Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 12th September 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 12th September 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

You’re not allowed
to go inside the house. All of you go inside. No, Dad. I’ll not go away
from my home. Whom you had ousted
was only your son but the one who has
come back home with you is also a mother’s son. You will not..
– Dad, just a moment. Before you scold me,
let me remind you that I met your condition. I gave you much more
than you wanted. I’ve already proved the duty what I have
towards my mother. Now.. Now, I need to take care
of my mother. I agree that you paid
the money. That doesn’t mean you’ll
show off your pride and ego. You won the money
in that competition but festivals don’t
come every month. How will you earn money
every month? If you want to stay
in this house if you want to look
after your mother.. Then every month
you need to pay rent. I agree to your condition. That’s more like it! If you even delay by a day
in paying the rent then you’ll be instantly
thrown out of the house. Remember that. You better not misbehave today. The suffering that
aunt has gone through is because of your
ill-behaviour. Let’s go, Uncle. Why do you always
mess around with your dad? After all,
his blood runs in my body. Come in. Easy.
Come. Ishika.
Are you ready or not? Hitesh Kumar
has come to get you. Anu, I’ll call you back.
– Listen.. I’m not even ready. Why did he come so early? Something has to be done. Ishika shouldn’t
jeopardise things. I need to help her. But what should I do? Idea! This is done. I very well know,
how you got hurt. What is that red mark
on your neck? The festival colour
didn’t go off. It’s not the colour but this did happen
due to the powder. When I was climbing up
to break the pitcher then I got a burning sensation in my eyes
and around my neck. It’s good that Ishika
sprinkled water through a pipe and the colour got washed. If it hadn’t been for her then I wouldn’t have
reached that pitcher. Wow! It seems Ishika
is taking good care of you. Speaking about
that colour on you it can’t be a coincidence
that it was thrown on you. And I’m sure, someone
might’ve mixed chemicals in it. That’s why,
you had a burning sensation. Only one person in this house
is jealous of you. Do you suspect..
– Ranveer. Who else can do
this despicable thing? ‘Was it Ranveer?’ Hello. – Roopendra,
please help Ishika. Please. God! Please help me
get rid of this cartoon. And the same goes for
this dinner date.. Please, God. I always thought
of going out somewhere for dinner with my wife. Mr. Hitesh, relax. We aren’t married yet and I haven’t decided
anything on it. But I hope you’ve decided
what to order, ma’am. You! Here? How do you know this waiter? I..
– Excuse me. Sir, I’ll tell you. Would you mind
stepping aside, please? Just a moment.
– Sure. You can..
– Excuse us. This way, sir. Please.
Come. But..
– Ishika, just a moment. What is going on here? Your friend Vandana
had called. She was asking our help
to break up your alliance. This way, sir.
Please come. You’re looking like
a joker in this dress. This so-called joker of yours will help you
break your marriage. Leave that on me.
I don’t need your help. Definitely you need help. I got the opportunity today to do something for you. Please sit. It is time to start
plan number one. I have so much to tell
about my dreams. ‘Oh, God!
I need to get rid of Hitesh.’ Sorry, sir!
Sorry! Oh, no!
Look what you’ve done! Sorry, sir.
It’ll get over. Please go to the washroom
and clean the mess. Sorry, sir. What happened? I knew this was going to happen. It has already
started with you. Bye. What happened with me? Water.. Today, water
was splashed on you. Tomorrow,
it’ll be a cup of hot tea. After that,
it will be catastrophe.. How do you know?
– I had a friend who was just like you. He was as handsome as you. The girl whom you want
to marry.. Who is sitting outside.. My friend was supposed
to marry that girl. What? What happened with him? Do you really want to know? That friend died. And the surprising
factor is that you resemble my dead friend. I fear that even you will.. What.. What are you saying? I don’t know how
to put it across. You’re naive.
You’re gullible. I’ll not spare Roop. Can’t he listen
to what I told him? Roopendra isn’t
doing this voluntarily. Your friend Vandana had called. She was requesting
to help you. So Roopendra
is doing that. Believe in him.
He’ll take care of it. ‘Do you now understand what
it means to defame someone?’ ‘It’s just me now.’ ‘If it was someone else’ ‘you wouldn’t be able
face anyone.’ ‘It takes a lifetime
to build a reputation’ ‘but all it takes
is a moment to lose it.’ ‘Ishika went to hospital to
check up on my mother’s health.’ ‘You can call up at the hospital
if you don’t believe me.’ Inauspicious? Yes, inauspicious. It’s the effect of that. Just water was spilt
on you today. Just water. That’s why you’re saved. Who knows what
will happen in the future? But Ishika’s family didn’t
inform me about this. Why would they.. They’ve even registered
incorrect date on her birth certificate.. How do you know about this? He’s asking too many questions.
– What? Well, my sister and the girl
who’s here with you, Ishika. They were born in the same
hospital and on the same date. But people find out about it
from one source or the other. And her alliances
are called off every time. Do you know what? I’ve heard that the groom will
definitely die if he marries an inauspicious girl. I suggest that
you save yourself. You’ve still got time,
don’t you? Think about yourself
and your parents. And refuse to marry
this girl today itself. May God bless you. Should I get you a lemonade? No..
