Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 21st August 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 21st August 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Dad! Come on.
– Aren’t you the hotel manager? How did the police find out
about it? Who will pay the fine
if they search the house? You? What are you waiting for now? Get the files here
from the hotel! Dhawal will deal with them. If they ask, we’ll tell them
we needed them for some work. Hail the Almighty.
Praise be to the Lord. God, bless me. What now?
– What do you think? The police will come here. But you know dad’s status. He can offer such hefty bribes that even the police
would give in. Now, they will know
the real power of a cop. I’ll file such charges
against them that they will think twice
before committing such mistakes. Well done!
The uniform suits you. Now, quickly head to the hotel. No, Uncle. I’ll visit their home,
not the hotel. Because they must have got
their files sent home by now. Such violators of the law
should be eradicated be it in their hotel,
or their home. Am I right?
– Indeed, lad. ‘You don’t know
my real motive, Uncle.’ ‘I’m so eager to go
to that girl’s house.’ Uncle, you will be proud
of your nephew today. Enough! Never bow before anyone
while wearing the uniform, okay? I will also be proud
of Roopendra some day when my brave tiger will donne a police uniform. But I couldn’t have
worn it, Mom. I did the right thing. Yes, but you made a mistake
by staying hungry all day. Mom, ask him to eat something. He had woken up early
and had gone for a sprint. He hasn’t eaten since then, Mom. I see. First, eat a morsel and remember this. You did the right thing. But dear, refusing your dad
for everything isn’t a nice thing to do, right? But when he refused today I was really impressed. Even if you had agreed
I wouldn’t have felt bad. I really wanted to see you
in the uniform. So that you understand
the importance of it. But after hearing what you said I realised how much
you respect the uniform and how highly you regard it. So, I was fully reassured that you would try honestly
and sincerely to rank first in the training. Although not for me,
do it for your mother. To make her proud.
Am I right? And listen, Kamla.. Prepare almond Laddus for him
using homemade Ghee. Your son is going to need a lot of strength and stamina. Sure, I will prepare some. Come, dear. But prepare the Laddus not just
for me, but for Himani, too. And don’t add too much of Ghee. But Roop, if we don’t add
enough ghee the Laddus will be crumbly. Add groundnut and sesame
instead of Ghee. Because the oil released by them won’t let the Laddus crumble. Secondly, groundnut and sesame
are rich in calcium and protein. They’ll increase stamina. Wow, Roop! You better start
a hotel of your own, soon. Chef Roopendra Vaghela! You are absolutely right. Groundnut and sesame
will bind the Laddus firmly. Also, I’ll make some
for Himani, too. Even she needs it.
– More than anyone else. Because she works the hardest
among us all. Mom, do you know something? She did a great thing today.
– What did Sister Himani do? Rupesh!
– Yes, Brother? Take these files
and keep them in your room. Okay. – When they search
the house, I will tell them that you do not stay with us. Take this.
– No, Uncle. I’m sorry,
but this isn’t possible. Rupesh, warn your daughter. Tell her what I do to those
who argue with me! Hey.. Uncle, I do not mean
to insult you by arguing with you. But this is your problem,
so solve it yourself. You! ‘Ma’am, be careful.’ ‘If this bursts,
it’ll break a heart.’ ‘What?
– The kid will be heartbroken.’ Search the entire house! This gentleman is gesturing you to hide the files
in your clothes. You see, both,
cops and robbers understand such gestures. And those who do not
have to be really naive. Understood? You’re new to this place. You don’t know how influential
my father is. Or else, you wouldn’t come here. You see, before I go anywhere I gather complete information
beforehand. You are Dhawal Haren Patel. Your younger brother,
Praful Haren Patel. And you are Mr. Haren Patel. Their father.
Am I right? Am I right? And I know very well as to what you three do,
how you do it and why you do it. And whatever I don’t know
will soon be revealed through these files. So, the Patel family.. Please let me do my job. Get the file.
Come on! What do we do now? Nothing. The ball is in his court now. Listen.. So far, every inspector
who visited our house would enjoy tea, salute us
and leave. I’m seeing an honest cop here
for the first time. Kanchan, stop it. What did I even say? I’ll go and get dad’s medicines. Please let me go.
– No, ma’am. Until the investigation
is complete inside no one has the permission
to leave this place. Actually, I’ve to get medicines
for my dad. So, please let me go. Listen, ma’am..
– Let her go. Go ahead. By the way, I wonder
if you remember. We’ve met before. The other day..
– Varun Satyavati. ‘What do I say? Even my mind
is still trapped there.’ I do remember. ‘That means even you are
attracted to me.’ ‘So, is it safe to say
that it’s a two way connection?’ ‘She needs to be impressed
in a different way.’ May I go now?
– Yes? Yes. Well, I was really impressed by your love for
sweet, little kids. Bye! By the way.. Since you seem very honest I think even I should be honest. In fact, I am not the SP. Even this uniform isn’t mine. My uncle is the DSP
and this is his uniform. I will soon get a uniform
of my own. I’m still under training to be a police officer. I’ll soon become one and then, it won’t take long to become the DSP. Good. I didn’t know that
this was your uncle’s house. So what, even if you did? You are the defender of the law. You should do what you feel
is legally right. You’re quite outspoken.
