Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 1st June 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 1st June 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Dad.. I want to go to mom. Dad! Just sleep. I want to go to mom. Mom, are you all right?
– Please say something, Mom. Please, Mom! Sister Jigna.. We’ve been massaging her with
the balm for such a long time. But she’s still shivering. Please say something, Mom.
– Please say something.. Please, Mom. Kinjal.. I’ll tell you what!
Go and get Sister Himani. Quickly!
– Okay. Mom.. Please say something.. Dad, let go of me. Sister Himani, mom’s health
is deteriorating. And she’s not speaking either.
Please come with me. Mom.. Please say something. Wake up, Mom. Jigna, what’s happened
to mom? She’s not saying anything. Mom.. Say something.
– Please say something.. Looks like she’s become
unconscious. Aunt.. Wake up..
– What happened! Is it an earthquake?
– No, but mom.. Mom’s very ill. Hey, idiot! You woke me up
in the middle of the night! Who’s going to massage my head
if I get a headache tomorrow? I’ll do it!
But mom’s very sick! We’ll have to take her
to the doctor! What if something
happens to her? Nothing will happen to her.
Just go and sleep.. Please, Aunt! Come with me!
She’s very ill! Oh, God! Kamla just had
to get sick at night! Come on.. Oh, God..
– Come on.. Come on.. Aunt..
Look at mom.. – Hey.. See what’s happened
to mom, Aunt. Kamla is fit for nothing! You should have fallen ill
at a decent time. Hey, Shamsher..
Wake up! Wake up.. Quickly! Wake up already! Wake up, now! What happened? Nothing has happened yet,
but something might happen. Your wife is very ill. My reputation
will be maligned if she dies. Come on. What’s her problem! Let’s take her to a doctor
before this gets worse. Come quickly. All right, make preparations
to take her to a doctor and I’ll get the jeep. Okay.. Come on. Hey.. Himani! Mr. Shamsher.. My wife is ill. I see. Lay her down
in the room. Careful.. Come on..
– Come on. Please step outside. Come on, go outside. Doctor, please don’t give
my mom a shot. It’ll hurt her a lot. Don’t worry.
– All right, go now. I’ll stay right here. Just give her some pills.
She’s not that sick. I’ll give medicines later,
Mr. Shamsher. Let me check her first. Do it. It’s not
like I’m stopping you. No! Don’t touch my wife. But, Mr. Shamsher, I can’t
diagnose her if I don’t place the stethoscope on her. Tell me where it should
be placed. I’ll do it. You just have to listen
to her heartbeat, right? Then put the ear tips
in your ears. Do it. I’ll place it and you listen
to her heartbeat. Look at me. Put the ear tips in your ears
and listen. Here?
– Yes, now a bit to the side. A bit backwards. I’ll prescribe some medicines. Give them to her. She’ll be fine by morning. One, two, three four, five, six, seven.. Good morning, Mom. I have prepared juice for you
using carom seeds, basil leaves and ginger which will subside
your fever and headache. Come on, get up. Drink it. Take it, Mom.
Be careful. It’s hot. And I have also added
honey to it. Take rest today.
I will cook food with Sister Himani today.
– Not at all. You need to go to school.
Go. Mom is right.
Go to school. We three are here. Okay. Drink the juice first
in front of me. Only this much?
Drink some more. Come on. Palak, when your mom
gets unwell does your dad take her
to a doctor? You fool.
Everyone’s dad takes their mom to the doctor
when they get unwell. And my dad is too much. Even if my mom sneezes,
he takes her to Dr. Panchmatia. ‘Dr. Panchmatia
is a male doctor.’ ‘And your mom is a woman.’ ‘How can a man
treat your mom?’ ‘If mom stays like this
all night, she might die.’ ‘We will go to the hospital
if she lives till morning.’ ‘And if she dies, we will go
to the crematorium.’ Are you done? There you go.
I have tied your braid. Let’s go.
First class is of English. Palak, the class is cancelled. Class cancelled!
– Why? There’s a function in the school
day after tomorrow. So the teacher is making us
practice the dance of Radha and Krishna. I’m going to learn
the steps. Wow.
Let’s go, Roop. Let’s go and watch
the dance practice. You go.
I don’t want to go. Why? – Do you know who
is doing the dance of Radha? Bamini. She doesn’t know
any step properly. I dance better than her. And does Radha dance
like that? I feel like Bamini is jumping. Then I must watch. Kamla. I’m going to Bhimdad.
Serve the food. And listen, pack two rotis,
curry and buttermilk. If I get late tonight,
I’ll eat that on the way. Mom. Lie down. Suddenly?
Had brother called from Bhimdad? He never calls me. He calls me once a year
during ‘Raksha Bandhan’. He doesn’t call me either. Neither does he
tell me anything. His neighbour had called
to inform. Hasmukh and his men
are creating ruckus. I explained them politely
last time. But this time, I’ll file
a case against them and send them to jail.
– Yes. So what if I’m suspended! They don’t know
what connections I have. I’ll go and freshen up. Yes. Kamla. Didn’t you listen? Hurry up. Mom, you must not cook today. Let me go, Himani. There’s a lot of work. Dad and aunt couldn’t see
that you are unwell. But we can. Mom, if something happens
to you, I don’t know about others but your children
will be affected. And we three are there. We will cook food.
And I’ll get tea for you. Take medicines after having
tea and ‘Thepla’. Mom, Sister Himani is right. Take rest.
We will cook the food. Mom.
Please lie down. Mom.
Take rest. Please. Kinjal, take care of mom.