– I’ll leave then. Excuse me, sir. Ishika, do you know him? I did tell you, sir. A friend of mine got married
to an inauspicious girl. A roof fell upon him. Then he.. Yes, sir. And another guy’s house would
get raided by robbers every day. God knows what
that poor man lost. All because of that
inauspicious girl. Another friend of mine.. A lizard fell on his food. I just remembered, have food. After eating the lizard,
he too.. Sir, enjoy. People these days believe
in all sorts of things! Sir, this is not a joke. I witnessed it. Here you go, have water. I perform
veneration profusely. Don’t worry, Ishika. I’ll protect both you and myself
by worshipping. Sir, you’re so naive. Look at the things he’s saying.. Sir, it’s all due to the stars. Venerations performed
on earth can’t change them. You should heed my advice, sir. I also observe fasts
on Thursdays and Tuesdays. Is that so? Tell him..
– Yes. Try to understand, sir. Waiter. People believe
in all sorts of things. I’d like to tell
you something, Ishika. Okay. I like you a lot. He’s very obstinate.
His nature is stubborn. He ruined my entire plan. What do we do now? Nothing can be done! We’ve done all we could!
That’s it! It’s enough.
– What are you doing? Let’s leave before
any problem arises. Call Vandana up. ‘Help Ishika’! Vandana, look,
we tried to help Ishika upon your request. But that guy is very tricky!
– Hardik has gone mad. Listen, I tried my level best. But this guy is very stubborn. I mean, he doesn’t want
to listen to anything. Don’t worry, though. We’ll deal with
this guy tomorrow. We’ll deal with
this guy tomorrow.. You’re trying your best
to avoid Ishika’s wedding! Hey!
Look at that guy! Ishika would want a handsome
guy. Someone handsome. Go ahead. Have your food. And that’s why I’m trying
to do this.. What?
What do you mean? Nothing. Let’s come up
with a better plan tomorrow. Hey, you can carry on with the
plan. I don’t want to do this. Return the costume
before leaving! ‘Don’t worry. We’ll come
up with another plan.’ ‘After all,
I’m a hooligan, right?’ What happened?
Who is it? No one.. Kinjal!
Hey, Kinjal! Yes, Aunt? I got a phone call from Ranveer. He’ll come late.
So cover his food with a lid. Go.
– Okay, Aunt. And for Roopendra too. Mom.. Why did you come out, Mom? He’s tenant here. There’s no need
to keep food for him. But, Dad..
– Didn’t you hear me? I won’t eat food
here either then. Why would you disregard
food, Kamla? I’ll tell you what.
We’ll keep food for Roopendra. You have food without any worry,
all right? Kinjal, take your mom inside. Feed her and put her to sleep. Go.
– Okay. Come on, Mom. Sister.. – Do you want her to
get admitted to hospital again? She’s in a bad condition.
Let it be. Kinjal.
– Yes? Ask Roop what he’s doing. All right. Take rest. Come on. It’s a long way, right? Let’s hire a taxi. No, let’s not. It was my dream to walk
on streets at night under the stars
with my would-be wife. Come on.
– What? ‘I’ve been trying
to get away from him.’ ‘But this guy just doesn’t
seem to want to let go.’ ‘What do I do..
Oh, God! Please help!’ Where are you two going
so late at night? No..
– We’re just on a walk. We’re going to get married.
– What! No.. We’re not getting married! We’re still considering it.
That’s it. But..
– Please, ma’am. Come with me, please. What’s your name?
– Hitesh Gadha. She’ll become
Mrs. Ishika Hitesh Gadha once we’re married. Is that so?
What do you do? The huge sari store
at Lal Chowraha belongs to my family. You should visit it sometime. Hitesh, I wouldn’t come
to your store as a customer. I’m a police officer. I’ll raid your store
when I visit it. What’s he saying to Hitesh? Once I raid your store,
the true colours of your wealth will be revealed. What!
– Don’t worry. It hasn’t happened yet. Come closer. It’s very simple if you want
to get out of this trouble.. Run straight in that direction. Don’t even look back.
Especially at that girl. Absolutely not. What is it that you said?
Mrs. Ishika Hitesh Gadha. Forget about it.
Don’t even think about it. Why is that? I think, I’ll have to make
a call to the authority now.. Don’t do it, sir.
I’ll leave.. I.. – Just a minute.
– Hitesh.. What did you say to him
that he ran away? You can consider
it a speciality of mine. An effect of my solid
personality. Yes. I witnessed it. The effect of your solid
personality. It helped me lot.
Thank you! Like they say, no sorry
or thank you in friendship. Welcome. ‘She’s so soft!’ ‘When I saw her for the first
time, it seemed as though’ ‘I was in heaven.’ ‘But now I’ve touched her.’ Listen.
– Yes? It’s quite late at night. I wouldn’t feel good if I let
you go home alone right now. Please,
my cars right over there. I’ll drop you off.
Come on. No, it’s okay.
I’ll go by myself.. My conscience wouldn’t allow
me to let you go home alone. ‘Ishika Patel,
you belong to me.’ ‘No one can touch you.
No one can get close to you.’ ‘At least not until I have.’ ‘Close.. Very close.’

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