Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 1st April 2019 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 1st April 2019 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

I, Roopendra Singh Vaghela respect each and every thing
said by my father Shamsher Singh Vaghela. I will send my sister Jigna
to her first husband Dinesh. Anish.. I am sorry.
I slipped and.. Everything got spoilt. Don’t worry.
Don’t worry. Everything in this world
can be fixed. But, Anish..
– Give me ten minutes. I will fix this. Okay? Did you hear him? Mom!
Mom! Mom, control yourself.
Please. Mom. Sister-in-law Kaushalya.. You have protected
your father’s honour. I am proud of you! You have proved
that you are my blood. You are my son.
Well done. I-I request you people
to take the right decision. This is not the right decision. We can’t help it. This is Shamsher
and Roopendra’s decision. And this is their
personal matter. Wow, Roopendra. Good thing that you have
supported your father. It seemed that everything
was going to be fine. But I will be happy when my wife Jigna
comes back to me. I will come here
to take my wife back tomorrow morning. You have to give your consent
in everybody’s presence. We can’t trust them.
They may refuse tomorrow. Shut up!
Or else, I won’t spare you. I have given you my word. You can come
along with your family. And take Jigna with you. No. Am I right? Yes, Dad. Your promise will be fulfilled. You are a man of your words. Did you hear him? I am a man of my words. Goodbye. Goodbye, sir. Goodbye. Goodbye. Let’s go. ‘I was thinking
of putting an end’ ‘to all the differences
between us’ ‘and wanted to embrace you.’ ‘And you have gone so far’ ‘that I won’t be able
to stand next to you’ ‘let alone embrace you.’ ‘I was about to tell you
everything’ ‘and make you realise
my helplessness.’ ‘I wanted you to be with me.’ ‘But I am so helpless’ ‘that I got away from you.’ I don’t want to hear
any lecture from you. I just know one thing. Nothing is more important to me
than my father’s reputation. And what about
your sister’s reputation? What about her happiness? What about the promises
that you had made to her? Don’t you care about them? Sister Jigna. Anish and you.. Are both of you home? Yes, Roop.
We are home. And we are waiting for you. I had told Anish that you
wouldn’t forget this day. So, leave everything
and come home right away. Please don’t send Jigna
to Dinesh. He will ruin her life. Jigna will suffer. Kamla..
Get up. Stop crying.
Shamsher is Jigna’s father. He is not merciless.
Didn’t you hear? Shamsher has promised to the villagers
and the village assembly. Our lives will be miserable
if we don’t fulfill our promise. Try to understand.
– And Jigna? Her life will be miserable
if she goes to Dinesh Sister-in-law Kaushalya. My daughter’s life
is going to be ruined. This is injustice. Dad..
Please don’t send Jigna. You had said that adults can take
decision about their lives. They have the right.
Why not her? Please, Dad. Only I have the right
to take a decision. My words were never respected. You have always
done things your way. And now that my son has taken this decision
then you people should be happy. You must respect that.
– Right. I have always respected
your decision. I understand what it is to perform the duties
of a wife. But I am a mother too. How can I bear to see
my daughter’s life get ruined? Don’t send her. Don’t send Jigna to Dinesh. Sister.. Dad, listen to me. They are crazy.
– Mom.. You have fixed it. Happy? Roop. Wait a minute. Come in. Come inside.
Come on. Look at this.
Come on. Roop, welcome. We got united a month ago
because of you. So, all this is for you. Roop, take a look
at this cake. It’s especially for you. Just a minute. Take a look. There’s a ‘thank you’ message
on the cake. Roop, you have the right
to cut the cake. Don’t blow the candles out. Because the light of the candle resembles the happiness that you have brought
into Anish’s life and mine. Come on, cut the cake. Take a look.
This gift is for you from us. Unwrap it.
Come on, Roop. Roop, whenever you see this then understand
that my husband and I are happy. You need not worry about us. It’s all because of you. Leave all this.
Look at this. ‘Shamsher Singh Vaghela
is a man of his words.’ ‘You can come along
with your family’ ‘and take Jigna with you.’ Roop what have you done! Divorce papers! You must leave Anish right now, at this moment. I’m here to take you back home. These are divorce papers.
You too read and sign it. And free my sister
from this marriage. – Hold on! This..
Roop, all this is a joke, right? Tell me clearly, what is this?
– It’s not a joke. Sign it and come with me. Ouch! Wait, Roop.
Jigna is my wife. And I have all the rights
to know that why you are doing this. Ego. Because of his ego. Ishika! You can’t forge bonds
and break them at your will. That’s not it works, Roop. You didn’t feel ashamed
to do this. Then admit it that you are
doing this for your false ego. You are doing it to prove
your manliness. You are doing it to
keep your father’s words a man’s words! What do you wish to achieve
by separating Jigna from me? I wish to send her back
to Dinesh. Roop, have you lost it?
Have you forgotten everything? Did you forget how Dinesh
had made my life miserable? Did you forget that you were
the one who had rescued me? Did you forget that you..
That you got me married to Anish by going against
the whole society? I don’t remember anything. For now, I just remember
the promise my father made to the committee. That’s all.
I remember nothing else. Whatever father wants
will happen. And what about the promise
I made to Anish? Roop, I married him.
I’m his wife. I’m happy with him. Answer her. Answer her, Roop.
Answer your sister’s questions. And if you don’t have
the answer, just admit that your ego is more important
than your sister’s happiness. And if you can’t say this then I won’t let sister-in-law
and Anish separate. Never!
– Enough! I have had enough. Come with me.
– Roop! Don’t interfere
between me and my sister. Move. I won’t. Neither will I let sister-in-law
and Anish be separated. What can you do? Ro..
Roop! Roop! Roop, what are you doing.. I can’t believe that you are my brother, Roop. Listen, Roop Dinesh was my past. Anish is my present and my future, too. And just forget..
Forget that I’m your sister. Tell me. Tell me,
how is it legally possible that though I have a husband,
I.. How do I..
– Jigna! You shouldn’t ask such questions whose answers
are right before us. So, you have really become vile.
– Yes, I am vile. I am vile. Now, carefully listen
to this vile man. And I will say it only once.
You have three options. You choose and tell me which one
you find right for yourself. I talked to mom. She told me. But what can I do? Roop doesn’t listen to me
of late. How can I help Jigna? I have a solution. Option one, tomorrow is
the committee meeting. Divorce Anish at the meeting
and return to Dinesh. That’s impossible, Roop! That won’t happen!
– I knew you’d say that. You have option number two. Anish,
we own a five acre land plot near the highway. Keep the land and in return,
divorce Sister Jigna. Let her go. Sister-in-law Himani,
we have no other option. I never imagined that..
That you would stoop so low! You are a petty manager
at a petty hotel. You have nothing.
Nothing at all. A five acre land plot will
change your life completely. Think about it. You have changed. Your feelings
for your sister has changed. But I have not changed, Roop. My love is priceless. Now, you have the third and the final option.

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