100 thoughts on “Ronan Farrow Saw A Master List Of “Trump Dirt” At The National Enquirer

  1. So, Frank's boy does what is usually called unsourced, off-the-record, shitty journalism… so he writes a book… LMFAO…

  2. I genuinely hate doing this, but…

    If Obama was found to have been part of a cover up with a paper like the national enquirer to hide dirt during the election it would have been the major scandal of his presidency. This doesn't even get in Trump's top 10.

  3. I would hope that no one seriously believes that all the missing records from that list were destroyed completely.

    Somebody somewhere has that information.

  4. I appreciate all the scandal and deception he has uncovered, but I'm starting to feel like he is losing his journalist instincts and bending towards fame and recognition. What true journalist has TV show interviews for their upcoming book?

    I thought a journalist was only interested in reporting news to the public… This looks like self promotion to me, not some sort of actual fact finding mission.

  5. Ronan has more balls n brains then all the journalists out there today. Good job Ronan. Keep exposing the pervs.

  6. Rich People are SICK – Like Napoleon sick.. wants war wants to conquer people
    wants to be strongest strong in the world…. WANT WANT WANT!
    THEY ARE DANGEROUS SICK because they can't breath, they can't believe
    for a moment they aren't the 'Son of God' and it ends with them thinking 'the end of time.'
    … every time they do that….
    they get a little luck and suddenly Gods talking to them & btw, the god that is Talking to them
    …. He is a MEAN MOTHER _ FK'er TOO!

    Maybe we should solve this Sickness and exchange how we do things for the last few million years and work on a plan that is GOOD FOR ALL OF US? It appears to me by what I'm seeing is DRIVING the 1% Crazy, Mean, and DANGEROUS…. & we don't need that, do we?

    John F. Kennedy famously said, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

    …. One theory of democracy is that its main purpose is to allow peaceful revolutions. The idea is that majorities voting in elections approximate the result of a coup.

    In 1962, John F. Kennedy famously said, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."



    https://youtu.be/sAc1-D9H_z0 Illegal Funds

    https://youtu.be/InzhRWX3UEs No More 'Right to Work'

    https://youtu.be/OZcwMiWZh6s 1% Hedonism

    https://youtu.be/Q_1ncmhb1r4 Lowering the Expectations of Happiness

    https://youtu.be/2q69l-Xcbfw Frustration and Suicide

    https://youtu.be/UMnYDv3nmcQ A love song for All times.

  7. I was dead sure he was Sinatra’s son. Then I noticed he has Woody Allen’s hands. Very distinctive trait. Neither Mia nor Frank have/had these hands. But exact match to Woody’s. Right down to the knuckles and finger nails. So unless he’s the product of some artificial insemination cocktail with BOTH their DNAs, I’m gonna put his facial features down to Mia’s side of the family.

  8. Forgive me for pointing this out over substance (which is Pulitzer Prize Winning!) but….could Ronan Farrow a) be anymore more devastatingly handsome, and b) resemble his mother more completely? The guy is just an Adonis. Sorry. As if his dreamy appearance weren’t enough he’s a frigging genius. Fair guess he’s had trouble find a love of his own….there are only so many men on the planet who could fill the bill! Americans are grateful he’s our son…..well done, son!

  9. The sad thing is most people don't care about cover ups like this. They don't care about the ever increasing corruption in business and politics. Most of the people who do care don't want to touch it because it's suicide.

  10. I cant believe how unreactive the crowd was. Don't they know what a courageous and brilliant Journalist Ronin Farrow is? His work is actively making the world an better place.

  11. I love his style in that he keeps affirming that these stories aren't confirmed and that those rumors shouldn't be the story but simply the fact that they were covered up. Especially since he seems so sincere about it, he really means it and wants to remain neutral on whether they are true or not until they have been confirmed or debunked, whichever may be the case. He isn't cheeky about it and saying stuff like "I can't confirm this story but, you know, *wink, wink* ", which is what so many other "journalists" are doing and in those cases, it's then hard to dismiss Trump supporters saying that they are just biased liberals who want to get Trump out of office because of politics. Not in this case though. Farrow really seems like an upstanding journalist.

  12. great interview with goofy fuckers , Kurds [kids too] are fleeing genocide , Stephen and Ronan why not try those[CIA approved] rectal vodka shots , shits and giggles

  13. If the FBI hired a different person to investigate each and every sleazy thing Trump's ever done you could wipe out unemployment in the USA… and Mexico!

