Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 11th February 2019 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – 11th February 2019 – रूप : मर्द का नया स्वरुप – Full Episode

Fire! Somebody help!
Sister-in-law Kaushalya.. Oh!
– What happened? Oh!
Fire! Roop and Ishika’s room
has caught fire. Get some water.
Some water. Fire! Hey Kinjal!
Get some water, quickly. Somebody call Shamsher. Oh! He is asleep, after
consuming alcohol. Hey Kamla,
get back. Quickly. Dear, please wake up.
The house is on fire, wake up. Pour water, Samru.
Quickly, pour some water. Ishika, wake up.
Fast. A fire broke out here,
wake up quickly. Is someone around?
Mummy! – Ishika! Somebody please open the door.
The room has caught fire. Ishika.
Roop! Ishika!
Y-you sit down. Cover your nose with this.
Quickly.. Ishika!
Ishika! Ishika! Oh.. Ishika! – Roopendra,
what happened to Ishika? Get some water. Ishika!
Roop, are you all right? Yes, I’m fine. Hey, give the water.
Quickly. She hasn’t regained
consciousness yet. Ishika! Roop. – She woke up. Are you all right? But, how did the fire start? Dear, are you all right?
Have some water. Hey!
What’s it? Why have all of you gathered
over here early morning? How did Roopendra’s room..
Candle? Because of this candle. Which fell and
resulted in a fire. But how are you supposed
to know about it as you were in an
inebriated state. Dad, you were so drunk that
even though the house was on fire, you were
unaware of it, and asleep. You didn’t realise what was
happening around you. Somehow we were able to
douse the fire, Dad. Otherwise, everything could
have been destroyed. Roop.. But,
nothing such happened, right? Maybe it just
happened accidentally. Yes, Mom even I didn’t mean
he did it intentionally. Looks like both of you are out
of your mind. Dad, yesterday night.. No mom,
it’s not just about us. Even Dad could have been hurt. Shut up.
Otherwise I’ll take you to task. It’s my house. It’s my wish to decorate it
or destroy it. Family? What about the family, Dad? What about the family? Does the family care about me
that I should care about it? Ishika and Kinjal go and prepare
breakfast for Dad. Okay, Mom. Aunt, please forgive me. Hey! What are you doing? Aunt, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have left him alone. I should’ve stayed
back with him. Dear Samru, it’s not your fault. It’s only because of
alcohol. Alcohol has ruined
many households. Roop! I know, that you are angry and worried too. But, your Dad is also angry now. He’ll be calm by evening. Until then,
concentrate on your work. Samru, I am proud of you. But today, even your brother’s soul would be proud of you. As to how well you are taking
out his revenge. Dear, have breakfast.
Dear.. Dear, please have breakfast
and go. Hi! I was worried about you. I saw you the other day. Going behind your Dad, maybe.. Maybe with your husband. I tried calling you many times,
but you.. I didn’t receive it as I stay with my husband now. I stay nearby with my in-laws. I know I don’t have to remind
gentlemen like you not to follow married women. Please, stop following me. Okay.
I won’t follow you. Just, let me know sincerely.
Are you happy with your in-laws? Yes!
I’m at the right place. This is my future as well. It’s good that
everybody is asleep. Now,
I can fix my restaurant quickly. Not you alone.
We’ll do it together. No. You might be disturbed
by yesterday’s mishap. You take some rest,
as you didn’t get proper sleep. You don’t worry. Until I tidy this place,
I can’t stop. This.. – Come on let’s start,
my dear partner. Okay, as you wish,
Partner. Let’s begin.
– Okay. This is what is called frugal
yet beautiful. Not just beautiful,
it is very beautiful. I can’t wait till tomorrow. Tomorrow morning will mark
a new beginning. I’m feeling so excited,
I’m so happy. Actually.. …I got a little excited.
It’s.. No problem.
It happens. By the way I must say.. It was good to see you excited. Hail Lord Shiva..
Keep watching over me. Kamla’s good times are here.. What do you mean, Aunt?
– I mean to say.. …that your mother has become
a mother-in-law. Why does she have to do all this
despite Ishika staying with us? Listen, Aunt, Ishika always.. Isn’t Ishika doing well?
I don’t see her around. Her health.. – I didn’t see Roop
since morning either. It’s good that I didn’t have to
see their faces this morning. Sister,
you’ll have a nice day today. Right.. Sit.. Take it. Who is making so much noise
so early in the morning? What is this noise all about? They don’t want us to have
our breakfast in peace. Hey! What is going on here?
Stop it! We are celebrating.. ‘Kamla’s Kitchen.’ Oh.. This is Roopendra
and my new business. Our new eatery is called
Kamla’s Kitchen. Today is the inauguration
of our eatery. So I request all of you
to come here and recommend this place
to others as well. Beat the drums. Mr. Shamsher? Your son and daughter-in-law
have done a great job. Congratulations. You’ve named your business
after your mother. I can assure you, your
business will start booming. Of course,
that is bound to happen. Firstly, he is a skilled cook.
On top of that he’s full of good qualities. You are right.
I am thinking that we should not cook
any food at home today. All of us should together eat
at Kamla’s Kitchen today. Sure. Congratulations, Mr. Shamsher.
– Shut up, will you? Shamsher, earlier he used to
just cook inside our house but now he will cook
in front of all the villagers and humiliate you. I’m sorry, Mother-in-law. Actually Roopendra and I
wanted to surprise you. This eatery has been
named after you that is why you should
inaugurate this eatery.

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  1. Roop and ishika ki jodi best hain. But colours TV wale ne unko best jodi ki nominations par laye nai. Bohot bura hain

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