Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 1st March 2019 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 1st March 2019 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop! Ishika! Sorry, Sister Jigna we had
to get you here like this though we didn’t
want it this way. You wouldn’t have
come here on your own as it was Mom’s order
for you to stay at home. But, Roop. What does it mean
to come here in this way? Though your steps were
held back, on seeing me. But your love is reflected
in your eyes, Jigna. Express your love and tell me you still love me. We had decided to
marry each other. We’ve faced many
challenges since then but yet nobody could
reduce our love. But till when will we
continue to do so, Aneesh? How long will we meet
in secrecy? If love turns out
to be our enemy? In God’s witness, today I would like to reveal
everything clearly to you. Risk is the other name of love. Love is the inspiration. Love is the strength which
prepares even for the toughest. I am ready to face all the
challenges for your sake, Jigna. Can’t you support me
in this? If you won’t support me
this day, I will lose hope. Our love will lose, Jigna.
– No. I would like to live,
not die. But, if you aren’t with me,
then death is better. I want to spend my entire life
with you, Aneesh. It’ll be my responsibility to
prepare for the wedding. Ours’.
I will help you out. This is your main course and
‘dhokla’ for you. Today’s newspaper, Dad. Page 1, headlines due to rain
six people died in Kerala. Hello, Samru! We thought that
we have isolated Shamsher. But this mother and daughter duo
have returned home cleverly. What shall we do now? Hey, Aunt. I just don’t think I work too. When I do something, it will
be very painful. Have some patience.
– Okay. Today I have extra work at the
station, so I’ll be late. Okay. Hey, Jigna.
You woke up late today hope you’re feeling well. For the time being
sister Jigna will behave like nothing happened
yesterday night. Yes, but we will have
to be doubly sure about it. If our plan is leaked it will
turn out to be problematic. But, what’s the plan? Come, have your breakfast. The ones who don’t fear death
will actually die. Do you see this, brother-in-law? This small matchstick will be enough to burn Roop
and Ishika’s pride and power. I hope you people liked
the food. Do, come back again.
Greetings! They will return, only if you
both survive here. Your idea is very good. Brother-in-law, just like this
matchstick Roop and Ishika
are very stiff but in a few moments
they’ll burn to ashes. Samru! Let’s give a grand start to
their destruction and end. Hey, Roopendra!
What are you doing? We had heard of applying
salt to the wounds but why are you
spraying water on them. Stop it, dear.
Stop it. He is your brother and he is
your ex brother-in-law. Leave. Roop! What are you doing?
Stop it. Oh! You had come here to burn
my restaurant. Your plan failed. I am not involved in it. What do you mean? This is the proof of your
dirty actions. I knew that you won’t sit idle. I expected that you would come
up with something. Samru, you are badly stuck. Don’t even give it a try. I’ll break your legs, if you
try to escape. Then, forget about running you
won’t even be able to walk. So, you better surrender. And you too, brother Samru. Samru? What do you mean by that? I am innocent.
I am not involved. It was him.
Our ex brother-in-law did. He was doing it and
he forced me into it. I refused him.
Please ask him. But he didn’t agree. I was about to call you, and
he ignited the fire. What was I supposed to do? You came and poured water on it. This is what you witnessed. He is lying..
– Hey, keep quiet. Else, I will forget that you are
the ex-brother-in-law. Arrest him. Come. Today,
I am proud of my daughter. Roop and Ishika the way
you got the culprit trapped was a good thing, but I am proud that you caught him red-handed. Now, neither will he be there,
nor will he cause any trouble. My blessings to you. Mom, there is one more thing
which you will be proud of. What’s this, Roop? Sister Jigna and Aneesh’s
fresh start. Which is incomplete without
your blessings. My blessings are with you. Today is Jigna’s wedding. I am always with you. Hey, Mom!
Wow! What a pleasant surprise. Come over for giving away
the bride. Roop! Yes, Priest. Mr. Himesh, you and the Council can
do whatever you feel like. None of us will stop you. But please bear in mind that
everything will be broadcasted live throughout the country. So, think before you act. I am happy to announce that
it is my elder sister, Jigna’s wedding today and the counsel
is here to congratulate her on this happy occasion. How would you like to proceed?

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  1. i like this boy roop he's full of surprises, i guess they did'nt see this coming. it amazed me to think some village council is more important than the rule of law which is govern by the court, and to have a bunch of stuffy old men telling you how to live your like and taking the law into their own hands to the point of wanting to kill you so that there rules can be upheld according to there way of thinking. no wonder india have so much unnecessary drama which is pointless.

  2. Rooop roop ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘aqli iyo qurux iyo xoog OMG nin iga dheh ❤️❤️❤️🌸🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴👈

  3. Very good roop!!😍❤😊💗💖💖💟😍💟😊💟😊💟👏💟💟👏💟👏💟👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  4. Wa roop kaya tamacha mara h samj walon ko har samaj m roop jese marad hone chahiy Jo orton par hone Wale atya char ko mita sake🙌🙌🙌🙌

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  9. These same old fool Wil kill there own family for such a stupid tradition and then turn around and worship a goddess who in turn came to being to get rid of such thinking

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  11. Ishika and Roop is a lovely beautiful couple 💛💛👌💋
    I'm in love with these kinds of dramas, and coming back on daily basic to watch them.
    Thanks for sharing #ColorsTV! Please keep adding Eng sub to your cool vids as you've done 🙏

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