Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 22nd November 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 22nd November 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Help! – Hey!
I’m trying to help, right? Please stop shouting.
I’m trying.. You want to help?
Did I ask for your help? I am calling out
for someone out there so that he comes and helps us. Someone would come and help us? Are you in a shopping mall?
Can you see a crowd here? Look around you.
There are people to help you. Look..
– Shut up! How can you joke
in this situation? Do something!
– Shut up. Stop shouting.
Let me.. Let me think, please!
Let me think! I’ll drown to death
by the time you think. God, please save me.. Yes, keep it up.
You should show respect to God. He’ll listen to you.
Why do you use nicknames? Call him God.. Okay.
Hurry up and give me. Give me.
– What? I don’t want to hold your hand.
I don’t even want to die holding your hand.
Got it? I was asking for your veil,
not your hand. Veil! You want my veil! How can you think about that
in this situation? Look, don’t take this honeymoon
too seriously. Got it?
– Oh! You can think about honeymoon
even in this situation! How can you do that?
Look, there’s more weight on your side.
I want to reduce it. What do you mean!
Oh, God! How can you think about my veil
in this situation? Please give me your veil.
I have got a plan. What’s your plan?
What’s your plan? Tell me.
What’s your plan? You are planning to make me
hold this veil and swing me to that tree.
Is it? What’s your plan?
Think about something else. At least, come up
with a better plan. It’s me who should think
and come up with an idea. Do you take me for your slave? Stop shouting!
Don’t shout.. Please! Relax! Why am I unable to light it? Aunt, why do I smell gas? Can you smell gas? Yes.
– But I.. But I didn’t smell it. Even my nose is blocked
because of the cold. Aunt, how can you be
so careless? I have really become forgetful.
I went to have my medicines while preparing tea
and this Kheer. What if something
had gone wrong? If the house caught fire?
– No, ma’am. Nothing has gone wrong.
Everything is fine. But are you sure
that you left the stove on? It seems so. Because Himani,
I just went out for a minute. It’s possible
that it was my mistake. It’s okay, ma’am.
Please relax. You’re heavier!
– What! The weight is more on your side.
– Okay. So, do one thing.
Just give all your stuff.. Slippers, shoes, veils,
whatever you have with you to me. Take this.. What is this?
– This is all I have. Take this.
– Give everything to me.. Take this too!
– Give me more.. How would 50 grams
make any difference? Take this too.
– Where is it? Take this..
– Give.. That’s it.
That’s all I had. This won’t make much difference.
The big bag which you have kept behind..
Give that to me.. That bag is so heavy!
I can’t lift it. You’ll have to come here.
Come to the back. Lift it by yourself.
– I am coming.. I’m coming back there.
Don’t shout! No, I won’t shout at all. Be careful.. It’s balanced.. Careful.. What?
– We’re safe now. We’re not safe.
We’re just safe from falling for right now. How long will we keep
hanging in this car? ‘Look, she’s so scared.’ ‘I think, he got scared.’ Keep thinking..
– Sure. It’s my job to think
and come up with an idea. Because, you need brains
to think and you.. What are you doing? Keep your mouth shut
for some time. The back door is locked. What are you doing? Try to open the door
at your side. Can you open it?
Try it.. Okay, I am trying.. No.
– Fine, it’s not opening. It’s not opening, right?
I got it.. The car is locked. We are stuck here
in the air. All the doors have got locked
because of the collision. Let me check the front doors. Yes, it’s open.
– What! This means that we can slip out
of the front doors, right? But we’ll have to balance
the car for that. So, we’ll have to reduce
the weight at the back and put it in the front
to balance the car. Did you get me?
– I got it. You have thought something good
for the first time in your life. And listen..
– Yes? We should work in coordination,
okay? If the car gets misbalanced,
we’ll fall into the pit and reach the Heavens.
– No, I don’t want to go there. Let me put the bag at the front.
– Okay. Easy. Do it..
Hurry up. It’s very heavy.
Didn’t I tell you? God knows what you have
packed inside it? Be careful!
The car is shaking. What are you staring at? Do something! I’ll tell you what!
Move to the front.. No! How do I move?
– You must slowly move to front. What? – Yes.
That’s what we’ll have to do. Come on, move forward. Go..
– That will do it, right? Why won’t it?
– Won’t we die? Do you want to live, or not? Hey, come back..
– What happened? The weight of the bag and you is leaning the car to the front! What do I do!
– I’ll tell you.. I’ll throw this bag outside,
first. – Okay. Then you can go to the front.
– All right! Don’t move!
– Okay. Listen. – Yes? – The bag..
Are you going to throw it out? Then what are we going to wear? What do you care about?
Your life or the bag? But.. – And I’m not going to
throw the bag down the cliff. Then? – Your bag will be fine.
