Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 1st November 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 1st November 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

I wanted to dance with you. I’d even come to request.
It was you who refused. What else could I have done? You shouldn’t have danced! Would you have died or some
other calamity had befallen Ishika, is all this
more important than me? Are my dreams not important? It was dream to dance
during the music ceremony. Does that not count? Ishika.. – Brother Ranveer,
I apologise to you. I plead with you
with folded hands. It’s my mistake.
I shouldn’t have danced. To fight on this occasion
over such a trivial term.. It’s not right. I’d rather go away but you.. What was the need
to dance with him? You could’ve danced
with someone else. If you had so many dreams,
you could’ve done it with someone else!
Come on, Ishika. Listen. Leave me. What is happening inside, Roop? Brother Ranveer
is making Ishika realise about who he is. If everything happens
as per his wish then after marriage,
Ishika’s life will be like that of a caged bird. That’s why I.. Today Ishika will get to know how it feels when
Brother Ranveer shows his true self. I’m feeling really bad
for Ishika. But today Ishika has taken
your side for the first time. Today, another of your attempt
was successful. Dad, Brother Ranveer
was really upset. For that I’ve even
apologised to him. I’ve apologised
to him with folded hands. Now, tell me.
What’s wrong in it? Everybody gathers to sing and
dance during a music ceremony. Then? What was wrong if we danced
before everyone? Had it been wrong dad
wouldn’t have allowed me to dance with Roopendra. Nor would I have
danced with him. Absolutely.
Ishika is absolutely right. What big deal was it if the kids
danced on the occasion of joy? What’s the need
to make an issue out of it. Really? What about
Ranveer leaving upset? Well, I have told him the same thing that
I’m telling all of you. He shouldn’t have felt
wrong as I’m not wrong. Rather it’s your mistake,
Brother Ranveer. You asked Ishika not to dance. Neither you would’ve
refused from dancing nor I would have to dance. Stop! Your cousin is a cop. If he starts to dance, the
hoodlums of his area would laugh instead of fearing him. Right. And, Roopendra,
everybody knows you aren’t much happy
with their wedding. Everything was going fine
between the two brothers then why did you have
to dance with that Ishika? Aunt.. – See you caused a strife
between the two of them. Aunt, if he knew from the outset why did he use to send Roopendra time and again
to Ishika’s place? Sometimes to choose the card and sometimes
to deliver the offertory. And sometimes to prepare
for the engagement. So that Ranveer could make
Roopendra repeatedly realise that the one he used to love
is becoming his brother’s wife right before you.
Isn’t that true? Kinjal..
– Enough! Nobody shall argue further. Just focus on how to have
this marriage done, peacefully. That’s it. Roopesh you are the bride’s father. It’s your job to think how this wedding can
take place peacefully. There has been enough ruckus. The wedding is tomorrow and I don’t want
any other drama. Did you understand? Yes, Brother. Mom, the best thing
about it is that for the first time Ishika
didn’t consider me and my intentions wrong. This means, Ishika has forgotten
all the past bitterness. Thank you, Mom.
Had you not given me courage I would always have been
wrong in Ishika’s eyes. Due to you I could
make her understand that I’m not a wrong person. Even if she gets married
to Brother Ranveer but I shall always
have the happiness that she’d never
consider me wrong. Tomorrow is going
to be difficult for you. May Mother Goddess
give you the strength to pass this test. Just..
Just have faith. Whatever is right
shall happen. What’s the matter? You shouldn’t put
your hand over your head. Which thought are engrossed in? Listen.
It’s not right to worry. Even our Ishika has
calmed down now. So, stop worrying. I know very well. Ranveer will keep
our Ishika very happy. I find Ranveer’s behaviour
not so normal. Will he be able to keep
Ishika happy after marriage. I’m worried about that. For the father of the bride
to be so worried a day before his daughter’s wedding, about
if the boy will keep her happy if he will be able
to tackle his daughter if he’d take care of her.. Is quite natural. Nothing will happen.
Everything will be fine. Listen.. Please listen to me.
Hold on a minute. Where would you go at this hour? Please don’t go..
– So what if it’s late. Ranveer has given me a special
invitation to the party. I’m going.
Even Mr. Dhaval is there. But it’s not right if you go..
Listen! Kanchan.
– Yes? What party is
Ranveer Kumar throwing? I don’t know. It’s my daughter’s wedding,
people from the family are going and he didn’t invite me. Kanchan, take out
the keys of the vehicle. What?
– The key of the scooter, quick. I can smell something wrong.
Let’s go and check. Come..
– Sit. Don’t you think
you’re doubting too much? Nothing has gone wrong.
Everything is fine. You’ll not go anywhere. I don’t know, Kanchan,
but I just can be at ease. Cheers!
– Cheers! Thank you! Thank you, everyone.
Thank you. Thanks for coming
to my bachelor party. Congratulations,
Brother Ranveer. Your plan became
successful at last. Well, pal, congratulations
to you too. You too! I had to go through
a lot of trouble to woo your cousin. Well I used to reach
the college every day I don’t understand. You see at any function I used to
reach like a decent guy. Like a gentleman. As if going to attend
the classes. Then? – Then in order
to impress Ishika I celebrated my birthday
with the poor kids of orphanage as a pretence. I enjoyed the most when Ishika
and Roopendra were sleeping in the forest,
holding each other’s hand. I covered them with the jacket. Then I printed and put the
same photo in the college. And then I put up posters
of the same photograph outside your Patel Villa
before the whole village and insulted Ishika and put the entire blame
on Roopendra. I won. I won. Roopendra, I won! Ranveer..
