Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 16th January 2019 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 16th January 2019 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

What’s the matter?
– I have a call. Sister, you guys may proceed.
I have to take this call. Sure.. Hello. What next? Priest, this is my son
and his wife’s first Makar Sankranti after
they got married. I request you to let them
perform the first veneration of this year.
They will be blessed with a happy conjugal life. Sure indeed. While holding the flowers
in your hands pay homage to Lord Narayan
with folded hands. ‘I don’t care how much they
have suffered till now.’ ‘May this veneration mark
their new and auspicious’ ‘conjugal life.’ Stop it. Priest, the newest couple should
get the opportunity to offer prayers
to Goddess Ambe. Right?
– Yes. Look at these newly
married couple. The Mehndi in her hands
is still fresh. Indeed. Mister, please step forward. Please proceed. Great!
It’s a good omen. You have been blessed. ‘You have wronged
my son Ranveer.’ ‘You ruined his married life.’ ‘Now you want to lead
a happy married life.’ I have to attend
some important work. You guys may proceed home. Fine. Roopesh, please forgive me. No, Roopesh.
We made many mistakes. I troubled you a lot
to capture your property. Even I have troubled
you guys. Please forgive me as well
if possible. We had to pay for this. But Roopendra and Ishika showed us the right path. After all of this Roopendra and Ishika
saved my daughter’s life. Thanks a lot. Let bygone be bygone. Let’s make a brand new start
on this auspicious occasion. Members of both of us
will stay in Patel Niwas. Goddess Ambe!
Your prayers have been answered. They will leave us now. Mr. Shamsher, thanks for
sheltering us in your house and treating us well.
Thanks a lot for that. I am getting late for work.
I will take your leave now. Roopesh, come.
– Let’s go. Let me welcome you
to our house. Come. Sister Ishika, shall we? We are finally returning home. So is my daughter. I will be back. So..
– What? What do you mean? I will tell you later. Ishu, spread your ‘Dupatta’. I am bidding farewell to you
in a proper way today. My daughter who used
to play with dolls has grown up today. My daughter has become
a bride today. This is the most happiest day
of my life. Be happy. So, will you tell me now? What should I tell you? Well.. I mean.. W-What? Mother-in-law. Roop, Ishika, it is
an auspicious day for both you. Come on. Donate this. Roopendra, I am going down.
I’ll be sitting in the car. You guys come quickly. Waste my brother’s money now. Did you enjoy?
– Yes. Surprise! Hey! Hardik, Vandana,
you guys are here. What is happening here?
– House party. This was a surprise.
That is why we didn’t tell you. Ishika and I had planned this. If we cannot party
outside the house we can party inside the house,
right? Wow, what an idea! Idiot, it is a stupid idea. All of you move aside. Everyone has come to have
free food. Move aside. Party! I’ll keep the holy plate
and come. Like every year, Roop will cut
the entire colony’s kites this year too. Except one. Mine. You will find out
when you compete with a strong kite flier,
isn’t it? Are you serious? Really?
– Yes. Really? If you are really confident,
why don’t we have a competition? Yes, challenge accepted. Besides,
I trust Ms. Ishika more. Bharat, why are you
standing there? Come here. Everyone who supports Ms. Ishika
come here quickly. We are going to win.
Don’t worry. They will not win. So, we have accepted
your challenge. Really?
Vandana, you have changed sides. You are my friend and
you are supporting Roopendra. If you can become
their sister-in-law can’t I become Roop’s
sister-in-law? Right, Mr. Roop? Now that you have said it,
you have to be right. Well, it will be great fun when we defeat the team
of Ishika and the boys. Keep dreaming.
– Shut up! We will win. Just wait and watch. Let’s see. Okay, you guys go
and start flying kites. I’ll send snacks, tea
and cold drinks for you. Okay. – Let’s go, guys.
Come on. Let’s go. Hi.
– Hello. You are here. Can I come inside
and answer your question? Come in. Manish!
Welcome. Thank you for accepting
my invitation. This is your kite.
Take it. And you are in my team. Don’t ask any questions.
Come quickly. Come with me.
Let’s go. I forgot this. Come. Is everyone ready? Yes.
– One, two, three, go. Come on, Ms. Ishika. Ishika, be careful. Your kite may get cut
and I may win. Stop dreaming in the afternoon. You are playing with a champion. Me too. Tell me, why didn’t you go
with your parents? This means.. It means, today.. Today? I.. Love..
– I love? I love.. I love Makar Sankranti. We love Makar Sankranti too. Right?
– Right. Go ahead, take it.
Take it. Yes! Taken! We took it! So I score first. Roopendra, easy. If you lose it,
you will be mocked. It is not easy to defeat me. Pay heed on the kite. I will defeat you. No chance. Let me do it. No, you must have it. Roop, a bit higher. Take Ishika’s kite out. Roopendra!
– Roopendra! Yes!
– Yes! You had it taken!
– Ishika, took Roop’s kite. ‘You did cheat your way
to win.’ ‘Now let me show you.’

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