Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 21st September 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 21st September 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

– Yes? Look here. I woke up
early this morning and prepared
your favourite sandwiches. How sweet!
But, Palak, I am not hungry. I will have it later.
– But I am starving. Then have the sandwiches now. ‘Ishika will come, right?’ Pal, I am really nervous. I don’t think that I will
be able to do this. Hey, this is not the time
to be nervous. Take a deep breath,
be confident and be a man.
You have to do this. No more arguments.
All right? The bus has left.
Okay.. Listen to me carefully. A bus will pass from here. It will be red in colour. The words ‘College Tour Bus’
will be written on it. As soon as you see the bus,
show them the sign to stop. As soon as that happens,
the bus will slow down. As the bus slows down,
get on the bus with your guns. By then,
you all should come over. Remember that you have to take
the bus to the police station. Then I will take care
of the rest. He is feeling sick.
– Yes.. Really? Wait. Here you go, have the medicine.
– Medicine.. He doesn’t need the medicine.
– Yes.. Then wait. You will definitely
feel good by this. I have the solution
to every problem. I will feed it to you. You are unwell, right?
Here you go, eat it. All right?
Are you feeling good now? I can’t do it.
– Hey! Do you want to be friends
with me or not? You have to do this.
– Look, Roop. If you blackmail me,
even I will blackmail you. Are you taking the advantage
of the situation? Pal, you will be benefitted. Look, I am ready to do
this task for you. But in return,
you have to do your own task. Before this picnic ends you’ll have to propose to Ishika
and express your feelings. Tell me. Do you accept it?
– Deal! – Roop! Yes?
– Roop, at least have it now. One? At least, try it.
I made it so lovingly for you. Thank you. I can’t, pal.
– Hardik, please don’t vomit. No.. – What happened?
– He is feeling nauseous. He is feeling unwell!
– Nauseous? Let’s go out..
– But why.. I was going to give
you medicine. Hardik, not here..
– Driver, please stop the bus.. I can’t stop the bus now.
– If you don’t, he will vomit over you! – No.. – Stop..
– Okay, I will stop the bus. Stop..
– That’s it.. Be careful..
Don’t vomit here. Let’s go behind that tree.
Come on.. Be careful.. Be careful..
– What are you making me do? Look, God is witnessing
everything. Hey, are you done? Come soon, we are already late. ‘Sir, please bring Ishika over
to the temple near the highway’ ‘and we will pick
her up from there.’ Palak is coming over here. We are done for! Come on, vomit for real. Hey, how can I do that?
Are you crazy? Vomit like this.
Vomit now. Is he all right?
– No, he isn’t. He is ill. Oh, here you go.. – Hey, no..
– What’s wrong with you? Vomit here..
Palak, go and sit on the bus. Slowly..
– Crazy fellow! She is here. Who? Who came?
– He vomited. Hardik, please!
– Be careful, Hardik.. This is what will happen
if you eat so much. Go and sit on the bus. Darn! You overacted!
– You are so mean. – Go.. Dad, what are we doing here? College is.. – But the bus
is waiting here for you. Go quickly and enjoy
your picnic. Go. Be happy. Take care of yourself, Dad. ‘How did she come here?’ Sir.. – Was I late, dear?
– Hail Lord Ganapati.. Hail Lord Ganapati!
– Hail.. Hail Lord Ganesh!
– Hail.. Hail Lord Ganapati!
– Hail.. Hail Lord Ganesh!
– Hail.. Hail Lord Ganapati!
– Hail.. Hail Lord Ganesh!
– Hail.. Sir, thank you for bringing
Ishika here. Dear, I should thank you
for waiting for us. Your idea worked as well. Sir, don’t worry. We will take
good care of Ishika. Thank you, dear..
– Goodbye. Bless you. Roopendra, I will ruin
all your hard work. I am just waiting for the bus. Yes, Brother-in-law.
– Your assumption was right. My informer just told me
about Ranveer’s plan. Okay, Brother-in-law.
– Take care. ‘Where is Vandana?’ What is this? Why isn’t the bus here yet? Hello?
– Hey, Sandy! Where are you? How long does it
take to reach Gandhi Chowk? Are you stuck in traffic? Sir, we have crossed
the city borders. What.. Outside the city? I think the driver
took a shortcut. Hello.. ‘Please do this.
– All right.’ ‘Take a left from here and don’t
go through Gandhi Chowk.’ ‘Okay.
– It’s a shortcut. – Okay.’ ‘Brother Ranveer, even I am
the son of a police officer.’ ‘I knew that you would
do something.’ ‘Now, keep waiting there.’ ‘We will meet
after the picnic ends.’ ‘How can my plan fail?’ Please give me my guitar. Just playing the guitar
is not enough, pal. You will have to sing, Roop.
What do you say, guys? Enough of your talent show. Now, let’s compete.
