value of relationships can’t be so bad. I.. I had told him to not keep these photos
with him. It doesn’t matter why he
returned the photos. But the way he returned
the photos matters. He gave photos to me with great
affability and respect. He said it emotionally that your memories
are enough for him. Dear, I don’t have any problem with your relationship
with Ranveer. I think that we
are misunderstanding Roopendra too much. My phone.. It’s Mr. Ranveer.
– Talk to him. I will wait outside. Hello? Yes, Mr. Ranveer. Okay, I will come now. Roop! Roop!
Let’s go to perform ‘Dandiya’. It’s the second day.
Come on. I am not in the mood.
– But why? If you go out and dance,
you will feel fresh. Right, Hardik?
– Yes, Roop, look even Ranveer has been suspended. He was even thrown
out of the college. Now, he won’t be able to come
to the college to meet Ishika. But you are still
in a bad mood. Why? It’s Ishika and Ranveer’s
henna ceremony tomorrow. That’s why he is not
in a good mood. Right, Roopendra?
– Yes, Mr. Hasmukh. Ishika is going to do this
ceremony for Brother Ranveer. He is not the one for her. That’s why I am upset. Mr. Ranveer.. Mr. Ranveer, please
don’t be so upset. I believe that I have chosen
the right man for me. I trust you. And I am sure
that the suspension and enquiry will be resolved very soon
and you will resume your duties as well. And as far as Roopendra
is considered his behaviour was expected. Ms. Ishika you think that I am right. Now, I have no worries. Tomorrow,
it’s our henna ceremony. The day after tomorrow,
it’s our engagement. Then our wedding. Then we will.. Mr. Ranveer, I.. I am not comfortable
with it before our wedding. You are right. I lost my resolve
due to my emotions. I am sorry. Will you please
drop me to my home? Tomorrow,
it’s the henna ceremony.. You have to make arrangements.
You must have a lot of work. Let’s go.
– Yes. ‘She is so beautiful.’ ‘Since the day I saw you’ ‘I have used so many tricks
to attain you.’ ‘Now, no one can stop
this wedding from taking place.’ ‘Only a few days are left.’ ‘After that, you will be mine.’ Roop, but you.. Ishika should deny
getting married to him. That will be good for her. I will have to somehow
convince Ishika of Brother Ranveer’s reality. Ishika shouldn’t perform the henna ceremony
for Brother Ranveer. You are right, Roop. But you
know that it’s impossible. And how will you do it? By telling the truth. Tomorrow,
I will somehow let Ishika know about Brother Ranveer’s reality and his bad intentions.

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