Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 22nd June 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 22nd June 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Hurry up, Dad.
Roop claims that I never get dressed up in time. But today, I’m on time here,
all dressed up. Okay, fine. Wait! Where are you both off to?
– Dad, we are going to call Roopendra.
He is getting late for school. Henceforth, Roopendra won’t
go to that school. You carry on. What are you waiting for?
Leave! Sure, Dad. Great! I’m on time today,
but Roop is not here yet. I’ll teach him a lesson today.
– Sure.. You can do that. Look over there.
Here comes Roop’s vehicle. Listen..
Don’t scold him much. Okay? Where is Roop?
Why isn’t his rickshaw here yet? Dad said Roop won’t study
in your school anymore. What?
But why? Go, dear. Why are you crying? I’m getting you admitted
to a boys school. There won’t be any girl
and no one would laugh at you. But, Dad, there are boys
back in my school as well. I will befriend them. But please don’t get me admitted
to a different school. Please, Dad!
Please! Stop crying. I’ll get your favourite Jalebi
for you. Once you have it,
we’ll go to your new school. You can make new friends there. Wait here. Nab him!
– Get him! Get him.. Catch him.. Stop, or else, I will shoot! Run!
– Stop! Hey!
Don’t you dare step ahead! No criminal has ever escaped
my clutches! Shamsher, he is holding
your son hostage. ‘They have to turn around
to kill him.’ ‘Just turn around.’ Mom, this is too much. Dad meddles with
every matter concerning Roop. Roop will lose
his self-confidence. Himani, he is a father.
He’ll raise him as he sees fit. He wants the best for his son
after all. We are equal now.
– Hey! Chetan! Hey, idiot!
Give it a thought. If you kill the boy,
you will run out of hostages? ‘What will dad do next?’ ‘Idea!’ Bravo, dear! Sir, I wanted to
reform the criminals.. Sir. Yes, sir. ‘Jai Hind’, sir. Please call the SP.
We have to question her. We want answers.
Please call her. Yes, call her.
– Call her! Call her.
– Call her! Call her.. Shamsher’s son is brave
like him! All hail Roop!
– Hail! – Hail! All hail Roop!
– Hail! – Hail! Ask what you want. Do you take the responsibility
of the acts committed by the criminals
whom you’d asked to plant trees in the city
in public presence? I take the responsibility
for the same. I heard that one of them
was a murder case convict. You are right. But I didn’t expect them
to do something like that. Then what do you even know, SP? Mom.. No matter what you say I think, what dad is doing
is wrong. Sister Himani! Whatever uncle is doing
is right. Roopendra is becoming a coward. Surely, he couldn’t have
aimed the shot the other day. It’s important to make him
overcome his fear. Hail Roopendra Singh Vaghela!
– Hail! – Hail! Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! Hail Roopendra Singh Vaghela!
– Hail! – Hail! Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! Kamla, didn’t you hear? What happened, Ms. Kalpana? The inspector and your son
made a display of their bravery! All the people have gone
to the police station shouting slogans
in their praise! What! What!
What are you saying? What are you saying!
Really? – Yes.. Are you making up stories?
– No! No! I’m speaking the truth. Then why are you standing? Let’s go and inform everyone
in the village. Come.. – Hail Lord Shiva! Come on.
– May I remain blessed! Mom! Mom! Shall I also go?
I will go and see what my brother has done. Himani, if your dad
gets to know.. – He won’t, Mom! I won’t go near him. I promise!
Please! Okay.
Go. I wonder what Roopendra
has done now. He’s turning into a hero. Even I need to show
my talent soon. Yes! Both the criminals would have
run away had Shamsher Singh
not been there. And you suspended
that brave inspector? This must’ve been escalated
to higher officers. Do you think that
you will remain the SP of this area? I don’t know that. I’m just doing my job. That’s what you were not doing. But Shamsher Singh,
whom you had suspended kept performing his duty
despite being suspended. Whatever Shamsher Singh did is.. Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! Hey, that’s Shamsher Singh. Let me down. If you cheer
a suspended inspector like this the SP won’t be happy. Let me down.. Let me down, too. But the people are very happy
with you, Mr. Shamsher. I had taken an oath
while joining the duty that nothing is greater
than the constitution and my duty. Not even my family. But you were suspended.
Then? A true officer’s respects
his duty from his soul and not just the uniform. Be it on duty or suspended I will always be the protector
of the law. And whoever tries to
break the law I will beat them up
like I thrashed those goons and put them behind bars. Roopendra, even you showed
courage at that moment. Had you not acted cleverly it wouldn’t have been easy
for your dad. Look.. A lion’s cub is brave
like the lion. If I’m brave,
my son is also second to none. And you will see.