Let’s bring some excitement. Pal, this is the chance to express your feelings
through songs. Let’s play ‘Antakshari’.
– Perfect! Wow, Sandy. Sometimes,
your ideas are really good. Come on, let’s play. Guys.. Boys here
and girls there, all right? Come on, hurry up..
– Let’s do it. Come on, everyone..
– Come on! Yes! Let’s do it. Hey, what happened? Join us. Why are you sitting
as if you are upset? I am not in a mood to play.
– Come on, you will feel good. Don’t be like that.
Come on, freshen your mood. Okay, who is going to start?
– Ladies first. My name is Mehek, so let’s
start with the letter, ‘M’. Yes..
– Okay, fine.. Hello?
– Hello! Hello?
– Can you hear me! Hello! Hello? I am unable to hear you. ‘I will kill two birds
with one stone.’ ‘I will sing and make
Brother Ranveer’ ‘listen to it
along with Ishika.’ I will not let your feelings
reach Ishika. You love her. You will never be able to tell
Ishika the same. ‘You have started
to be happy by smiling.’ ‘I will see to it’ ‘that you keep smiling
and stay happy’ ‘on this trip.’ ‘And this evening,
I will express my feelings’ ‘and become happy as well.’ Roop I want to tell you
something this evening. Even I want to tell
you something. But not now.
At 9:00 p.m. ‘He wants to tell me something.
It means’ ‘that he is going to confess
his love for me.’ ‘Oh, God!’ ‘Roop, tonight at 9’ ‘we will propose to each other.’ ‘Before 9:00 p.m.’ ‘I will let Ishika
know about my feelings.’ This had to happen. When she couldn’t use
her guile here she went on the college trip
to woo new boys. This saying is indeed right. One can’t read someone’s
character from their face. Ishika looks so innocent, right? But she is a cunning and characterless girl.
– Shut up! Listen!
– Rupesh.. – My silence doesn’t mean that I can’t speak! I know what my daughter does,
where she goes and whom she meets! Be within your limits! Because if you cross your limits even I will do the same! R-Rupesh! Uncle! What have you done..
– Please calm down. Sorry.. We are sorry. You have already crossed
your limits my would-be Uncle. Vinay, please calm down.
– Calm? I was calm until now. You requested me to come here,
so I did. I thought that he must
have realised his mistake. But, no! He is accusing me
instead of apologising. And you.. You are the elder
of this house, right? You still let him insult me. I will not stay
in this house anymore. I break all my relations
with this house and Purvi! I am ending this engagement. Vinay, what is our fault
in this! Vinay, we will break our
relationship with the one who made this mistake. Keep quiet. We have to make
new bonds and not break them. Vinay being the elder of this house I request you to forget all this.
Please calm down. Forgive us. All right,
I will forget everything. I will even forgive them. But only when Ishika’s father goes on his knees
and apologises to me. Why? Why will he apologise? When he has made no mistakes,
why will he apologise? Come on.
– Stop, Rupesh. One minute, Rupesh. Vinay is going to become
our son-in-law. A son-in-law’s respect is more
important than our dignity. Try to understand, Rupesh.
We are the bride’s family. You..
You are the bride’s family. If you want to lose
your self-esteem and apologise to him,
it’s your wish. Ishika’s father
will not apologise. Let’s go.
– I won’t stay in the house where I am not respected.
– Vinay.. Vinay, don’t go. Please don’t leave me
because of them, Vinay. At least, listen to me, Vinay! Vinay, I implore you.. Vinay, please don’t break
our relationship. My friends will ridicule me. Wait! I will listen to you. What.. Kanchan, we can’t
be like them, right? But..
– Please. Purvi, get up. I apologise to you. Please don’t break your
engagement to my niece, Purvi. Not like this. Go on your knees bow your head down take my full name with respect and yours as well. Hey, wait.. The girls
have won the ‘Antakshari’, So, shall we have the Laddus
made by my mother? But.. It’s only for the girls. Sorry. Here you go. Laddu. No thanks.
I don’t want to have it. They were made by my mother. My mother who had blessed you. Thank you.

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  1. I hate Ranvir.
    He is not even appointed as police inspector.
    How could he have the the atority to do all the nonsense.
    Plz have some reality in the drama.

  2. Good job roop…you're ranveer bhai very bad very hate ranveer so much …ranveer 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  3. Kya bakwas h yrrr ham apni ladki ki saadi krte h to itna jhuk kyu jaate h…..itna bol raha h wo usi ghr ki dusri ladki ke baare me itna galat phir bhi saadi kr rahe h thu h aisi fmly pe jo ek aurat ki koi respect nahi h

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