– What? All honest people are. So are you. Because you spoke the truth
about your uniform and your designation. ‘She’s got such a great voice.’ ‘Her voice is just as magnetic’ ‘as her beautiful face.’ You’re so tired after
just a few hours of training. Don’t you want to become a cop? No, I’m not tired. Please tell me,
what do I have to do? I’ll tell you. Sit down, I’ll be right back. Himanshu..
– Himani, close your eyes. Close your eyes. Himanshu, may I look
just for a second? – No! Please! Himanshu, what is it.. Himanshu, what are you doing?
– Serving my wife. When a husband returns home
all exhausted doesn’t his wife serve him? So, when the wife gets tired shouldn’t her husband
do the same? Come on, put your foot forth,
or I’ll get very angry. What is it? Himanshu, you forgot
my other foot. Oh, right! Oh, I see! Naughty! Yes, Jigna,
I’ve bought the vegetables. Tell mom that she needn’t go
to the market. Get it here.
Thank you. What more do you want? I’m so sorry! You!
– You! Who else could it have been? You are always stalking me. Really? Can’t you watch out
while crossing the road? Couldn’t you see I was riding?
– Hey, lady! God has given me eyes
to the front. You approached from behind.
You should’ve watched out for pedestrians on the road.
But you just.. Yet you’re lecturing me!
Arrogant woman. Thug! – Hey! You’re the one
acting like a thug. You talk slowly
but I can hear everything. Disgusting!
You ever dropped my helmet! I’m so fed up of you! What about the loss I incurred? I’ll reach home late now and my mom will be late
for cooking dinner. I’ll have to walk home. You even ruined the vegetables. My mom will be so hassled
just because of you! Do you know that?
– Don’t scream. Keep your voice low.
I can hear you. Keep talking. Buy all the vegetables you want.
I’ll drop you home. And listen, I’m doing this
for your mom’s sake. I don’t want your mom
to be bothered because of me or you, or anyone
for that matter. Now, go on.
Don’t waste time. Thank you, Mom!
– What! Thank you, Ishika!
Thank you, so much! Go now!
– Come on, help me! Let’s go.
– Sure, let’s go. I’m telling you..
– Ishika! Are you all right? Do I seem all right to you?
Oh, God! Are you hurt? Oh, really?
Can’t you how badly I’m hurt? I was telling you to.. You’re so irritating..
– Quiet! Quiet! If your scooter has got
no brakes at least hold your tongue. You almost overrun me
with your scooter back then and now, this poor kid.
Where is he? He wasn’t a kid.
He was quite grown up. You’re to blame for this,
you know? I read your horoscope
today morning. It was clearly mentioned there that it was dangerous
to stay with you. But still, I agreed to come
along with you. Do you know why? Because I had to save you
and that kid. So that I could avert
your bad luck. You know what? It’s my fault
that offered to drop you. I shouldn’t have done that. And I think you haven’t read
this morning’s horoscope. It also mentioned for me that I would meet an idiot thug
who would annoy me. You better be thankful to God since I was that boy
and you’ve got just a headache. Otherwise, had a major accident
happened you would either be
at a police station or a hospital. Now, quickly thank me.
I’m a busy man. I’ve got no time. I know, you’re a busy man. Lady, you ruined my vegetables
again. I helped you come this far. So, go home,
you’re almost there. We still haven’t settled
our scores. Don’t worry.
I won’t do anything yet. Let’s bet for a 100, for now. Done? What’s all this you’re up to? Why are you doing
such girly things? It was fine
when we were children. But even as a young man?
Aren’t you ashamed? Sorting knives and forks won’t increase your stamina. Come on, do sit-ups with me. It’ll increase your stamina for tomorrow’s running contest. Come on. Kamla!
Have you served dinner, yet? Are you coming or not?
Come on. Hey! Hey! Don’t you two want to have food? Don’t you want to participate
in the race tomorrow and win? Hey, Kamla!
How long until dinner is served? Sister-in-law Kaushalya,
everything’s ready. Aunt, what’s the hurry.
Dad will be home soon. Let us all eat together. Look, here I come. And you come here. Look at what I’ve got for you. Here you go.
Open it. New jogging shoes? Himanshu, I’ll tie them, myself. What was the need for these? We should prepare the best
for tomorrow’s race. So, I got these running shoes
for you. Are they comfortable?
– Really comfortable! Very good!
You can’t tell just yet. Try running around. Here?
– Let’s go outside. Okay, let’s go. Don’t just look.
Wear them and take a sprint. I got it especially for you. And listen, wear these
for the race tomorrow. I’ll do all I can to make sure
that my son wins. I’ll go freshen up. ‘Uncle, you made a mistake.’ ‘You got shoes
only for your son!’ ‘But no matter what shoes
you get for him’ ‘I will neither let him run’ ‘nor beat me to the finish’ ‘nor become a police officer.’

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