When he grows up he will become an inspector
like me. He will perform his duty
better than me. And then one day my son and I will put on
the uniform and walk the parade together
on 26th January. Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! Ms. Meenal! Ms. Meenal! Roop won’t come to school
from tomorrow. Why?
– It was his birthday yesterday. Only we girls had gone
to his house. The boys were teasing him
by calling ‘Radha’. So, he hadn’t invited any boys. I don’t know what happened
to his dad. His dad is about to get him
admitted in some other school. Where only boys study. Please do something.
– Please, ma’am. We will feel bad
if Roop leaves the school because of us. Please, ma’am!
– Please, ma’am! – Help us! Please, ma’am! Hail Lord Shiva.
May I remain blessed. As soon as my brother
and Roopendra come back shout slogans for them.
After that, put garlands and then, play the drums, okay? And we will not just put
the garland around Shamsher’s neck
this time. We need to felicitate
Roopendra also. He has also shown bravery. But, ma’am..
– Don’t worry. The news is confirmed this time. You won’t be slapped. Put the garland around him,
okay? Come on.. Aunt.. First find out whether Roopendra
has done something or if it’s just a rumour. Silly boy! You are jealous of Roopendra.. I understand everything! As soon as they come,
you must dance first. If you don’t, I’ll beat you up. Mom! Mom! Roop has done a great job! Everyone is praising him. People were carrying dad
and Roop on their shoulders and were shouting slogans
in their praise. What! That’s what he wanted. By the grace of Goddess Ambe everything will be fine. Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! They have come!
Play the drums.. Hurry up. Stop.. First I will venerate them. Bring it.
Where’s the platter? Bravo, Brother! Roopendra! The first one goes
to my brother! And the second one for Roopendra! Wow! Play the music! Stop it.. Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! Hail Shamsher Singh!
– Hail! – Hail! Mr. Shamsher, you proved that the police department
is not meant for women. This field is for men. No matter how hard
the world tries for the development
or empowerment of women there will be difference
between a rolling pin and a gun. That’s the only difference
between a male police inspector and that female SP. Mom! My dear, may no jinx befall you. Roop, how did you manage
to do this? Himani, I think dad is up to
something again. No, Jigna.
Not only him. Our Roop did something
amazing, too. What? What did you do, Roop?
Please tell us soon! Not much, Sister Kinjal.
A goon got hold of me and held a knife at my throat. And then dad picked up a brick. I figured it out at once
that he was about to throw that brick at him. I ducked at once
and the brick hit that goon. Then he fell down.
After that I ran to dad. Ever since then
people are calling me brave. But it was all about
common sense, right? Dad obviously picked up
the brick to throw it. What is common sense? How does Roopendra have it
and I don’t? Let me attend it. Hello! – Roopendra,
it’s your teacher Meenal here. Good morning, ma’am.
– Good morning. Roopendra, did you get
the admission done? No, ma’am. I got attacked
by goons before that. And then, dad took me
to the police station. Oh!
I hope everything is fine. I am doing fine for now,
but dad will go tomorrow for my admission again. Please try to convince him. Yes, I have called you
for the same reason. I am coming to your home
along with few other teachers to discuss the matter,
together. Ma’am, please come along
with a few male teachers. And make sure
they have moustaches. Or else, dad won’t listen. Bye, ma’am.
I need to hang up. Dad’s back! Wow! Wow, Brother!
What an amazing day it was! Palak, gather the boys
who can come along with us. We’ll have to take them along.
Also find Mr. Harnish the teacher with the moustache.
– Okay, ma’am. Shamsher.. Mr. Shamsher,
Roopendra is a very dear.. I mean, good..
No, he’s a brave kid. Doesn’t he deserve
a good education? Yes, he is brave.
My son is a brave kid. And now a days,
everyone is talking about him. But if you make him dress up
like a girl and make him dance what’s the use of being brave? That’s the only issue. It won’t happen again,
Mr. Shamsher. We’ll cancel the program
if we can’t find a girl. But we won’t make
your son dance. Hey!
You know what to say, right? Why don’t you speak? And sir,
Roopendra is our best friend. We just mocked him casually,
that day. He didn’t invite us to the party
so we didn’t come. But there won’t be any fun
in the school without Roopendra. Did you hear them?
Everyone is fond of Roopendra. He’s very famous in the school.
Please let him be in the school. Enough!

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