Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 11th October 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 11th October 2018 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Refuse to marry me. My uncle and mom
won’t heed my request. Actually, they like you. But I can’t marry you. Water. Actually the truth is I am not interested in
getting married now. I see! I am really very sorry. Honestly speaking no guy would refuse to marry
a girl like you. Actually I had no idea that
you didn’t like me. Otherwise,
I would have turned it down. No, Mr. Ranveer,
that’s not the reason. It is because of
my aspirations. I don’t want to hurt you. But I am not prepared
to get married now. I understood. It’s okay. I’m.. I’m sorry. And thank you so much. I’ll have to adopt
more crooked ways to make her budge. No matter what,
you will have to marry me. You have turned me down now. But soon, you yourself will
approach me with the proposal. Ice cream parlour! Mom and dad are upset with me since I refused to get married. I’ll send across some
ice cream to them. Sister Himani,
it is quite hot outside. You.. Go and sit in the jeep.
Go. Roop, I am more worried
about you than Jigna. Why? I am absolutely fine. Are you trying to lie to me? I know you since your childhood. You should get over Ishika. Listen, if you are
destined to marry her it will definitely happen. I believe that marriages
are made in heaven. But I am helpless. I try to forget her
but every time she ends up being
in front of my eyes. I am not hungry.
– Roop! You shouldn’t disrespect food. I have served you dinner. Come and have it. I know that you love Ishika. And there are many obstacles
in the path of true love. But, dear, you must always
have faith in love. Start having your food.
I’ll be right back. I have good news for you. Ishika..
Your Ishika.. Her wedding has been fixed. Her uncle has got
her a proposal. If you are wondering
how all this happened you must thank yourself. You have troubled
and hurt that family big time. They have got fed up
and have done this. Poor Ishika! You have wronged her. ‘I won’t mind if she doesn’t
love me but I don’t want her’ ‘to remember me for
the wrong reason.’ ‘Neither can I accept my
dreams getting shattered’ ‘nor can I bear to see her
going away from her dreams.’ ‘I can do anything
to make her happy.’ Mom!
Dad! ice cream! Both of you love
ice cream, right? Please, forgive me. I-I will have this ice cream. Because I am not upset with you. Kanchan, forget it. Otherwise,
the ice cream will melt. Please! Whose call is it? The goon! Done. Okay. Both of you
enjoy your ice cream. I will freshen up. And I am sorry. What happened?
She blocked my number. I will have to go to her house
and talk to her. It won’t be apt
to go there at this hour. She will call back once she calms down. You sit here. I will get you
something to eat. You didn’t finish your food yet. ‘Roopendra,
you are getting blocked’ ‘and my path is getting
devoid of obstacles.’ ‘The harder you try
to talk to her..’ Hey, Roopendra is calling me. Turn on the speaker. Greetings, sir.
It’s me, Roopendra. Is Ishika’s uncle getting her
married because of me? No, dear.
That’s not the case. Yes, that’s the case. Greetings..
– Everything has happened because of you. Listen. Do not call Ishika
and trouble her. ‘What should I do now?’ ‘I won’t let Ishika get
into trouble because of me.’ Roopendra. This is the right chance.
Go and talk to Ishika. Explain everything to her. Don’t talk to her, Roopendra. It would be fruitless. She may well insult you. I have the solution to this. Come.
Go inside. What are you doing, Hardik? Act mature. Ishika. I knew that you’d come here. I told you that I don’t
even want to see your face. Why have you come here? I feel bad that your uncle is getting you married
to someone else because of me. Open the door.
I want to go outside. I don’t want to hear anything. Let me at least try, Ishika. Try? Yes. My uncle wants to get
me married forcefully. How does it matter to you if he gets me married
or I decide to marry someone? Ishika. Please listen to what Roopendra
has to say. Please, Ishika. Just listen to him once.
Please. Shut up.
Just shut up. You have to listen to me. You can’t always be right
and I can’t always be wrong. If a guy proposes to a girl
and she turns him down it doesn’t mean that there is nothing left
between them. There is still respect
for each other. I always want to see you happy,
Ishika. That’s why I still respect
you a lot – Respect? If you respected me.. In the jungle..
– I did nothing in the jungle! If there was an evidence I would’ve proved you
that I’m not wrong. I don’t want all this
because I want you. In fact, I want you
to get married to the person of your choice,
happily. I don’t want you to get married
to a stranger just because
of a misunderstanding and compromise your dreams,
because I love you. I don’t feel embarrassed
or hesitant to say this. Yes, I love you. Well done, buddy. That was great. You have loved her.
You need not be submissive. You said the right thing today. I’m really proud of you. But I can’t help her
just by speaking. I want to help her but she.. I know that you want
to help her. You can talk sense into
her but nothing more. She doesn’t want your help. She herself said
that she doesn’t want your help. Then, why do you keep going
to her and get insulted? Let it go. How does it matter?
– It matters, Palak. She may not love me but I.. I love her, don’t I? I care about her. But you won’t understand
all this because you haven’t
fallen in love yet. Enough, Roop. What do you mean by that? Do you understand?
Do you ever think? Have you ever spared a thought
about me my opinions and my wishes? How much I care for you,
how much I love you.. Sorry? Well..
She means, platonic love. Even I love you, don’t I? I love you. The love of a friend
is very powerful. Moreover, no one cares
as much as a friend. Am I right? What was that, Palak? Do control yourself. Today, we’re going to talk about personality development.
It is basically we speak with both the heart
and mind. ‘The way Roop spoke..
He seemed genuine’ ‘not like he’s saying it for
the sake of it. ‘That night, in the forest,
I did nothing.’ ‘If I had the evidence,
I’d prove it again’ ‘that I’ve done nothing wrong.’ ‘Am I really
misunderstanding Roop?’ Is it actually
a misunderstanding? He’s even agreed to speak to
my uncle. Why would anyone pretend to care so much? ‘You’ve shown your
true colours.’ This will again be
a sleepless night. We knew, you’d still
be awake, Roop. So, we decided to drop in. Just a moment, I’ll be
right back. A little help here, please.
– Sure. At this time of the night! We can’t bear to see
our brother brooding. So, until you feel sleepy let’s all play carom.
Okay? Thank you for giving me company. If only sister Himani were here it would be so much more fun. Once father’s anger has been
assuaged all four of us can play
together. What is that! I know it, Father. You need a jack of reds. But I’m not going to play
that hand. What! Father,
just because I can’t sleep it doesn’t mean you must
stay awake. I want to play. I’m not
at all sleepy. – You are sleepy. No, I’m not. Let’s play.
– Come on. – I’m not sleepy! Father.. – Ishika!
– There’s no need for that. Come on, let’s go.
– My dear.. Oh, yes.
Thank you so much. I figured out what you did
for me today. Ishika. Ishika, wake up. – Mother. Let me sleep, please.
– Ishika, wake up. It’s only 6.30 am,
please let me sleep. – Wake up! What’s the matter, Mother? Come with me.
– Go where? You’ll know when we get there. Let’s go. Mother,
where are you taking me to? Why is there a crowd outside
our house? See that, Ishika. ‘I am the one she is
destined to be with.’ ‘I am the one she is
destined to be with.’

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