– Stop! What are you doing! Now no one can stop
this wedding from happening. No one at all. You.. I stole your lover away right before your eyes. What could you do about it? What could you do?
Nothing at all! Ranveer Singh Vaghela has won against his love. Ranveer Singh Vaghela’s ego
has won! Roopendra, your love has failed. It has failed! I wonder what will happen
tomorrow. Will Ishika learn the truth
about Ranveer? After all that happened
will she be able to decide what’s the best for her? Sir, it’s you?
– Hello, Roopendra! You’re calling in so late!
Is everything okay? Is Ishika okay? – Can you please
come over to our house soon? It’s really urgent, dear. Please, dear!
Please! Please! Please! Okay, sir.
Right away. He called me up so late! I don’t understand
how Roopendra can help us. Kanchan, I trusted Roopendra
earlier, too and I still do. How can we complain
to the police against a police officer?
Who would believe us? Look, in such a situation Roopendra is the only one
who can help us. Why did you stop me? I was going to slap Ranveer
so hard.. This isn’t the solution
to the problem, Kanchan. We should go home now. We should be there
before Roopendra reaches. It’s all my fault. You kept warning me repeatedly
but I never paid heed. I forced Ishika to agree
to this weeding. It’s pointless fretting over it.
Let’s go now. Please, hurry up! Sir, ma’am, you called me over
at this hour? Tell me, what’s wrong? It’s nothing, dear.
We just had to ask how the preparations are
going on at your house. Actually, you see.. The roses here have wilted. All the roses are ruined. We need to order more
tomorrow. Sir, did you call me here
at this hour to discuss this? Was this the urgent task?
Really? You see,
we are the bride’s parents. If we make even a minor mistake
it creates a big problem. Dear, even this is urgent,
isn’t it? Also dear, the bride’s family
is busier during a wedding. You may go now.
It’s really late. Bye!
– Good night. I really love it when people obey me instantly. Keep obeying me always. Okay? What’s the hurry,
to-be mother-in-law? Hold on. Take a good look first. Just take a look. What is all this?
– You see.. I had seen you both leave
from that party place. Since you know everything
about me even I shall accept that I’m a horrible person. Really horrible. And I am here with
proof of my wickedness. What you see right now is a live video call. My gunman is shooting this right from your house. He is shooting
straight from Ishika’s room. Ishu..
– Hey! Hey! Hey! Don’t drop it. Ishu! My gunman won’t hurt her. He won’t shoot
your dear Ishika. If you won’t tell Roopendra,
Ishika or anyone at all. For some days,
assume the silent pose. Don’t do anything. It’s just a matter of some days. Once the wedding is over.. And I promise. After the wedding everything will be
back to normal. And we’ll be a happy family.
Really! But if you tell Ishika then.. Poor Ishika! I hope you got it. Okay? Remember one thing. The one pointing a gun
at Ishika’s head is an ace marksman. Good night! Look here! Don’t you like it?
– Ishika is all alone. Surely buy this.
– Let’s tell her the truth. We can’t let her life be ruined. I’m really scared. I’ll talk to her. Ishika..
– Yes? Please come.
I’ve to talk to you. Okay, fine.
Excuse me. Come on.
– Come on. – Come, dear. What’s wrong, Dad?
Is everything all right? Keep your voice low. Ishika, the matter is Ranveer.. What about Ranveer?
– Dear, he is.. Greetings! Hello!
– Greetings! Greetings! Ranveer has sent me. Aren’t you the bride? It’s been a tradition
in Ranveer’s family to tie a protective charm
around the bride’s wrist during the wedding and when the bride
goes to the groom’s family she takes off the amulet and disperses it into a river. Okay.
– Go on, dear. Hello! Ishika, are you still upset? Please, don’t be upset. Moreover, I’ve sent a girl over to cheer you up. She will take care of you.
– Ranveer has sent me. To take care of you. Just like I would after we get married. Ranveer, please learn to
control your anger. Oh, God! Control! Control! Control!
That’s what I’ve always done. Control! Control!
Control! The bride’s parents must come
with me for a ritual to the ancestral temple. Right now?
– Yes, right now. Ishika, please take care.
We will be right back. Okay, Mom.
– Ishika, we’ll talk later. Okay?
We’ll be right back. Okay. – Please come.
– Come on. My to-be in-laws. This thread is similar
to the one tied to Ishika’s wrist. If any of you speaks a word.. Did you enjoy it? Or else, do you want
another live demo? No!
– No! Please don’t hurt her! We will do exactly as you say! We won’t tell anyone! We won’t tell anyone!
Please! I beg of you!
Please don’t hurt my daughter! Please! To-be Mother-in-law it doesn’t seem nice
if you plead before me. Moreover, in a few hours
I’ll be seeking your blessings. Your to-be son-in-law. And therefore as a souvenir for the wedding I’ve got a great gift
for you both. Want to see?
Let me show you. This amulet. Here, wear this. It’ll look great on you.
Wear it. Wear it! Good! Here you go, sir. Very nice. Very good! But please do remember. If you try to take off
this amulet Ishika will get hurt. ‘It contains an audio chip
through I can hear’ ‘everything you say.’

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