I’ll throw it on the ground. The heck.. Your bag is safe..
– Yes! Go to the front..
– Okay.. I’ll go. God, save us.. Hey! Listen..
– What happened now! Give me your veil.
– Veil? – Yes. Hey.. – What! All right!
I’ll give you the veil, too.. Give it to me.. Go!
Go slowly.. How do I go?
I’m so scared. How? Go to the front
just as I came back. Slowly. Oh, God!
– It’s nothing.. Hold the car!
– How do I hold the car? I don’t know!
Do something! I’ll.. Shut up.. Don’t move. The veil.. What have you done! Stop, I’ll just.. Did it get there?
– Yes, it’s done.. What do I do now? I’ll tell you what to do. Open the door to your left. Open the door? No!
Have you gone mad? I’ll fall! Open it! – What are you..
– Do it! Don’t look down..
– I won’t! I won’t! Give me your hand now..
– What! Why! – Give me your hand..
– Hey! What are you doing! Why are you trying
the veil to me? I’m not going to run away!
What are you doing? Save me! I won’t run away! Hold the veil..
– Okay. And slowly get out of the car.. Get out the car? Jump off? How do I?
I’ve never done it before. How can I jump off? There’s always a first time
for everything. Right now,
we only have two options. First one is to save ourselves. And the second one is
to wait until we fall down. What you want to do? No, I want to live.
– Right? Go then. Slowly.. Pray to God.. Pray to God. – Okay.
– And leave.. I won’t die, will I? You won’t. That’s why I tied
the veil to your hand. Leave! Please! And you? When you get out,
throw the veil back to me. I’ll come out just as you will.
– Okay. Really? All right. Listen.
– Yes? – Be careful. One.. Two.. Three.. Four.. Five! Yes, slowly pull yourself up. Pull yourself up.
Good. Climb up! Come on!
Faster.. Climb up. What happened?
– Well.. What the heck are you doing!
What happened! A snake! Where is it?
A snake! Chase it away.. Oh, God.. Lord Snake, please.. Make this snake leave. I’m a huge devotee
of Lord Shiva! Please, leave..
Please leave me alone. It won’t leave with just that. You’ve committed
lots of sins in your life. Seek forgiveness for the sins
you’ve committed. Join your hands.. Seek forgiveness!
Only then will the snake leave! I didn’t commit any sins!
You did! Please forgive my sins
and his sins, too. Please forgive us.. Please spare me!
Please! It’s gone!
– Are you going to just stare? Climb up.
Pull yourself up! Come on! Go! Go! Go! Roopendra! Roopendra! Roopendra! Roopendra! Is anybody there?
Roopendra! No! It felt great today to meet Roop
and Sister-in-law Ishika. They were totally surprised. Mom, aren’t you sad because Roop
and Sister-in-law Ishika don’t stay here with us? Because you would send them
on their honeymoon, yourself had they been staying here. Isn’t it? Mom, Sister Himani
was telling us that the booking made
by Mr. Rupesh at Sunshine Resort
is a good place near Junagadh. Resort? – Yes, Mom.
And don’t you worry. They will be happy there. Hey! Hey!
What did you say? What are you whispering? Talk loudly. So that I can also understand
what you are discussing. Aunt, what will we do? We are just cooking. Yes, I know everything.
Cooking food, my foot! No!
Roopendra! Roopendra! Whom are you looking for
down there? Had anybody else come with you? You.. Y-You were in the car, right?
I.. How did you come up?
– What do you mean? Would I stay there forever?
– N-No. Come, let’s go. We’ve wasted enough time.
Let’s go. Kanchan..
– Yes? What is it? Forget what has happened. No, Rupesh. I have never been so careless
in all these years. It happens, Kanchan. Be careful. Mistakes do happen. You are not well, too.
You still have cold. Wait. Let me call up Roopendra
and Ishika. Okay? Be careful. Let’s talk to them.
They must have reached by now. Kanchan, are you all right? We’ll go to the doctor
otherwise. No, I’m okay.
Call them up. Stop! What! I think you guys are going
to the wrong place. Wrong place? Excuse me, we are not going
to any wrong place. We’ve made bookings here. We are going to a wrong place!
He is out of his mind. We had a minor accident. So, we are in this condition. Excuse me,
we have a booking here under the name of Ishika Patel.
– Okay. No, ma’am. There are
no bookings under this name. How is this possible? There must be one.
Check again. If not Ishika Patel it must be under the name
of Ishika Rupesh Patel. Please check it.
– Okay. No, ma’am.
Sorry. Search in the name
of Mr. and Mrs. Vaghela. Okay, sir. Yes, sir.
There is a booking in this name. Thank you. No need to be surprised. It’s all about common sense. Common sense? Listen, it doesn’t matter
under whose name the bookings are. But we will stay
in different rooms, understood?

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