Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 15th April 2019 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 15th April 2019 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Mrs. Ishika Vaghela,
the one who supports the truth do you still think Himani
deserves this medal? ‘I know that you won’t go
to the court today.’ ‘That mafia will definitely
have an eye on you.’ ‘So, stick to
your earlier plan.’ ‘I will come to save
your life as well.’ ‘To save my life as well?’ ‘Somebody else’s life
is in danger.’ ‘Roop, are you all right?’ ‘You told me over the phone’ ‘that somebody else’s life
is also in danger.’ ‘Himanshu is all right.’ ‘Whom were you referring to?’ ‘Dad.’ ‘Dad?’ ‘What has happened to dad,
Roop?’ ‘Tell me, what has happened
to him?’ ‘Himani..’ ‘The doctor told me
that dad’s life is in danger’ ‘due to his alcohol addiction.’ ‘I gave stress to all of you’ ‘in order to reduce dad’s mental
stress and to keep him happy.’ ‘I behaved rudely
with all of you.’ ‘I’m sorry for that.’ ‘But, Himani, I’m helpless.’ ‘Dad won’t be happy’ ‘if you receive
this medal today.’ ‘What will happen then?’ ‘He will stress again
and drink alcohol.’ ‘All my efforts
will go in vain.’ ‘Will you support me?’ No. Himani doesn’t
deserve this medal. Himani doesn’t deserve
this medal. Instead, this medal
will be given to Mr. Roopendra Singh Vaghela. Inspector Himani, you will get
a suspension order because you didn’t follow
the law and order. Himani. Himani, what are you doing? You have not done
anything wrong. You were saving your husband and anybody else
in your situation would have done the same thing. No, Ishika. Please,
don’t say anything now. I request Mr. Roopendra
Singh Vaghela to come on stage
and receive the medal. Sir, wait a moment. Sir, I want to make a request. Sir, I want this medal to be given to me by my dad. This is a matter of pride. Shamsher, come. Hey, enough!
Give your dad a hug today. Ishika, ask the drummers
to play the drums. Come on, play the drums. Aunt. Vermillion should be applied
on the elder tiger first. Vermillion will be applied
on the younger tiger next. Yes. And this is for you. Sir, I’ll be joining duty
from tomorrow You’re most welcome
from tomorrow. While I’ll be joining
the police training. Very good. Thank you. Work begins from tomorrow.
But today we celebrate Come on, we’ll party
and have fun. Let’s go. Dad will definitely drink
out of happiness today. But drinking in front
of everyone.. Let me mix cold drink with it. Where is Ishika? What are you doing? I am keeping it near
the childhood memories that you have burnt so that you always remember
the value of this medal. Besides, there was
no better place than this in the entire house. Perfect! Absolutely perfect. You have chosen
the perfect place. All the guests will be arriving. My wife will attend my party. Even if it’s just to
show off to people. We have to pretend that we are a
happily married couple. Dad. Cold drink. Is this my kind of cold drink? Come on. Greetings, Ms. Kamla.
– Greetings. Didn’t Mr. Rupesh come? He had some urgent work.
That is why he didn’t come. Please come. Mr. Dinesh. Greetings. I’m happy to see you. Please come. Come here. Are you.. Are you all right? I’m all right, Mom. But Anish.. I can understand, Jigna. But please be patient. Come. Who invited them? I did. If we can be a part of their joy
without being interested then they deserve to be
a part of our happiness as well. Congratulations, Roop.
– Thank you. Come.
Welcome. Thank you, Roopendra. You saved me
and my husband’s lives. Nobody could do
what you have done. I feel like blessing
my daughter today after seeing her
without the uniform. Also from now on,
you both are always welcome to the Vaghela house. Wow.. My brother has spoken
such a sweet thing. This calls for sweets, isn’t it? See, Shamsher?
Your son united our family. He is truly this family’s
shining light. Oh, Lord.
Always keep me safe. Now, we just need to teach
our values to Ishika. Where is she? Yes.
Roopendra. Where is Ishika? I’ve also been looking
for her. No.. She is getting ready,
Sister-in-law Kaushalya. She is getting ready? Everyone is ready,
but she is still getting ready? I’ll go and get her.
– Mom. I’ll check. What’s your problem, Ishika? Everyone is taunting outside while you aren’t even ready. I..
– Ishika, you.. Ishika..
You drank.. Yes..
Little bit. I am a good wife. I am following your footsteps. I thought, since my husband
drinks everyday I should do it too. But I enjoyed it a lot.
It was very tasty. No wonder you’re
drunk every day. It’s amazing. Today is my husband’s
celebration. We should have a party.
Come. Come. You won’t go to the party. Why? Hey, it’s your celebration
and I can be a part of it? I told you that you won’t
go to the party. It’s decided. It is important
for me to go there. Okay..
I’m swaying around.. Is that why you’re telling me
not to go? But I promise that I won’t
do anything outside. Ishika.
– I will behave well. Enough. You’ve created a scene here. No more.
Come. Enough of this, Roop. You always tell me to stop. I am the one who stops
doing things. But no one tells you to stop. No one tells you anything. Why? Because you.. You are self-centred. You make mistakes
and have things your way. Because you.. You’re the great Roopendra Singh Vaghela. Great, Roopendra Singh Vaghela. But I should say that.. These.. All these people..
– Ishika! All these people.. All of them are great. Do you know why? Because they don’t see
your mistakes. Are you done?
Come. Hey!
Leave me! Aunt..
– Ishika.. Aunt.
– No.. Hey.. Be careful, Aunt.
You might fall. I want to say something. I didn’t do anything wrong. Your nephews are wrong. Yes.
– Hey.. Samru and Ranveer. They were wrong and they
got punished, Aunt. Now, Roop is wrong. But he isn’t getting punished. I think, she is drunk. Yes, that’s why,
she is saying all this. Control yourself, Ishika. Hey.. My lovely
Sister-in-law Himani. You didn’t do the right thing. You were so strong. Inspector Himani. I left everyone and supported you. What did you do instead,
Himani? You did all this.. You removed all the badges
and gave it to them. You became weak. No, Himani. How can you be weak? When a girl gets married then she goes to
her in-laws’ home. She thinks that everything
would be nice. Everyone would be happy. But over here no one is happy except for the men
of this family.

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  1. Yar purani Himani ko waps lao please please please please please please please purani Himani drama kiyo chorke chaligay Kiya hey I love you so much baby girl ❤️💋 💋😘 💋👍👌 I'm Pakistan se hu Himani ko waps lao please please please please

  2. Luv u roopindra 😎😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💖💓💕💕💕💓💓💓💓💓💓

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  4. by law Roop is not a cop how could he get the medal. Yes he can be rewarded but not some thing else but not the medal. This drama is going out of way.
    very stupid.

  5. It seems that this drama is going in right way. this fathers alcohol problem is not a good theme to extend the drama.

  6. Roop! What happens if he comes to know that the medal that he received was actually for Himani. Sam shared will have certainly have heart failure and death not because he has the problem of the heart rather just because of the shame. This means that instead of saving his life from danger, you have brought his shock for sure death.

  7. Shamsher Sing has always a problem with women and such women of his own family. For the cause of the problem has only one reason, because to be a man of courage and might only be the son of the father and not of the mother. Therefore he feels proud of being given birth by his father. On the other hand, any woman or born by the women are not a human person, rather something else. Therefore, they should not be treated as equal to men.

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