Okay? One, two, three. Four, five. Six, seven. Then repeat.
One, two, three. Then, five, six, seven.
One more time. What do I do?
This is a problem. What happened? Sir, the parents of the girl
Bamini who was supposed to play Radha, had called. She sprained her ankle. So she will not be able
to perform. And I don’t understand
what to do. What don’t you understand? Inter-school cultural
competition will be held in our school
day after tomorrow. Other schools will come
and win the prizes. And our school
won’t even take part? That’s shameful. Sir, I understand your point. But what should I do?
– You should have casted two people to play Radha.
In any case, you could have made the second one perform. Sir, there’s one option. What is it, dear? Sir, Roop.
I mean, Roopendra Vaghela. Roopendra Vaghela. Isn’t he the guy who had
won the competition of threading needles? Yes. Palak, he needs to play
Radha and not Krishna. And he needs to dance well. Bamini couldn’t
dance properly either. Teacher, Roop told me,
the previous girl Bamini couldn’t do any step properly. But how can a boy play Radha?
– He can. Because he used to come
to watch the practice every day. Roop knows all the steps
of Radha. He dances really well.
– Sir, Priya is right. Roopendra can take up
the role of Radha. Okay then.
If you trust him you can offer him the role
of Radha and save the school’s honour.
Excuse me. Where is he? ‘Had you participated in men’s
race, I’d have been proud’ ‘of you for doing
something great.’ ‘Anyway, I will make sure
you develop male instincts.’ ‘Do 100 sit-ups!’ Roopendra, why aren’t you
playing Kabaddi? I don’t like this sport.
– Why so? It’s a very rough game. We often end up getting hurt
or injuring others. Hence, I don’t like this sport. Would you like to dance then? Dance?
What are you talking about? Actually, the student playing
the role of Radha has sprained her ankle.
So, why don’t you participate on her behalf?
Palak told me that you know the steps
of the performance. Yes, ma’am.
Roop knows the steps very well. Being a boy, how can I
take up the role of Radha? You just have to wear
the attire. Let’s go now. No, ma’am. When I threaded
needles in that competition dad punished me
to do 100 sit-ups. If he finds out about this.. Sorry, ma’am.
I can’t take up the role of Radha. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
8, 9, 10. Jigna, listen.
Make sure your tea preparation is as good as that of Roop’s. You have added ginger
on the count of 10. Add cardamom after 15.
Add sugar after 20. Filter the tea
on the count of 65. Only then, you will prepare tea
as good as that of Roop. No one other than our
brother can prepare such a great cup of tea
using this technique. Jigna, go to the sweet shop
and bring some jaggery. I will leave
after preparing tea. What’s taking you so long
to prepare tea? I will prepare tea.
You can leave now. Get it.
– Fine. In order to prepare tea
as good as Roop’s make sure you add cardamom.
Add sugar on the count of 20 and filter it
on the count of 65. Only then you can prepare
a great cup of tea. Yes..
I’m literate enough. I will help myself.
Leave now. Aren’t you ashamed
of showing your brother how to prepare tea? Think what would happen
if your father comes to know that tea prepared by Roopendra
tastes better than yours. Give it a thought..
You can’t even imagine how much it hurts
Shamsher to see his son inclined towards performing
chores meant for women. It was you who taught him
how to prepare tea and so on. Right? I will now punish you so that
you don’t repeat this and keep your sisters
informed about it. Who amongst you wants
to take up the role of Radha? Palak,
can’t you take up the role? Sorry, ma’am.
I can take up the role of a masculine
character like Krishna but I can’t take up
the role of Radha. Himani, won’t you
take up this role? You wanted it, right? Yes, ma’am.
But it’s beyond my capacity to learn all steps in a day.
I’m sorry. Roopendra. Why are you stealing a peek? Come in. No, ma’am.
I can’t dance in the function the day
after tomorrow. Just show me your step
for once. Roop, please.
I just told her that you know all the steps. Please show the steps,
or else she’d take me for a liar. Sure, ma’am. Thank you. Kiran, we will
rehearse with Roopendra. Fine.
Come with me. Stop.
Let’s start from the beginning. Roopendra, follow my steps. Roopendra, do you remember
the steps? Will you repeat them
for me? Let’s start from the beginning. Very good, Roopendra. Kids,
he is a very talented dancer. And I’m sure,
we will earn a medal with his participation. But we can’t force him
to take up the role of Radha. I will inform the principal
that we can’t participate this year. Roop, please participate
into this. Wouldn’t it be a disgrace
if we don’t participate in this competition? Our school’s reputation
is at stake. Yes, Roopendra.
It’s a matter of our school’s reputation. We won’t make fun
of you anymore. You have our word.
– I won’t inform your father about it.
You have my word. Kids, don’t force him.
I will inform the principal about our withdrawal
from this competition. Ma’am. I will do it. Thank you. How did your hand
get burnt? Please don’t ask me, Mom. Oh, my.. Let me have this. I will apply it on her hand.
You didn’t even eat anything. Moreover, you are unwell.
Your health won’t improve if you don’t eat on time. Please, leave.
I will apply it on her. Leave.. Show me.
Bring it closer. Roopendra, I will talk
to your father. No, ma’am.
Don’t do that. But I have to seek
his permission for you to participate. You can seek permission
from my sister. Mind it, girl.
Don’t ever let Roopendra perform chores
meant for women. In case you forget my advice,
take a look at your scars and it will
remind you that. Even she is fond
of dancing and painting. She will surely allow me
to do that and I will perform on stage. Fine.

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