  14. If he was a actor and they would remake the movie "The picture of Dorian Gray", he would be the one. He reminds me so much of that actor (forgot his name)…

  15. You can say what you want, and Ronan keeps denying it, but I don't believe that Frank Sinatra is not his dad!!! Woody Allen and Ronan should make a test and if it turns out Woody isn't the father, well, we know who then…

  16. Dear moderator, can you please make a follow up link in the description when an interview is cut into two or more segments? Best wishes from the Netherlands

  17. It’s so swampy. No politician should need a catch and kill scheme end of. That there was is enough to make trump or anyone illegitimate.

  18. it's so sad to see how the USA handles this, it's all show, that whole country.
    We outside of the USA think the daily show and the late night shows, are just a joke.
    But ye , the USA is a big joke, rly sad to see that a country like this, has shows like this.
    The intelligence of this show, is that how the average American is btw?
    Just curious

  19. This is how Trump knows a lot if the news is fake, coz he had knowledge of that. Coz if they are willing to do this, why would you assume they only tell factual stories. Now is there a difference between that rag and respectable newspapers, sure, but look who's the boss @WAPO The owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, who didn't have to pay a dime in taxes and got more money out of it. It's not what they do say, it's often what they don't say, but also are they in bed with the establishment, coz it's the corporate media who have their own agenda and opinions, which taints esp the political news, it's not fair and balanced, otherwise Bernie Sanders and candidates like him, that get overlooked or get negative coverage. CNN, MSNBC they all have their hosts, who are paid to spread a political agenda, like with Tusli Gabbard, they called her a Russian asset, a veteran and congresswoman, just for speaking out to the warmongering politicians like Hillary Clinton, who she didn't endorse in 2016, she endorsed Bernie, sour grapes 🍇 also

  20. I'm troubled by the overall practice of how the truth is legally withheld, obscured, bought sold and owned from catch and kill, non-disclosure agreements, to copyright and patent law. Being not allowed by law to know something is problematic. Personal privacy is one thing, but in the public sphere, particularly the government, there's little justification for restricting people's right to know things.

  21. This gentleman is exactly the kind of person who would be able to restore the USA's reputation if he was president. Intelligent, honest and downright decent. A rarity these days, sadly.

  22. Catch and kill literally and figuratively…like how they caught epstein and killed him again cause he would hurt someone powerful. Karma.

  23. The "catch and kill" narrative that Farrow advances in his book has become all too pervasive in our country. American institutions and companies always prefer silence over the truth. For they, and those who lead them are too corrupt to accept any alternatives.

  24. You can see the horror in Stephen's eyes when Ronan farrow mentioned master list number is 60…. that's some deep shit….right there….😳😳😳😑

  25. The source accusing trump and Epstein of raping her at the age of 13 was not elusive. She what is a girl with a troubled home life at the time that it happened, because those are the people that these sorts of abusers always target, and as an adult, she now had additional problems for being raped by trump and Epstein, she had rape trauma, and she still was not a person of means. She couldn’t afford what it would’ve taken to hire a lawyer. She had to represent herself. She submitted her suit to the court who rejected it the first time because they said it wasn’t filled out properly. And now she’s trying to find her way through the process of filing it again.

  26. For such a young guy, Ronan Farrow has proved himself to be a fearless and really quite an extraordinary reporter. Big things in this guys future

  27. This interview is so shallow compared to the one Farrow did with Fallon. I guess not everyone is up for thinking much at bedtime.

  28. Ronan Farrow – he = a hero! We need more people like him – as the general public – we need more people like him to say it as it is! And not bow down to the bullies and make a stand. This man is awesome. Kudos to Ronan! He had so much courage to bring about the Harvey (what an arsehole) bs to the forefront. Those women are so strong and we should thank them for their courage. Happened to me… and I did say something but was quickly shut down – disgraceful.

  29. YES – We HAVE to speak about this…. women and men who have been abused need to know that they are safe in coming forward…

  30. YES – We HAVE to speak about this…. women and men who have been abused need to know that they are safe in coming forward…

  31. He's starting to resemble his father now, 2:55.. although he looks more like his mom, but i think he'll look more and more like Frank Sinatra the older he gets.

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